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I never have heard somebody talking about games which are educationable or with logic like chess for example. Nobody watch it from the people which watch football and are good at math. Why they don't do it?? ~ Deyth Banger
Morphy Chess quotes by Deyth Banger
I feel like my mum is in heaven sharing a cup of tea with Lady Fate and plotting my life out like a chess game. ~ Jenny Frost
Morphy Chess quotes by Jenny Frost
In a game of chess, someone has to take the black pieces. ~ Eve Forward
Morphy Chess quotes by Eve Forward
A real sacrifice involves a radical change in the character of a game which cannot be effected without foresight, fantasy, and the willingness to risk. ~ Leonid Shamkovich
Morphy Chess quotes by Leonid Shamkovich
I got arrested for playing chess in the street. I said, it's because I'm black, isn't it. ~ Milton Jones
Morphy Chess quotes by Milton Jones
My father, a fine chess player himself, has been a massive influence throughout my life. ~ Magnus Carlsen
Morphy Chess quotes by Magnus Carlsen
I can remember times coming home from a chess club at four in the morning when I was half asleep and half dead and forcing myself to pray an hour and study (the Bible) an hour. You know, I
was half out of my head-stoned almost. ~ Bobby Fischer
Morphy Chess quotes by Bobby Fischer
Poor Capablanca! Thou wert a brilliant technician, but no philosopher. Thou wert not capable of believing that in chess, another style could be victorious than the absolutely correct one. ~ Max Euwe
Morphy Chess quotes by Max Euwe
Use art, be creative. No more war. No more children dying. A pawn that does not move in chess upsets the game. I know there is love in the world still and that is what i wish to surround myself with. Sacrifice your time and energy into something positive instead of the negative and you will see that change around you. ~ Lorin Morgan-Richards
Morphy Chess quotes by Lorin Morgan-Richards
I think I can safely conclude that there is not a lot to be said for playing chess while on Valium. ~ Tony Miles
Morphy Chess quotes by Tony Miles
A Queen's sacrifice, even when fairly obvious, always rejoices the heart of the chess-lover. ~ Savielly Tartakower
Morphy Chess quotes by Savielly Tartakower
It is not a move, even the best move that you must seek, but a realizable plan ~ Eugene Znosko-Borovsky
Morphy Chess quotes by Eugene Znosko-Borovsky
Chess is one thing, but if we get to the point computers can best humans in the arts-those splendid, millennia-old expressions of the heart and soul of human existence-then why bother existing? to produce human art a computer would have to find, feel, absorb reality to the point it is overcome, to the point it sobs for release. A computer perhaps could replicate every possibility but could never transfer the energy art requires to exist in the first place. ~ Jonny Lee Miller
Morphy Chess quotes by Jonny Lee Miller
But the thing that was great about Capablanca was that he really spoke his mind, he said what he believed was true, he said what he felt. He wanted to change the rules [of chess] already, back in the twenties, because he said chess was getting played out. He was right. Now chess is completely dead. It is all just memorisation and prearrangement. It's a terrible game now. Very uncreative. ~ Bobby Fischer
Morphy Chess quotes by Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer was hugely important for the American chess community because it put chess on the map - he made it possible for other chess players to make a living. ~ Liz Garbus
Morphy Chess quotes by Liz Garbus
I haven't played a chess match for several decades. At one point I lost most of my chess games. Then I realized many of my competitors were memorizing the best moves and I was unwilling to do this. ~ John Harsanyi
Morphy Chess quotes by John Harsanyi
Those who know the marvels of chess and wonder why this game of all games does not enjoy greater popularity may also ask why Pepsi-Cola is consumed by more people than Chateau Lafite, or the Beatles are more familiar than Beethoven. ~ Gregor Piatigorsky
Morphy Chess quotes by Gregor Piatigorsky
Chess isn't one of my favorites, it takes a cool calculating hatred to play well, and I'm not good at that. ~ Lilith Saintcrow
Morphy Chess quotes by Lilith Saintcrow
Play the move that forces the win in the simplest way. Leave the brilliancies to Alekhine, Keres and Tal. ~ Irving Chernev
Morphy Chess quotes by Irving Chernev
The true sweetness of chess, if it can ever be called sweet, is to see a victory snatched, by some happy impertinence, out of the shadows of apparently irrevocable disaster. ~ H.G.Wells
Morphy Chess quotes by H.G.Wells
Let's say you're playing chess against someone who's got more pieces on the board and decades more experience than we do. How do you win?"

"You don't," Rose said. "Unless you cheat."

"We already tried cheating," I said. "Getting him in trouble, risking his job. He's apparently planning a response tonight."

"Change the game, then," Rose said.

"Again, we tried that. There's no winning. Not really. So what I'm proposing is pretty simple."

"Do tell," Rose said. "Also, you do know that we're being followed?"

"We're surrounded," I said. "But she wants to deal badly enough that she'll hear us out before she murders us. Nevermind that. Our analogy here. I'm proposing the pigeon strategy. Knock over all of the pieces, shit on the board, and then strut around like we're the victors. ~ Wildbow
Morphy Chess quotes by Wildbow
A character, to be acceptable as more than a chess piece, has to be ignorant of the future, unsure about the past, and not at all sure of what he's supposed to be doing. ~ Anthony Burgess
Morphy Chess quotes by Anthony Burgess
All chess masters have on occasion played a magnificent game and then lost it by a stupid mistake, perhaps in time pressure and it may perhaps seem unjust that all their beautiful ideas get no other recognition than a zero on the tournament table. ~ Bent Larsen
Morphy Chess quotes by Bent Larsen
A chess tournament disguised as a circus. ~ John Connally
Morphy Chess quotes by John Connally
In my opinion the Open variation is absolutely correct - and more interesting than the Closed. ~ Bent Larsen
Morphy Chess quotes by Bent Larsen
Chess is a meritocracy. ~ Lawrence Day
Morphy Chess quotes by Lawrence Day
I was involved in a bunch of school activities - I was a cheerleader, I was on the chess team, I was vice president of my class. ~ Olivia Holt
Morphy Chess quotes by Olivia Holt
Watching the season for me is about watching the chess matches. ~ Ray Lewis
Morphy Chess quotes by Ray Lewis
Chess was natural for me; I was extremely successful. ~ Garry Kasparov
Morphy Chess quotes by Garry Kasparov
FIDE has decided against my participation in the 1975 World Chess Champion title. ~ Bobby Fischer
Morphy Chess quotes by Bobby Fischer
When I am trying to understand the method of winning in the endgame with two bishops against the knight, chess is a science, when I admire a beautiful combination or study, then chess is art, and when I am complicating position in the approaching time trouble of my opponent, then chess is sport. ~ Ashot Nadanian
Morphy Chess quotes by Ashot Nadanian
In a crazy way, writing is a lot like any kind of very complex game - like chess, where you have the knowledge as you're composing all of the ramifications of each move, of each choice you make. ~ Adam Ross
Morphy Chess quotes by Adam Ross
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