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Perhaps their papas should buy them some manners instead of squandering their wealth on party dresses. ~ Margie Bayer
Midlist Fiction quotes by Margie Bayer
A portrait photographer depends upon another person to complete his picture. The subject imagined, which in a sense is me, must be discovered in someone else willing to take part in a fiction he cannot possibly know about. ~ Richard Avedon
Midlist Fiction quotes by Richard Avedon
Fiction is not an escape from the world either. Imaginary experience is also experience. O ~ Siri Hustvedt
Midlist Fiction quotes by Siri Hustvedt
I think film had a terrible effect on horror fiction particularly in the 80s, with certain writers turning out stuff as slick and cliched as Hollywood movies. ~ Poppy Z. Brite
Midlist Fiction quotes by Poppy Z. Brite
The hamster-powered hat is the same as any other hat. It keeps your head warm and looks smart," the inventor said. "The hamster generates heat by running on the wheel. If you get a big enough hamster, it will keep your whole face warm. ~ Mark Jackman
Midlist Fiction quotes by Mark Jackman
Most of my influences from outside the commerical strange fiction genre came in with university, discovering James Joyce and Wallace Stevens, Blake and Yeats, Pinter and Borges. And meanwhile within those genres I was discovering Gibson and Shepard, Jeter and Powers, Lovecraft and Peake. ~ Hal Duncan
Midlist Fiction quotes by Hal Duncan
I have inflammation of the imagination. ~ Lera Auerbach
Midlist Fiction quotes by Lera Auerbach
Dedicated to helping you create strong, vibrant, and beautiful fiction ~ David Farland
Midlist Fiction quotes by David Farland
Let her go… Because that girl has got to die so that you may live. ~ Sanjida Kay
Midlist Fiction quotes by Sanjida Kay
Actually, I'm addicted to science fiction. Let me make my diction clear - I love sci-fi. ~ John Rhys-Davies
Midlist Fiction quotes by John Rhys-Davies
If we know ourselves, and know our hearts, we're always home, anywhere. ~ Dawn Kohler
Midlist Fiction quotes by Dawn Kohler
Lucy: I don't feel like talking about college. It increases my stress level.
James: And increased stress levels lead to hair loss.
Lucy: My head-hair volume is fine.
James: You say that like I should be concerned about leg-hair volume. ~ Kristen Tracy
Midlist Fiction quotes by Kristen Tracy
And I'm thinking about the old man. He'll be pounding on the glass right about now ... or maybe not now. Maybe in a while. But he'll be pounding and ... will there be blood? I like to imagine so. Yes, I rather think there will be blood. Lots of blood. Blood in extraordinary quantities. ~ Alan Moore
Midlist Fiction quotes by Alan Moore
Still speaking over me,' she says, meeting my eyes and scoffing. 'You are still that worthless little girl. ~ Rebecca Berto
Midlist Fiction quotes by Rebecca Berto
-she loved Lily Cate like her own, and for this night, this moment, she would be her mother, even though there was no guarantee of tomorrow. ~ Laura Frantz
Midlist Fiction quotes by Laura Frantz
I believe there's a real God, I believe there are real rules…so I believe I really think about naked girls way too much. But what can I say? I'm seventeen…and I'm male.
It's no fun being me. ~ Patrick Marks
Midlist Fiction quotes by Patrick Marks
Listen to me you piece of shit, if you ever give the press information about me, my parents or even breathe a word about me to anyone ever again, I swear to god I will make it my mission to make your life a living hell. And, believe me I'll do it with a smile on my face the whole time. You're a worthless excuse for a Detective and everyone here knows it. You've screwed your way to the top and backstabbed Gena to get into your Captain's good books. Well look around you honey, you're a real star. No one stopped Gena or me taking you on. I've currently got you in a hold, where I could snap your neck if I wanted to, and not one person is stepping forward to help you. Yeah, you've really made it. - Stephanie Carovella to Sandra Barton ~ Nina D'Angelo
Midlist Fiction quotes by Nina D'Angelo
Losing maturity in one's fiction for the sake of marvels and monsters can also mean losing propriety, and that's not always a bad thing. ~ Hal Duncan
Midlist Fiction quotes by Hal Duncan
Places are never just places in a piece of writing. If they are, the author has failed. Setting is not inert. It is activated by point of view. ~ Carmen Maria Machado
Midlist Fiction quotes by Carmen Maria Machado
He's made me believe I'm worth love of the liquid kind, you know, the kind that seeps to all my damaged parts. ~ Zandile
Midlist Fiction quotes by Zandile
Luis found all this very exciting. He had enthusiasm for myths, legends, bad omens, bad weather, supernatural happenings and inexplicable events. His passion for superstitions and doomsaying drove his other family members crazy. He didn't often meet curious strangers with whom he could share his fantastic tales. ~ Zita Steele
Midlist Fiction quotes by Zita Steele
Perhaps our suffering is part of our humanity. ~ Christina L. Barr
Midlist Fiction quotes by Christina L. Barr
Conversations with a trusted friend pull us into a new point of view as if we are supporting characters in a work of fiction. In both, we spread our stories, ideas and emotions outside of ourselves so we can view them from distinct angles. ~ Teresa Hirst
Midlist Fiction quotes by Teresa Hirst
Yes, I was scared of the Daleks and the Zarbi and the rest, but I was taking other, stranger, more important lessons away from my Saturday tea time serial. For a start, I became infected by the idea that there are an infinite number of worlds only a foot step away. And another part of the meme was this- some things are bigger on the inside than they are on the outside. And perhaps some people are bigger on the inside than they are on the outside as well. And that was only the start of it. ~ Neil Gaiman
Midlist Fiction quotes by Neil Gaiman
This is our struggle: to re-bury the coal and slow the flow of petroleum from the earth," she counted them off from pinky to thumb on one hand, "To teach the farming way that cleans the soil and enriches the land. To bring the lore of machines run by energy of grass and waters and sun and wind. To place the love of silence and darkness again beside the love of noise and light. And to cause humans to greatly slow their breeding and breeding and breeding and breeding. This is our struggle. ~ Robert Stikmanz
Midlist Fiction quotes by Robert Stikmanz
I should like to write about what happens when fictive people encounter and are embellished by real people. ~ Jean Giono
Midlist Fiction quotes by Jean Giono
I was too far away to hear what was said but I saw in Val's eyes the same fear that I had once known and could well guess at Lucas' unthinking remark. ~ Julia Lee Dean
Midlist Fiction quotes by Julia Lee Dean
The end of all stories, even if the writer forebears to mention it, is death, which is where time stops short. Sheherezade knew this, which is why she kept on spinning another story out of the bowels of the last one, never coming to a point where she could say: "This is the end." Because it would have been. ~ Angela Carter
Midlist Fiction quotes by Angela Carter
When push comes to shove we can afford to lose an arm or a leg, but I am operating on peoples thoughts and feelings... and if something goes wrong I can destroy that persons character... forever. ~ Henry Marsh
Midlist Fiction quotes by Henry Marsh
Though often scoffed at by "serious" writers, science fiction worms its way into our cultural psyche in interesting ways, and not just as predictors of technology. Many of these writers translate the –isms of our times into imagined futures populated with characters coping with the consequences. ~ Frank Daniels III
Midlist Fiction quotes by Frank Daniels III
I know what you're doing," he whispered to Raphael, whose movements only became more fervent, and the thought slipped from the boy's mind so that he became dazed and undone with pleasure, staring up at the ceiling, watching as it blurred and became indistinct, and he felt the rising rush of pleasure, until he cried out in a sharp gasp.
And the pleasure went on and on, as it did, unbearably, until either Raphael took pity on him, or he pushed his Genitor away. Whichever it was, the pleasure that was leaking into pain, stopped, and he was lifted and laid down on the stone, cold and hard under his spine, and Raphael was bent over him, kissing up this time, up to his lips, flicking his tongue at them, and whispering: "Don't question my love for you. Ever again. ~ Carmen Dominique Taxer
Midlist Fiction quotes by Carmen Dominique Taxer
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