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The Heart is like a fuel tank, that you always have to keep filling up with Imaan ~ Nouman Ali Khan
Malyshev Tank quotes by Nouman Ali Khan
Bowel transit time, as it is known in the trade, is a very personal thing and varies widely between individuals, and in fact within individuals depending on how active they are on a given day and what and how much they have been eating. Men and women evince a surprising amount of difference in this regard. For a man, the average journey time from mouth to anus is fifty-five hours. For a woman, typically, it is more like seventy-two. Food lingers inside a woman for nearly a full day longer, with what consequences, if any, we do not know.
Roughly speaking, however, each meal you eat spends about four to six hours in the stomach, a further six to eight hours in the small intestine, where all that is nutritious (or fattening) is stripped away and dispatched to the rest of the body to be used or, alas, stored, and up to three days in the colon, which is essentially a large fermentation tank where billions and billions of bacteria pick over whatever the rest of the intestines couldn't manage - fiber mostly. That's why you are constantly told to eat more fiber: because it keeps your gut microbes happy and at the same time, for reasons not well understood, reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, bowel cancer, and indeed death of all types. ~ Bill Bryson
Malyshev Tank quotes by Bill Bryson
He's a dumb ass," Emilio said to me. "I'm almost finished."
The second he was out of earshot, Marcus sauntered back up to the bench with stiff, rehearsed swag. Definitely a mirror practicer, that one.
"Why you messin' with Emilio? What's up with you and me?" He wiped his hand on his black tank top and held it out, presumably for me to take, at which point we'd presumably climb aboard his moped and ride off into the sunset. Before I could shatter his dreams, Samuel smacked his hand away.
"Keep it movin'," Samuel said. He nudged him back toward the bikes, but the guy was unfazed.
"She likes me."
"She thinks you stupid," Samuel said. "And she right." Marcus cocked an eyebrow and licked his lips, more dazzling mirror work, and leaned in for another proposition. "When you're ready to graduate from a boy to a man, you call me."
"How about I call when you're ready to graduate from a boy to a man?"
The other guys howled, and just when I decided this game might be kind of fun, Emilio was at the bench, tugging a shirt over his head. "Vamos, princesa. ~ Sarah Ockler
Malyshev Tank quotes by Sarah Ockler
I once had someone swerve her tank out of our column and straight into a house. With a very large basement. Because she was too sleep-deprived to think. It's funny now, but it wasn't funny then. – Oh, who am I kidding, it was HILARIOUS, even if it was kind of a disaster. I laughed so hard my aide almost shot me. ~ Yoon Ha Lee
Malyshev Tank quotes by Yoon Ha Lee
I watch 'Shark Tank,' of course. It's very entertaining. I think it's actually good to help people think about the business they might start, and sometimes you get encouraged by looking at someone going into business and saying, 'Hey, I could do that.' ~ Fred DeLuca
Malyshev Tank quotes by Fred DeLuca
Life is about flows not about stuff we have. Water in a tank turns bad. Water that flows gives life. Money in banks turn toxic, it must flow ~ Gunter Pauli
Malyshev Tank quotes by Gunter Pauli
Hacker with Bullhorn: "Save your money! Accept one of our free tanks! It is invulnerable, and can drive across rocks and swamps at ninety miles an hour while getting a hundred miles to the gallon!"
Prospective Station Wagon Buyer: "I know what you say is true ... but ... er ... I don't know how to maintain a tank!"
Bullhorn: "You don't know how to maintain a station wagon either!"
Buyer: "But this dealership has mechanics on staff. If something goes wrong with my station wagon, I can take a day off work, bring it here, and pay them to work on it while I sit in the waiting room for hours, listening to elevator music."
Bullhorn: "But if you accept one of our free tanks, we will send volunteers to your house to fix it for free while you sleep!"
Buyer: "Stay away from my house, you freak! ~ Neal Stephenson
Malyshev Tank quotes by Neal Stephenson
It's okay, Chancellor, you can touch them. Sometimes I just strip down to a tank top and stare at these guns in front of a mirror all day long. ~ Margaret Thatcher
Malyshev Tank quotes by Margaret Thatcher
Dont be kind person ,because kind people are losers and they think they doing it right.
I love riches because they destroy kind people like tank and they built their fortune. believing good or bad is just for weak people because strong people create them own role. ~ K Ibeyk
Malyshev Tank quotes by K Ibeyk
There's less need to slowly acclimate these guys to the tank," Bailey said. "They'll be food pretty soon, so their happiness is less important than the shark's. ~ Dave Eggers
Malyshev Tank quotes by Dave Eggers
'Blade Runner' was one of several dystopian science-fiction films to tank in the early and middle '80s. 'Tron,' 'The Dark Crystal,' 'The Keep,' 'Labyrinth': none found a large audience. ~ Richard Corliss
Malyshev Tank quotes by Richard Corliss
I see the human being is an incredible machine, totally undiscovered in many ways. Every one of us has a hidden tank of energy that comes out when it is needed. ~ Alex Zanardi
Malyshev Tank quotes by Alex Zanardi
We are talking about love, and love is something you do for someone else, not something you do for yourself. Most of us do things each day that do not come "naturally" for us. For some of us, that is getting out of bed in the morning. We go against our feelings and get out of bed. Why? Because we believe there is something worthwhile to do that day. And normally, before the day is over, we feel good about having gotten up. Our actions preceded our emotions.
The same is true with love. We discover the primary love language of our spouse, and we choose to speak it whether or not it is natural for us. We are not claiming to have warm, excited feelings. We are simply choosing to do it for his or her benefit. We want to meet our spouses emotional needs, and we reach out to speak his love language. In so doing, his emotional love tank is filled and chances are he will reciprocate and speak our language. When he does our emotions return, and our love tank begins to fill. p139 ~ Gary Chapman
Malyshev Tank quotes by Gary Chapman
The clerk in the Tank involuntarily applauded. Becoming immediately sensible of the impropriety, he poked the fire, and extinguished the last frail spark for ever. ~ Charles Dickens
Malyshev Tank quotes by Charles Dickens
I remember not having a hot water tank, so we had to use a kettle for hot showers. So, you know, we would put the kettle on and go have a shower, and then my mum would come bring three or four kettles in, just to heat them up. And it would take five, 10 minutes for every kettle to heat up. ~ Jason Day
Malyshev Tank quotes by Jason Day
When you watch 'Shark Tank,' everything is about off-shore this, off-shore that. ~ Tom Douglas
Malyshev Tank quotes by Tom Douglas
I drove through the suburbs, where all the houses looked identical, one variation of another of the same thing. I said to myself, I'd rather fire myself from a cannon, pick up the shit of elephants and eat it, suffocate inside Houdini's water tank, lie beneath the running horses, or sodomise a big cat in a cage and pay the consequences than get trapped in these suburbs of cardboard, gossip, and conformity. ~ Rawi Hage
Malyshev Tank quotes by Rawi Hage
Do you think the lobsters in the tank try to help the other lobsters? Is that why they pile up like that? Or is it just for company, because they know they're all doomed? Better ~ Francesca Zappia
Malyshev Tank quotes by Francesca Zappia
Your foot's broken?" Tate chuckles.
"It wasn't a tiny car. It was a tank."
"He's lying. It was my super-small and ultra-lightweight car that broke his weak foot," Speedy tells Tate. "How small are your feet anyway?" she asks me, laughing.
"As big as my dick, which is eye-wateringly huge."
"He wears a size ten," Tate tells her.
"Ten and a half!" I yell. ~ Samantha Towle
Malyshev Tank quotes by Samantha Towle
An errand is getting a tank of gas or picking up a carton of milk or something. It is not getting chased by flying purple pyromaniac gorillas hurling incendiary poo! ~ Jim Butcher
Malyshev Tank quotes by Jim Butcher
Recognize that it is not really possible to steadily help others when we ourselves are not in good physical, mental, or emotional state. We may be able to carry on for a while, but sooner or later we end up feeling depleted, discouraged, or weak. We cannot keep on giving when we are running on an empty tank. We need to be solid. ~ Nhat Hanh
Malyshev Tank quotes by Nhat Hanh
He held up one finger. "I thought it wasn't loaded" Shane said. Second finger. "Hand me a match so I can check the gas tank." Third finger. "Killed over ice cream. Basically, any death that requires me to be stupid first."
Michael shook his head. "So what's on your good list?"
"Oh you know. Hero stuff that gets me rerun on CNN, Like I died saving a busload of supermodels" Claire smacked his arm. "Ow! Saving them! What did you think I meant? ~ Rachel Caine
Malyshev Tank quotes by Rachel Caine
Oh Come All Ye Faithful "Occum" Claus stood a head taller than most of the other men at the party. Like most of his crazy family, he wore a Santa suit, only the coat of his outfit was missing, exposing suspenders and a sleeveless white tank top. The man was heavily muscled and looked angry; a mixture of holiday cheer and a Navy SEAL having a really bad day. He was the picture that went along with the headline "Christmas Nightmare" or "Crazed Santa Attacks Orphans with Fire Ax. ~ Elizabeth Gannon
Malyshev Tank quotes by Elizabeth Gannon
In subtle ways, Professor Vaughn showed us how to pay the land its due respect. He was patient with us if we tied an inept half hitch or ran the jeep into quick mud, but he bristled if we complained too much about the heat, or the smell of the cattle tank we used for a bath, or joked sarcastically about the social life of some small town. At the university, he lectured with such precision and speed that two students often teamed up for note taking. But stopped out on some two-track road in Jornada del Muerto, he could chew on a shaft of grass for an hour, languidly exchanging philosophy with a local cowboy. The professor even adopted a slower, lulling speech pattern in the field, and used local phrases liberally.

Time moved slowly in the desert and we were expected to fall into that rhythm. ~ Michael Novacek
Malyshev Tank quotes by Michael Novacek
[T]ry not to be too angry or disappointed with your fellow Americans. Most of them don't care about politics as much as the majority of my readers, and the education they have received about it from the government's public school system is nothing more than a septic tank full of warmed-over self-serving statist lies and leftist propaganda. ~ L. Neil Smith
Malyshev Tank quotes by L. Neil Smith
My gas tank is on empty, but my erection is on full. Still, it would be wise to stop the car before I pump. ~ Jarod Kintz
Malyshev Tank quotes by Jarod Kintz
And as for other men, who worked in tank-rooms full of steam, and in some of which there were open vats near the level of the floor, their peculiar trouble was that they fell into the vats; and when they were fished out, there was never enough of them left to be worth exhibiting,-sometimes they would be overlooked for days, till all but the bones of them had gone out into the world as Durham's Pure Leaf Lard! This contributed to the passing of the Pure Food Act of 1906. ~ Upton Sinclair
Malyshev Tank quotes by Upton Sinclair
Moderate aspirations lead to a contended life. I don't have to buy the airplane and I can't drive the tank!! ~ Mahesh Babu
Malyshev Tank quotes by Mahesh Babu
I only have so much willpower, Helen," he whispered. "And since you apparently sleep in the most ridiculously transparent tank top I've ever seen, I'm going to have to ask you to get under the covers before I do something stupid. ~ Josephine Angelini
Malyshev Tank quotes by Josephine Angelini
Justineau doesn't have any answer. She watches with an eerie sense of dislocation as Caldwell crosses to another part of the lab, comes back with a glass fish tank in which she's set up one of her tissue cultures. It's an older one, with several years of growth. The tank is about eighteen inches by twelve by ten inches high, and its interior is completely filled with a dense mass of fine, dark grey strands. Like plague-flavoured candy floss, Justineau thinks. It's impossible even to tell what the original substrate was; it's just lost in the toxic froth that has sprouted from it. "This ~ M.R. Carey
Malyshev Tank quotes by M.R. Carey
The tank was originally invented to clear a way for the infantry in the teeth of machine-gun fire. Now it is the infantry who will have to clear a way for the tanks. ~ Winston Churchill
Malyshev Tank quotes by Winston Churchill
I've always been a bit of a space geek. I wrote an article years ago about the neutral buoyancy tank, which is this biblically sized pool where they train astronauts. And it was just the coolest thing. ~ Mary Roach
Malyshev Tank quotes by Mary Roach
I left the house to go throw away my chance at financial freedom someday ( i.e. Fill up my gas tank ~ Erynn Mangum
Malyshev Tank quotes by Erynn Mangum
Strong could be dealt with - but crazy? Oh no. You never knew what the crazy were going to do. ~ Andrea Speed
Malyshev Tank quotes by Andrea Speed
I have a protective coating, like a tank. It's called Love. And when I get you naked, I'll want to make war to you. ~ Jarod Kintz
Malyshev Tank quotes by Jarod Kintz
There seemed no answer. He wasn't resigned to anything, he hadn't accepted or adjusted to the life he'd been forced into. Yet here he was, eight months after the plague's last victim, nine since he's spoken to another human being, ten since Virginia had died. Here he was with no future and a virtually hopeless present. Still plodding on.
Instinct? Or was he just stupid? Too unimaginative to destroy himself? Why hadn't he done it in the beginning when he was in the very depths? What had impelled him to enclose the house, install a freezer, a generator, an electric stove, a water tank, build a hothouse, a workbench, burn down the houses on each side of his, collect records and books and mountains of canned supplies, even - it was fantastic when you thought about it - even put a fancy mural on the wall?
Was the life force something more than words, a tangible, mind-controlling potency? Was nature somehow, in him, maintaining its spark against its own encroachments?
He closed his eyes. Why think, why reason? There was no answer. His continuance was an accident and an attendant bovinity. He was just too dumb to end it all, and that was about the size of it. ~ Richard Matheson
Malyshev Tank quotes by Richard Matheson
Something amazing happens when the rest of the world is sleeping. I am glued to my chair. I forget that I ever wanted to do anything but write. The crowded city, the crowded apartment, and the crowded calendar suddenly seem spacious. Three or four hours pass in a moment; I have no idea what time it is, because I never check the clock. If I chose to listen, I could hear the swish of taxis bound for downtown bars or the soft saxophone riffs that drift from a neighbor's window, but nothing gets through. I am suspended in a sensory deprivation tank, and the very lack of sensation is delicious. ~ Anne Fadiman
Malyshev Tank quotes by Anne Fadiman
My glowing form was so heavy, its feet sank into the top of the tank.
"Sekhmet!" I yelled.
The lioness whirled and snarled, trying to locate my voice.
"Up here, kitty!" I called.
She spotted me and her ears went back. "Horus?"
'Unless you know another guy with a falcon head. ~ Rick Riordan
Malyshev Tank quotes by Rick Riordan
A human being weighing 70 kilograms contains among other things:
-45 litres of water
-Enough chalk to whiten a chicken pen
-Enough phosphorus for 2,200 matches
-Enough fat to make approximately 70 bars of soap
-Enough iron to make a two inch nail
-Enough carbon for 9,000 pencil points
-A spoonful of magnesium
I weigh more than 70 kilograms.
And I remember a TV series called Cosmos. Carl Sagan would walk around on a set that was meant to look like space, speaking in large numbers. On one of the shows he sat in front of a tank full of all the substances human beings are made of. He stirred the tank with a stick wondering if he would be able to create life.
He didn't succeed.
~ Erlend Loe
Malyshev Tank quotes by Erlend Loe
Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence because that's where your neighbor's leaky septic tank is buried. ~ Dakboy
Malyshev Tank quotes by Dakboy
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