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When I was in my early teens, I remember coming to the conclusion that your life never ends. ~ Herbie Hancock
Life Never Ends quotes by Herbie Hancock
The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies. ~ Kate McGahan
Life Never Ends quotes by Kate McGahan
Unlike some of his buddies, Truely had never been afraid of books. Following his daddy's example, he had read the newspaper every day of his life since the sixth grade, starting with the sports page. He had a vague idea what was going on in the world. It was true that Truely could generally nail a test, took a certain pride in it, but he was also a guy who like to dance all night to throbbing music in makeshift clubs off unlit country roads. He liked to drink a cold beer on a hot day, maybe a flask of Jack Daniel's on special occasions. He wore his baseball cap backwards, his jeans ripped and torn--because they were old and practically worn-out, not because he bought them that way. His hair was a little too long, his boots a little too big, his aspirations modest. He preferred listening to talking--and wasn't all that great at either. He like barbecue joints more than restaurants. Catfish and hush puppies or hot dogs burned black over a campfire were his favorites. He preferred simple food dished out in large helpings. He liked to serve himself and go for seconds. ~ Nanci Kincaid
Life Never Ends quotes by Nanci Kincaid
Our lives," I whisper. "I like the sound of that. I never thought that my life could be like this. So safe and warm. All my life I've been looking for that feeling. I bought house after house but I never found it."
He lifts his hand tangling his long fingers in my hair, his expression so tender and open and warm. "Sweetheart that's love that you're describing, not a property portfolio."
I smile and touch his face. "Then I got it wrong all this time because my home is you. I should have just looked for you. ~ Lily Morton
Life Never Ends quotes by Lily Morton
It's not always easy for a father to understand the interests and ways of his son. It seems the songs of our children may be in keys we've never tried. The melody of each generation emerges from all that's gone before. Each one of us contributes in some unique way to the composition of life. ~ Fred Rogers
Life Never Ends quotes by Fred Rogers
I believe Christians walk a mental tightrope and are in constant danger of falling in one of two directions. On this subject, errors in thinking can have tragic results. The first error comes when we attribute all suffering to God, seeing it as his punishment for human mistakes; the second error does just the opposite, assuming that life with God will never include suffering. ~ Philip Yancey
Life Never Ends quotes by Philip Yancey
I supposed to hate her, right? But, instead... I saw her... stood there, in front of me, with the rain coming down on her body... and mascara running on her cheeks... her hair looked messy, and all I could think in that time was... I'd never seen anyone more beautiful than her. What should I do then? What am I supposed to do with my life from now on? ~ Yuli Pritania
Life Never Ends quotes by Yuli Pritania
Then he crossed his arms over his chest and began to listen to the radiant voices of the slaves singing the six o'clock Salve in the mills, and through the window he saw the diamond of Venus in the sky that was dying forever, the eternal snows, the new vine whose yellow bellflowers he would not see bloom on the following Saturday in the house closed in mourning, the final brilliance of life that would never, through all eternity, be repeated again. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Life Never Ends quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
I say to you, you want a thrill, volunteer to be an umpire. I'd like you to go just work the bases some day. Just go do that. You're going to love it. Try the slow-pitch stuff. You'll love it. Ask my son - he tried it! He said, 'I've never seen so many idiots in all my life.' ~ Doug Harvey
Life Never Ends quotes by Doug Harvey
Long ago the signalling had become no more than a meaningless ritual, now maintained by an animal which had forgotten to learn and a robot which had never known to forget. ~ Arthur C. Clarke
Life Never Ends quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
The pond is clear, but it isn't this beyond the sea blue and has never been. The sky is blue, but it isn't this strikingly bright and vivid nor has it ever been. But together, and in each other's company, they are more beautiful than they could ever have been alone... ~ Anoma Natasha Paleebut
Life Never Ends quotes by Anoma Natasha Paleebut
Embrace love and compassion with all your spirit. Understand that they never hurt or offend, they just heal and empower. ~ Steve Maraboli
Life Never Ends quotes by Steve Maraboli
When Tom Ford asked me to consult for Gucci, I had never consulted in my life. I didn't know what consulting was, and look, we made something amazing. ~ Carine Roitfeld
Life Never Ends quotes by Carine Roitfeld
The common people pray for rain, healthy children and a summer that never ends. It is no matter to them if the high lords play their game of thrones, so long as they are left in peace. ~ George R R Martin
Life Never Ends quotes by George R R Martin
This never would have happened in India. In India they understood that life unfolded the way it unfolded, whether you liked it or not: the cow in the road, the swerve that saves or kills you. One life ended, a new one began, maybe it was better than the last one, maybe it wasn't. The Indians (and the Thais, and the Sri Lankans) accepted this the way they accepted monsoons or the heat, with a resignation that was like simple good sense. Damned Americans. Americans, unschooled in the burning dung heaps and the sudden swerves, Americans couldn't help but cling tightly to the life they were living like clutching a spindly branch that was sure to break … and when things didn't go quite as expected, Americans lost their shit. Himself included. ~ Sharon Guskin
Life Never Ends quotes by Sharon Guskin
When I turned 15 years old, I decided to press the issue a little further. I knew fuckin well that my daddy wasn't dead, because never in my life growing up did I ever see my mother crying for this man. I never saw her in mourning or anything. I never saw a picture of him hanging up around the house. ~ Diamond Johnson
Life Never Ends quotes by Diamond Johnson
I've never seen beauty
so devastating
as in the lines
that trace our hope
and fall from the stars. ~ Jessica Kristie
Life Never Ends quotes by Jessica Kristie
Never trample on any soul though it may be lying in the veriest mire; for that last spark of self-respect is its only hope, its only chance; the last seed of a new and better life: the voice of God that whispers to it: You are not what you ought to be, and you are not what you can be. You are still God's child, still an immortal soul. You may rise yet. and fight a good fight yet, and be a man once more, after the likeness of God who made you, and Christ who died for you! ~ Charles Kingsley
Life Never Ends quotes by Charles Kingsley
Law is never so necessary as when it has no ethical significance whatever, and is pure law for the sake of law. The law that compels me to keep to the left when driving along Oxford Street is ethically senseless, as is shewn by the fact that keeping to the right answers equally well in Paris; and it certainly destroys my freedom to choose my side; but by enabling me to count on everyone else keeping to the left also, thus making traffic possible and safe, it enlarges my life and sets my mind free for nobler issues. Most laws, in short, are not the expression of the ethical verdicts of the community, but pure etiquette and nothing else. What they express is the fact that over most of the field of social life there are wide limits within which it does not matter what people do, though it matters enormously whether under given circumstances you can depend on their all doing the same thing. ~ George Bernard Shaw
Life Never Ends quotes by George Bernard Shaw
I don't care if she moves in. The worst thing that could happen would be for you to cheat on me. Then I'd have to break up with you, then your heart would shatter, and we'd both be miserable for life, and you would be so depressed you'd never be able to get it up again. So make sure if you do cheat, it's the best sex you ever have, because it'll also be the last sex you ever ~ Colleen Hoover
Life Never Ends quotes by Colleen Hoover
I knew I could never forget my past, but I wanted to stop talking about it so that I would be fully present in my new life. ~ Ishmael Beah
Life Never Ends quotes by Ishmael Beah
God gave me a brain to see in others what they can't see in themselves. I use that gift to help others actualize dreams they maybe never knew they had.⁣ ~ Richie Norton
Life Never Ends quotes by Richie Norton
Absolute solution comes from absolute problem, ultimate certainty comes from ultimate uncertainty, total acceptance comes from total rejection, complete perfection comes from complete flaw, ample richness comes from ample poverty, foolproof protection comes from unyielding danger and unlimited liberty comes from unlimited restriction. Each one is coincident of another as dark is coincident of light.
To such a degree, never try to escape from them.Rather bravely and wisely engage to sort them out . You know, these wonderful stuffs fetch for its tail all wonderful-reverse-stuffs, making your life tested and dignified.
Never give up rather wake-up, have a great shower, eat, dress up and join in the struggle. Neither dishearten yourself nor give ears to others' words, just keep faith on you, believe your own intuition and keep the struggle going...
I am damn sure, Success, it must lay its head eventually beneath your noble feet as a flunky of order execution and will crown you as the king."
Many Cheers from Lord Robin ~ Lord Robin
Life Never Ends quotes by Lord Robin
Never allow the negativity of others to effect your tranquil thoughts. ~ Steven Redhead
Life Never Ends quotes by Steven Redhead
What I love most in life happens to be the very thing that I do day-to-day, as my work. What would be my hobby, you know, happens to be my actual job. So I'm very lucky. Even if I didn't want to do as much work as I do, I'd still feel compelled to, because I so longed to be a full-time artist, and since I've been given that opportunity, I'd never want to let down the gift. ~ Ryan Adams
Life Never Ends quotes by Ryan Adams

The other is a mirror of our own face; the other is a mirror of our inner being.

The entire universe is a manifestation of our own inner being.

Man is the microcosm and the universe is the macrocosm.

In our inner being, we are one with all.

True relationships is to see ourselves in all beings and to see all beings in ourselves.

The inner being is not only present in human beings, but it is also present in flowers, trees, animals, stones and the stars.

The divine exists everywhere in nature.

Once we realize this we will never feel alone.

We find the communion of the heart everywhere. ~ Swami Dhyan Giten
Life Never Ends quotes by Swami Dhyan Giten
You have eyes that hold me so tightly I could fight for the rest of my life and I'll never escape. ~ Erin McCarthy
Life Never Ends quotes by Erin McCarthy
So we grow up in a sea of stories told in a way that fits what we want others to know about us. The stories told in most families are a kind of propaganda. The tragedy is that often these stories are simply a form of dis-information...
But our families name us without knowing the consequences. So our life is a journey to discover our true name, though; sadly many of us never choose to begin that search. ~ Dan B. Allender
Life Never Ends quotes by Dan B. Allender
The scribbler's life is never done. ~ A. N. Wilson
Life Never Ends quotes by A. N. Wilson
And when the war's over, someday, some year, the books can be written again, the people will be called in, one by one, to recite what they know and we'll set it up in type until another Dark Age, when we might have to do the whole damn thing over again. But that's the wonderful thing about man; he never gets so discouraged or disgusted that he gives up doing it all over again, because he knows very well it is important and worth doing. ~ Ray Bradbury
Life Never Ends quotes by Ray Bradbury
The day you were born was the happiest day of my life, but I was so nervous that I don't know if happiness is really the best word to describe what I felt. I think it is my obligation to tell you, in spite of the absolute love I have always felt for you, in spite of how much you have brightened my life, and I assume your mother's as well - I haven't seen her in around ten years now, but I'm sure that for her as well you have been a constant source of happiness - in spite of all that, I have to tell you that during the eighteen years you've now been alive, I've never stopped wondering what my life would have been like if you had never been born.

It's an overwhelming thought, an exit that leads to the darkest of nights, to the most complete blackness, but also to shadow and sometimes, slowly, toward something like a clearing in the woods. These fantasies are normal, but it's not so common for parents to confess them. For example, over the years I have thought thousands of times that if you hadn't been born I would have needed less money, or could have disappeared for weeks on end without worrying about anyone. I could have prolonged my youth for several more years. I could have even killed myself. I mean, the first consequence of your birth was that from then on, I could never kill myself. ~ Alejandro Zambra
Life Never Ends quotes by Alejandro Zambra
If there is anything in life to worry about at all, it's your wasted yesterday. Unfortunately, before you worry about it, you have to waste today doing so. Never worry! ~ Israelmore Ayivor
Life Never Ends quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
I have always thought that art is not a category, not a realm covering innumerable concepts and derivative phenomena, but that, on the contrary, it is something concentrated, strictly limited. It is a principle that is present in every work of art, a force applied to it and a truth worked out in it. And I have never seen art as form but rather as a hidden, secret part of content ... A literary creation can appeal to us in all sorts of ways - by its theme, subject, situations, characters. But above all it appeals to us by the presence in it of art ... You can call it an idea, a statement about life, so all-embracing that it can't be split up into separate words; and if there is so much as a particle of it in any work that includes other things as well, it outweighs all the other ingredients in significance and turns out to be the essence, the heart and soul of the work. ~ Boris Pasternak
Life Never Ends quotes by Boris Pasternak
But if it were true that his life had somehow been molded by acts of power of which he was unaware - then it would follow that he had never acted of his own volition; never had a moment of true self-consciousness. Everything he had ever assumed about himself was a lie, an illusion. And if this were so, how was he to find himself now? ~ Amitav Ghosh
Life Never Ends quotes by Amitav Ghosh
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