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Poetry is all that is worth remembering in life. ~ William Hazlitt
Poetry Life quotes by William Hazlitt
We will read books together inside the blanket and stay warm. And keep writing poetry in our respective journals. Time will fly but we will still remain inside the blanket forever. ~ Avijeet Das
Poetry Life quotes by Avijeet Das
are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life? ~ Mary Oliver
Poetry Life quotes by Mary Oliver
The poem is a little myth of man's capacity of making life meaningful. And in the end, the poem is not a thing we see-it is, rather, a light by which we may see-and what we see is life. ~ Robert Penn Warren
Poetry Life quotes by Robert Penn Warren
What do you do when the alienating silence deafens your 'bootless cries'? ~ Solange Nicole
Poetry Life quotes by Solange Nicole
My mind is a forest fire. ~ Christina Strigas
Poetry Life quotes by Christina Strigas
Poems must, of course, be written in emotional freedom. Moreover, poems are not language but the content of the language. ~ Mary Oliver
Poetry Life quotes by Mary Oliver
Nothing is lifeless
when the moon writes its screed
on the silvern sand silence
-From the poem:The Universe In Blossom ~ Munia Khan
Poetry Life quotes by Munia Khan
Keep Moving ...
Move forward
Let go
Give in
and just Do
Progress every day
And make one step forward no matter what's in your way
Keep moving, till one day you wake up and you're there. ~ Emma Daley
Poetry Life quotes by Emma Daley
He harbored a hidden inclination toward poetry but in the hard boiled world of adjusting, reading a sonnet seemed like something that could get a guy killed. It was perfect, Ben had told him. Like a book with a compartment cut out of the pages to hide a flask of whiskey, this one also let a guy hide a secret vice: the cover was bound upside down. So he could read the book, and if anyone saw him, it would look like he was posing.

Plausible deniability. ~ Will Willingham
Poetry Life quotes by Will Willingham
Each in His Own Tongue
A fire mist and a planet,
A crystal and a cell,
A jellyfish and a saurian,
And caves where the cave men dwell;
Then a sense of law and beauty,
And a face turned from the clod -
Some call it Evolution,
And others call it God.
A haze on the far horizon,
The infinite, tender sky,
The ripe, rich tint of the cornfields,
And the wild geese sailing high;
And all over upland and lowland
The charm of the goldenrod -
Some of us call it Autumn,
And others call it God.

Like tides on a crescent sea beach,
When the moon is new and thin,
Into our hearts high yearnings
Come welling and surging in;
Come from the mystic ocean,
Whose rim no foot has trod -
Some of us call it Longing,
And others call it God.

A picket frozen on duty,
A mother starved for her brood,
Socrates drinking the hemlock,
And Jesus on the rood;
And millions who, humble and nameless,
The straight, hard pathway plod -
Some call it Consecration,
And others call it God. ~ William Herbert Carruth
Poetry Life quotes by William Herbert Carruth
I thought to spend my declining years writing poetry and teaching - but that won't pay the Bergdorf's bill. I think I'll move to somewhere life is cheaper. ~ Erica Jong
Poetry Life quotes by Erica Jong
There was a time when I do not understand poetry. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Poetry Life quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
I was just an option.
Blown easily to pieces
and offered to the sky
by the sweet laced pain
upon your lips. ~ Jessica Kristie
Poetry Life quotes by Jessica Kristie
Once a hunter met a lion near the hungry critter's lair,
and the way that lion mauled him was decidedly unfair;
but the hunter never whimpered when the surgeons, with their thread,
sewed up forty-seven gashes in his mutilated head;
and he showed the scars in triumph, and they gave him pleasant fame,
and he always blessed the lion that had camped upon his frame.
Once that hunter, absent minded, sat upon a hill of ants,
and about a million bit him, and you should have seen him dance!
And he used up lots of language of a deep magenta tint,
and apostrophized the insects in a style unfit to print.
And it's thus with worldly troubles;
when the big ones come along, we serenely go to meet them, feeling valiant, bold and strong, but the weary little worries with their poisoned stings and smarts, put the lid upon our courage, make us gray, and break our hearts. ~ Walt Mason
Poetry Life quotes by Walt Mason
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the on less traveled by,
and that has made all the differernce ~ Robert Frost
Poetry Life quotes by Robert Frost
I have gone at dusk through narrow streets and watched the smoke that rises from the pipes of lonely men leaning out of windows ~ T. S. Eliot
Poetry Life quotes by T. S. Eliot
In 2013 there were 7,427 poetry readings in April, many on a Thursday. For anyone born in 1928 who pays attention to poetry, the numerousness is astonishing. In April 1948, there were 15 readings in the United States, 12 by Robert Frost. So I claim. The figures are imaginary, but you get the point. ~ Donald Hall
Poetry Life quotes by Donald Hall

It doesn't get much better
Though I'm trying to forget her
That girl on that Lambretta
Stole my heart.
But my feelings just got fonder
As she disappeared off yonder
But I couldn't get my Honda
Bike to start.
So I'll admit defeat
It's not partial, it's complete
'Cos I'll never get to meet
That work of art.
Now I've ceased to be a suitor
I imagine that'll suit her
An' I 'ope her rotten scooter
Falls apart. ~ Robbie Franklin
Poetry Life quotes by Robbie Franklin
I don't feel strong anymore
I feel like falling to my knees.
Things aren't the way they were before,
They're not the way they're supposed to be. ~ Atarah L. Poling
Poetry Life quotes by Atarah L. Poling
Who would one rather be? The one who desires, or the object of desire? One's answer to this question might determine if he is meant to be a poet or something else entirely. ~ Lan Samantha Chang
Poetry Life quotes by Lan Samantha Chang
She has something to say about what life is like-which is all we ask of poetry. ~ Louis Untermeyer
Poetry Life quotes by Louis Untermeyer
The beautiful you is not the color of your skin

Or the texture of your hair.

The beautiful you is not how tall or short you are

The beautiful you is not rather you're skinny or overweight by society standards

The beautiful you is not the degrees you have obtain

Or the size of your bank accounts.

The beautiful you, has nothing to do with where you're from, or religious beliefs

Nor the car you drive or the house you live in.

The beautiful you is not the price tag of what you wear

The beautiful you has nothing do with how eloquent you speak

The beautiful you is your kindness and compassion toward others

The beautiful you is your tolerance and patience

The beautiful you is your ability to love and forgive

The beautiful you don't rush to judge what you don't understand

The beautiful you is always seeking to evolve into its higher self

That is the beautiful you and that is what the world needs

The beautiful you is what defines our Humanity

The Beautiful you, Be that Always! ~ Micheline Jean Louis
Poetry Life quotes by Micheline Jean Louis
i reach the perfect cube, and wait for
somebody to pick the phone back at home. ~ Abhijit Sarmah
Poetry Life quotes by Abhijit Sarmah
Birth, coupling, death. The more she thinks about it, the more it seems that that is all there is: a wheel turning over and over, moving so fast that sometimes you cannot even make out the spokes. It is a wonder there is any room for poetry. ~ Sarah Dunant
Poetry Life quotes by Sarah Dunant

Dark and cold and wet were Her hands
I felt Her chilly breath inside my throat
Her claws deep inside trying to find traces of
Fear within me

I stayed still Accepting Opening Receiving

Within a moment She was inside
Two fingers below My belly button

In there She found no traces of shivers
no traces of resistance, no traces of weakness
just clear pure Passage-Way

Then She grew into Her most powerful Self
She stood undisturbed, unmoved, unchanged
Totally free and She screamed

From the centre of the earth, Through the tunnels of the caves, To the surface of the volcanoes

To open: Mountain tops untouched by clouds and rain
Cherry fields in their full blossom
A dog running after a train filled with the excitement
A witch laughing at passers-by mirroring their paranoia
Death looking us in the eyes searching for the chosen Few Capable to see the Key behind Her magic veil ~ Nataša Pantović
Poetry Life quotes by Nataša Pantović
The trick is to ride the wave,
Fast, wide-open and
in deep Now-magic.
Free, burning fear for fuel
Generous, knowing there is always more where that came from.
Cresting, spray of liquid jewels hanging, shining in the sun and wind.
Flying down the wave in graceful slices.
Rolling, tumbling under, over
Breathless falling, floating into the deep dark beneath.
Rising, face breaks the surface
Kneeling, standing
Riding again.
Sunset waits behind the horizon
But daylight begs us to swim
Out beyond
Where our feet can't touch bottom.
Into the deep wild
Where the next wave can
sweep us higher,
Show us what else is possible
In this marvelous place. ~ Jacob Nordby
Poetry Life quotes by Jacob Nordby
You exalt me Bati,
This is the message to the society,
Brightest day demands
struggling, suffering and sacrifice,
heroic labor would suffice. ~ Ankita Singhal
Poetry Life quotes by Ankita Singhal
The longer the silence remains untouched the longer the miscommunication creates its own stories. ~ Christina Strigas
Poetry Life quotes by Christina Strigas
If you want to be my friend, I prefer honesty to fake praise. I was never one to run with the wolves. ~ Christina Strigas
Poetry Life quotes by Christina Strigas
Book Power

Books feed and cure and
chortle and collide.

In all this willful world
of thud and thump and thunder
man's relevance to books
continues to declare.

Books are meat and medicine
and flame and flight and flower,
steel, stitch, and cloud and clout,
and drumbeats in the air. ~ Gwendolyn Brooks
Poetry Life quotes by Gwendolyn Brooks
It's very difficult to look at the World
and into your heart at the same time.
In between, a life has passed. ~ Jim Harrison
Poetry Life quotes by Jim Harrison
The work of great poetry is to aid us to become free artists ourselves ... The art of reading poetry is an authentic training in the augmentation of consciousness, perhaps the most authentic of healthy modes. ~ Harold Bloom
Poetry Life quotes by Harold Bloom

Every oak will lose a leaf to the wind.
Every star-thistle has a thorn.
Every flower has a blemish.
Every wave washes back upon itself.
Every ocean embraces a storm.
Every raindrop falls with precision.
Every slithering snail leaves its silver trail.
Every butterfly flies until its wings are torn.
Every tree-frog is obligated to sing.
Every sound has an echo in the canyon.
Every pine drops its needles to the forest floor.
Creation's whispered breath at dusk comes
with a frost and leaves within dawn's faint mist,
for all of existence remains perfect, adorned,
with a dead sparrow on the ground.

(Poem titled : 'Perfection' by R.H.Peat) ~ R.H. Peat
Poetry Life quotes by R.H. Peat
Usually a life turned into a poem is misrepresented. ~ Mark Strand
Poetry Life quotes by Mark Strand
Letters and myths in poetry and stories renew and help us move forward; some think, there is only one book that is worthwhile; however, when someone really knows someone, they may realize they are studying their myths and book, even if sci-fi or other.
A society or community is really free when you really have a home and can think freely, write freely, and study many aspects without self-censorship. ~ Diana Kanecki
Poetry Life quotes by Diana Kanecki
For the drover's life has pleasures that the townsfolk never know, ~ Banjo Paterson
Poetry Life quotes by Banjo Paterson
I've never seen beauty
so devastating
as in the lines
that trace our hope
and fall from the stars. ~ Jessica Kristie
Poetry Life quotes by Jessica Kristie
In vain I try to jump into the photo
To create again a time so simple
That a piece of paper might encapsulate it
From the erosive winds and waves of time
Which bring even the greatest of loves to a grave of dust. ~ Justin Wetch
Poetry Life quotes by Justin Wetch
My poetry lives in the spaces of time, in between time, in time out. It is not a constant vibe; I catch it like the incoming tide, going out again. It will not let me say what I want to say for words cannot be woven together to express me that way. My words have learned to be patient for nothing. Now is my time out. ~ Tonny K. Brown
Poetry Life quotes by Tonny K. Brown
The fact of the matter is that the most unexpected and miraculous thing in my life was the arrival in it of poetry itself - as a vocation and an elevation almost. ~ Seamus Heaney
Poetry Life quotes by Seamus Heaney
I was born with my eyes turned inward. ~ David Joseph Cribbin
Poetry Life quotes by David Joseph Cribbin
I yearn to make these scars disappear
And to forget about the past.
To throw away all of my fears
And to be happy at last. ~ Atarah L. Poling
Poetry Life quotes by Atarah L. Poling
Somehow, the words don't have any vitality, any life to them, unless I can feel it marking on a paper. That's how I start. Once I'm off, then I switch to the laptop. I think it would all just be prose if it started on a laptop - not that what I do is poetry. ~ Simon Schama
Poetry Life quotes by Simon Schama
- April -

In this distance I hear a heartbeat...
The only sound I remember from my last life
I listen to it when I am awake or in sleep....
I know it is the heartbeat of my loved one
A heartbeat that inspires my heart to beat..
I don't know where you are... where to find
We on earth may never meet in real...
All I can listen is your heart murmur...... ~ Raigon Stanley
Poetry Life quotes by Raigon Stanley
Welcome the small cracking of your hard-clodded shell,
Embrace the warm sting of tears,
Kiss the shadow which frightens you awake as you turn the corners of your day,
Love the whole of everything,
Smooth sunshine skies and
Jagged edges
Which all seek us out in
Constant whisper and touch
To say, 'hello, Beautiful. You're alive ~ Jacob Nordby
Poetry Life quotes by Jacob Nordby
Hello," Life says, "Remember me?
We started out together here
When you were just a bundle
Of innocent amazement.
Remember how you saw the world
With nothing but wonder?
We were such rowdy playmates then.
We painted on the sky with clouds
And made magic out of
Clothespins and peanut butter.
Remember, can you, how I became stained and heavy
With trouble?
Not safe now. Lots of no.
They dressed me in painful clothes
And made you wear them, too.
You don't recognize me, do you
But I've never abandoned you
Or lost my wild, happy desire
To show you
Play with you
Kiss you
Hide and seek down twisty paths
And always discover more.
Want to run away with me again?
Shall we elope without ever leaving
Because that's possible, you know.
I've never been anywhere but here
Waiting for you
To remember. ~ Jacob Nordby
Poetry Life quotes by Jacob Nordby
I know many lives worth living. ~ Mary Oliver
Poetry Life quotes by Mary Oliver
Bridge burned from end to end,
and I don't miss you anymore.
You delivered silence
I've birthed freedom. ~ Jessica Kristie
Poetry Life quotes by Jessica Kristie
I am deliberate and afraid of nothing. ~ Audre Lorde
Poetry Life quotes by Audre Lorde
Poetry could surely slow a guy down. ~ Will Willingham
Poetry Life quotes by Will Willingham
Steep fall to the ground
like clay pigeons
by bad shots
and unsteady hands. ~ Jessica Kristie
Poetry Life quotes by Jessica Kristie
I'm a poet, and I spent my life in poetry. ~ Edward Hirsch
Poetry Life quotes by Edward Hirsch
Imagine This

Life is not a bowl of cherries
Ignore what's in the song
It's not a bowl of things at all
The song you see, is wrong
Think of it as rhubarb
And don't forget the custard
A mixture of the sharp and sweet
And a word to say when flustered. ~ Robbie Franklin
Poetry Life quotes by Robbie Franklin
How do poems grow? They grow out of your life. ~ Robert Penn Warren
Poetry Life quotes by Robert Penn Warren
As I search for hope,
In the same eyes
I lost it. ~ Jessica Kristie
Poetry Life quotes by Jessica Kristie
A hallowed frequency within
That, even in your darkest hour,
You can always turn to. ~ Scott Hastie
Poetry Life quotes by Scott Hastie
History repeats itself. Someone says this.
History throws its shadow over beginning, over the desktop, over the sock drawer with its socks, its hidden letters.
history is the little man in a brown suit trying to define a room he is outside of,
I know history. There are many names in history ... but none of them are ours. ~ Richard Siken
Poetry Life quotes by Richard Siken
Poetry, playing with your words until you breathe life into them. ~ Morgan Dragonwillow
Poetry Life quotes by Morgan Dragonwillow
I am absolutely convinced that my life was redeemed by poetry. ~ Felix Dennis
Poetry Life quotes by Felix Dennis
a poem is never finished, only abandoned, ~ Clive James
Poetry Life quotes by Clive James
I see the beauty in you, and the darkness. Both are brilliant. ~ Christina Strigas
Poetry Life quotes by Christina Strigas
Realism is life minus the poetry. ~ Marty Rubin
Poetry Life quotes by Marty Rubin
I do not trust the truth. It shifts into reality. ~ Christina Strigas
Poetry Life quotes by Christina Strigas
Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads. ~ Marianne Moore
Poetry Life quotes by Marianne Moore
I bleed to un-break you,
un-mending me.
I fall to save you...
now who will save me. ~ Jessica Kristie
Poetry Life quotes by Jessica Kristie
Poetry is the journal of the sea animal living on land, wanting to fly in the air. Poetry is a search for syllables to shoot at the barriers of the unknown and the unknowable. Poetry is a phantom script telling how rainbows are made and why they go away. ~ Carl Sandburg
Poetry Life quotes by Carl Sandburg
I could make love with you until the moon decides to never glow again. ~ Melody Lee
Poetry Life quotes by Melody  Lee
Will asked the same questions as many times as he'd read the verse. What did Keats want to do, why would it take so many years, and what the hell ever got done just because a guy decided to overwhelm himself in poetry called by an old fashioned word? ~ Will Willingham
Poetry Life quotes by Will Willingham
Yes! all is past - swift time has fled away,
Yet its swell pauses on my sickening mind;
How long will horror nerve this frame of clay?
I'm dead, and lingers yet my soul behind.
Oh! powerful Fate, revoke thy deadly spell,
And yet that may not ever, ever be,
Heaven will not smile upon the work of Hell;
Ah! no, for Heaven cannot smile on me;
Fate, envious Fate, has sealed my wayward destiny. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
Poetry Life quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
My words are my children. I am eternally grateful to the womb of my mind for conceiving them. ~ Munia Khan
Poetry Life quotes by Munia Khan
Lovers alone wear sunlight. ~ E. E. Cummings
Poetry Life quotes by E. E. Cummings
I want to feel them against my bare skin.
I want their colourful touch to burn itself into my body
and set my blood on fire with chemicals and fury,
to drag me from a place of retreat and smothered tears
into destruction and gloriously bright fire falling. ~ Miriam Joy
Poetry Life quotes by Miriam Joy
I will never take what is never given, but I will receive to what is given. ~ Michael Jones
Poetry Life quotes by Michael Jones
We had scar-tissue
romance and ours was
a relationship of saying
goodbye - every time
we fought, every time
we fucked, and every time
we called it quits, before
picking up our knives
again ~ Phil Volatile
Poetry Life quotes by Phil Volatile
A lie is yet a lie, though bought worldwide;
soon it shall fade with coming of new tide.
Truth remains truth, though stepped on like a dime;
soon it shall reign with the passing of time.

A lie lasts as long as there's suppression,
for lies were but of man's fabrication.
Truth lasts as long as there's constellation,
for truths were but of Nature's formation. ~ Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol
Poetry Life quotes by Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol
If writing hurts you're doing it right. ~ Christina Strigas
Poetry Life quotes by Christina Strigas
In cosmos and microcosmos scale can be/so great and be so small/neither can stay believable, each/cancels the other out and we, too big/for one an unapparent otherwise/live self-scaled lives where we are as if we were./Bring some words together toward a real. ~ William Bronk
Poetry Life quotes by William Bronk
fluttering amidst the stars / stands the thin black/ stalk / of a glimmerglass girl / ~ Holly Walrath
Poetry Life quotes by Holly Walrath
You may be a disaster for a day, a month, or a year. Just don't be a disaster forever. ~ Najwa Zebian
Poetry Life quotes by Najwa Zebian
I think poetry without metaphor is like husband and wife living in separate bedrooms. ~ Munia Khan
Poetry Life quotes by Munia Khan
The fall is quick,
and permanent. ~ Jessica Kristie
Poetry Life quotes by Jessica Kristie
Would it have been worthwhile
If one settling a pillow by her head should say:
That is not what I meant at all
That is not it at all ~ T. S. Eliot
Poetry Life quotes by T. S. Eliot
When I feel too much and the universe aches inside of me. ~ Christina Strigas
Poetry Life quotes by Christina Strigas
Every time we lose a species webreak a life chain which has evolved over 3.5 billion years. ~ Jeff McNeely
Poetry Life quotes by Jeff McNeely
You too must seek the sun... ~ Allen Ginsberg
Poetry Life quotes by Allen Ginsberg
One aspect of my life and career that has helped me be successful is having mentors - having women show me the way. We have to support other women. ~ Wendy Greuel
Poetry Life quotes by Wendy Greuel
We who with songs beguile your pilgrimage And swear that Beauty lives though lilies die, We Poets of the proud old lineage Who sing to find your hearts, we know not why What shall we tell you? Tales, marvellous tales Of ships and stars and isles where good men rest. ~ James Elroy Flecker
Poetry Life quotes by James Elroy Flecker
The dead are never truly gone. They linger in our minds and hearts and torture us with a malice they were not capable of in life. ~ Courtney M. Privett
Poetry Life quotes by Courtney M. Privett
The disparity between what people said life was and what I knew it to be unnerved me at times, but I swore that nothing would ever make me say life should be anything ... ~ Harold Brodkey
Poetry Life quotes by Harold Brodkey
Life is not always what we think it is. ~ Anthony Ray Hinton
Poetry Life quotes by Anthony Ray Hinton
I go through life as a transient on his way to eternity, made in the image of God but with that image debased, needing to be taught how to meditate, to worship, to think. ~ Donald Coggan
Poetry Life quotes by Donald Coggan
I feel I want to quit this constant ageing of mind and body, with incessant argument and nicety concerning ancient decaying things, and to feel the joy of a free and vigorous life; to have, ⎯ be they good or bad, ⎯ broad, unhesitating, unfettered ideas and aspirations, free from everlasting friction between custom and sense, sense and desire, desire and action.

If only I could set utterly and boundlessly free this hampered life of mine, I would storm the four quarters and raise wave upon wave of tumult all round; I would career away madly, like a wild horse, for very joy of my own speed! But I am a Bengali, not a Bedouin! I go on sitting in my corner, and mope and worry and argue. I turn my mind now this way up, now the other ⎯ as a fish is fried ⎯ and the boiling oil blisters first this side, then that.

Let it pass. Since I cannot be thoroughly wild, it is but proper that I should make an endeavour to be thoroughly civil. Why foment a quarrel between the two? ~ Rabindranath Tagore
Poetry Life quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
Love is a lifelong practice. ~ Bryant McGill
Poetry Life quotes by Bryant McGill
What you give to others you cannot keep from yourself. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Poetry Life quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
True beauty lies not upon gilded veneers,
But found in the soul within. ~ E.A. Bucchianeri
Poetry Life quotes by E.A. Bucchianeri
Running with a drowsy child of Hades was more like doing a 3 -legged race with a life size rag doll. ~ Rick Riordan
Poetry Life quotes by Rick Riordan
I just feel that God gave me a certain gift, and that was to go out, do storytelling and be an actor. And my responsibility with that gift is to do the best job possible and to re-create real life. ~ Eric Close
Poetry Life quotes by Eric Close
Oh for a thousand tongues to sing my great Redeemer's praise, the glories of my God and King, the triumphs of his grace! My gracious Master and my God, assist me to proclaim, to spread through all the earth abroad the honors of thy name. Jesus! the name that charms our fears, that bids our sorrows cease; 'tis music in the sinner's ears, 'tis life, and health, and peace. ~ Charles Wesley
Poetry Life quotes by Charles Wesley
It is funny how we hurt ourselves, isn't it? We're the reason of what happens to us, we're the reason of our suffering, we choose the wrong people to hang with, to date and to love. The mind blames the heart, the heart blames the lover and that's how the cycle of life and love goes. Sometimes, we're so afraid to lose people and end up alone. Despite of their hurting, we think that if we chase them away we'll never be able to fill their places, we fear feeling empty and alone and most of all we fear the fact that they may move on before us. ~ Yasmine Marouf Araibi
Poetry Life quotes by Yasmine Marouf Araibi
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