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He took the necklace out of the box and carefully fastened it around her neck. Just like he'd imagined himself doing when he bought it. That might even be why he bought it - so he'd have this moment, under her hair. He ran his fingertips along the chain and settled the pendant on her throat. ~ Rainbow Rowell
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Rainbow Rowell
Come, then, and let us walk
Since we have reached the park. It is our garden,
All black and blossomless this winter night,
But we bring April with us, you and I;
We set the whole world on the trail of spring. ~ Sara Teasdale
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Sara Teasdale
Are humans really a collective failure? Or are we a success? What defines failure and success? Do humans ever get to see the dark side of the moon? Do humans ever see what's inside of themselves? How were we able to go to the moon? Can it be even those men who walked on the surface of the moon will never set foot on the surface of their inner selves? ~ Min-gyu Park
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Min-gyu Park
Nostalgia is, by its very nature, bittersweet, the happiest memories laced with melancholy. It's that combination, that opposition of forces, that makes it so compelling. People, places, events, times: we miss them, and there's a pleasure in the missing and a sadness in the love.
The feeling is most acute, sometimes cripplingly so, when we find ourselves longing for the moment we're in, the people we're actually with.
That nameless feeling, that sense of excruciating beauty, of pained happiness, is at the core of 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy). ~ Robert J. Wiersema
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Robert J. Wiersema
I didn't come from a trailer park. I grew up middle class and my dad had money and my mom made my lunch. I got a car when I was sixteen. I'm proud of that. ~ Kid Rock
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Kid Rock
My ranch William S. Hart Park is for the benefit of the American Public of every race and creed. ~ William S. Hart
Karaalioglu Park quotes by William S. Hart
I thought that humans can have some value as a work by themselves, irrespective of whether the work fails or succeeds. ~ Min-gyu Park
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Min-gyu Park
Baseball is a pretty sight and a nice experience, win or lose, particularly if it is watched in a nice park. ~ Daniel Okrent
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Daniel Okrent
The Park?" Gus asked skeptically, following him out of Kali's building and across the empty street. "The place with the homicidal poodle pack and creepy hanging goddess? ~ Tui T. Sutherland
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Tui T. Sutherland
Consider surgeons and their work. It's unthinkable to put your hands in the warm blood of another human's gut. Even with rubber gloves on. Who'd want to do that? But surgeons get over it. ~ Park Dietz
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Park Dietz
Grandeur and sublimity, not softness, are the features of Estes Park. The glades which begin so softly are soon lost in the dark primaeval forests, with their peaks of rosy granite and their stretches of granite blocks piled and poised by nature in some mood of fury. ~ Isabella Bird
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Isabella Bird
I have been given permission to announce that I and others from 'All My Children' have been approached by the company Prospect Park, who bought 'AMC,' with the intention to move it online. ~ Cameron Mathison
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Cameron Mathison
The genre of science fiction is a fun house, an amusement park ride, but it's also a problem. The question that's always being indirectly asked is this: 'Just who do we think we are and, further, who do we want to be?' ~ Douglas Lain
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Douglas Lain
Sometimes things happen that give me cause to believe I no longer exist. Car park barriers which do not lift when I drive towards them, automatic doors which do not open automatically as I approach. ~ Sara Baume
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Sara Baume
Alex stood near Tiger Stadium. It was closed down now and abandoned, a ghost of itself. Alex loved baseball and lamented the new stadiums and their corporate sponsors. Who wanted to watch the almost spiritual game of baseball in a park named after a goddamned financial institution? ~ Gary Hardwick
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Gary Hardwick
Don't park ... Arrival is the death of inspiration. ~ Ernst Haas
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Ernst Haas
There used to be a canny politician in the Hyde Park area in Chicago in which I at one time lived for several years. His slogan was "I am for harmony if I have to use an axe." As "Secretary of Charm," if and when my merits and ambitions are recognized by my appointment to that office, I will take a page out of old "Doc" Jamieson's book. My motto will be "I will have charm, even if I have to use a club. ~ Beatrice Fairfax
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Beatrice Fairfax
While still practising law, he'd run a hearse-rental agency. Then, later, he'd bought into a handkerchief factory in Baker Park. Their most famous innovation was the funeral hankerchief, a plain white cotton handkerchief with a black border. Not long afterwards he patented the first black-edged tissue. He'd made millions, apparently, though nobody knew what he'd done with the money. His only extravagance had been to install an elevator in the house, so he could move between floors without getting out of his wheelchair.
'So what did he mean about hearing money?' Jed asked.
'It's his factory across the river. He claims he can hear the money being made. ~ Rupert Thomson
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Rupert Thomson
Athens, while remaining nominally independent, no longer commanded its lifelines or its fate. Just as it had invented many Western institutions and intellectual and artistic endeavors, so did it pioneer a less glorious tradition. In the centuries following the Peloponnesian war, Athens became the first in a long line of senescent Western empires to suffer the ignominious transformation from world power to open-air theme park, famous only for its arts, its architecture, its schools, and its past. ~ William J. Bernstein
Karaalioglu Park quotes by William J. Bernstein
(When asked merely if they accept evolution, 45 percent of Americans say yes. The figure is 70 percent in China.) When the movie Jurassic Park was shown in Israel, it was condemned by some Orthodox rabbis because it accepted evolution and because it taught that dinosaurs lived a hundred million years ago-when, as is plainly stated at every Rosh Hashonhan and every Jewish wedding ceremony, the Universe is less than 6,000 years old. ~ Carl Sagan
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Carl Sagan
In weeks that followed, I refined this vision until it was very specific. I was going to go for the Mr. Universe title; I was going to break records in power lifting; I was going to Hollywood; I was going to be like Reg Park. The vision became so clear in my mind that I felt like it had to happen. There was no alternative; it was this or nothing. My mother noticed right away that something was different. I was coming home with a big smile. I told her that I was training, and she could see I found joy in becoming stronger. ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger
It's really cool I get to be part of this 'Jurassic Park' universe. ~ Ty Simpkins
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Ty Simpkins
Since I'm a man of my word, I don't show up at her door. I do end up driving over to the trailer park with my SUV. Parking, I crawl into the backseat, play tunes on my phone, and doze as close to my woman as I can manage without breaking my promise. ~ Bijou Hunter
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Bijou Hunter
The upside to grief is it takes away your appetite. When people say you look good they really mean it. Nature's thoughtful that way. ~ Barbara Park
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Barbara Park
In the evening we shall be examined on love." –St. John of the Cross

And it won't be multiple choice,
though some of us would prefer it that way.
Neither will it be essay, which tempts us to run on
when we should be sticking to the point, if not together.
In the evening there shall be implications
our fear will change to complications. No cheating,
we'll be told, and we'll try to figure out the cost of being true
to ourselves. In the evening when the sky has turned
that certain blue, blue of exam books, blue of no more
daily evasions, we shall climb the hill as the light empties
and park our tired bodies on a bench above the city
and try to fill in the blanks. And we won't be tested
like defendants on trial, cross-examined
till one of us breaks down, guilty as charged. No,
in the evening, after the day has refused to testify,
we shall be examined on love like students
who don't even recall signing up for the course
and now must take their orals, forced to speak for once
from the heart and not off the top of their heads.
And when the evening is over and it's late,
the student body asleep, even the great teachers
retired for the night, we shall stay up
and run back over the questions, each in our own way:
what's true, what's false, what unknown quantity
will balance the equation, what it would mean years from now
to look back and know
we d ~ Thomas Centolella
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Thomas Centolella
I think every child in every country, not just South Africa, every year should go to a national park, and it should be part of their basic curriculum. ~ Lewis Pugh
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Lewis Pugh
Though Jack Nubbins was extremely talented, Quenten Cassidy had viewed the Specter; when he reached down through the familiar layers of gloom and fatigue he generally found more there than a nameless and transient desire to acquire plastic trophies. He and Nubbins were not even in the same ball park. ~ John L. Parker Jr.
Karaalioglu Park quotes by John L. Parker Jr.
The thing I like best about Max is that he is brave." "What did he do that was brave?" "It's not one thing," I say. "It's everything. Max is not like any other person in the whole world. Kids make fun of him because he is different. His mom tries to change him into a different boy and his dad tries to treat him like he is someone else. Even his teachers treat him differently, and not always nicely. Even Mrs. Gosk. She is perfect but she still treats Max differently. No one treats him like a regular boy, but everyone wants him to be regular instead of himself. With all that, Max still gets out of bed every morning and goes to school and the park and the bus stop and even the kitchen table. ~ Matthew Dicks
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Matthew Dicks
Indeed, if you look around you on a bus or in a park or cafe or any crowded place, most of the people you see are very probably relatives. When someone boasts to you that he is descended from William the Conqueror or the Mayflower Pilgrims, you should answer at once: "Me, too!" In the most literal and fundamental sense we are all family. ~ Bill Bryson
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Bill Bryson
Outside the golf course, I feel the pressure, and I feel what everybody else is feeling. But on the golf course, it's just the golf ball and clubs. And when I have that, it just puts a lot of pressure off of me. It just makes me very calm looking at it, yeah. ~ Inbee Park
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Inbee Park
Matthew Watkins: I need an afternoon pick-me-up. I accept cash and/or prizes that can be exchanged for cash. Also, hobbits. ~ Jessica Park
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Jessica Park
That's a hobby of mine - to do whatever I can for unusual for-hire creative projects. I am waiting for someone to really challenge me - obviously I'm often approached to do film related work, but I would be very happy to design a bar or an amusement park ride. I would love to be an imagineer! ~ Roman Coppola
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Roman Coppola
This week Disney opened its first ever theme park in China. More than ten thousand children showed up on opening day. And that was just to make the T-shirts. ~ Conan O'Brien
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Conan O'Brien
Whenever I visit a city, I like to see what classical music concerts are on offer. ~ Park Chan-wook
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Park Chan-wook
Chapter Eleven

She did not spend long in the supermarket at Riverwalk, confining her purchases to supplies she would need for the next few days. There was beef for stew, a large pumpkin, a packet of beans, a dozen eggs, and two loaves of bread. The pumpkin looked delicious - almost perfectly round and deep yellow in colour, it sat on the passenger seat beside her so comfortably as she drove out of the car park, so pleased to be what it was, that she imagined conducting a conversation with it, telling it about the Orphan Farm and Mma Potokwane and her concerns over Mma Makutsi. And the pumpkin would remain silent, of course, but would somehow indicate that it knew what she was talking about, that there were similar issues in the world of pumpkins.

She smiled. There was no harm, she thought, in allowing your imagination to run away with you, as a child's will do, because the thoughts that came in that way could be a comfort, a relief in a world that could be both sad and serious. Why not imagine a talk with a pumpkin? Why not imagine going off for a drive with a friendly pumpkin, a companion who would not, after all, answer back; who would agree with everything you said, and would at the end of the day appear on your plate as a final gesture of friendship? Why not allow yourself a few minutes of imaginative silliness so that you could remember what it was like when you believed such things, when you were a child at the feet of your grandmother, listening t ~ Alexander McCall Smith
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
A good analogy [Charlie Hebdo] in lots of ways is "South Park" - the hugely popular American cartoon show - and the things that the "South Park" creators have created, like "The Book Of Mormon," the Broadway musical. If I were a devout Mormon, I would be offended by a lot of things that go on in "The Book Of Mormon," right? It mocks mercilessly the pretensions to truth of Mormonism and the pretensions to virtue of Mormon missionaries. ~ Adam Gopnik
Karaalioglu Park quotes by Adam Gopnik
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