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#1. ...give from the heart since each person is the very icon of God incarnate in the world. - Author: Mother Maria Skobtsova
Incarnate quotes by Mother Maria Skobtsova
#2. The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects all shackles. No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can't. - Author: Christopher Paolini
Incarnate quotes by Christopher Paolini
#3. A vision of the Shining One swirling into our world, a monstrous, glorious flaming pillar of incarnate, eternal Evil--of people passing through its radiant embrace into that hideous, unearthly life-in-death which I had seen enfold the sacrifices--of armies trembling into dancing atoms of diamond dust beneath the green ray's rhythmic death--of cities rushing out into space upon the wings of that other demoniac force which Olaf had watched at work--of a haunted world through which the assassins of the Dweller's court stole invisible, carrying with them every passion of hell--of the rallying to the Thing of every sinister soul and of the weak and the unbalanced, mystics and carnivores of humanity alike; for well I knew that, once loosed, not any nation could hold the devil-god for long and that swiftly its blight would spread! - Author: A. Merritt
Incarnate quotes by A. Merritt
#4. Intended to subserve. That certain sultanism of his brain, which had otherwise in a good degree remained unmanifested; through those forms that same sultanism became incarnate in an irresistible - Author: Herman Melville
Incarnate quotes by Herman Melville
#5. O most sacred, most loving heart of Jesus, thou art concealed in the Holy Eucharist, and thou beatest for us still ... Thou art the heart of the Most High made man ... Thy Sacred Heart is the instrument and organ of Thy love. It did beat for us. It yearned for us. It ached for our salvation. It was on fire through zeal, that the glory of God might be manifested in and by us ... In worshipping thee I worship my incarnate God, my Emmanuel - Author: John Henry Newman
Incarnate quotes by John Henry Newman
#6. Woman, in the picture language of mythology, represents the totality of what can be known. The hero is the one who comes to know ... And if he can match her import, the two, the knower and the known, will be released from every limitation ... The hero who can take her as she is, without undue commotion but with the kindness and assurance she requires, is potentially the king, the incarnate god, of her created world. - Author: Joseph Campbell
Incarnate quotes by Joseph Campbell
#7. What man most passionately wants is his living wholeness and his living unison, not his own isolate salvation of his "soul." Man wants his physical fulfillment first and foremost, since now, once and once only, he is in the flesh and potent. For man, the vast marvel is to be alive. For man, as for flower and beast and bird, the supreme triumph is to be most vividly, most perfectly alive. Whatever the unborn and the dead may know, they cannot know the beauty, the marvel of being alive in the flesh. The dead may look after the afterwards. But the magnificent here and now of life in the flesh is ours, and ours alone, and ours only for a time. We ought to dance with rapture that we should be alive and in the flesh, and part of the living, incarnate cosmos. I am part of the sun as my eye is part of me. That I am part of the earth my feet know perfectly, and my blood is part of the sea. My soul knows that I am part of the human race, my soul is an organic part of the great human soul, as my spirit is part of my nation. In my own very self, I am part of my family. There is nothing of me that is alone and absolute except my mind, and we shall find that the mind has no existence by itself, it is only the glitter of the sun on the surface of the waters. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
Incarnate quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#8. To many, I was myth incarnate, the embodiment of a most superb legend, a fairy tale. Some considered me a monster, a mutation. To my great misfortune, I was once mistaken for an angel. To my mother, I was everything. To my father, nothing at all. To my grandmother, I was a daily reminder of loves long lost. But I knew the truth - deep down, I always did.
I was just a girl. - Author: Leslye Walton
Incarnate quotes by Leslye Walton
#9. Those of us who preach the Scriptures, along with being nourished by it ourselves, have to figure out along with our congregations how we can incarnate the gospel in our community, or we will preach to a religious ghetto. - Author: John Ortberg
Incarnate quotes by John Ortberg
#10. It was Mary who first adored the Incarnate Word. He was in her womb, and no one on earth knew of it. Oh! how well was our Lord served in Mary's virginal womb! Never has He found a ciborium, a golden vase more precious or purer than was Mary's womb! Mary's adoration was more pleasing to Him than that of all the Angels. The Lord 'hath set His tabernacle in the sun,' says the Psalmist. The sun is Mary's heart," and "Mary is the aurora of the beautiful Sun of Justice. - Author: Peter Julian Eymard
Incarnate quotes by Peter Julian Eymard
#11. As we kill nature, we are killing ourselves, and God incarnate as the world as well. - Author: Masanobu Fukuoka
Incarnate quotes by Masanobu Fukuoka
#12. I'm not an answer," she said. "I'm a question." She might also be a message incarnate, a signal in the flesh, even if she hadn't yet figured out what story she was supposed to tell. - Author: Jeff VanderMeer
Incarnate quotes by Jeff VanderMeer
#13. Growing old can mean more than slowing down; it can be a time of truly growing down and incarnating further. Because the inner genius that tries to incarnate through us will keep calling for us to awaken further until we come to the end of our life adventure. - Author: Michael Meade
Incarnate quotes by Michael Meade
#14. [Anything which] is a living thing and not a dying body ... will have to be an incarnate will to power, it will strive to grow, spread, seize, become predominant - not from any morality or immorality but because it is living and because life simply is will to power ... 'Exploitation' ... belongs to the essence of what lives, as a basic organic function; it is a consequence of the will to power, which is after all the will of life. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Incarnate quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#15. Prayer is asking God to incarnate, to get dirty in your life. Yes, the eternal God scrubs floors. For sure we know he washes feet. So take Jesus at his word. Ask him. Tell him what you want. Get dirty. Write out your prayer requests; don't mindlessly drift through life on the American narcotic of busyness. If you try to seize the day, the day will eventually break you. Seize the corner of his garment and don't let go until he blesses you. He will reshape the day. - Author: Paul E. Miller
Incarnate quotes by Paul E. Miller
#16. There is indeed a poetical attitude to be adopted towards all things, but all things are not fit subjects for poetry. Into the secure and sacred house of Beauty the true artist will admit nothing that is harsh or disturbing, nothing that gives pain, nothing that is debatable, nothing about which men argue. He can steep himself, if he wishes, in the discussion of all the social problems of his day, poor-laws and local taxation, free trade and bimetallic currency, and the like; but when he writes on these subjects it will be, as Milton nobly expressed it, with his left hand, in prose and not in verse, in a pamphlet and not in a lyric. This exquisite spirit of artistic choice was not in Byron: Wordsworth had it not. In the work of both these men there is much that we have to reject, much that does not give us that sense of calm and perfect repose which should be the effect of all fine, imaginative work. But in Keats it seemed to have been incarnate, and in his lovely ODE ON A GRECIAN URN it found its most secure and faultless expression; in the pageant of the EARTHLY PARADISE and the knights and ladies of Burne-Jones it is the one dominant note. It is to no avail that the Muse of Poetry be called, even by such a clarion note as Whitman's, to migrate from Greece and Ionia and to placard REMOVED and TO LET on the rocks of the snowy Parnassus. Calliope's call is not yet closed, nor are the epics of Asia ended; the Sphinx is not yet silent, nor the fountain of Castaly dry. For art i - Author: Oscar Wilde
Incarnate quotes by Oscar Wilde
#17. Roy Keane is Damien, the devil incarnate off the film The Omen. He's evil. Even in training. - Author: Ryan Giggs
Incarnate quotes by Ryan Giggs
#18. I spent most of my time floating on an inflatable raft in the pristine Mediterranean waters, my big belly curving toward the sun, reading (incongruously) The Autobiography of Malcolm X. It rocked me to my core. Malcolm's story opened a window onto a reality I had ignored. But the greatest revelation the book brought me was the possibility of profound human transformation. I was spellbound by his journey from the doped-up, numbers-running, woman-beating, street-hustling, pimping Malcolm Little to a proud, clean, literate, Muslim Malcolm X who taught that all white people were the Devil incarnate - to his final, spiritual transformation in Mecca. There he met white people from all over the world who received him as a brother, and he realized that "white," as he had been using the word, didn't mean skin color as much as it meant attitudes and actions some whites held toward non-whites - but that not all whites were racist. At the time of his murder, he was anything but the hatemonger portrayed in the American press. Somehow, through the horrors that had been his life, he had become a spiritual leader. How had this been possible? - Author: Jane Fonda
Incarnate quotes by Jane Fonda
#19. Miss Cordelia thought she had never seen anybody so much like an incarnate smile before. Smiles of all kinds seemed literally to riot over his ruddy face and in and out of his eyes and around the corners of his mouth. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
Incarnate quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#20. But this time, so far as I can tell, my mother has not made her husband her desire incarnate, though she does love him very much. And for his part, so far as I can tell, he doesn't try to talk her out of her self-deprecation, nor does he abet it. He simply loves her. I am learning from him. - Author: Maggie Nelson
Incarnate quotes by Maggie Nelson
#21. -This young woman is an infernal abortion. She is Satan incarnate, for who is better to portray Satan than a rebellious woman? - Author: Luis Alberto Urrea
Incarnate quotes by Luis Alberto Urrea
#22. The bright incarnate spirit of the Morn. - Author: Alfred Austin
Incarnate quotes by Alfred Austin
#23. Grace, lavished upon us by God and communicated through the Mystery of the Incarnate Word, is an absolutely free gift with which nature is healed, strengthened and assisted in pursuing the innate desire for happiness in the heart of every man and of every woman. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
Incarnate quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#24. Let's call this then, only half facetiously, a new patristic, in which the intellectual is charged with the task not only to denounce error and unmask illusions, and not only to incarnate the mechanisms of new practices of knowledge, but also, together with others in a process of co-research, to produce a new truth.
Commonwealth, 118 - Author: Michael Hardt
Incarnate quotes by Michael Hardt
#25. But names no longer meant anything. On Lunamere, everyone became a number in the end.
Deep in the belly of hell incarnate Valen became 377. - Author: Sasha Alsberg
Incarnate quotes by Sasha Alsberg
#26. Your soul is a paradise. Where gods fell in love with the demons. Where darkness and light fought, for each other's place creating an unending chaos. You are the beginning of everything, that my mind failed to incarnate. - Author: Akshay Vasu
Incarnate quotes by Akshay Vasu
#27. If God really became incarnate, and if His Incarnation can with justice compel man to change his life,then we have no alternative but to conceive of this Incarnation as something which is still present and which will remain present for all future time ... What happens in the liturgical celebration of the Eucharist is something for which all religions of mankind have exressed longing, dimly sensed was coming, and as a rule even prefigured- the physical presence of the divine Logos made man, and the presence of his sacrificial death, in the midst of the congregation celebrating the mysteries. - Author: Josef Pieper
Incarnate quotes by Josef Pieper
#28. Good men study to spiritualize their bodies; bad men to incarnate their souls. - Author: Benjamin Whichcote
Incarnate quotes by Benjamin Whichcote
#29. To be a poet, I realized, a true poet, was to become the Avatar of humanity incarnate; to accept the mantle of poet is to carry the cross of the Son of Man, to suffer the birth pangs of the Soul-Mother of Humanity. - Author: Dan Simmons
Incarnate quotes by Dan Simmons
#30. Think about how much of your Bible, Old and New Testaments, is in the form not of doctrinal statements but of stories. Statements declare doctrinal truth; stories illustrate doctrinal truth. Doctrinal statements are like skeletons - bare bones, but absolutely essential to give form and order and interconnection to the body of revealed truth. Stories flesh out that skeleton, incarnate that truth, demonstrate how the doctrine looks and moves and acts in the real world of flesh and blood. - Author: Layton Talbert
Incarnate quotes by Layton Talbert
#31. The state is a force incarnate. Worse, it is the silly parading of force. It never seeks to prevail by persuasion. Whenever it thrusts its finger into anything it does so in the most unfriendly way. Its essence is command and compulsion. - Author: Mikhail Bakunin
Incarnate quotes by Mikhail Bakunin
#32. I smiled. You mean like a psychic imprint? I know your assistant director of the Preternatural Division, and I mean no disrespect, but I never got the feeling you believed in magic as an investigative tool.'
From the book 9 Incarnate - Caitlin Diggs Series - Author: Gary Starta
Incarnate quotes by Gary Starta
#33. When we pray "Let your kingdom come," we aren't asking God to bring history to an end and whisk us to realms of glory, or to wave a magic wand and solve all the problems we face in our life. Rather, we are making a radical commitment to live our life in the world ("on earth") in such loving abandonment to God that the values and principles, the perspectives and dynamics of God's realm of life and wholeness become incarnate in and through our being and doing. Here too we are utterly incapable of actualizing the kingdom in this way. We can, however, through loving abandonment, allow God to incarnate kingdom life in and through us in the circumstances of our daily life. - Author: M. Robert Mulholland Jr.
Incarnate quotes by M. Robert Mulholland Jr.
#34. No wonder so many women had succumbed to this man, had thrown away their reputations and their honor for him ... had even, if rumor could be believed, threatened to kill themselves when he left them. He was sensuality incarnate. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Incarnate quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#35. The central question is, Are the leaders of the future truly men and women of God, people with an ardent desire to dwell in God's presence, to listen to God's voice, to look at God's beauty, to touch God's incarnate Word and to taste fully God's infinite goodness. - Author: Henri Nouwen
Incarnate quotes by Henri Nouwen
#36. Suit Guy takes the seat beside me and turns to me with a smile on his face. I take in that face for the first time and -

Holy effing shit!

Hotness incarnate is sitting next to me.

Actual pure male hotness. All men should have been made to look like this. Seriously.

He looks like Clark Kent without the glasses, which would mean he looks like Superman - the Henry Cavill version.

Superman in a suit.

Lord, help me. - Author: Samantha Towle
Incarnate quotes by Samantha Towle
#37. When I was a child I burnt the back of my right hand on a hot iron.

I can't recall the pain, but there's an eye-shaped scar as testament to it. As a teenager I used to think it was the all seeing eye of the anti-Christ and that I was the devil incarnate. Or at least a minion.

It was my right hand, innit?

What I do remember though is my father, or Dad as we called him, abandoning the polite Abbu, telling me not to cry and to be patient because the fires of hell were seventy times hotter than the fire of the iron. - Author: Ruth Ahmed
Incarnate quotes by Ruth Ahmed
#38. It reminded me of the sense I'd had then that our mortal lives were just incarnate metaphors, that we are stories being told about the living love that created us and sustains us. It made me wonder if maybe that was true of all history. Maybe all of history's beauty and bloodshed was a story not about pleasure and pain and power but about humanity's relationship with an unseen spirit of love. We yearned for that spirit but we feared and hated it, too, because when it shone its terrible light on us, we saw ourselves as we were, broken and shameful, far from what the spirit of love had made us. - Author: Andrew Klavan
Incarnate quotes by Andrew Klavan
#39. Initially, the television was seen as the devil incarnate by people that worked in the content industry. Now over time it turned out that that was one of the best things that ever could have happened to a content creator. I think the Internet is no different. - Author: Jason Kilar
Incarnate quotes by Jason Kilar
#40. But is it not absurd to think of the Word as in any sense incarnate before the flesh existed, before Jesus was born? So that it could be the incarnate Word who spoke to Moses on the mountain or who cried out to his Father in many psalms? Or is it not absurd to think of the writing and collecting and reading and interpreting of the New Testament as this same Word's actual speech to us, who, as the angel said, is not here but risen? - Author: Ellen F. Davis
Incarnate quotes by Ellen F. Davis
#41. So the soul mate does make us feel complete, like finding the deeper understanding of ourselves ... souls will choose to be with or marry others when incarnate. We go through countless experiences, and sometimes one soul outgrows the other one (which also imitates life when one person grows and his or her partner stays stagnant). Of course these two are still connected-it's just that one has evolved to a greater degree than the other half has. This doesn't mean that your soul mate stops watching out for you or loving you-you two will be close for eternity. So instead of looking for the one soul mate, enjoy all the wonderful people you know and love here and from other lives ... and even on the Other Side. - Author: Sylvia Browne
Incarnate quotes by Sylvia Browne
#42. By healing our internal divisions and fully accepting ourselves as we are, we learn to accept and empower our sexual core, and we learn to honor our unique expression of Masculine and Feminine gifts. We fully incarnate in our bodies, at home and at ease in a man's body or a woman's body. And we learn to love with complete abandon, as free men and women, without rules or roles or guarded hearts. - Author: David Deida
Incarnate quotes by David Deida
#43. The Trinity is the answer to the questions of Plato.
If there is only one God, what does He think about? He thinks an eternal thought: His eternal Word, or Son.
If there is only one God, whom does he love? He loves His Son, and that mutual love is the Holy Spirit.
The great philosopher was fumbling about for the mystery of the Trinity, for his noble mind seemed in some small way to suspect that an infinite being must have relations of thought and love. But it was not until the Word became Incarnate that man knew the secret of those relations and the inner life of God, for it was Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who revealed to us the inmost life of God. - Author: Fulton J. Sheen
Incarnate quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#44. Esoteric tradition teaches us that until we find the Grail, and it should be clearly understood that it is not a physical object in this time-space continuum, Lucifer must play out his role as the sacrificial king. He is doomed to incarnate in a 'cloak of flesh' as an avatar for the human race and pay the ultimate price as a scapegoat on their behalf. This is the ultimate sacrifice for being the light-bearer who brought down from Heaven the illumination of Gnostic wisdom and the primal fire of creativity. Lucifer eternally dies and is reborn to save humanity of itself. As the human race progresses spiritually so he can slowly ascend the Ladder of Lights back to the realm of the Gods beyond the Pole Star. He is the Lord of the Morning Star and the Lux Mundi (Light of the World) whose rebirth from darkness we celebrate every year at the winter solstice. - Author: Nigel Jackson
Incarnate quotes by Nigel Jackson
#45. God is willing to walk the earth again incarnate in us. - Author: Eugenia Price
Incarnate quotes by Eugenia Price
#46. Jeb: But I need to tell you something first.
Max (thinking): That you are the devil incarnate? - Author: James Patterson
Incarnate quotes by James Patterson
#47. We do not have a choice between purity and violence but between different kinds of violence. Inasmuch as we are incarnate beings, violence is our lot. - Author: Maurice Merleau Ponty
Incarnate quotes by Maurice Merleau Ponty
#48. There was the kind of silence there might have been on the day before Creation.
Adam stood smiling at the two of them, a small figure perfectly poised exactly between Heaven and Hell.
Crowley grabbed Aziraphale's arm. "You know what happened?" he hissed excitedly. "He was left alone! He grew up human! He's not Evil Incarnate or Good Incarnate, he's just...a human incarnate- - Author: Neil Gaiman
Incarnate quotes by Neil Gaiman
#49. They were devils incarnate. - Author: William Shakespeare
Incarnate quotes by William Shakespeare
#50. Jesus, the Word incarnate, is always the center of our announcement, the point of reference for our evangelizing mission and for its methodology, because He is the human face of God, who wishes to meet all men and women so as to bring them into communion with Him, in His love. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
Incarnate quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#51. The mandala is an archetypal image whose occurrence is attested throughout the ages. It signifies the wholeness of the self. This circular image represents the wholeness of the psychic ground or, to put it in mythic terms, the divinity incarnate in man. - Author: Carl Jung
Incarnate quotes by Carl Jung
#52. A man will, by fasting, be delivered from the hopelessness of mere gourmandise. The secular, for all its goodness, does not defend itself very well against mindless and perpetual consumption. It cries out to be offered by abstinence as well as use; to be appreciated, not simply absorbed: Hunger remains the best sauce. Beyond that, though, it cries out to be lifted into a higher offering still. The real secret of fasting is not that it is a simple way to keep one's weight down, but that it is a mysterious way of lifting creation into the Supper of the Lamb. It is not a little excursion into fashionable shape, but a major entrance into the fasting, the agony, the passion by which the Incarnate Word restores all things to the goodness God finds in them. It is as much an act of prayer as prayer itself, and, in an affluent society, it may well be the most meaningful of all the practices of religion - the most likely point at which the salt can find its savor once again. Let a man fast in earnest, therefore. One way or another - here or hereafter - it will give him back his feasts. - Author: Robert Farrar Capon
Incarnate quotes by Robert Farrar Capon
#53. The animal lacks both anxiety and hope because its consciousness is restricted to what is clearly evident and thus to the present moment: the animal is the present incarnate. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
Incarnate quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
#54. A Christian is one who recognizes Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the living God, as God manifested in the flesh, loving us and dying for our redemption; and who is so affected by a sense of the love of this incarnate God as to be constrained to make the will of Christ the rule of his obedience, and the glory of Christ the great end for which He lives. - Author: Charles Hodge
Incarnate quotes by Charles Hodge
#55. The Romans were the tonal incarnate, complete order. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Incarnate quotes by Frederick Lenz
#56. A disciple, in his reverence for the Master, looked upon him as God incarnate. "Tell me, O Master," he said, "why you have come into this world." "To teach fools like you to stop wasting their time worshiping Masters. - Author: Anthony De Mello
Incarnate quotes by Anthony De Mello
#57. If I had a brother who had been murdered, what would you think of me if I ... daily consorted with the assassin who drove the dagger into my brother's heart; surely I too must be an accomplice in the crime. Sin murdered Christ; will you be a friend to it? Sin pierced the heart of the Incarnate God; can you love it? - Author: Charles Spurgeon
Incarnate quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#58. Jesus not only understood Himself to be the promised Messiah, He also says and does things throughout the Gospels that make it clear He understood Himself to be God incarnate. - Author: Keith Mathison
Incarnate quotes by Keith Mathison
#59. Christ took upon himself this human form of ours. He became Man even as we are men. In his humanity and his lowliness we recognize our own form. He has become like a man, so that men should be like him. And in the Incarnation the whole human race recovers the dignity of the image of God. Henceforth, any attack on the least of men is an attack on Christ, who took the form of man, and in his own Person restored the image of God in all that bears a human form. Through fellowship and communion with the incarnate Lord, we recover our true humanity, and at the same time we are delivered from that individualism which is the consequence of sin, and retrieve our solidarity with the whole human race. By being partakers of Christ incarnate, we are partakers in the whole humanity which he bore. We now know that we have been taken up and borne in the humanity of Jesus, and therefore that new nature we now enjoy means that we too must bear the sins and sorrows of others. The incarnate Lord makes his followers the brothers of all mankind. The "philanthropy" of God (Titus 3:4) revealed in the Incarnation is the ground of Christian love towards all on earth that bears the name of man. The form of Christ incarnate makes the Church into the Body of Christ. All the sorrows of mankind fall upon that form, and only through that form can they be borne. - Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Incarnate quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#60. Another ideal runs ahead of us, a strange, tempting, dangerous ideal to which we should not wish to persuade anybody because we do not readily concede the right to it to anyone: the ideal of a spirit who plays naively - that is, not deliberately but from overflowing power and abundance - with all that was hitherto called holy, good, untouchable, divine; for whom those supreme things that the people naturally accept as their value standards, signify danger, decay, debasement, or at least recreation, blindness, and temporary self-oblivion; the ideal of a human, superhuman well-being and benevolence that will often appear inhuman - for example, when it confronts all earthly seriousness so far, all solemnity in gesture, word, tone, eye, morality, and task so far, as if it were their most incarnate and involuntary parody - and in spite of all of this, it is perhaps only with that great seriousness really begins, that the real question mark is posed for the first time, that the destiny of the soul changes, the hand moves forward, the tragedy begins. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Incarnate quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#61. Christ, by highest heaven adored. Christ, the everlasting Lord, Late in time behold Him come, Offspring of a virgin's womb. Veiled in flesh the Godhead see, Hail the incarnate Deity! Pleased as Man with man to dwell; Jesus, our Immanuel! - Author: Charles Wesley
Incarnate quotes by Charles Wesley
#62. How many times do we hear: 'Come on, you Christians, be a little bit more normal, like other people, be reasonable!' This is real snake charmer's talk: 'Come on, just be like this, okay? A little bit more normal, don't be so rigid ... ' But behind it is this: 'Don't come here with your stories, that God became man!' The Incarnation of the Word, that is the scandal behind all of this! We can do all the social work we want, and they will say: 'How great the Church is, it does such good social work. But if we say that we are doing it because those people are the flesh of Christ, then comes the scandal. And that is the truth, that is the revelation of Jesus: that presence of Jesus incarnate. - Author: Pope Francis
Incarnate quotes by Pope Francis
#63. It is possible to see the intermediate state between lives as being in a way more important than incarnate existence. - Author: Stanislav Grof
Incarnate quotes by Stanislav Grof
#64. Windows ­were shuttered as they passed, probably because of Rowan, who looked like nothing short of death incarnate. But he was surprisingly calm with the villagers they approached. He didn't raise his voice, didn't snarl, didn't threaten. He didn't smile, but for Rowan, he was downright cheerful. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
Incarnate quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#65. For a nymphomaniac like myself, I suppose there could be no job more suitable than prostitution; it is my God-given destiny. No matter how violent a man might be, or how ugly, at the moment we're in the act I cannot help but love him. And what's more I'll grant his every wish, no matter how shameful. In fact, the more twisted my partner is, the more attracted I will be to him, because my ability to meet my lover's demands is the one way I can feel alive.
That is my virtue. It is also my biggest flaw. I can't deny a man. I'm like a vagina incarnate - female essence embodied. If I ever were to deny a man, I would stop being me. - Author: Natsuo Kirino
Incarnate quotes by Natsuo Kirino
#66. The secrets of dreams keep us safe
Reminding our subconscious
Of what we can't face in our waking hours. - Author: Sandra Easter
Incarnate quotes by Sandra Easter
#67. Who dreamt
and made incarnate gaps in Time & Space
through images juxtaposed,
and trapped the archangel of the soul between 2 visual images
and joined the elemental verbs and set the noun
and dash of consciousness together
jumping with sensation of Pater Omnipotens Aeterna Deus
to recreate the syntax and measure of poor human
prose and stand before you speechless and intelligent and shaking with shame - Author: Allen Ginsberg
Incarnate quotes by Allen Ginsberg
#68. We lived on 82nd Street and the Metropolitan Museum was my short cut to Central Park. I wrote:
"I go into the museum
and look at all the pictures on the walls.
Instead of feeling my own insignificance
I want to go straight home and paint."
A great painting, or symphony, or play, doesn't diminish us, but enlarges us, and we, too, want to make our own cry of affirmation to the power of creation behind the universe. This surge of creativity has nothing to do with competition, or degree of talent. When I hear a superb pianist, I can't wait to get to my own piano, and I play about as well now as I did when I was ten. A great novel, rather than discouraging me, simply makes me want to write. This response on the part of any artist is the need to make incarnate the new awareness we have been granted through the genius of someone else. - Author: Madeleine L'Engle
Incarnate quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
#69. In Louisville, at the corner of Fourth and Walnut, in the center of the shopping district, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the realization that I loved all these people, that they were mine and I theirs, that we could not be alien to one another even though we were total strangers. It was like waking from a dream of separateness, of spurious self-isolation in a special world. . . .

This sense of liberation from an illusory difference was such a relief and such a joy to me that I almost laughed out loud. . . . I have the immense joy of being man, a member of a race in which God Himself became incarnate. As if the sorrows and stupidities of the human condition could overwhelm me, now that I realize what we all are. And if only everybody could realize this! But it cannot be explained. There is no way of telling people that they are all walking around shining like the sun.

Then it was as if I suddenly saw the secret beauty of their hearts, the depths of their hearts where neither sin nor desire nor self-knowledge can reach, the core of their reality, the person that each one is in God's eyes. If only they could all see themselves as they really are. If only we could see each other that way all the time. There would be no more war, no more hatred, no more cruelty, no more greed. . . . But this cannot be seen, only believed and 'understood' by a peculiar gift. - Author: Thomas Merton
Incarnate quotes by Thomas Merton
#70. One individual may die for an idea, but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in a thousand lives. - Author: Subhas Chandra Bose
Incarnate quotes by Subhas Chandra Bose
#71. His mother hesitated before she continued grilling him. "Is
he a good boy?"
"No, Mom, he's Satan incarnate. In fact, once it's over, we're going to get liquored up and tattooed, then find some cheap hos and have a good time with his trust fund."
Caleb laughed. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Incarnate quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#72. To a recognizably Christian culture, like Shakespeare's, Jesus Christ is the Logos incarnate, the Word made flesh. He exemplifies the good of having a body. In the long run, that is why Aquinas could baptize Aristotle and why the West could produce Shakespeare and Michelangelo. - Author: William Shakespeare
Incarnate quotes by William Shakespeare
#73. Incarnate ugliness, and yet alive! What would become of them all? Perhaps with the passing of the coal they would disappear again, off the face of the earth. They had appeared out of nowhere in their thousands, when the coal had called for them. Perhaps they were only
weird fauna of the coal-seams. Creatures of another reality, they were elementals, serving the elements of coal, as the metal-workers were elementals, serving the element of iron. Men not men, but animas of coal and iron and clay. Fauna of the elements, carbon, iron, silicon: elementals. They had perhaps some of the weird, inhuman beauty of minerals, the lustre of coal, the weight and blueness and resistance of iron, the transparency of glass. Elemental creatures, weird and distorted, of the mineral world! They belonged to the coal, the iron, the clay, as fish belong to the sea and worms to dead wood. The anima of mineral disintegration! - Author: D.H. Lawrence
Incarnate quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#74. My mate. Death incarnate. Night triumphant. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
Incarnate quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#75. The full Christian experience, however, is not an individual experience which may be isolated from all else; it is, unconditionally, an experience within the context of the Church. It is 'a personal history which is imbedded in the greater history of the Church - a spiritual becoming which is incarnate and is lived within the Church's own process of becoming. It is the effort to develop what has been given, to discover what is hidden, the effort to attain to oneself by attaining, though the Church and within her, to the mystery of Christ, the Saviour'. - Author: Hans Urs Von Balthasar
Incarnate quotes by Hans Urs Von Balthasar
#76. Language is incarnate. It's the way our bodies evolved - to stand upright, to walk - that enables us to speak at all. And it's our senses that give us reasons to talk. We want to verify with others what we seem to perceive. It's also our bodies that give our words urgency: the tiny ticking clocks in each of our cells. Words, then, are born of worlds. But they also take us places we can't go: Constantinople and Mars, Valhalla, the Planet of the Apes. Language comes from what we've seen, touched, loved, lost. And it uses knowable things to give us glimpses of what's not. The Word, after all, is God. Some - Author: Alena Graedon
Incarnate quotes by Alena Graedon
#77. How do you explain to someone who thinks you're the devil incarnate, that you're really not? - Author: John Corvino
Incarnate quotes by John Corvino
#78. I am a lama," said the man in yellow. "It is lamas who identify
incarnate Buddhas. If I say the Lord Chenresi is among us, some
will listen. Some of high rank will confirm my word. It is a good
thing for religion to have manifestations--which have been scarce
of late, and men are not so respectful as they used to be. Also,
it is a long way from Lhassa to this monastery. There can be a
rumor sent forth, that will take hold and excite, arousing the hope
of people, of whom many will be monks. So that they who will be
sent from Lhassa to investigate will not dare to deny the story,
knowing how much safer it is to deceive men than to undeceive them. - Author: Talbot Mundy
Incarnate quotes by Talbot Mundy
#79. A skyscraper is the incarnate rebellion against the supposedly unattainable; against the mystery of altitude, against the otherworldliness of the cerulean. - Author: Joseph Roth
Incarnate quotes by Joseph Roth
#80. Dear human,
modern incarnate
for a brief moment.
Neither of the angels,
neither of the demons.

Dear human,
you, where evil and light wrangle,
on some daybreak, will awaken
to remember the reason
of this existence.

Meanwhile, dear human,
through the twists and turns
you belong here
and through this wounded lifetime,
teach others to heal...

Tara Estacaan, 'Dear Human - Author: Tara Estacaan
Incarnate quotes by Tara Estacaan
#81. I have the immense joy of being man, a member of a race in which God Himself became incarnate. As if the sorrows and stupidities of the human condition could overwhelm me, now that I realize what we all are. And if only everybody could realize this! But it cannot be explained. There is no way of telling people that they are all walking around shining like the sun. - Author: Thomas Merton
Incarnate quotes by Thomas Merton
#82. We ... find it hard to conceive of ... of a consciousness whose power, intellect and capacity can be both infinite and capable of caring," we replied. "We find it hard to accept that there is an unknown thing set above us, to judge us, that we cannot judge in return. Such a concept is, it would appear to us, injustice incarnate, not redemption at all. - Author: Kate Griffin
Incarnate quotes by Kate Griffin
#83. I'd gone to Central America because I didn't think politics was simply a matter of opinion. It wasn't about having the right "line," having an ideologically pure analysis. It had to be incarnate. And now I was seeing the same thing with faith. It couldn't be about wrangling over the Bible to find justification for your convictions. Like politics, faith had to be about action. - Author: Sara Miles
Incarnate quotes by Sara Miles
#84. What are all political and social institutions, but always a religion, which in realizing itself, becomes incarnate in the world? - Author: Edgar Quinet
Incarnate quotes by Edgar Quinet
#85. In art, the Trinity is expressed in the Creative Idea, the Creative Energy, and the Creative Power - the first imagining of the work, then the making incarnate of the work, and third the meaning of the work. - Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
Incarnate quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
#86. If you throw even a cursory glance into the past, at the life which lies behind you, not even recalling its most vivid moments, you are struck every time by the singularity of the events in which you took part, the unique individuality of the characters whom you met. This singularity is like the dominant note of every moment of existence; in each moment of life, the life principle itself is unique. The artist therefore tries to grasp that principle and make it incarnate, new each time; and each time he hopes, though in vain, to achieve an exhaustive image of the Truth of human existence. The quality of beauty is in the truth of life. - Author: Andrei Tarkovsky
Incarnate quotes by Andrei Tarkovsky
#87. God incarnate is the end of fear; and the heart that realizes that, realizes that he is in the midst, that takes heed to the assurance of his loving presence, will be quiet in the midst of alarm. - Author: F.B. Meyer
Incarnate quotes by F.B. Meyer
#88. We carry in our incarnate being the alphabet & the grammar of life, but this does not presuppose an achieved meaning either in us or in it. - Author: Maurice Merleau Ponty
Incarnate quotes by Maurice Merleau Ponty
#89. The world is not to be put in order; the world is order, incarnate. It is for us to harmonize with this order. - Author: Henry Miller
Incarnate quotes by Henry Miller
#90. I have given it much thought.
There seems to be
only one explanation
for why we are here.
Why our souls choose
to incarnate as mortals
only to suffer for a hundred years
over and over again.
I now understand
we were once angels
who chose to manifest as humans
in order to experience the imperfect
and tempestuous human love.
So you see, if angels couldn't refuse love
then who am I to refuse you?
And so I yield.
I surrender to this.
Our eternal dance. - Author: Kamand Kojouri
Incarnate quotes by Kamand Kojouri
#91. I asked the earth and it answered, "I am not He"; and all things that are in the earth made the same confession. I asked the sea and the deeps and the creeping things, and they answered, "We are not your God, seek higher." I asked the winds that blow, and the whole air with all that is in it answered, "Anaximenes was wrong; I am not God." I asked the heavens, the sun, the moon, the stars, and they answered, "Neither are we God whom you seek." And I said to all the things that throng about the gateways of the senses: "Tell me of my God, since you are not He. Tell me something of Him." And they cried out in a great voice: "He made us." My question was my gazing upon them, and their answer was their beauty.

Man is a silent, incarnate word of God. The moon, the stars, the sun, the sea, the firmament are the visible proof of the existence and omnipotence of God, who created them out of sheer love. These creatures are the powerful, mysterious voice of God. - Author: Robert Sarah
Incarnate quotes by Robert Sarah
#92. Christ's place indeed is with the poets. His whole conception of Humanity sprang right out of the imagination and can only be realised by it. What God was to the pantheist, man was to Him. He was the first to conceive the divided races as a unity. Before his time there had been gods and men, and, feeling through the mysticism of sympathy that in himself each had been made incarnate, he calls himself the Son of the one or the Son of the other, according to his mood. More than any one else in history he wakes in us that temper of wonder to which romance always appeals. - Author: Oscar Wilde
Incarnate quotes by Oscar Wilde
#93. Precisely who are you,Captain Sharpe?"
He looked into that beautiful, treacherous face and a sweep of lust rushed through him. "You want to know who I am? Well, I am the devil incarnate and you,my sweet, are about to pay the devil's due. - Author: Kat Martin
Incarnate quotes by Kat Martin
#94. It was undeniable, bright and massive. It was a rainbow, a unicorn, a million-dollar lottery ticket and happiness incarnate all rolled into one thing. - Author: Mariana Zapata
Incarnate quotes by Mariana Zapata
#95. When you get into bed with evil incarnate, it always takes the covers - Author: The Tick
Incarnate quotes by The Tick
#96. For Christian faith, the death of God is not a question of his disappearance. On the contrary, it is one of the places where He is most fully present. Jesus is not Man standing in for God. He is a sign that God is incarnate in human frailty and futility. - Author: James Carroll
Incarnate quotes by James Carroll
#97. Nor, perhaps, will it fail to be eventually perceived, that behind those forms and usages, as it were, he sometimes masked himself; incidentally making use of them for other and more private ends than they were legitimately intended to subserve. That certain sultanism of his brain, which had otherwise in a good degree remained unmanifested; through those forms that same sultanism became incarnate in an irresistible dictatorship. For be a man's intellectual superiority what it will, it can never assume the practical, available supremacy over other men, without the aid of some sort of external arts and entrenchments, always, in themselves, more or less paltry and base. This it is, that for ever keeps God's true princes of the Empire from the world's hustings; and leaves the highest honors that this air can give, to those men who become famous more through their infinite inferiority to the choice hidden handful of the Divine Inert, than through their undoubted superiority over the dead level of the mass. Such large virtue lurks in these small things when extreme political superstitions invest them, that in some royal instances even to idiot imbecility they have imparted potency. But when, as in the case of Nicholas the Czar, the ringed crown of geographical empire encircles an imperial brain; then, the plebeian herds crouch abased before the tremendous centralization. Nor, will the tragic dramatist who would depict mortal indomitableness in its fullest sweep and direct swing, ev - Author: Herman Melville
Incarnate quotes by Herman Melville
#98. from a Second Vatican Council document: "The truth is that only in the mystery of the incarnate Word does the mystery of man find true light. - Author: J. Budziszewski
Incarnate quotes by J. Budziszewski
#99. The truth of history lies simultaneously in the substratum of created existence (since all beings are the willed realizations of God's love); in the fulfillment of the future of history (since God's love, in His will and its expressions - namely, created existence - is identifiable with the final communion of creation with the life of God); and in the incarnate Christ (since on God's part the personification of this loving will is the incarnate Christ). Whereby Christ becomes the "principle" and "end" of all things, the One who not only moves history from within its own unfolding but who also moves existence even from within the multiplicity of created things, toward the true being which is true life and true communion. - Author: John D. Zizioulas
Incarnate quotes by John D. Zizioulas
#100. God became man that dehumanized men might become true men. We become true men in the community of the incarnate, the suffering and loving, the human God. - Author: Jurgen Moltmann
Incarnate quotes by Jurgen Moltmann
#101. What I am sure of is that we have lost the old apprehension of Nature as a being accessible to imagination, linking Heaven and Earth, making and informing the incarnate creation, and requiring of humanity an obedience at once worshipful, ethical, and economic. - Author: Wendell Berry
Incarnate quotes by Wendell Berry
#102. ..the description of the ministry as a ministry of the word refers to the content of the message rather than the manner of its presentation. That is to say, the Christian minister is called to minister Christ Himself as the eternal Word incarnate for us men and for our salvation. The focus of attention is not preaching or teaching as such; otherwise a false importance is give to the spoken word of Man. It is the theme and content of preaching and teaching. By means of the ministry Christ Himself is handed over to others to be received and then passed on by them as God's own Word of revelation and redemption. Secondarily, the ministry of the word refers to the ministry of the prophetic and apostolic testimony to Jesus Christ, the true and incarnate Word. That is to say, the Christian minister is called to pass on to others that which is attested concerning Jesus Christ by the forward-looking witness of the Old Testament and the backward-looking witness of the New. - Author: G. W. Bromiley
Incarnate quotes by G. W. Bromiley
#103. Let us ponder over this basic truth until we are steeped in it, until it becomes as familiar to us as our awareness of shapes or our reading of words: God, at his most vitally active and most incarnate, is not remote from us, wholly apart from the sphere of the tangible; on the contrary, at every moment he awaits us in the activity, the work to be done, which every moment brings. He is, in a sense, at the point of my pen, my pick, my paint-brush, my needle - and my heart and my thought. It is by carrying to its natural completion the stroke, the line, the stitch I am working on that I shall lay hold on that ultimate end towards which my will at its deepest levels tends.1 - Author: Michael Frost
Incarnate quotes by Michael Frost
#104. Now," she said when all was ready and lit the silver sconces on either side of the mirror. What woman would not have kindled to see what Orlando saw then burning in the snow
for all about the looking glass were snowy lawns, and she was like a fire, a burning bush, and the candle flames about her head were silver leaves; or again, the glass was green water, and she a mermaid, slung with pearls, a siren in a cave, singing so that oarsmen leant from their boats and fell down, down to embrace her; so dark, so bright, so hard, so soft, was she, so astonishingly seductive that it was a thousand pities that there was no one there to pt it in plain English, and say outright "Damn it Madam, you are loveliness incarnate," which was the truth. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Incarnate quotes by Virginia Woolf
#105. My mother was a full-time mother. She didn't have much of her own career, her own life, her own experiences ... everything was for her children. I will never be as good a mother as she was. She was just grace incarnate. She was the most generous, loving - she's better than me. - Author: Angelina Jolie
Incarnate quotes by Angelina Jolie
#106. Ice princess? Hardly. She was the opposite of cold. Christ, just the sight of her made Matty want to speak in fucking verse like he was Shakespeare incarnate. Genna - Author: J.M. Darhower
Incarnate quotes by J.M. Darhower
#107. Other humans can die a grisly death, as Jesus did. They cannot be born, as he was, as God incarnate. - Author: Garry Wills
Incarnate quotes by Garry Wills
#108. Slogan For Humanity (The Sonnet)

Let's slogan for humanity above the cacophony of politics.
Let's slogan all together for the people and not bookish morality.
Let's slogan for humanity above the drumbeats of bigotry.
Let's slogan for the souls in misery and not nationality.
Let's slogan for humanity above the foghorn of policies.
Let's slogan cause we are responsible, not cause we're aggressive.
Let's slogan for humanity above the siren of world peace.
Let's slogan being peace incarnate beyond all doctrines illusive.
Let's slogan for humanity above the noise of traditions.
Let's slogan all together trumping all worship of sects.
Let's slogan for humanity above the gunshots of authoritarianism.
Let's slogan as just, free and brave beings, not loyal subjects.
Awake and Arise my sisters and brothers to slogan for all of humankind.
We are the light and we are the might that's needed during this ominous tide. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
Incarnate quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#109. Let me get this straight. I tell you I am a 185 year old vampire, and that you're okay with. But angel incarnate you refuse to believe? - Author: C.A. Deyton
Incarnate quotes by C.A. Deyton
#110. Bryce stared at the fire, her face still splattered with the Archangel's blood. And finally, she lifted her eyes. Right to the camera. To the world watching.

Vengeance incarnate. Wrath's bruised heart. She would bow for no one. Hunt's lightning sang at the sight of that brutal, beautiful face. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
Incarnate quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#111. I'm no syllogism incarnate, but my wife makes me look like Immanuel Kant. - Author: Claudia Cardinale
Incarnate quotes by Claudia Cardinale
#112. In my life, I have been told that as a gay man I am a threat to the American family. I have been told that to accept me as an equal is an insult to God. I have been told that I am no better than a pedophile. I have been told that I cannot serve in the military because my presence will undermine unit cohesion. I have had bottles thrown at me when I gathered with others to protest for marriage equality. I have been told that I am sick, that I am damaged, and that I am damage and sickness incarnate.

Let the record show that what finally made me snap is the suggestion that I was supposed to have chemistry with Tori Spelling. - Author: Dave Holmes
Incarnate quotes by Dave Holmes
#113. To suggest that the grief of Christ issues from his perfect wisdom and
charity would confirm that true sorrow is human and therefore cannot
correspond to despair, since the hopelessness of despair would yield nothing
about which to sorrow. If life is meaningless, there is no reason to
mourn. Truth is what makes grief authentic and real, and so it follows
that Truth Incarnate, come down from heaven to our vale of tears, would
grieve at the highest pitch. The "tragic experience of the most complete
desolation"49 depends on "the knowledge and experience of the Father."50
Or as Adrienne von Speyr puts it: "The Father is never more present than
in this absence on the Cross. - Author: Aaron Riches
Incarnate quotes by Aaron Riches
#114. If she had not been imprudence incarnate, she would not have acted as she did when she met Henchard by accident a day or two later. - Author: Thomas Hardy
Incarnate quotes by Thomas Hardy
#115. The Incarnate Word has been spoken. It calls the soul back to its place of peace that cannot be disturbed and love that will never be disappointed. - Author: Augustine Of Hippo
Incarnate quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
#116. In his incarnate life, when he becomes one with us, Jesus recapitulates, or relives, Israel's (our) history. He becomes one of us. In fact, he becomes all of us in one divine-human being. Jesus is all Adam and Eve were designed to be, and more; he loves the Father absolutely and he loves himself absolutely and he loves others absolutely and he loves the world absolutely. He is the Oneness Story in one person. - Author: Scot McKnight
Incarnate quotes by Scot McKnight
#117. Shrikes were songbirds; he ought to know. - Author: Jodi Meadows
Incarnate quotes by Jodi Meadows
#118. The soul is spirit incarnate. Don't think of yourself as a body that has a soul, bit rather as spirit that needs a body."-James Van Praggh - Author: James Van Praagh
Incarnate quotes by James Van Praagh
#119. Svetlana said that I thought of myself as a robot who could act only negatively. She said I had cynical ideas about language. "You think language is an end in itself. You don't believe it stands for anything. No, it's not that you don't believe - it's that you don't care. For you, language itself is a self-sufficient system."

"But it is a self-sufficient system."

"Do you see what you're saying? This is how you get yourself involved with the devil incarnate. Ivan sensed this attitude in you. He's cynical in the same way you are only more so, because of math. It's like you said: math is a language that started out so abstract, more abstract than words, and then suddenly it turned out to be the most real, the most physical thing there was. With math they built the atomic bomb. Suddenly this abstract language is leaving third-degree burns on your skin. Now there's this special language that can control everything, and manipulate everything, and if you're the elite who speaks it - you can control everything.

"Ivan wanted to try an experiment, a game. It would never have worked with someone different, on someone like me. But you, you're so disconnected from truth, you were so ready to jump into a reality the two of you made up, just through language. Naturally, it made him want to see how far he could go. You went further and further - and then something went wrong. It couldn't continue in the same way. It had to develop into something else - int - Author: Elif Batuman
Incarnate quotes by Elif Batuman
#120. The Son of God became incarnate in the souls of men to instill the feeling of brotherhood. All are brothers and all children of God. - Author: Pope Francis
Incarnate quotes by Pope Francis
#121. Above all, we are coming to understand that the arts incarnate the creativity of a free people. When the creative impulse cannot flourish, when it cannot freely select its methods and objects, when it is deprived of spontaneity, then society severs the root of art. - Author: John F. Kennedy
Incarnate quotes by John F. Kennedy
#122. I've often said in the past that I thought MTV was sort of evil incarnate and signified the beginning of the end. And I don't know if I'm entirely wrong about that, but they did sign my paychecks a year ago, so I guess I'm part of the problem. - Author: Martha Plimpton
Incarnate quotes by Martha Plimpton
#123. Vengeance incarnate. Wrath's bruised heart. She would bow for no one. Hunt's lightning sang at the sight of that beautiful, brutal face. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
Incarnate quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#124. In my opinion what distinguishes the Bible from the other books is its sense of time. Its first concern is to establish a calendar. Then it traces a genealogy. It imposes rhythms, it orders, it operates, it does not abandon the earth where its destiny must be fulfilled and whose own destiny must be fulfilled by it. Its history will be that of men and not of idle gods. The whole spirit must become incarnate and explore the possible. - Author: Adrienne Monnier
Incarnate quotes by Adrienne Monnier
#125. My difficulties lay deeper. It was more than I could believe that Jesus was the only incarnate son of God, and that only he who believed in him would have everlasting life. If God could have sons, all of us were His sons. If Jesus was like God, or God Himself, then all men were like God and could be God Himself. My reason was not ready to believe literally that Jesus by his death and by his blood redeemed the sins of the world. Metaphorically there might be some truth in it. Again, according to Christianity only human beings had souls, and not other living beings, for whom death meant complete extinction; while I held a contrary belief. I could accept Jesus as a martyr, an embodiment of sacrifice, and a divine teacher, but not as the most perfect man ever born. His death on the Cross was a great example to the world, but that there was anything like a mysterious or miraculous virtue in it my heart could not accept. The pious lives of Christians did not give me anything that the lives of men of other faiths had failed to give. I had seen in other lives just the same reformation that I had heard of among Christians. Philosophically there was nothing extraordinary in Christian principles. From the point of view of sacrifice, it seemed to me that the Hindus greatly surpassed the Christians. It was impossible for me to regard Christianity as a perfect religion or the greatest of all religions. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
Incarnate quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#126. The two things cannot be separated. Truth must incarnate itself in reality; reality is empty without truth. If truth is the unfolding of meaning, this is the meaning of what we see to be real and not of an illusion or dream or phantom. This is how it is with us. - Author: Jacques Ellul
Incarnate quotes by Jacques Ellul
#127. I love hanging out with my friends and family. I really, really, really love articulating original thought. That's probably my core, my biggest buzz. Because then it makes me feel like I know why I was born. Reaching original thought, where I know that I'm perceiving something that only I have seen, and I need to incarnate that. That's it right there. - Author: Caroline Myss
Incarnate quotes by Caroline Myss
#128. Finished?" "This time." He looked at Sascha. "They're calling you the Devil Incarnate." Smile wide, Sascha dusted off her hands. "My work here is done. - Author: Nalini Singh
Incarnate quotes by Nalini Singh
#129. Is what we profess in the Creed true, then? - "I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God ... [who] by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary"? The answer is an unequivocal yes. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
Incarnate quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#130. After a Retreat

What hast thou learnt today?
Hast thou sounded awful mysteries,
Hast pierced the veiled skies,
Climbed to the feet of God,
Trodden where saints have trod,
Fathomed the heights above?
This only have I learnt, that God is love.

What hast thou heard today?
Hast heard the Angel-trumpets cry,
And rippling harps reply;
Heard from the Throne of flame
Whence God incarnate came
Some thund'rous message roll?
This have I heard, His voice within my soul.

What hast thou felt today?
The pinions of the Angel guide
That standeth at thy side
In rapturous ardours beat
Glowing, from head to feet,
In ecstasy divine?
This only have felt, Christ's hand in mine. - Author: Robert Hugh Benson
Incarnate quotes by Robert Hugh Benson
#131. But if used for retribution, magic is vengeance incarnate. - Author: Terry Goodkind
Incarnate quotes by Terry Goodkind
#132. But if we desire the advancement of the Divine life within us, we must know more of Jesus - we must discern more beauty in our Beloved - we must see more of the glory of our Incarnate God - we must know more of the love and grace of the Father in the gift of His dear Son - we must, in a word, grow in the knowledge of God and of Christ. - Author: Octavius Winslow
Incarnate quotes by Octavius Winslow
#133. The angels would become incarnate if they could, so that they might come to earth to imitate the example and virtues of the Son of God! - Author: Vincent De Paul
Incarnate quotes by Vincent De Paul
#134. The mere fact that so many who espouse such far-right views and beliefs still exist in this society is incarnate proof that Darwin's theories apply solely to biological processes and not to processes of the spirit. - Author: Derek R. Audette
Incarnate quotes by Derek R. Audette
#135. Since in every European country between 1870 and 1914 there was a war party demanding armaments, an individualist party demanding ruthless competition, an imperialist party demanding a free hand over backward peoples, a socialist party demanding the conquest of power and a racialist party demanding internal purges against aliens - all of them, when appeals to greed and glory failed, invoked Spencer and Darwin, which was to say science incarnate. - Author: Jacques Barzun
Incarnate quotes by Jacques Barzun
#136. Thoughts are impediments to seeing your deepest nature.
Don't give rise to any thought, and discover who you are.
That ocean of eternal peace is you.
What is the difficulty that we suffer from?
It is that we seek peace elsewhere and do not experience that we are peace incarnate itself. - Author: H.W.L. Poonja
Incarnate quotes by H.W.L. Poonja
#137. [The Devil] My dream is to become incarnate, but so that it's final, irrevocable, in some fat, two-hundred-and-fifty-pound merchant's wife, and to believe everything she believes. My ideal is to go into a church and light a candle with a pure heart
by God, it's true. That would put and end to my sufferings. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Incarnate quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#138. Be conscious of this unconscious prayer (of your breath), For She is the most holy place of pilgrimage. She wishes for you to enter this temple, Where each breath is adoration Of the infinite for the incarnate form. - Author: Lorin Roche
Incarnate quotes by Lorin Roche
#139. If literature matters today, it is chiefly because it seems to many conventional critics one of the few remaining places where, in a divided, fragmented world, a sense of universal value may still be incarnate; and where, in a sordidly material world, a rare glimpse of transcendence can still be attained. - Author: Terry Eagleton
Incarnate quotes by Terry Eagleton
#140. What could the Lord Jesus Christ have done for you more than he has? Then do not abuse his mercy, but let your time be spent in thinking and talking of the love of Jesus, who was incarnate for us, who was born of a woman, and made under the law, to redeem us from the wrath to come. - Author: George Whitefield
Incarnate quotes by George Whitefield
#141. ​Oh God, it is amazing that men can talk so much about man's creaturely power and goodness, when, if thou didst not hold us back every moment, we should be devils incar​​nate. - Author: Arthur Bennett
Incarnate quotes by Arthur Bennett
#142. But when He became incarnate, and was made man, He commenced afresh the long line of human beings, and furnished us, in a brief, comprehensive manner, with salvation; so that what we had lost in Adam - namely to be according to the image and likeness of God - that we might recover in Jesus Christ - Author: Michelle A. Gonzalez
Incarnate quotes by Michelle A. Gonzalez
#143. Now we see again, under the blue heavens where the larks are singing in the hot April sky, why the Romans called the Etruscans vicious. Even in their palmy days the Romans were not exactly saints. But they thought they ought to be. They hated the phallus and the ark, because they wanted empire and dominion and, above all, riches: social gain. You cannot dance gaily to the double flute and at the same time conquer nations or rake in large sums of money. Delenda est Carthago. To the greedy man, everybody that is in the way of its greed is vice incarnate. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
Incarnate quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#144. For I have shown from the Scriptures, that no one of the sons of Adam is as to everything, and absolutely, called God, or named Lord. But that He is Himself in His own right, beyond all men who ever lived, God, and Lord, and King Eternal, and the Incarnate Word, proclaimed by all the prophets, the apostles, and by the Spirit Himself, may be seen by all who have attained to even a small portion of the truth. Now the Scriptures would not have testified these things of Him, if, like others, He had been a mere man. - Author: Irenaeus Of Lyons
Incarnate quotes by Irenaeus Of Lyons
#145. Jesus Christ became Incarnate for one purpose, to make a way back to God that man might stand before Him as He was created to do, the friend and lover of God Himself. - Author: Oswald Chambers
Incarnate quotes by Oswald Chambers
#146. Now it's serious. At last it's becoming serious. So I've grown older. Was I the only one who wasn't serious? Is it our times that are not serious? I was never lonely neither when I was alone, nor with others. But I would have liked to be alone at last. Loneliness means I'm finally whole. Now I can say it as tonight, I'm at last alone. I must put an end to coincidence. The new moon of decision. I don't know if there's destiny but there's a decision. Decide! We are now the times. Not only the whole town - the whole world is taking part in our decision. We two are now more than us two. We incarnate something. We're representing the people now. And the whole place is full of those who are dreaming the same dream. We are deciding everyone's game. I am ready. Now it's your turn. You hold the game in your hand. Now or never. You need me. You will need me. There's no greater story than ours, that of man and woman. It will be a story of giants... invisible... transposable... a story of new ancestors. Look. My eyes. They are the picture of necessity, of the future of everyone in the place. Last night I dreamt of a stranger... of my man. Only with him could I be alone, open up to him, wholly open, wholly for him. Welcome him wholly into me. Surround him with the labyrinth of shared happiness. I know... it's you. - Author: Wim Wenders
Incarnate quotes by Wim Wenders
#147. The workplace needs the poet's gift. But the poet also needs to be educated about the workplace. You're not just coming in to do your art, you're actually making yourself vulnerable. You yourself are not God's gift to truth. You have to hazard yourself in their world, especially because you're inviting people to do the same. It's all about become visible, becoming incarnate, becoming here and now and yet with our eyes on a future horizon; holding the conversation you were meant to hold. - Author: David Whyte
Incarnate quotes by David Whyte
#148. The Cross is the approbation of our existence, not in words, but in an act so completely radical that it caused God to become flesh and pierced this flesh to the quick; that, to God, it was worth the death of his incarnate Son. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
Incarnate quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#149. His tears and his spontaneous laughter are teachings within the teaching, reminding us of the incarnate dimension of wisdom. - Author: Dalai Lama XIV
Incarnate quotes by Dalai Lama XIV
#150. The human spirit is courage incarnate, overcoming the impossible. - Author: Angel M.B. Chadwick
Incarnate quotes by Angel M.B. Chadwick
#151. the sinless, impeccable Christ, at the end of His sojurn among men, suffered death, which no one has to undergo except sinners; for death is the wages of sin. There is only one explanation of the death of the incarnate Son of God - it is substitutive, or vicarious, just like His life under the Law. Jesus died the death which sinners had deserved to die, and by His redeeming love, God purposes to regard the death of His Son as the death which He would have to inflict upon every sinner for breaking the Law. - Author: C.F.W. Walther
Incarnate quotes by C.F.W. Walther
#152. Jesus does put radical demands before people, but so did Isaiah and so does Proverbs. The New Testament is new in the same way that Isaiah was new or that Genesis was new over against Exodus.21 While there are statements Jesus makes that no prophet or wise teacher could have made, these are statements such as the "I am" declarations in John's Gospel; they relate to his being the incarnate one and the Savior. - Author: John E. Goldingay
Incarnate quotes by John E. Goldingay
#153. Words written fifty years ago, a hundred years ago, a thousand years ago, can have as much of this power today as ever they had it then to come alive for us and in us and to make us more alive within ourselves. That, I suppose, is the final mystery as well as the final power of words: That not even across great distances of time and space do they ever lose their capacity for becoming incarnate. And when these words tell of virtue and nobility, when they move closer to that truth and gentleness of spirit by which we become fully human, the reading of them is sacramental; and a library is as holy a place as any temple is holy because through the words which are treasured in it the Word itself becomes flesh again and again and dwells among us and within us, full of grace and truth.
Frederick Buechner, A Room Called Remember, in an essay called The Speaking and Writing of Words. - Author: Frederick Buechner
Incarnate quotes by Frederick Buechner
#154. O Word of God incarnate ...
It is the golden casket
Where gems of truth are stored;
It is the heaven-drawn picture
Of Thee, the Living Word. - Author: Walsham How
Incarnate quotes by Walsham How
#155. sufferings and loveliness were imagined, not incarnate in a specific body. But as I got to know them, I started to see more clearly how the people who came to the pantry were like me: messed up, often prickly or difficult, yearning for friendship. I saw how they were hungry, the way I was. And then, I had a glimpse of them being like Jesus again: as God, made flesh and blood. - Author: Sara Miles
Incarnate quotes by Sara Miles
#156. We are part of an energy larger than ourselves, and we play roles in a cosmic fabric that outstrip our incarnate understanding. - Author: Daniel Wallace
Incarnate quotes by Daniel Wallace
#157. Clubs are all about winning. National teams, however, have an additional function: to incarnate the nation. - Author: Simon Kuper
Incarnate quotes by Simon Kuper
#158. The night I killed Packo I had a terrible dream. A hideous female corpse was floating towards me through a closed window. Calling itself 'Bonna', the corpse kept insisting that it was the real rebel, the real iconoclast. Its face had the same grim, sickly look I had observed on USA establishment figures, and I believe that it was the baby boomer generation incarnate…utterly enslaved to globalism, yet still desperately wanting to be seen as 'edgy' and 'rebellious'. - Author: Paul Christensen
Incarnate quotes by Paul Christensen
#159. Life is the spirit incarnate in time. - Author: R. Buckminster Fuller
Incarnate quotes by R. Buckminster Fuller
#160. Well, demonization itself can help ... to provide an alibi. You succumb to the Devil incarnate, and as a result you're not guilty yourself. - Author: Hannah Arendt
Incarnate quotes by Hannah Arendt
#161. The miracle stories of the New Testament can no longer be interpreted in a post-Newtonian world as supernatural events performed by an incarnate deity. - Author: John Shelby Spong
Incarnate quotes by John Shelby Spong
#162. Plenty of people out there think of me as the Antichrist or the devil incarnate because I do not affirm the literal patterns of the Bible. But the fact is I can no more abandon the literal patterns than I could fly to the moon. I just go beyond them. - Author: John Shelby Spong
Incarnate quotes by John Shelby Spong
#163. Did you really believe I would ever allow a sick fuck like you to take what is mine?" the devil asked softly. And Azriel was the devil. Satan incarnate looked him in the eyes. "Did you think you could just walk into my house and take my woman from right under my nose?"

A mighty fist slammed into his right eye. He hadn't even seen Seth move. The eye closed, the pain throbbing hard, going all the way to his brain.

CRACK! - Author: Shara Azod
Incarnate quotes by Shara Azod
#164. Is he a good boy? (Cherise)
No, Mom, he's Satan incarnate. In fact, once it's over, we're going to get liquored up and tattooed, then find some cheap hos and have a good time with his trust fund. (Nick) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Incarnate quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#165. But as a Christian, let me say Merry Christmas on a national holiday called Christmas and you'd think Satan incarnate himself just showed up. I'm sorry that is a bad example because if Satan did show up, he would get more respect than Christians, Jews, Tea Partiers, patriots and conservatives. Thus all the forenamed groups, and any like them, must stand and fight for their equal rights that are disappearing faster than San Antonio fans after game seven of the NBA championship in Miami. - Author: Ken Hutcherson
Incarnate quotes by Ken Hutcherson
#166. Hear me, X-Men! No longer am I the woman you knew! I am Fire and Life incarnate! Now and forever - I am PHOENIX! - Author: Chris Claremont
Incarnate quotes by Chris Claremont
#167. Souls up here will decide whether they want to incarnate into a human earthly life or whether they want to experience an existence on another galaxy or star system somewhere else. - Author: Anthea Wynn
Incarnate quotes by Anthea Wynn
#168. [O]nly if the form of Christ can be lived out in the community of the church is the confession of the church true; only if Christ can be practiced is Jesus Lord. No matter how often the subsequent history of the church belied this confession, it is this presence within time of an eschatological and dvine peace, really incarnate in the person of Jesus and forever imparted to the body of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, that remains the very essence of the church's evangelical appeal to the world at large, and of the salvation it proclaims. (1-2) - Author: David Bentley Hart
Incarnate quotes by David Bentley Hart
#169. The otherworldliness of the Christian life ought, Luther concluded, to be manifested in the very midst of the world, in the Christian community and in its daily life. Hence the Christian's task is to live out that life in terms of his secular calling. That is the way to die unto the world. The value of the secular calling for the Christian is that it provides an opporunity of living the Christian life with the support of God's grace, and of engaging more vigorously in the assault on the world and everything that it stands for. Luther did not return to the world because he had arrived at a more positive attitude towards it. Nor had he abandoned the eschatological expectation of early Christianity. He intended his action to expres a radical criticism and protest against the secularization of Chrisitanity which had taken place within monasticism. By recalling the Christians into the world he called them paradoxically out of it all the more. That was what Luther experienced in his own person. His call to men to return to the world was essentially a call to enter the visible Church of the incarnate Lord. - Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Incarnate quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#170. For me, dear reader, that place was purgatory incarnate; neither good nor bad, but a gateway to great rewards or even greater punishments. - Author: Joss Sheldon
Incarnate quotes by Joss Sheldon
#171. Some rumors said she was a demon from another world. Other rumors said she was death incarnate, someone to remind us of our misdeeds. But no one had said how beautiful she was. No one had mentioned her eyes. The ones that showed color only for a second. A hint of beauty in absolute blackness. - Author: Shannon A. Thompson
Incarnate quotes by Shannon A. Thompson
#172. I have watched Brock Lesnar for a really long time and I thought I knew how strong he was, I thought I knew how fast he was. Being in the ring with him, he is a completely different animal. He is a beast. They call him the Beast Incarnate and that is real. Whether you are in the Octagon with him trading fists, or in the ring trading German suplexes it is on another level. It was a pleasure and I am glad I got to be in the ring with him and i think I proved to the entire world I can hang with the guy. - Author: Seth Rollins
Incarnate quotes by Seth Rollins
#173. Hooliganism incarnate, a walking, talking, screaming, squawking metaphor for What's Wrong With Young People Today. - Author: Julie Burchill
Incarnate quotes by Julie Burchill
#174. The wolf is carnivore incarnate and he's as cunning as he is ferocious; once he's had a taste of flesh then nothing else will do. - Author: Angela Carter
Incarnate quotes by Angela Carter
#175. Television always carried me: be it at my beginnings in small series and telefilms, or through my success in Kasamh Se and Bade Acche Lagte Hain. Thanks to TV, I saw an incredible dream come true: I could incarnate good and bad people, share my joys and pains with the audience, but also be part of this incredible medium that can educate and entertain at the same time! And with new TV platforms, the journey has only just started ... - Author: Ram Kapoor
Incarnate quotes by Ram Kapoor
#176. Burning Woman is a powerful image. A role model. A metaphor. A warning. A source of power. She is Feminine power incarnate. - Author: Lucy H. Pearce
Incarnate quotes by Lucy H. Pearce
#177. God the Compassionate and the Merciful, Tolerance incarnate, allows Mammon to have his nine days' wonder. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
Incarnate quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#178. There were two books I remember changing my life as a introverted, bookish 14 year old. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand and The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. One was set in a fantastic world, populated by outlandish characters,tired prose, foul monsters, evil incarnate and a message about losing one's humanity. The other book was about hobbits. - Author: Christopher Odell Homsley
Incarnate quotes by Christopher Odell Homsley
#179. Those who eat what is rightfully theirs, will incarnate as humans. Those who take what is not theirs by right, will incarnate as animals. Those who give away to others, what is rightfully their own, will incarnate as celestial beings. Those who hurt others and take away from them what is not theirs by right; will take birth in hell. - Author: Dada Bhagwan
Incarnate quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#180. Maybe all dimensions are right here and now. We just can't see them because we limit ourselves to three while incarnate. - Author: C.R. Strahan
Incarnate quotes by C.R. Strahan
#181. The church maintained that having been founded by Christ, who was God incarnate, it alone, through its bishops, was the final and authoritative instrument of divine revelation. Allegiance to the church and obedience to its ordinances were the sole means to salvation. No salvation was therefore possible to anyone who remained outside the church - nulla salus extra ecclesiam. Likewise, Islam placed the main emphasis upon the Koran as the final revelation of God's will. Adherence to the teachings of the Koran, together with the recognition of Allah as God, and Mohammed as the greatest of prophets, constituted for the Moslems the sine qua non of salvation.

The Jews were not quite as emphatic as were the Christians and the Moslems in declaring the rest of mankind ineligible to salvation. Rabbinic teaching was inclined to concede that Gentiles, who were righteous or saintly, had a share in the world to come. - Author: Mordecai Menahem Kaplan
Incarnate quotes by Mordecai Menahem Kaplan
#182. Take yourself by the scruff of the neck and shake off your incarnate laziness. - Author: Oswald Chambers
Incarnate quotes by Oswald Chambers
#183. I have voted to legalize recreational incarnations. We should no longer jail people in a body just because they have chosen to incarnate in this dimension for fun. Are you guys with me on this one? - Author: Martijn Benders
Incarnate quotes by Martijn Benders
#184. In an incomprehensible reversal of all righteous and pious thinking, God declares himself guilty to the world and thereby extinguishes the guilt of the world. God himself takes the humiliating path of reconciliation and thereby sets the world free. God wants to be guilty of our guilt and takes upon himself the punishment and suffering that this guilt brought to us. God stands in for godlessness, love stands in for hate, the Holy One for the sinner. Now there is no longer any godlessness, any hate, any sin that God has not taken upon himself, suffered, and atoned for. Now there is no more reality and no more world that is not reconciled with God and in peace. That is what God did in his beloved Son Jesus Christ. Ecce homo - see the incarnate God, the unfathomable mystery of the love of God for the world. God loves human beings. God loves the world - not ideal human beings but people as they are, not an ideal world but the real world. - Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Incarnate quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#185. I could be described, sure, with words like cool guy or, again, cool incarnate, rebel, badass, whatever, but I viewed these as just descriptive words . . . they serviced me; I no longer was defined by any of them, and I no longer sought to become the definition of anything other than myself. - Author: A.D. Aliwat
Incarnate quotes by A.D. Aliwat
#186. Now my soul is incarnate in my country,
My body has swallowed her soul,
And I and my country are one.
My name is million, for I love and suffer for millions. - Author: Adam Mickiewicz
Incarnate quotes by Adam Mickiewicz
#187. I clearly understand, first, that the real human being is a poet and, second, that [the tyrant] is the incarnate negation of a poet. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Incarnate quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#188. The chief end of our life is to live in communion with God. To this end the Son of God became incarnate, in order to return us to this divine communion, which was lost by the fall into sin. Through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, we enter into communion with the Father and thus attain our purpose. - Author: Theophan The Recluse
Incarnate quotes by Theophan The Recluse
#189. Drudgery is one of the finest tests to determine the genuineness of our character. Drudgery is work that is far removed from anything we think of as ideal work. It is the utterly hard, menial, tiresome, and dirty work. And when we experience it, our spirituality is instantly tested and we will know whether or not we are spiritually genuine. Read John 13. In this chapter, we see the Incarnate God performing the greatest example of drudgery - washing fishermen's feet. He then says to them, "If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another's feet" (John 13:14). - Author: Oswald Chambers
Incarnate quotes by Oswald Chambers
#190. I take literally the statement in the Gospel of John that God loves the world. I believe that the world was created and approved by love, that it subsists, coheres, and endures by love, and that, insofar as it is redeemable, it can be redeemed only by love. I believe that divine love, incarnate and indwelling in the world, summons the world always toward wholeness, which ultimately is reconciliation and atonement with God. - Author: Wendell Berry
Incarnate quotes by Wendell Berry

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