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How To Make A Human

Take the cat out of the sphinx
and what is left? Riddle Me That.

Take the horse from the centaur
and you take away the sleek grace,
the strength of harnessed power.
What is left can still run across fields,
after a fashion, but is easily winded;
what is left will therefore erect buildings
to divide the open plains so he no longer
must face the wide expanse where once
his equine legs raced the winds
and, sometimes, won.

Take the bull from the Minotaur
but what is left will still assemble
a herd for the sake of ruling over it.
What is left will kill for sport,
in an arena thronged with spectators
shouting "Ole" at each deadly thrust.

Take the fish from the Merman:
What is left can still swim,
if only with lots of splashing; gone
is the sleek sliding through the waves,
alert to the subtle changes in the current.
What is left will build ships
so he can cross the oceans without
getting his feet wet, what is left won't care
if his boats pollute the seas he can no
longer breathe so long as their passage
can keep him from sinking.

Take the goat from the satyr
but what is left will dance out of reach
before you have the chance
to get that Dionysian streak of myschief,
the love of music and wine, the rutting parts
that like to party all th ~ Lawrence Schimel
Horse Jumpers quotes by Lawrence Schimel
Despite the reams of paperwork, obstacles worthy of a horse show, and a wait that can rival an elephant's gestation, adoption feels no different on the inside. ~ Scott Simon
Horse Jumpers quotes by Scott Simon
From the circumstances of my position, I was often thrown into the society of horse-racers, card-players, fox-hunters, scientific and professional men, and of dignified men; and many a time have I asked myself, in the enthusiastic moment of the death of a fox, the victory of a favorite horse, the issue of a question eloquently argued at the bar, or in the great council of the nation, well, which of these kinds of reputation should I prefer? That of a horse-jockey, a fox-hunter, an orator, or the honest advocate of my country's rights? ~ Thomas Jefferson
Horse Jumpers quotes by Thomas Jefferson
You're a stubborn, ill-trained horse, ~ Kristen Britain
Horse Jumpers quotes by Kristen Britain
A beastly ambition, which the gods grant thee t'
attain to! If thou wert the lion, the fox would
beguile thee; if thou wert the lamb, the fox would
eat three: if thou wert the fox, the lion would
suspect thee, when peradventure thou wert accused by
the ass: if thou wert the ass, thy dulness would
torment thee, and still thou livedst but as a
breakfast to the wolf: if thou wert the wolf, thy
greediness would afflict thee, and oft thou shouldst
hazard thy life for thy dinner: wert thou the
unicorn, pride and wrath would confound thee and
make thine own self the conquest of thy fury: wert
thou a bear, thou wouldst be killed by the horse:
wert thou a horse, thou wouldst be seized by the
leopard: wert thou a leopard, thou wert german to
the lion and the spots of thy kindred were jurors on
thy life: all thy safety were remotion and thy
defence absence. What beast couldst thou be, that
were not subject to a beast? and what a beast art
thou already, that seest not thy loss in
transformation! ~ William Shakespeare
Horse Jumpers quotes by William Shakespeare
I cannot really play. Either at piano or at life; never, never have I been able to. I have always been too hasty, too impatient; something always intervenes and breaks it up. But who really knows how to play, and if he does know, what good is it to him? Is the great dark less dark for that, are the unanswerable questions less inscrutable, does the pain of despair at eternal inadequacy burn less fiercely, and can life ever be explained and seized and ridden like a tamed horse or is it always a mighty sail that carries us in the storm and, when we try to seize it, sweep us into the deep? Sometimes there is a hole in me that seems to extend to the center of the earth. What could fill it? Yearning? Dispair? Happiness? What happiness? Fatigue? Resignation? Death? What am I alive for? Yes, for what am I alive? ~ Erich Maria Remarque
Horse Jumpers quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
You tug and strain like a young horse when it's first tied up at the stake, whenever you are tied by your heartstrings. ~ Sigrid Undset
Horse Jumpers quotes by Sigrid Undset
The Electric Monk's day was going tremendously well and he broke into an excited gallop. That is to say that, excitedly, he spurred his horse to a gallop and, unexcitedly, his horse broke into it. ~ Douglas Adams
Horse Jumpers quotes by Douglas Adams
Many times you will fail. That is the nature of the world, and the truth of life. But when you find your horse again, will go back or will you go forward? ~ Robert McCammon
Horse Jumpers quotes by Robert McCammon
Zane moved his horse next to Lucy's and simply grabbed the girl around the waist. When she settled on the saddle in front of him, he unbuttoned his coat, tucked it around her, then fastened the bottom three buttons.
"I wish he could do that with me," Maya said with a shiver. ~ Susan Mallery
Horse Jumpers quotes by Susan   Mallery
I wouldn't have raced a horse. But you'll then throw back at me that Jesse Owens raced against a horse, and he's one of my heroes, so I'm not going to say it was a silly stunt. I know too much about horses. They're highly unreliable, and they've got brains the size of golf balls. ~ Sebastian Coe
Horse Jumpers quotes by Sebastian Coe
For the first 40 yards I am one of the fastest guys. After that, it's a horse race. ~ Ray Rice
Horse Jumpers quotes by Ray Rice
I own a horse and ride, but I don't know racing or betting. ~ Michael Mann
Horse Jumpers quotes by Michael Mann
No one can teach riding so well as a horse. ~ C.S. Lewis
Horse Jumpers quotes by C.S. Lewis
Simon's horse was defective, or possibly a genius that had worked out that Simon could not possibly control it. It went off for a wander in the woods, with Simon on its back alternately pleading, threatening, and offering bribes. If Simon's horse could read his every thought, then Simon's horse was a sadist. ~ Cassandra Clare
Horse Jumpers quotes by Cassandra Clare
Ouch," Percy said. "Frank, the horse says you're a - you know, actually, I'm not going to translate that. ~ Rick Riordan
Horse Jumpers quotes by Rick Riordan
One of my earliest memories was of seeing horse-drawn buggies with little Amish children peering out at me from the back, their legs dangling as they jabbered in Pennsylvania Dutch, sometimes pointing and giggling at my family following slowly behind them in our car. ~ Beverly Lewis
Horse Jumpers quotes by Beverly Lewis
Like a horse, honey, somebody's gonna break you.'
'Never. Going. To. Happen. ~ Karen Marie Moning
Horse Jumpers quotes by Karen Marie Moning
Behind me, I heard a young woman of 25 say, "If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college." Now, I'm gonna repeat that, because it bears repeating. "If it weren't for my horse ... " as in, giddyup, giddyup, let's go - "I wouldn't have spent that year in college," which is a degree-granting institution. Don't think about that too long, or BLOOD will shoot out your NOSE! ~ Lewis Black
Horse Jumpers quotes by Lewis Black
During long, slow distance training, you should think of yourself as a thoroughbred disguised as a plow horse. No need to give yourself away by running fast. ~ Marty Liquori
Horse Jumpers quotes by Marty Liquori
All equestrians, if they last long enough, learn that riding in whatever form is a lifelong sport and art, an endeavor that is both familiar and new every time you take the horse out of his stall or pasture. ~ Jane Smiley
Horse Jumpers quotes by Jane Smiley
Kate Winslet [for Steve Jobs movie, 2015] is the darling. If you wanna be the king you gotta kill the king. I think Charlotte [Rampling] is the dark horse on this one. No one does classic beauty better than her. ~ Bun B.
Horse Jumpers quotes by Bun B.
I almost envy your horse," she said, "because these thighs hug him all day."
-Rebecca to Jake ~ Lorraine Heath
Horse Jumpers quotes by Lorraine Heath
You and me, we look out for each other. But I will take care of you a little extra, because I am your person, and you will always be my special horse. ~ Megan Shepherd
Horse Jumpers quotes by Megan Shepherd
What is courage - that quality respected in all ages and among all nations? Why is this good quality - contrary to all others - sometimes met with in vicious men? Can it be that to endure danger calmly is merely a physical capacity and that people respect it in the same way that they do a man's tall stature or robust frame? Can a horse be called brave, which ~ Leo Tolstoy
Horse Jumpers quotes by Leo Tolstoy
In Judith Barrington's striking collection, Horses and the Human Soul, human emotions come ushered and accompanied by animal companions, especially the horses this speaker loves. Here they are witnesses, companions to the spirit, and as vulnerably mortal as human beings. Socially and politically alert, lamenting and celebrating, Barrington's passionate poems inscribe the broad range of her affections. ~ Mark Doty
Horse Jumpers quotes by Mark Doty
A horse that can count to ten is a remarkable horse - not a remarkable mathematician. ~ Warren Buffett
Horse Jumpers quotes by Warren Buffett
You don't have contempt for a horse that's troubled. Everybody has baggage, everybody has things that they've had to deal with in their life, and it can be something positive depending on how you use it. ~ Buck Brannaman
Horse Jumpers quotes by Buck Brannaman
She glanced at the horse's stomach. "You got yourself knocked up, girl?"
"Actually, it takes two to tango, in case you haven't heard."
Sadie laughed, the happy noise filling the air. "Horse tango. Sounds like quite the show. ~ Cindi Madsen
Horse Jumpers quotes by Cindi Madsen
We attended stables, as we attended church, in our best clothes, thereby no doubt showing the degree of respect due to horses. ~ Osbert Sitwell
Horse Jumpers quotes by Osbert Sitwell
[In 1889] the last big tract of Indian land was declared open for settlement, in Oklahoma. The claimants and the speculators mounted their horses and lined up like trotters waiting for a starting gun. The itchy ones jumped the gun and were ever after known as Sooners-and Oklahoma was thereafter called the Sooner State. ~ Alistair Cooke
Horse Jumpers quotes by Alistair Cooke
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