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Yesterday is washed away. It no longer belongs to us. With it are washed any fears and sorrow that might have accompanied it. Today is a promise of a new beginning. Let's use it constructively without worrying about tomorrow, for tomorrow does not belong to us either. ~ Timothy G. Bax
Gonidis New quotes by Timothy G. Bax
Rock star. The words are so full of smoke and mirrors that it's impossible to find a real person behind them. But I am a rock star. I have the bank account of a rock star and the platinum records of a rock star and the girlfriend of a rock star. But I fucking hate that term, and hearing Mia pin it on me ups the level of my loathing to a new stratosphere. ~ Gayle Forman
Gonidis New quotes by Gayle Forman
She chose you for your deficiencies, not in spite of them, a new kind of mating strategy for millennial women whose priority is keeping the more disastrous fathers away, not establishing a nuclear family. ~ Ben Lerner
Gonidis New quotes by Ben Lerner
There is an inherent hope and positive drive to New Yorkers. ~ John Oliver
Gonidis New quotes by John Oliver
Countries are forged by war; perhaps girls are, too. New England and I will be reborn together in this war between the witches and the Brothers. Between Maura and me.
I am newly wrought
a girl of steel and snow and heartrending good-byes.
My magic is renewed by my heartbreak. It spills out my fingertips, swirling around me. The wind picks up, bitter cold now. The rain turns abruptly to snow, haloing the gas streetlamps like iron angels. Enormous snowflakes begin to fall
fast, faster
obscuring my sister, hiding her and Brenna and the carriage and the gray stone building that has become my home.
I am all alone in a sea of whirling white.
It feels right that it should be so. ~ Jessica Spotswood
Gonidis New quotes by Jessica Spotswood
No matter how much you believe that you 'have nothing to wear', seeing your clothes with new eyes will show you that you have more than you ever imagined! ~ Glynis Mackenzie
Gonidis New quotes by Glynis Mackenzie
Very harmful effects can follow accepting the philosophy which denies personal guilt or sin and thereby makes everyone nice. By denying sin, the nice people make a cure impossible. Sin is most serious, and the tragedy is deepened by the denial that we are sinners ... The really unforgiveable sin is the denial of sin, because, by its nature, there is now nothing to be forgiven. By refusing to admit to personal guilt, the nice people are made into scandalmongers, gossips, talebearers, and supercritics, for they must project their real if unrecognized guilt to others. This, again, gives them a new illusion of goodness: the increase of faultfinding is in direct ratio and proportion to the denial of sin. ~ Fulton J. Sheen
Gonidis New quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
I don't ever want to do anything that's obvious, and I also want to find ways to do things that are extremely new and exciting and can make sense in bizarre ways. I always want things to make sense in really bizarre ways. ~ Jack Antonoff
Gonidis New quotes by Jack Antonoff
President Obama has tried to spin the paltry new job creation numbers as 'a step in the right direction.' But, clearly, the small growth in jobs isn't even keeping up with population growth, much less returning the workforce to a healthy level. ~ Bob Beauprez
Gonidis New quotes by Bob Beauprez
The chief duty of every new age is to upraise new men to determine its liberties, to lead it towards material success- to rend the rusty padlocks and chains of dead custom that always prevent healthy expansion. Theories and ideas that may have meant life and hope and freedom for our ancestors may now mean destruction, slavery, and dishonor to us! ~ Anton Szandor LaVey
Gonidis New quotes by Anton Szandor LaVey
I typically go overboard when I research new projects. ~ Will Wright
Gonidis New quotes by Will Wright
I've always loved dogs and have had one since I was three. We bought her from a kid selling puppies out of a cardboard box on the street where we lived in New York City. Great dog. We named her 'Marcella' after a Raggedy Ann character. She grew up with us. ~ Bob Peterson
Gonidis New quotes by Bob Peterson
To get useful new ideas, we must go beyond our immediate circle and make contact with distant parts of the social system. ~ Richard Koch
Gonidis New quotes by Richard Koch
I believe we need to attract a new generation of the best and brightest to public service and I believe that government can be a source of inspiration, not degradation. ~ Andrew Cuomo
Gonidis New quotes by Andrew Cuomo
New technologies are wreaking havoc on employment figures - from EZpasses ousting toll collectors to Google-controlled self-driving automobiles rendering taxicab drivers obsolete. ~ Douglas Rushkoff
Gonidis New quotes by Douglas Rushkoff
I'm one with New York, and New York is one with me. I grew up there; there's no escaping it. We're like Siamese twins, if you separate us, I'll die. ~ Adrian Grenier
Gonidis New quotes by Adrian Grenier
Every day is a new day to hope, dream and try again. ~ Heather Wolf
Gonidis New quotes by Heather Wolf
If you ask the question of Americans, should we pay our bills? One hundred percent would say yes. There's a significant misunderstanding on the debt ceiling. People think it's authorizing new spending. The debt ceiling doesn't authorize new spending; it allows us to pay obligations already incurred. ~ Peter Welch
Gonidis New quotes by Peter Welch
A new study found that most people can't go 10 minutes without lying. But since the study took 20 minutes nobody knows what to believe. ~ Jimmy Fallon
Gonidis New quotes by Jimmy Fallon
Dept. of Speculation is gorgeous, funny, a profound and profoundly moving work of art. Jenny Offill is a master of form and feeling, and she gets life on the page in new, startling ways. ~ Sam Lipsyte
Gonidis New quotes by Sam Lipsyte
Part of the art of teaching is the ability to rearrange the world for students - to force them to see things in a new way. i've known too many stupid intellectuals to believe that education and wisdom come as a package deal along with facts, it's your perspective that counts - your ability to see differently, not just to see a lot. ~ Sunny Decker
Gonidis New quotes by Sunny Decker
Good writing should help us see the world in new ways, it should crack open our generosity towards each other. That's what I hope my work does anyway. I want someone to read it and know that they aren't alone in the universe. I want my words to act as connective tissue. ~ Patrick Hicks
Gonidis New quotes by Patrick Hicks
Let us sing a new song, not with our lips, but with our lives. ~ Saint Augustine
Gonidis New quotes by Saint Augustine
New customs, Though they be never so ridiculous (Nay, let em be unmanly), yet are followed. ~ William Shakespeare
Gonidis New quotes by William Shakespeare
In order to arouse sympathy, the aristocracy was obliged to lose sight, apparently, of its own interests, and to formulate its indictment against the bourgeoisie in the interest of the exploited working class alone. Thus, the aristocracy took their revenge by singing lampoons on their new masters and whispering in his ears sinister prophesies of coming catastrophe. ~ Karl Marx
Gonidis New quotes by Karl Marx
Librarians were like guardian angels, with graying hair and beady eyes, magnified through reading glasses, and always read to recommend new literary windows to gaze through. ~ Ellen Hopkins
Gonidis New quotes by Ellen Hopkins
Politicians and bureaucrats are the new upper class in Norway. It is an upper class that is growing by an increasing number of top-paid politicians in municipalities and counties. They let the people suffer, but let themselves go free. ~ Carl I. Hagen
Gonidis New quotes by Carl I. Hagen
I felt as though I had been offered a whole new world, and at the center of it was, and always must be, him. ~ Mereda Hart Farynyk
Gonidis New quotes by Mereda Hart Farynyk
If a Muslim becomes a non-Muslim and propagates his/her new religion, then it is as good as treason. There is a Death Penalty in Islam for such a person. ~ Zakir Naik
Gonidis New quotes by Zakir Naik
The New York power failure was not the first time the Hell's Angels have confounded the forces of decency and got off scot-free. They are incredibly devious. Law enforcement officials have compared their guile to that of the snipe, a wily beast that many have seen but few have ever trapped. This is because the snipe has the ability to transform himself, when facing capture, into something entirely different. The only other animals capable of this are the werewolf and the Hell's Angel, which have many traits in common. The physical resemblance is obvious, but far more important is the transmogrification factor, the strange ability to alter their own physical structure, and hence "disappear." The Hell's Angels are very close-mouthed about this, but it is a well-known fact among public officials. ... About halfway through our talk I got a strong whiff of the transmogrification factor, but I was hardly prepared for the mayor's special fillip on it. There were plenty of Hell's Angels at the riot, "but they escaped, " he explained, "behind a wall of fire." While he elaborated on this I checked my calendar to make sure I hadn't lost track of the days. If it was Sunday, perhaps he had just come back from church in a high, biblical state of mind. At any moment I expected to hear that the Angels had driven their motorcycles straight into the sea, which had rolled back to let them pass. But no, it wasn't like that. The mayor was not loath to give details of the escape; he wanted law enf ~ Hunter S. Thompson
Gonidis New quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
Turkle recounts the story of Marcia, a tenth grader she interviewed about Sim City. Marcia had developed a set of guidelines for playing the game, including this one: "Raising taxes always leads to riots."46 Turkle worries gravely about Marcia's inability to conceive of a simulation in which the rules would differ, in which, for example, "increased taxes led to increased productivity and social harmony."" Turkle calls for a new kind of literacy that would teach Marcia and her peers how to develop a reading competency of simulation. ~ Ian Bogost
Gonidis New quotes by Ian Bogost
If mankind is to have a new beginning among the stars, it will not come cheaply, for we are our own enemy and bring our demons with us as we have done throughout history. ~ Jay Allan
Gonidis New quotes by Jay Allan
Forest Gump had it wrong. Life is not a box of chocolate; it's a kaleidoscope. In the flip of a wrist, realities are shredded and the world takes on a totally new shape. ~ Carolyn Haines
Gonidis New quotes by Carolyn Haines
Fannie Mae has traditionally only bought and sold mortgages. But when a loan held by the company goes into foreclosure, Fannie Mae gains ownership of the underlying property until it is resold to new investors. ~ Charles Duhigg
Gonidis New quotes by Charles Duhigg
Holiness is the object of our new creation. We are born again so that we may grow up into Christlikeness. ~ J.I. Packer
Gonidis New quotes by J.I. Packer
Perchance the time will come when we shall not be content to go back and forth upon a raft to some huge Homeric or Shakespearean Indiaman that lies upon the reef, but build a bark out of that wreck and others that are buried in the sands of this desolate island, and such new timber as may be required, in which to sail away to whole new worlds of light and life, where our friends are. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Gonidis New quotes by Henry David Thoreau
When I hear about some sensational new writer I sort of think, Shut up ... you've got to be around for a long time before you can really say you're a writer. You've got to stand the test of time, which is the only real test there is. ~ Martin Amis
Gonidis New quotes by Martin Amis
At some point, on our way to a new consciousness, we will have to leave the opposite bank, the split between the two mortal combatants somehow healed so that we are on both shores at once and, at once, see through serpent and eagle eyes.
Borderlands/La Frontera (1987) ~ Gloria E Anzaldua
Gonidis New quotes by Gloria E Anzaldua
I was distracted by the secrets of a new world. In the silence, broken only by the exaggerated oosh shoo of my own breath, I watched shoals of tiny iridescent fish, and larger black-and-white fish, that stared at me with blank, inquisitive faces, and gently swaying anemones filtering the gentle currents of their tiny, unseen haul. I saw distant landscapes twice as brightly colored and varied as they were above land. I saw caves and hollows where unknown creatures lurked, distant shapes that shimmered in the rays of the sun. ~ Jojo Moyes
Gonidis New quotes by Jojo Moyes
When you're a chef, you graze. You never get a chance to sit down and eat. They don't actually sit down and eat before you cook. So when I finish work, the first thing I'll do, and especially when I'm in New York, I'll go for a run. And I'll run 10 or 15k on my - and I run to gain my appetite. ~ Gordon Ramsay
Gonidis New quotes by Gordon Ramsay
I see the iPad as a wonderful new drawing medium, but I am at a loss as to how to make it pay. ~ David Hockney
Gonidis New quotes by David Hockney
It's strange indeed how memories can lie dormant in a man's mind for so many years. Yet those memories can be awakened and brought forth fresh and new, just by something you've seen, or something you've heard, or the sight of an old familiar face. ~ Wilson Rawls
Gonidis New quotes by Wilson Rawls
As we're bombarded daily with new ads for pills, diets and ab-doers, we have to protect our wallets and our time. ~ Dan John
Gonidis New quotes by Dan John
Starting with a Statement
•What a beautiful day.What's your favorite season of the year?
•I was truly touched by that movie.How did you like it? Why?
•This is a wonderful restaurant.What is your favorite restaurant? Why?
•What a great conference! Tell me about the sessions you attended.
•I was absent last week.What did I miss?
•That was an interesting program after lunch.What did you think?
•Presidential campaigns seem to start immediately after the inauguration.What do you think of the campaign process?
•I am so frustrated with getting this business off the ground.Do you have any ideas?
•I am excited about our new mayor.How do you think her administration will be different from her predecessor's?
•Your lawn always looks so green.What is your secret?
•We've been working together for months now.I'd like to get to know you better.Tell me about some of your outside interests.
•You worked pretty hard on that stair stepper.What other equipment do you use?
•You always wear such attractive clothes.What are your favorite stores?
•What a beautiful home.How do you manage to run a house with four children?
•I read in the newspaper that our governor has taken another trip overseas.What do you think of all his travel? ~ Debra Fine
Gonidis New quotes by Debra Fine
CNN, a part of the Time Warner company, lives for news about everything and anyone. In the office, the bosses openly discuss the need for a diverse staff and diverse stories, and each time we draw new viewers, the effort intensifies. ~ Soledad O'Brien
Gonidis New quotes by Soledad O'Brien
Sebastian left the bed and went to the washstand on unsteady legs. He felt dazed, uncertain, as if he were the one who had just lost his virginity instead of Evangeline. He had long thought that there was nothing new for him to experience. He had been wrong. For a man whose lovemaking was a practiced blend of technique and choreography, it had been a shock to find himself at the spontaneous mercy of his own passions. He had meant to withdraw at the last moment, but he had been so mindless with desire that he'd been unable to control his body. Damn. That had never happened before. Fumbling with the clean linen towel at the washstand, he made a project of dampening it with fresh water. By now his breathing had returned to normal, but he wasn't at all calm. After what had just happened, he should have been satiated for hours. But it hadn't been enough. He had experienced the longest, hardest, most wrenching climax of his life…and yet the need to have her again, open her, bury himself inside her, had not faded. It was madness. But why? Why with her? ~ Lisa Kleypas
Gonidis New quotes by Lisa Kleypas
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