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The list of scars my students have sustained at the hand of your daughter grows longer each week. Poor Logan Hochspring's arm will forever carry an imprint of her dental records!"
"You bit him?" Lex's father said.
"He called me a wannabe vampire. What was I supposed to do?"
"Oh, I don't know
maybe not bite him? ~ Gina Damico
Glassett Dental quotes by Gina Damico
There are nearly 1 million Americans who visit the emergency room each year because of dental pain at a cost that runs into the hundreds of millions. ~ Miles O'Brien
Glassett Dental quotes by Miles O'Brien
I investigated her topnotch features and allusive intentions. She was the typical glitter-headed scene-bitch that one expects to see in a place that is much more happening than a randown bar on the end of town. The type that lives the in-scene and bleeds vodka and cranberries. Fun now, fun for everyone around her, but in ten years, maybe less, she will be a lonely dental assistant or cocktail waitress wondering what happened, where did she go wrong? ~ J.C. Wickhart
Glassett Dental quotes by J.C. Wickhart
the FDA's own Web site states that "dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of children and developing fetuses. When amalgam fillings are placed in teeth or removed from teeth, they release mercury vapor. Mercury vapor is also released during chewing. ~ Lindsey Biel
Glassett Dental quotes by Lindsey Biel
Soul. The word rebounded to me, and I wondered, as I often had, what it was exactly. People talked about it all the time, but did anybody actually know? Sometimes I'd pictured it like a pilot light burning inside a person
a drop of fire from the invisible inferno people called God. Or a squashy substance, like a piece of clay or dental mold, which collected the sum of a person's experiences
a million indentations of happiness, desperation, fear, all the small piercings of beauty we've ever known. ~ Sue Monk Kidd
Glassett Dental quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
How does Sting know she doesn't have to turn on the red light? I bet under different circumstances she'd love not to put on the red light, but she's got bills to pay. If he's telling her she doesn't have to turn on the red light, he needs to offer an alternative. I'd appreciate Sting's suggestion more if he followed, "You don't have to sell your body to the night," with "because I found you a stable nine-to-five that comes with benefits, a dental plan, and a matching 401K. ~ Steven Barker
Glassett Dental quotes by Steven  Barker
Isaac basically knew just one thing for sure: Many are born, few flourish, all die. If you didn't die as a sacrifice for God today, you would die of an incomprehensible plague tomorrow, or of undeserved starvation the day after, or of good old-fashioned senseless human slaughter before the next harvest. Life was short in those days and people were grateful for whatever they could get. They didn't expect wireless video game consoles, fast German cars, dental insurance, anti-depressants, and a pension. ~ Chris F. Westbury
Glassett Dental quotes by Chris F. Westbury
He had hard, steady eyes, and all the comforting, reassuring charm of a dental drill. - Harry Dresden describing Morgan ~ Jim Butcher
Glassett Dental quotes by Jim Butcher
We spend billions on marginal and often unnecessary procedures on people who are in the final dying process, yet we leave millions of Americans out of the health insurance system, and America's kids have the worst dental health in the developed world. ~ Richard Lamm
Glassett Dental quotes by Richard Lamm
'How big's your dick?' Zak blurted.
His father gave a roar of outrage.
'How good's your dental plan?' asked Number Five.
Zak laughed.
'You can't ask that,' his father snapped at his side.
'My favorite composer is Rachmaninov. My last client moved to New Zealand. There's nothing stuck to my shoe. I had fruit for breakfast and I don't waste my time worrying. I make sure there's never anything to worry about.' He walked across the room and put his mouth close to Zak's ear. 'In answer to your last. How responsive's your gag reflex?' ~ Barbara Elsborg
Glassett Dental quotes by Barbara Elsborg
I hate the rich snots here with a fervent passion I usually reserve only for dental work and my father. ~ John Green
Glassett Dental quotes by John Green
A man loses his illusions first, his teeth second, and his follies last. ~ Helen Rowland
Glassett Dental quotes by Helen Rowland
Did you know the leading cause of suicide in the 1800s was dental pain? ~ James Altucher
Glassett Dental quotes by James Altucher
Think of a typical full-time worker, who's in the office from nine to five daily, but takes thirty minutes for lunch, leaves an hour early on Friday, and comes in an hour late on Tuesday due to a dental appointment. That puts her at 35.5 hours for the week. One errand tacked on to the end of lunch one day or a longish midmorning break will pull her under that thirty-five-hour threshold that defines "full time. ~ Laura Vanderkam
Glassett Dental quotes by Laura Vanderkam
Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol, and dental insurance. Choose fixed interest mortgage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisurewear and matching luggage. Choose a three-piece suit on hire purchase in a range of fucking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who the fuck you are on Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pissing your last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked up brats you spawned to replace yourselves. Choose your future. Choose life… But why would I want to do a thing like that? I chose not to choose life. I chose somethin' else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you've got heroin? ~ Irvine Welsh
Glassett Dental quotes by Irvine Welsh
I've been to the dentist a thousand times so I know the drill
I smooth my hair, sit back in the chair
But somehow I still get the chills ~ Owl City
Glassett Dental quotes by Owl City
It seemed far more reasonable to belong to a species that had evolved natural tooth replacement than to belong to one that had developed the dental profession. ~ Elisabeth Tova Bailey
Glassett Dental quotes by Elisabeth Tova Bailey
My brother was on his way
to a dental appointment
when the second plane hit
four stories below the office
where he worked. He's never
said anything about the guy
who took football bets, how
he liked to watch his secretary
walk, the friends he ate lunch with,
all the funerals. Maybe, shamed
by his luck, he keeps quiet,
afraid someone might guess
how good he feels, breathing. ~ Tony Gloeggler
Glassett Dental quotes by Tony Gloeggler
I had very good dentures once. Some magnificent gold work. It's the only form of jewelry a man can wear that women fully appreciate. ~ Graham Greene
Glassett Dental quotes by Graham Greene
Critics do not have the satisfaction of working on things that actually exist, like sick dogs or dental cavities. So they are tempted to pluck a virtue out of necessity and claim that they toil in an altogether superior realm, that of the imagination. This implies, rather oddly, that things which do not exist are inevitably more precious than those that do, which is a fairly devastating comment on the latter. What kind of a world is it in which possibility is unquestionably preferable to actuality? ~ Terry Eagleton
Glassett Dental quotes by Terry Eagleton
What exactly did you expect me to do? I told The Boss what you said, but he's not going to budge. Nobody gets dental. ~ H.D. Smith
Glassett Dental quotes by H.D. Smith
You tell me another gang that's got a dental plan. ~ Michael Keaton
Glassett Dental quotes by Michael Keaton
teeth. As a child I used to tie strings of red dental floss around a wiggly tooth and leave the floss dangling there for days and days until the tooth fell out on its own. Marjorie would call me a tease and chase me around the house trying to pull the wax string, and I would scream and cry because it was fun and because I was afraid if I let her pull out one tooth she wouldn't ~ Paul Tremblay
Glassett Dental quotes by Paul Tremblay
And what people want to own, of course, is real estate. So a dental hygienist with bad credit making forty thousand dollars a year felt that she deserved to park her ass in a million-dollar home. With a little creative financing, and as long as housing prices continued to rise, she believed that she could afford a million-dollar home. And as long as the dental hygienist continued to pay interest on the mortgage for the million-dollar home, as long as housing prices continued to rise, as long as more loan officers approved more loans for more dental hygienists with bad credit who could continue to pay the interest on their overblown mortgages, housing prices would indeed stay stratospheric, and banks could print money based on that certainty. And, like your nursery rhyme, that was the house that Jack built." Kalchefsky ~ Jade Chang
Glassett Dental quotes by Jade Chang
A person of good intelligence and of sensitivity cannot exist in this society very long without having some anger about the inequality - and it's not just a bleeding-heart, knee-jerk, liberal kind of a thing - it is just a normal human reaction to a nonsensical set of values where we have cinnamon flavored dental floss and there are people sleeping in the street. ~ George Carlin
Glassett Dental quotes by George Carlin
If suffering brought wisdom, the dentist's office would be full of luminous ideas. ~ Mason Cooley
Glassett Dental quotes by Mason Cooley
Both sexes allow men dentists inside our mouths, but, well, have you ever let a man who is a dental hygienist inside your mouth? The man must earn his way to our private places in a way not required of a woman
he must become the doctor or the dentist, or forget it. ~ Warren Farrell
Glassett Dental quotes by Warren Farrell
Dying is easy, getting the dental floss off your finger and into the trash is hard. ~ Gregor Collins
Glassett Dental quotes by Gregor Collins
Millions of Americans, adults and children, lack access to dental care. ~ Michael K. Simpson
Glassett Dental quotes by Michael K. Simpson
From the perspective of the world's national security apparatuses you exist in several locations. You appear on property and income-tax registries, on passport and ID card databases. You show up on passenger manifests and telephone logs . . . You are fingertip swirls, facial ratios, dental records, voice patterns, spending trails, e-mail threads. ~ Mohsin Hamid
Glassett Dental quotes by Mohsin Hamid
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