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You think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you, but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew you never knew. ~ Stephen Schwartz
Films And Movies quotes by Stephen Schwartz
The romance of movies is not just in those stories and those people on the screen but in the adolescent dream of meeting others who feel as you do about what you've seen. ~ Pauline Kael
Films And Movies quotes by Pauline Kael
I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way. ~ Kathleen Turner
Films And Movies quotes by Kathleen Turner
Everything is so superb and breathtaking. I am creeping forward on my belly like they do in war movies. ~ Diane Arbus
Films And Movies quotes by Diane Arbus
The thing about The Departed, the x-factor that people can't quite put their finger on, is that it deals clearly with class and accent all these things that are fundamental to Boston, but previously anomalous or even prohibited in demotic American films. ~ William Monahan
Films And Movies quotes by William Monahan
I continue to explain that plot inconsistencies in B movies are consistent, and should not be allowed to undermine one's enjoyment of the action, nor the fundamental credibility of the storyline: the good & bad guys are clearly delineated & easily recognizable, the hero duffs over the baddies, things blow up loudly & spectacularly, the good guy wins. Entirely credible. ~ Robert Fripp
Films And Movies quotes by Robert Fripp
I've been extremely lucky to work with Elmer Bernstein, Howard Shore over the years, but I've always imagined films with my own scores, because I don't come from that world or that period of filmmaking. And so how could I make up my own score on a film like this where it isn't necessarily made up of popular music from the radio or the period; it isn't necessarily classical music. But what if it's modern symphonic music? ~ Martin Scorsese
Films And Movies quotes by Martin Scorsese
The movies have never been a big deal to me. The movies are the movies. They just make them. If they're good, that's terrific. If they're not, they're not. But I see them as a lesser medium than fiction, than literature, and a more ephemeral medium. ~ Stephen King
Films And Movies quotes by Stephen King
I find playwriting to be incredibly difficult compared to screenwriting. Part of it is that I grew up watching movies and not watching plays. ~ Zoe Kazan
Films And Movies quotes by Zoe Kazan
He told me that he thinks he and the other proven directors have a responsibility to be teachers - that this should be a central part of their jobs, even as they continue to make their own films. ~ Ed Catmull
Films And Movies quotes by Ed Catmull
Sometimes I felt that growing up and being a girl was about learning to be afraid. Not paranoid, exactly, but always alert and aware, like checking out the exits in the movie theatre or the fire escape in a hotel. You came to know, in a way you hadn't as a kid, that the body you inhabited was vulnerable, imperfectly fortified. On TV, in the papers, in books and movies, it isn't ever men being raped or kidnapped or bludgeoned or dismembered or burned with acid. But in stories and crime shows and TV series and movies and in life too, it's going on all the time, all around you. So you learn, in your mind, that your body needs to be protected. It's both precious and totally dispensable, depending on whom you encounter. ~ Claire Messud
Films And Movies quotes by Claire Messud
They wanted me to do Scream 2, and I hate talking about movies I turned down, because it sounds judgmental. There's nothing wrong with horror movies. I enjoy watching them. The main reason I turn a part down is if I think I won't be good. ~ Casey Affleck
Films And Movies quotes by Casey Affleck
And I always had this idea for making a movie about a femme fatale, because I like these characters. They're a lot of fun, they're sexy, they're manipulative, they're dangerous. ~ Brian De Palma
Films And Movies quotes by Brian De Palma
The worst thing you can do is make a cult movie. That means you got three great reviews and nobody went. An art film means it got a lot of good reviews and nobody went. There is no such thing as a counter culture now. What used to be considered that is commercial now. ~ John Waters
Films And Movies quotes by John Waters
I'm not going to tell you the movies, but I remember getting halfway through the thing and everything sort of tunnel-visioned on me and I couldn't read the script anymore. I looked at the people and I just turned and ran out in a cold sweat. It took me about a year to study it and feel comfortable going in and reading for people. ~ John Corbett
Films And Movies quotes by John Corbett
The curious fact is that biology tells us nothing about desire. And, when you think about it, culture -- novels, movies, opera, and quite a lot of painting -- is about desire, how we manage desire, how we suffer from it, and how it brings us joy when we get things right. A story without desire -- and that means without the insistence of desire -- will be empty, dry, and more or less aimless. That is one reason we read novels, to see how people fall into awkward moral situations and then try to extricate themselves. This is why there is so much anguish in the world: frustrated desire is every bit as miserable as poverty, because desire is no respecter of one's position in life: everyone goes through it. ~ Peter Watson
Films And Movies quotes by Peter Watson
I've always wanted to be an actress, ever since I was a little girl. I've always played the mom and I play my sister as the daughter. I wanted to be an actress on television and movies instead of just around the house. ~ Dakota Fanning
Films And Movies quotes by Dakota Fanning
I think movies are a director's medium in the end. Theater is the actor's medium. Theater is fast, and enjoyable, and truly rewarding. I believe in great live performance. ~ Sam Mendes
Films And Movies quotes by Sam Mendes
There's a power that movies and music has, that can move you and motivate you to look at your neighbor in a slightly more respectful way, and look at cultures in a more inclusive way. ~ Hans Zimmer
Films And Movies quotes by Hans Zimmer
If you start with a good idea, you can encapsulate it in a phrase and explain it. I like high-concept films. Everyone can get hold of it. I don't think there's any harm in that at all. ~ Jane Campion
Films And Movies quotes by Jane Campion
I have done about 15 movies so far and am on my 5th season on That '70s Show. ~ Danny Masterson
Films And Movies quotes by Danny Masterson
I just want the opportunity to continue to do great films, play great characters and work with great people. ~ Moira Kelly
Films And Movies quotes by Moira Kelly
I've seen many films and read lots of thrillers - and I'm always disappointed that I can guess the story before the other viewers. ~ Claude Lelouch
Films And Movies quotes by Claude Lelouch out, work's a bad thing, he told me. You have to get up early, you have to listen to the boss all the time. If there's no work you don't eat, if there is work you have to work hard. Work is never good. Work seems good to you because it will let you to go out for pizza, go dancing, go to the movies. But when you have a family you won't be going out for pizza, you won't be going dancing. You'll have to feed your family and then you'll see how tough work is.
This is why you have to think hard about it. I'm not telling you to go to school or to get a job. I'm only telling you one thing: work is bad, so try to avoid it. I send you to school because I think that's one way to avoid work. I felt this explanation, that work was a horrible thing, made more sense than what my mother had told me, that I was better. And I began to think that what my friends who'd gone to work in the building sites understood wasn't true, either: that money equals work, and that therefore work equals happiness. I began to have doubts about my discovery that happiness meant going to work on a building site. ~ Nanni Balestrini
Films And Movies quotes by Nanni Balestrini
Three injured. Three dead.
That's what all the news reports said.
Six people caught bullets that night at Mystic - half of them died, while the other half lived.
The neurotic asshole that exists inside of me loves the symmetry of it. Three has always been my favorite number. Three books in a trilogy. Three sheets to the wind. They say the third time is the charm. Three strikes and you're out. Rock, paper, scissors... Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice... the good, the bad, and the ugly... need I go on?
Hell, there are three good Star Wars movies. I'll leave it up to you to figure out which ones I'm talking about.
They say deaths come in threes, too. ~ J.M. Darhower
Films And Movies quotes by J.M. Darhower
I always say it took me 10 minutes to write 'Cars,' but if I am honest it could have been even less than that - and it has been a really successful song over the years. It is still massively used, in advertising, in films, and people do cover versions of it a lot. ~ Gary Numan
Films And Movies quotes by Gary Numan
I like to think of my books and the movies of my books living in two separate universes. Each is very nice, but only one is correct - the book. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the other versions, and I always do. ~ Meg Cabot
Films And Movies quotes by Meg Cabot
That's enough of that," Jesse said. Next thing I knew, he'd scooped me up.
Only instead of carrying me to my bed and setting me down on it all romantically, you know, like guys do to girls in the movies, he just dumped me onto it, so I bounced around and would have fallen off if I hadn't grabbed the edge of the mattress.
"Thanks," I said, not quite able to keep all of the sarcasm out of my voice. ~ Meg Cabot
Films And Movies quotes by Meg Cabot
I look at some of the old villains in the Disney movies. If you really listen, you can hear some of the villains or some of the supporting characters, they use the voices over and over because they were so versatile in the way that they performed on voiceovers. ~ Jennifer Stone
Films And Movies quotes by Jennifer Stone
I'd done a ton of movies here in Hollywood, and I realized that every movie I'd done was somebody's else's work and someone else's vision. ~ Harland Williams
Films And Movies quotes by Harland Williams
The guys in my band are great-we watch movies, we eat pizza, take walks, read books. Everybody has a really great sense of humor. And my boyfriend comes and visits me on the road. ~ Lisa Loeb
Films And Movies quotes by Lisa Loeb
I watched a couple of films I was in and thought, 'Those are pretty close to what we wanted them to be. I feel actually weirdly OK with it all. I can still see flaws in what I'm doing, but I think I delivered. I think I improved the film with my presence.' ~ Domhnall Gleeson
Films And Movies quotes by Domhnall Gleeson
It's important to me that I don't get trapped in the whole teen scene, because I feel that you can get lost in those kind of movies, and they aren't really about the actors; they're about the selling of the concept, and how much money it makes. ~ Kirsten Dunst
Films And Movies quotes by Kirsten Dunst
I think that television lately has been extremely dark and, in some ways, cynical but I also think that people who are writing those shows probably feel exactly as I do - that sometimes the darkness of a story can highlight the light in a story. There's a lot of cynical stuff but I think it may be even more in movies now where you see so many movies about cynical and corrupted characters. That's the state of many movies right now but movies, television, all of culture, there's always going to be a battle between the stories that are cynical and stories that are hopeful. ~ Randall Wallace
Films And Movies quotes by Randall Wallace
Although I could read before I went to school, and I won the school reading prize at five years old, my early children's stories came from the radio and watching films at a cinema on Saturday mornings in Australia. It wasn't until I was nine years old on a ship returning from Australia that I was introduced to children's books. ~ Michelle Magorian
Films And Movies quotes by Michelle Magorian
To be involved with movies that become kind of cult classics ... I've been very fortunate. 'The Warriors' is certainly a cult classic, and 'Xanadu' is, to a certain degree, a cult classic as well. ~ Michael Beck
Films And Movies quotes by Michael Beck
I think Chelsea Girls is a complete masterpiece and I think Andy's [Warhol] films are equally as good as the art. I think one day they will be considered equal. They aren't yet. They will be. ~ John Waters
Films And Movies quotes by John Waters
Unfortunately, overall, movies are a conglomerate. People buy and sell people in this business, which can get really ugly. ~ Laura Dern
Films And Movies quotes by Laura Dern
I realized this is what God has dealt me, and I should be thankful considering all that's happened to me in my life, but MS caused the movies to stop - stop dead - and I miss it. ~ Richard Pryor
Films And Movies quotes by Richard Pryor
You can't really change somebody completely, deep inside your nature. But I think what I did was admit to myself what kind of a person I was, and sort of get into the idea that that's who I was. And I think preserving that part of myself really helps me make movies. ~ Takashi Miike
Films And Movies quotes by Takashi Miike
It's hard to predict what kinds of people are going to enjoy it [film]. And what people ain't. That's the movies. You never know. ~ Jason Statham
Films And Movies quotes by Jason Statham
After film school, I embarked on trying to promote independent films. But after a while, I realized I was breaking my back doing six-day-a-week shoots, 14-hour days, and no guarantee of distribution. ~ Devin Ratray
Films And Movies quotes by Devin Ratray
I've made four films about the destructive nature of relationships, of secrets and lies, and I think I'm no longer interested in that subject - which is a wonderful relief. ~ Ira Sachs
Films And Movies quotes by Ira Sachs
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