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I want us to be able to preserve our level of prosperity. We must constantly remind ourselves that Germany has been eating into its capital. It is only through successful management that we can once again secure our foundation of prosperity and social security. ~ Angela Merkel
Elenion Capital quotes by Angela Merkel
This country is becoming increasingly authoritarian. It's based on capital punishment. ~ Kate Millett
Elenion Capital quotes by Kate Millett
The first and probably most fundamental aspect of this crisis is that we are now close to the commodification of everything. That is, historical capitalism is in crisis precisely because, in pursuing the endless accumulation of capital, it is beginning to approximate that state of being Adam Smith asserted was 'natural' to man but which has never historically existed. The 'propensity [of humanity] to truck, barter, and exchange one thing for another' has entered into domains and zones previously untouched, and the pressure to expand commodification is relatively unchecked. ~ Immanuel Wallerstein
Elenion Capital quotes by Immanuel Wallerstein
Spain has been massively diverting capital from the private sector into politically favored environmental projects for the better part of a decade ... every green job created, eliminated 2.2 real jobs and cost around $800,000 each! ~ Ron Paul
Elenion Capital quotes by Ron Paul
She was the only one who made him hear music. The only one who made him feel home. The only one who wanted nothing more than for him to be plain, simple Will Truitt. ~ Jamie Farrell
Elenion Capital quotes by Jamie Farrell
The rates of taxation climb and the levels of capital decline, until the only remaining wealth beyond the reach of the regime is the very protein of human flesh, and that too is finally taxed, bound, and gagged, and brought to the colossal temple of the state - a final sacrifice of carnal revenue to feed the declining elite. ~ George Gilder
Elenion Capital quotes by George Gilder
I am not a capitalist in the simplistic left/right sense. But I do believe in the power of the global free-market economy and in using capitalist tools. I believe in the power of teh free market and the power of capital in the marketplace. I also believe that providing unemployment benefits is not the best way to address poverty. The able-bodied poor don't wan tor need charity. The dole only increases their misery, robs them of incentive and, more important, of self-respect. ~ Muhammad Yunus
Elenion Capital quotes by Muhammad Yunus
it looked like the centuries-long wrestling match between state and capital had ended in a decisive victory for capital. Possibly ~ Kim Stanley Robinson
Elenion Capital quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
The State is not the hope of the world; it is an institution grounded in the threat of violence, whether via capital punishments or petty bureaucratic intrusions. ~ Douglas Wilson
Elenion Capital quotes by Douglas Wilson
Capital punishment ... treats members of the human race ... as objects to be toyed with and discarded. ~ William J. Brennan
Elenion Capital quotes by William J. Brennan
I believe that inside many Americans lies certain uneasiness about capital punishment. ~ Bill O'Reilly
Elenion Capital quotes by Bill O'Reilly
The trip down the Yangtze from Chongqing (formerly Chungking, Chiang Kai-shek's World War II capital in Sichuan) to Yichang at the exit of the gorges took one and a half days. To look up and see, high up on the perpendicular surface of sheer rock, huge Chinese characters carved thousands of years ago to commemorate events and ideas was to be awed. ~ Lee Kuan Yew
Elenion Capital quotes by Lee Kuan Yew
Your normal Wall Street big-swinging Richard has enough of a lingering moral compass to at least tell himself that his wizardry benefits somebody or something besides himself. You know, his cleverness makes capital markets more efficient. It provides credit to productive enterprise. Whatever. ~ Tina Brown
Elenion Capital quotes by Tina Brown
Since I was 20 years old, I've been a kind of corporation. I'd wake up in the morning and my job was to be 'Bonnie Raitt' in capital letters. ~ Bonnie Raitt
Elenion Capital quotes by Bonnie Raitt
Think about all the time, brainpower, and social or political capital you continued to spend on some commitment only because you didn't like the idea of quitting. ~ Steven D. Levitt
Elenion Capital quotes by Steven D. Levitt
Despite the mountain of gold that has been built downtown, Los Angeles remains vulnerable to the same explosive convergence of street anger, poverty, environmental crisis, and capital flight that made the early 1990s its worth crisis period since the early Depression. ~ Mike Davis
Elenion Capital quotes by Mike Davis
What's this? What are the antagonists doing here – infiltrating their own audience? Well, they're not really. It's somebody else's audience at the moment, and these nightly spectacles are an appreciable part of the darkside hours of life of the rocket capital. The chances for any paradox here, really, are less than you think. ~ Thomas Pynchon
Elenion Capital quotes by Thomas Pynchon
Competing against each other leaves little space for reciprocity and the growth of social capital. Running against another in a race may benefit our speed, but jointly organising the sports day produces cooperation and trust. There are many situations where cooperation and reciprocity are more effective than competition. Civic virtues come from building on what we have in common rather than by using our differences to create in-groups, outgroups and fear driven competition ~ Eva Cox
Elenion Capital quotes by Eva Cox
It is hardly surprising that to this day New England is considered to be the pie capital of America, whose inhabitants traditionally eat (sweet) pie for breakfast. Apple pies in particular became deeply embedded in the history of America - associated with the old country, the new country and the pioneering spirit, and indelibly identified with the sense of nationhood and patriotic sentiment. ~ Janet Clarkson
Elenion Capital quotes by Janet Clarkson
Greta's cedar hope chest
Is full of pamphlets
Glass shelves of romantic vignettes
A journal laced with sedimentary prose
Norma gathers and collects vintage photoplays
Hair combs valentines
Lillian allows the animals to scratch
And the leather crack
And the mail collect in the box as coatings peel
Agnes veiled cathedral dweller
Smiles with benevolent pain

But it's Katrina's fair
Tuesday morning
As she with caution unlatches the flat door
She alone cascades to the basement
Careful not to spoil her
Calico printed pinafore
Composite traits and mannerists
All others dissipate

Marguerite vigilant
She dwells upon frigid casements
Sarah's thoughts in high velocity
Accusations always pierce and pass
Clara abandons her passions for distastes
A Miss Lenora P. Sinclair
Early for coffee in the pool
"I'm resituating all your words"
Capital Space Colon Paragraph

Sylvia keeps beasts in jars labeled by
Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family

But it's Katrina's fair
Tuesday morning
As she with caution unlatches the flat door
She alone cascades to the basement
Careful not to spoil her
Calico printed pinafore
Composite traits and mannerists
All others dissipate

Down the way a silk design
This face is mine
Tis I, Ka ~ Natalie Merchant
Elenion Capital quotes by Natalie Merchant
The labour-power is a commodity , not capital, in the hands of the labourer, and it constitutes for him a revenue so long as he can continuously repeat its sale; it functions as capital after its sale, in the hands of the capitalist, during the process of production itself. ~ Karl Marx
Elenion Capital quotes by Karl Marx
To whom is an international corporation answerable? Often they do not employ workers. They outsource manufacturing to places far away. If wages rise in one place, they can, almost instantly, transfer production to somewhere else. If a tax regime in one country becomes burdensome, they can relocate to another. To whom, then, are they accountable? By whom are they controllable? For whom are they responsible? To which group of people other than shareholders do they owe loyalty? The extreme mobility, not only of capital but also of manufacturing and servicing, is in danger of creating institutions that have power without responsibility, as well as a social class, the global elite, that has no organic connection with any group except itself. ~ Jonathan Sacks
Elenion Capital quotes by Jonathan Sacks
The weakness of our age is in want of great men and women. It is hard to resist the current. Someone must completely detach himself from the ordinary run of politicians if he is to save politics; economists must break with the ordinary run of the mill of capital and labor commonplaces, if economics is to be saved. In other words, we need saints. These are not easy to make. First of all - because we do not always want the best; the best demands sacrifice of the ordinary and the discipline of the lower self. God, in His turn, finds it hard to give, because He gives only the best - moral perfection - and few there are who want it. As Augustine said at one point in his life, "I want to be good, dear Lord...but not now - a little later on. ~ Fulton Sheen
Elenion Capital quotes by Fulton Sheen
The decided to go exploring, be Indiana Jones they don't have a light they don't have a map you're a screwed with a capital S. ~ Joe Teti
Elenion Capital quotes by Joe Teti
When commercial capital occupies a position of unquestioned ascendancy, it everywhere constitutes a system of plunder. ~ Karl Marx
Elenion Capital quotes by Karl Marx
We still don't have a good word to describe what is missing in Cameroon, indeed in poor countries across the world. But we are starting to understand what it is. Some people call it 'social capital, or maybe 'trust'. Others call it 'the rule of law', or 'institutions'. But these are just labels. The problem is that Cameroon, like other poor countries, is a topsy-turvy world in which it's in most people's interest to take action that directly or indirectly damages everyone else. ~ Tim Harford
Elenion Capital quotes by Tim Harford
In classical times, it was a capital offense to speculate upon the hour of a king's death or upon the identity of his successor. ~ Gore Vidal
Elenion Capital quotes by Gore Vidal
The notion that capital – as an infinitely ramified system of exploitation, an abstract, intangible but overpowering logic, a process without a subject or a subject without a face – poses formidable obstacles to its representation has often been taken in a sublime or tragic key. *Vast*, beyond the powers of individual or collective cognition; *invisible*, in its fundamental forms; *overwhelming*, in its capacity to reshape space, time and matter – but unlike the sublime, or indeed the tragic, in its propensity to thwart any reaffirmation of the uniqueness and interiority of a subject. Not a shipwreck *with* a spectator, but a shipwreck *of* the spectator. ~ Alberto Toscano
Elenion Capital quotes by Alberto Toscano
It is clear as you look at the team why Data Point Capital has so quickly become one of the premier venture capital firms. I look forward to adding to the firm's very bright future. ~ Colin Angle
Elenion Capital quotes by Colin Angle
For resourceful tech founders, finding capital is rarely a problem; making the best use of it is another story. A few years slinging pepperoni pies and chicken wings - on tiny margins and with minimal investment - might not be the worst fiscal training. ~ Ryan Holmes
Elenion Capital quotes by Ryan Holmes
The National League was born the following year, as an attempt to exert the control of capital over labor. ~ John Thorn
Elenion Capital quotes by John Thorn
That's advanced capitalism for you: The player making the maximum capital investment gets the maximum critical information in order to reap the maximum desired profit with maximum capital efficiency - and nobody bats an eye. ~ Haruki Murakami
Elenion Capital quotes by Haruki Murakami
Here is the prime condition of success: Concentrate your energy, thought and capital exclusively upon the business in which you are engaged. Having begun on one line, resolve to fight it out on that line, to lead in it, adopt every improvement, have the best machinery, and know the most about it. ~ Andrew Carnegie
Elenion Capital quotes by Andrew Carnegie
Whatever the potential pitfalls, banks are increasingly enthusiastic about venture capital, particularly in new companies with strong prospects in fields like health care and technology. ~ Alex Berenson
Elenion Capital quotes by Alex Berenson
I attend the greatest of all Churches. I put a capital N on Nature, and call it my Church. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright
Elenion Capital quotes by Frank Lloyd Wright
To finance deficits, the government must sell bonds to investors, competing for capital that could otherwise be used to invest in stocks or corporate bonds. Government borrowings raise long-term interest rates, stifling economic growth. ~ Alex Berenson
Elenion Capital quotes by Alex Berenson
Capitalism: Nothing so mean could be right. Greed is the ugliest of the capital sins. ~ Edward Abbey
Elenion Capital quotes by Edward Abbey
The dichotomy is delicious. Inside the fantasy genre, I try to present women who need to solve real problems like having no voice in community, or no right to work; no access to capital to start a business. No reinforcement for talent. ~ Stella Atrium
Elenion Capital quotes by Stella Atrium
- I had a good classical education, and a positive distaste for business of any kind; that was the capital with which I faced the world [ ... ] I reflected, then, on my want of prospects, and I determined to embark in literature.
- Really; that was strange. You seem to be in pretty comfortable circumstances, though. ~ Arthur Machen
Elenion Capital quotes by Arthur Machen
I wish you luck with a capital "F". ~ Elvis Costello
Elenion Capital quotes by Elvis Costello
As an economic doctrine it does not stand up to scientific probing. Marx's economic theories are not a scientific account of the nature and extent of exploitation under capitalism. They nevertheless offer a vivid picture of an uncontrolled society in which the productive workers unconsciously create the instruments of their own oppression. It is a picture of human alienation, writ large as the dominance of past labour, or capital, over living labour. ~ Anonymous
Elenion Capital quotes by Anonymous
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