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In practice, without appropriate government intervention, Smith's "invisible hand" dons brass knuckles and conducts gang warfare, creating fierce battles between competitors who would be more than happy to define and enforce their own private property interests according to their own subjective rules. ~ Denise Caruso
Dons quotes by Denise Caruso
The dons of Oxford and Cambridge are too busy educating the young men to be able to teach them anything. ~ Samuel Butler
Dons quotes by Samuel Butler
On the day when crime dons the apparel of innocence - through a curious transposition peculiar to our times - it is innocence that is called upon to justify itself. The ~ Albert Camus
Dons quotes by Albert Camus
Global warming causing climate change may be the ultimate issue that unites us all. ~ Louise Burfitt-Dons
Dons quotes by Louise Burfitt-Dons
There is equality in the office but not on the street ~ Louise Burfitt-Dons
Dons quotes by Louise Burfitt-Dons
The true poet for me is a priest. As soon as he dons the cassock, he must leave his family. ~ Gustave Flaubert
Dons quotes by Gustave Flaubert
A hip-looking teen watches an elderly woman hobble across the street on a walker.
"Grammy's here!" he shouts.
He puts some MacAttack Mac&Cheese in the microwave and dons headphones and takes out a video game so he won't be bored during the forty seconds it takes his lunch to cook. A truck comes around the corner and hits Grammy, sending her flying over the roof into the backyard, where luckily she lands on a trampoline. Unluckily, she bounces back over the roof, into the front yard, landing on a rosebush. ~ George Saunders
Dons quotes by George Saunders
It gave their families at home great comfort to see them chatting, looking radiant, doing well. 'We are fine, mothers. Look how happy we are, now we free from our bad bosses. ~ Louise Burfitt-Dons
Dons quotes by Louise Burfitt-Dons
Women are more powerful than they think. A mother's warmth is the essence of motivation. If we could liquefy the encouragement, care and compassion we deliver to our children it would surely fill an expanse greater than the Pacific ~ Louise Burfitt-Dons
Dons quotes by Louise Burfitt-Dons
The Master was exceedingly gracious to university dons who visited him, but he would never reply to their questions or be drawn into their theological speculations. To his disciples, who marveled at this, he said, Can one talk about the ocean to a frog in a well or about the divine to people who are restricted by their concepts? ~ Anthony De Mello
Dons quotes by Anthony De Mello
For Calvin, the creation reflects its Creator at every point. Image after images flashed in front of our eyes, as Calvin attempts to convey the multiplicity of ways in which the creation witnesses to its Creator: it is like a visible garment, which the invisible God dons in order to make himself known; it is like a book in which the name on the Creator is written as its author; it is like a theater, in which the glory of God is publicly displayed; it is like a mirror, in which the works and wisdom of God are reflected. ~ Alister E. McGrath
Dons quotes by Alister E. McGrath
Zinah had not lost her touch, had she? She had a way with these girls. Amirah now ached to become more devout. Another win. ~ Louise Burfitt-Dons
Dons quotes by Louise Burfitt-Dons
In his very first encyclical Pius X had uttered a warning: ... We shall take the greatest care to see that the members of the clergy do not allow themselves to be taken in by the insidious maneuvers of a certain new science which dons the mask of truth and from which one does not discern the fragrance of Jesus Christ; it is a mendacious science which, using fallacious and perfidious arguments, tries to beat a path to the errors of rationalism and semi-rationalism, and against which the Apostle was already warning his beloved Timothy when he wrote: Guard the deposit, avoiding profane novelties in language as well as in the arguments of a knowledge falsely so-called, whose enthusiasts, with all their promises, have failed in the faith.19 ~ Anonymous
Dons quotes by Anonymous
Bullying behaviour can be communicated via text, mobile phones, internet, social networking sites, forums. But we can't limit it because these messages are then reinforced by television which glamorises yelling, swearing and vulgar behaviour as the way to walk the red carpet of acceptance. ~ Louise Burfitt-Dons
Dons quotes by Louise Burfitt-Dons
Naked fear dons a cloak of anger. ~ Wayne Gerard Trotman
Dons quotes by Wayne Gerard Trotman
It is only the cynic who claims "to speak the truth" at all times and in all places to all men in the same way, but who, in fact, displays nothing but a lifeless image of the truth ... He dons the halo of the fanatical devotee of truth who can make no allowance for human weaknesses; but, in fact, he is destroying the living truth between men. He wounds shame, desecrates mystery, breaks confidence, betrays the community in which he lives, and laughs arrogantly at the devastation he has wrought and at the human weakness which "cannot bear the truth. ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Dons quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
And you, my Sassenach? What were you born for? To be lady of a manor, or to sleep in the fields like a gypsy? To be a healer, or a don's wife, or an outlaw's lady?"
"I was born for you," I said simply, and held out my arms to him. ~ Diana Gabaldon
Dons quotes by Diana Gabaldon
The skin on her upper arms prickled like it'd done so many times back in Jeddah, a sign to be careful. ~ Louise Burfitt-Dons
Dons quotes by Louise Burfitt-Dons
The other Dons in the room applauded and rose to shake hands with everybody in sight and to congratulate Don Corleone and Don Tattaglia on their new friendship. It was not perhaps the warmest friendship in the world, they would not send each other Christmas gift greetings, but they would not murder each other. That was friendship enough in this world, all that was needed. ~ Mario Puzo
Dons quotes by Mario Puzo
Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns,
As I crush so-called Willies, thugs, and rapper-dons. ~ The Notorious B.I.G.
Dons quotes by The Notorious B.I.G.
It takes two or three generations to do what I tried to do in one; and my impulses
vices perhaps they should be called
were too strong not to hamper a man without advantages; who should be as cold-blooded as a fish and as selfish as a pig to have a really good chance of being one of his country's worthies. You may ridicule me
I am quite willing that you should
I am a fit subject, no doubt. But I think if you knew what I have gone through these last few years you would rather pity me. And if they knew"
he nodded towards the college at which the dons were severally arriving
"it is just possible they would do the same. ~ Thomas Hardy
Dons quotes by Thomas Hardy
There are dons who care for the intellect and the imagination, and there are priests who care for the spirit; but broadly speaking the function of universities and churches alike is to trim and tame enthusiasm, to suppress curiosity, and, in short, to whittle immortal souls into serviceable props of the established order. ~ Hugh Kingsmill
Dons quotes by Hugh Kingsmill
Tutors are usually shaggy, ill-groomed junior dons who smoke and drink to excess and never leave their rooms except for illicit sexual liaisons or to replenish their stocks of tobacco and spirits. A ~ Steven Pressfield
Dons quotes by Steven Pressfield
I made a film called 'Bad Timing' that I thought everybody would respond to. It was about obsessive love and physical obsession. I thought this must touch everyone, from university dons down. ~ Nicolas Roeg
Dons quotes by Nicolas Roeg
The next day the German police picked them up, loaded them onto an armored truck and took them back to Colditz. Alexander was badly beaten by the German guards and taken to solitary, where he spent so long he lost track of time. With Pasha's death came the death of faith. Release me, Tatiana, release me, forgive me, forget me, let me forget you. I want to be free of you, free of your face, free of your freedom, free of your fire, free, free, free. The flight across the ocean was over, and with it all the warmth of his imagination. A numbness encroached on him, freezing him from the heart out, the anesthetic of despair creeping its tentacles over his ten-dons and his arteries, over his nerves and his veins until he was stiff inside and bereft of hope and bereft of Tatiana. Finally. But not quite. ~ Paullina Simons
Dons quotes by Paullina Simons
The Jealous Sun

The sunlight whispers in my ear, his breath a warm, sultry tease. I shrink and duck beneath a tree. My eyes squint to scan the horizon for a glimpse of the wind, but there are no ashen ribbons or golden waves in sight. He is missing.

Trickling, tinkling notes reflect loudly off a chandelier of glimmering droplets. The rain sings to me, and I shield my eyes, admiring the song. Far off in my western view I expect to see snow, but the sun grows hot with jealousy, knowing this. He refuses my snowman a place to set.

My sight drops to search for the man in the moon. Normally he rises dripping wet from out of the lake, often pale and naked, supple and soft to my caressing gaze. On rare occasions he dons a pumpkin robe as luminous as fire. Today he is draped in silks of the saddest blue. My heart weeps as he steals up and away.

An army of stars in shining armor come to my aid, and they force the sun into the ground - a temporary grave. I am fed with a billion bubbles of laughter until I feel I will burst. But the stars will not stop giving, and I will not stop taking.

A kiss brands my cheek, and I turn abruptly to find my snowman. He landed safely in the dark. We hide from the man in the moon behind a curtain of flurries to dance on polished rainbows and feast on stars until I hear a fire-red growl. The sun claws its way out of the soil, and everyone scatters. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Dons quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
Her iron will won international respect. Her unabashed femininity gained women's. Margaret Thatcher was a lady's lady. ~ Louise Burfitt-Dons
Dons quotes by Louise Burfitt-Dons
Imagine this:
Instead of waiting in her tower, Rapunzel slices off her long, golden hair with a carving knife, and then uses it to climb down to freedom.
Just as she's about to take the poison apple, Snow White sees the familiar wicked glow in the old lady's eyes, and slashes the evil queen's throat with a pair of sewing scissors.
Cinderella refuses everything but the glass slippers from her fairy godmother, crushes her stepmother's windpipe under her heel, and the Prince falls madly in love with the mysterious girl who dons rags and blood-stained slippers.

Imagine this:
Persephone goes adventuring with weapons hidden under her dress.
Persephone climbs into the gaping chasm.
Or, Persephone uses her hands to carve a hole down to hell.
In none of these versions is Persephone's body violated unless she asks Hades to hold her down with his horse-whips.
Not once does she hold out on eating the pomegranate, instead biting into it eagerly and relishing the juice running down her chin, staining it red.
In some of the stories, Hades never appears and Persephone rules the underworld with a crown of her own making.
In all of them, it is widely known that the name Persephone means Bringer of Destruction.

Imagine this:
Red Riding Hood marches from her grandmother's house with a bloody wolf pelt.
Medusa rights the wrongs that have been done to her.
Eurydice breaks every muscle in her arms climbi ~ Theappleppielifestyle
Dons quotes by Theappleppielifestyle
„REY I'd rather not be in thy presence now.
KYLO Yea, also could I say the same to thee.
REY [aside:] How shall I speak to this deshirted man
And hope to focus on the conversation?
[To Kylo:] Say, wherefore didst thou hate thy father kind?
Hast thou no cloak or towel thou canst use?
[Kylo dons his doublet. ~ Ian Doescher
Dons quotes by Ian Doescher
Tribalism has become trendy. ~ Louise Burfitt-Dons
Dons quotes by Louise Burfitt-Dons
When I looked around the neighborhood, I found out that kids wasn't the only crooks. We was surrounded by crooks, and plenty of 'em was guys that were supposed to be legit, like the landlords and the storekeepers and the politicians and cops on the beat. All of 'em was stealin' from somebody. And we had the real pros, the old Dons from the old country, with their big black cars and mustaches to match. We used to make fun of them behind their backs, but our parents were scared to death of them. The only thing is, we knew they was rich, and rich was what counted, because the rich got away with anythin'. ~ Martin Gosch
Dons quotes by Martin Gosch
But radical feminist or not, Alesha Parkhurst loved British freedoms as much as Karen Andersen. ~ Louise Burfitt-Dons
Dons quotes by Louise Burfitt-Dons
With all the clever brains in America it would be great to see more investment and focus on this essential research! ~ Louise Burfitt-Dons
Dons quotes by Louise Burfitt-Dons
People become dons because they are incapable of doing anything else in life. ~ A. N. Wilson
Dons quotes by A. N. Wilson
These dons, so ponderous, so circuitous, , no sense of time. In a minute they'll be talking about the meaning of meaning. ~ John Le Carre
Dons quotes by John Le Carre
Jeez, John, I'm trying to be helpful. You could learn a lot from me. No woman has ever been able to resist my natural charm."

"You know who else had natural charm?" I retort. "Ted Bundy."

Dean dons a blank look. "Who?"

"The serial killer." Oh Jesus, I've jumped on the Bundy bandwagon. I'm turning into Grace. ~ Elle Kennedy
Dons quotes by Elle Kennedy
Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis are just great in that, and Don's direction is sublime. Love it, and I was glad to be a part of it, if just in spirit and Don's desire for it to be a good film and for me to be happy with it. When I first saw it I was very impressed, and it gets better with repeat viewings. ~ Joe R. Lansdale
Dons quotes by Joe R. Lansdale
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