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There always seem to be very rich people, no matter how poor the country, Thenoclon said. ~ Andrew Ashling
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Andrew Ashling
Is it not the disparity of wealth that consumes the willing soul. Rather, the golden keys of opportunity clamor softly with fraught anxiety of things which may never come. ~ Joel T. McGrath
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Joel T. McGrath
Peer reviewers go for orthodoxy ... Many of the great 19th-century discoveries were made by men who had independent wealth-Charles Darwin is the prototype. They trusted themselves. ~ James Black
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by James Black
There is no wealth but life. ~ John Ruskin
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by John Ruskin
The company of just and righteous men is better than wealth and a rich estate. ~ Euripides
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Euripides
The old university attitude of 'publish or perish' has changed. Students and academics are realising that institutions such as Imperial College are also wealth-generators. It is very satisfying to be in a university where you have the freedom to innovate and yet know that there is a path to translate your work into industry. ~ Chris Toumazou
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Chris Toumazou
Nigeria is a great country, if not, one of the best in the world. It is just that we have rulers who are not leaders, but dealers. They engage in sales of the country's wealth of resources on daily basis for selfish interest and personal gains. ~ Olawale Daniel
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Olawale Daniel
Showing off or bragging does not showcase authority or ability.
Sharing your knowledge and experience without trying to sell yourself sends a greater message of engagement and authenticity. ~ Create Wealth Communities
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Create Wealth Communities
The accumulation of great wealth is, in many instances, the effect of paying too little for the labor that produced it, the consequence of which is that the working people perish in old age and the employer abounds in affluence. ~ Thomas Paine
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Thomas Paine
Americans took a great deal too much credit for creating wealth, when most of the time they had really just been living off natural bounty unprecedented in the history of the world. ~ Jane Smiley
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Jane Smiley
Giving is the only thing that creates wealth. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
The labor of women in the house, certainly, enables men to produce more wealth than they otherwise could; and in this way women are economic factors in society. But so are horses. ~ Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
1. Sovereignty of the human will; in short, despotism. 2. Inequality of wealth and rank. 3. Property - above JUSTICE, always invoked as the guardian angel of sovereigns, nobles, and proprietors; JUSTICE, the general, primitive, categorical law of all society.
We must ascertain whether the ideas of despotism, civil inequality and property, are in harmony with the primitive notion of justice, and necessarily follow from it, - assuming various forms according to the condition, position, and relation of persons; or whether they are not rather the illegitimate result of a confusion of different things, a fatal association of ideas. And since justice deals especially with the questions of government, the condition of persons, and the possession of things, we must ascertain under what conditions, judging by universal opinion and the progress of the human mind, government is just, the condition of citizens is just, and the possession of things is just; then, striking out every thing which fails to meet these conditions, the result will at once tell us what legitimate government is, what the legitimate condition of citizens is, and what the legitimate possession of things is; and finally, as the last result of the analysis, what justice is. ~ Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
Experiment with giving away this energy--in little ways at first--directing it toward yourself and toward others with no thought of gain or return. Give more than you think you can, trusting that you are richer than you think. Celebrate this richness. Give as if you had inexhaustible wealth. This is called "kingly giving. ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Jon Kabat-Zinn
What was once impossible now summons us to dismantle the walls between ourselves and our sisters and brothers, to dissolve the distinctions between flesh and spirit, to transcend the present limits of time and matter, to find, at last, not wealth or power but the ecstasy (so long forgotten) of commonplace, unconditional being. For the atom's soul is nothing but energy. Spirit blazes in the dullest of clay. The life of every woman or man-the heart of it-is pure and holy joy. ~ George Leonard
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by George Leonard
When will I have sufficient leisure/wealth to sit on hay-bale watching moon rise, while in luxurious mansion family sleeps? At that time, will have chance to reflect deeply on meaning of life etc., etc. Have a feeling and have always had a feeling that this and other good things will happen for us! ~ Anonymous
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Anonymous
Today, rather than a democracy we have a plutocracy (rule by moneyed interests) in which some of the formal elements of democracy nonetheless remain. Needless to say a real democracy ... is impossible where income, wealth, and power are concentrated and where inequality is growing, that is, in the normal ways of things under capitalism ~ Fred Magdoff
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Fred Magdoff
Surveying American scientists as a whole, Pew Research showed that 33 percent admitted belief in God, while 41 percent were atheists (the rest either didn't answer, didn't know, or believed in a "universal spirit or higher power"). In contrast, belief in God among the general public ran at 83 percent and atheism at only 4 percent. In other words, scientists are ten times more likely to be atheists than are other Americans. This disparity has persisted for over eighty years of polling. ~ Jerry A. Coyne
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Jerry A. Coyne
The next great transfer of wealth WILL take place, not by conspiracy but by ignorance. ~ Robert Kiyosaki
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Robert Kiyosaki
I knew that it is out of the question to have honest, economical government while a few are inordinately rich and the great mass of men are poor. In fact, it is to be doubted if anything really worthwhile can be done until there is a fairer distribution of wealth. ~ Clarence Darrow
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Clarence Darrow
Rather than having regrets over events in the past, or worrying whether or not the future will bring you what you need or desire, allow yourself to rest in the present, the now. Understand that all that has transpired has brought you to this moment, and in this very moment, riches that far outweigh those of the world already lie within you. ~ Kristi Bowman
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Kristi Bowman
He that waits upon fortune, is never sure of a dinner. ~ Benjamin Franklin
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Benjamin Franklin
And then the conditions of safety - or lack of safety - for teachers in public schools, and the disparity between public schools and private schools is shameful. ~ Warren Beatty
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Warren Beatty
Knowing that it is the earth that we tread, we learn to tread carefully, lest it be rent open. Realizing that it is the heavens that hang above us, we come to fear the echoing thunderbolt. The world demands that we battle with others for the sake of our own reputation, and so we undergo the sufferings bred of illusion. While we live in this world with its daily business, forced to walk the tightrope of profit and loss, true love is an empty thing, and the wealth before our eyes mere dust. The reputation we grasp at, the glory that we seize, is surely like the honey that the cunning bee will seem sweetly to brew only to leave his sting within it as he flies. What we call pleasure in fact contains all suffering, since it arises from attachment. Only thanks to the existence of the poet and the painter are we able to imbibe the essence of this dualistic world, to taste the purity of its very bones and marrow. ~ Soseki Natsume
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Soseki Natsume
When not only gold but all commodities are available for the redemption of the paper currency, its volume is limited only by the value of all the wealth of the country, and it can never become insecure up to this limit. ~ John Buchanan Robinson
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by John Buchanan Robinson
The lunatic populism that preceded the Pearl Harbor bombing is astonishing in its permutations, its crisscrossings. Guys like [Catholic priest and controversial radio broadcaster] Father Coughlin and [racist and anti-Semitic agitator and founder of the Christian Nationalist Crusade] Gerald L.K. Smith started out as share-the-wealth socialists. ~ James Ellroy
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by James Ellroy
The man who would prefer great wealth or strength more than love, more than friends, is diseased of soul. ~ Euripides
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Euripides
For the scientific acquisition of knowledge is almost as tedious as the routine acquisition of wealth. ~ Eric Linklater
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Eric Linklater
Wars are motivated by the need to seize the wealth of our neighbours, to wield power, to protect ourselves from real or imagined threats: in short they have, as we have seen, political, social, economic or demographic causes. There is no need to refer to Islam or the clash of civilizations to explain why the Afghans or the Iraqis resist the western military forces occupying their countries. Nor to speak of anti-Jewish sentiment or anti-Semitism to understand the reasons why the Palestinians are not overjoyed by the Israeli occupation of their lands. ~ Tzvetan Todorov
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Tzvetan Todorov
What counts today, the question which is looming on the horizon, is the need for a redistribution of wealth. Humanity must reply to this question, or be shaken to pieces by it. ~ Frantz Fanon
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Frantz Fanon
In general, Russia suffers from a frightening poverty in the sphere of facts and a frightening wealth of all types of arguments. ~ Anton Chekhov
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Anton Chekhov
The ability to Self-Motivate is a cornerstone of true wealth. ~ Bob Proctor
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Bob Proctor
Batman knew what it was like to trip balls without seriously losing his shit, and that savoir faire added another layer to his outlaw sexiness and alluring aura of decadence and wealth. ~ Grant Morrison
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Grant Morrison
Suddenly absurdism wasn't an intellectual abstraction, it was actually realism. You could see the way that wealth was begetting wealth, wealth was begetting comfort - and that the cumulative effect of an absence of wealth was the erosion of grace. ~ George Saunders
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by George Saunders
The sage has the sun and moon by his side and the universe under his arm. He blends everything into a harmonious whole ... He blends the disparities of ten thousand years into one complete purity. All things are blended like this and mutually involve each other. ~ Zhuangzi
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Zhuangzi
The ego is constantly comparing itself to others. It has us measuring our self-worth against the looks, wealth, and social status of everyone else. Did this not explain some of my worrying at work? ~ Dan Harris
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Dan Harris
The accumulation of personal wealth and the extension of commercial transactions have developed a great and lamentable increase in certain classes of crimes, while the improvements in transport have largely facilitated the escape of fugitive criminals. ~ Edward Blake
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Edward Blake
They're a nasty bunch of people. The Riot Club's sole purpose is to celebrate wealth, elitism, hedonism, and excess - just random acts of destruction and chauvinism, which is interesting because our Prime Minister, our Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Mayor of London were are a part of this club. ~ Max Irons
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Max Irons
The clergy converted the simple teachings of Jesus into an engine for enslaving mankind and adulterated by artificial constructions into a contrivance to filch wealth and power to themselves ... these clergy, in fact, constitute the real Anti-Christ. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Thomas Jefferson
It is not the actual greatness of national wealth, but its continual increase, which occasions a rise in the wages of labour. It is not, accordingly, in the richest countries, but in the most thriving, or in those which are growing rich the fastest, that the wages of labour are highest. England is certainly, in the present times, a much richer country than any part of North America. The wages of labour, however, are much higher in North America than in any part of England. ~ Adam Smith
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Adam Smith
The metaphysical mutation that gave rise to materialism and modern science in turn spawned two great trends: rationalism and individualism. Huxley's mistake was in having poorly evaluated the balance of power between these two. Specifically, he underestimated the growth of individualism brought about by an increased consciousness of death. Individualism gives rise to freedom, the sense of self, the need to distinguish oneself and to be superior to others. A rational society like the one he describes in Brave New World can defuse the struggle. Economic rivalry - a metaphor for mastery over space - has no more reason to exist in a society of plenty, where the economy is strictly regulated. Sexual rivalry - a metaphor for mastery over time through reproduction - has no more reason to exist in a society where the connection between sex and procreation has been broken. But Huxley forgets about individualism. He doesn't understand that sex, even stripped of its link with reproduction, still exists - not as a pleasure principle, but as a form of narcissistic differentiation. The same is true of the desire for wealth. Why has the Swedish model of social democracy never triumphed over liberalism? Why has it never been applied to sexual satisfaction? Because the metaphysical mutation brought about by modern science leads to individuation, vanity, malice and desire. Any philosopher, not just Buddhist or Christian, but any philosopher worthy of the name, knows that, in itself, desire - u ~ Michel Houellebecq
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Michel Houellebecq
O wise man! Give your wealth only to the worthy and never to others. The water of the sea received by the clouds is always sweet. ~ Chanakya
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Chanakya
Poverty, like obesity, has the tendency to add at least ten years to the appearance of its victims, especially those who are over the age of twenty. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Disparity Of Wealth quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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