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People have to be secure in order to transfer their money to you. Never forget that. How you make them secure is to not come at them from above (action, yang) telling them how marvelous the product is and how marvelous you are. Instead, work on their comfort zone first, keeping silent for the most part, leading things along effortlessly by asking questions (nonaction, yin). When you do get to talk, be sure to tell them that everything is cozy, safe, and secure. People need to hear that. Work on their positive energy, and tell them about the good fortune that is about to descend upon them in these exciting and positive times. Then, and only then, mention the dumb screws. ~ Stuart Wilde
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Stuart Wilde
I am willing to move out of my comfort zone and experience life in a new way. ~ Louise Hay
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Louise Hay
We march up, moody or good-tempered soldiers - we reach the zone where the front begins and become on the instant human animals. ~ Erich Maria Remarque
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
Once we belong thoroughly to ourselves and believe thoroughly in ourselves, true belonging is ours. Belonging to ourselves means being called to stand alone. To brave the wilderness of uncertainty, vulnerability and criticism. And with the world feeling like a political and ideological combat zone, this is remarkably tough. We seem to have forgotten that even when we're utterly alone, we're connected to one another by something greater than group membership, politics, and ideology - that we're connected by love and the human spirit. No matter how separated we are, by what we think and believe, we are part of the same spiritual story. ~ Brene Brown
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Brene Brown
The erogenous zone is always shifting, and it is the business of fashion to pursue it, without ever catching it up. ~ James Laver
Dematerialized Zone quotes by James Laver
Two nations; between whom there is no intercourse and no sympathy; who are as ignorant of each other's habits, thoughts, and feelings, as if they were dwellers in different zones, or inhabitants of different planets; who are formed by a different breeding, are fed by a different food, are ordered by different manners, and are not governed by the same laws ... THE RICH AND THE POOR. ~ Benjamin Disraeli
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Benjamin Disraeli
In days gone by, scientists would speak solemnly about our solar system's 'habitable zone' - a theoretical region extending from Venus to Mars, but perhaps not encompassing either, where a planet would be the right temperature to have liquid water on its surface. ~ Seth Shostak
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Seth Shostak
Life is meant to be lived in 'the zone', not the stands. ~ Orrin Woodward
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Orrin Woodward
In the industry, trying out new genres is not always encouraged but what I've discovered is that as a writer, a jaunt outside my comfort zone generally brings new skills to the main body of my work. ~ Sara Sheridan
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Sara Sheridan
The best piece of advice someone has ever given me was 'do it scared.' And no matter if you're scared, just go ahead and do it anyway because you might as well do it scared, so it will get done and you will feel so much better if you step out of your comfort zone. ~ Sherri Shepherd
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Sherri Shepherd
She looked like a character from a video game. One of those improbably busty, impossibly well-armed superchicks who could do acrobatics and hit the kill zone even while firing guns from both hands during a cartwheel.
"You look fucking ridiculous," she told herself. ~ Jonathan Maberry
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Jonathan Maberry
When you go out of your comfort zone and it works there's nothing more satisfying. ~ Kristen Wiig
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Kristen Wiig
The "answer" doesn't come in a formula or a one-sentence aphorism. Rather, the path to ongoing enlightenment begins by loosening our death grip on our opinions, beliefs, and ingrained behavior. When we let go, we create space to let in new insights and observations - we explore, we expand, and we become more aware. Letting go and opening up allows us to confront repressed feelings and fears, and allows love and compassion to flourish. That's why one person's "answer" might offer little insight to someone else. ~ Joseph Deitch
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Joseph Deitch
I really like being on set when you've all moved on a job because it makes you bond very quickly. You're all out of your time and comfort zone, so you kind of only have each other. ~ Anna Popplewell
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Anna Popplewell
When a painting I'm working on becomes my singular focus - when I am "in the zone," as I've heard people put it - a trancelike state will sometimes overtake me. ~ Wally Lamb
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Wally Lamb
Tyler almost came off the bed when his teeth nibbled a spot. When had that become an erogenous zone? "I don't recall you ever doing that before?"
"I've had a few years to study."
"Not the best time to bring up other women."
"Books." He reassured her. "Long, lonely hours at the library...."
"If you learned that from a book, I'm calling Lilah to have her send the author flowers! ~ Mary J. Williams
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Mary J. Williams
There is a Hand to turn the time,
Though thy Glass today be run,
Till the Light hath brought the Towers low
Find the last poor Preterite one ...
Till the Riders sleep by ev'ry road,
All through our crippl'd Zone,
With a face in ev'ry Mountainside
And a Soul in ev'ry stone
Now Everybody - ~ Thomas Pynchon
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Thomas Pynchon
We're a telephone family, strung out along the wires, sharing our news in loops and daisy chains. We don't meet face-to-face much, and when we do there's a dematerialized feeling, as though only half of our molecules are present. ~ Walter Kirn
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Walter Kirn
Letting go of who you're supposed to be and discovering who you really are is a journey of many experiences, but certainty is not one of them. No matter how long you wait, it'll never feel safe enough. Plunge in anyway. ~ Vironika Tugaleva
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Vironika Tugaleva
Innovation becomes possible only if people can step out of their comfort zone. ~ Pearl Zhu
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Pearl Zhu
I've been as a pilot involved in the Gulf War. And then, in the No-Fly Zone. ~ Philippe Perrin
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Philippe Perrin
We packed up some tarps and followed the man to a town called Pleasant Grove. I have cousins who live there, but I hadn't driven through since before the tornado. It was unrecognizable. Houses were gone, cars were upside down and scattered all over the place. It looked like a war zone. And I would know. ~ Noah Galloway
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Noah Galloway
She inhaled sharply as he traced the line of her neck with the warm wetness. "I'm not afraid to bleed for you, Marguerite." His voice was a rough whisper against her ear. "I'll tell The Zone you're thinking it over. Don't disappoint me. Or yourself. ~ Joey W. Hill
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Joey W. Hill
Each one of us has a comfort zone. The problem comes when we are unwilling to leave it. ~ Bill Courtney
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Bill Courtney
What, did I just step into the twilight zone? ~ H.D. Gordon
Dematerialized Zone quotes by H.D. Gordon
You can't be a successful leader or mentor until you have served. You can't serve until you have stepped out of your comfort zone. And you can't step out of your comfort zone unless you have character and keep your word. ~ Bill Courtney
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Bill Courtney
I had to learn the hard way that treating the skin like an A-bomb drop zone is completely counterproductive. And through my healing journey, I've discovered something miraculous: that moisturizers can heal in unimaginable ways. ~ Yancy Lael
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Yancy Lael
She had kept well behind the safety barrier her entire life, but now she was standing there at the edge of the precipice for the very first time, fumbling blindly with the realization that there were other ways to live, at how intense and rich life could be. ~ Katarina Bivald
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Katarina Bivald
It's a choice, it's a bold move - disassembling the Box - and one that requires assertion, but the rewards are remarkable!! ~ Heidi Reagan
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Heidi Reagan
Often, stepping outside your comfort zone is not careless irresponsibility, but a necessary act of obedience. ~ Andy Stanley
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Andy Stanley
Our minds are creative and knowledgeable.
Yet time and time again, our needs and wants fell on deaf ears. We were told we weren't good enough. We were abused mentally, physically, and emotionally. We were told with nasty sarcastic remarks at times, and here and there maybe a laugh that made the insult worse; "It would be your word against mine, and guess who they are going believe? Not you."
One by one we took a chance to speak up, but our voices weren't heard. They tried to make us feel threatened; as if we were going to lay down and be stepped on like shit on the bottom on their shoe. We interrupted their comfort zone and showed them their time was up! ~ Charlena E. Jackson
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
Comfort Zone = Danger Zone !! Danger to your own GROWTH... ~ Abha Maryada Banerjee
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Abha Maryada Banerjee
He always felt stronger in the mists. He felt like someone was watching, when he was out in them. ~ Brandon Sanderson
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Brandon Sanderson
We can do things that are greater than ourselves. If you believe nothing exists beyond a certain boundary, then you will never test the veracity of that belief and you will never discover new possibilities....Maybe there are truly extraordinary people out there, but I'm not one of them. The most extraordinary acts are accomplished by ordinary people doing something a little extra and stepping ouiside their personal comfort zone....I often wonder how much human potential lies unrealized and untapped, how much we are limited by our own fears as well as by social, cultural, religious, and self-imposed limitations. If we can break through those, how far might we go as individuals, as a species? ~ Juliana Buhring
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Juliana Buhring
Christian attempts at social witness have often swung wildly back and forth between chest-beating optimism to withdrawal and despair. One minute we are "reclaiming America for Christ," the next we pronounce that American culture is "slouching toward Gomorrah." We lose sight both of the fact that all of human history - from Eden onward - is a war zone, and that God's kingdom triumph is proven not by our electoral success or our cultural influence - as important as that is in being obediently "salt" and "light" in our culture. Our triumph is proven in the resurrection of the world's rightful ruler. ~ Russell D. Moore
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Russell D. Moore
Inspiration pushes me out of my tight intellectual comfort zone and into humility, the wonderous state of not knowing. From this place of zero, limitless possibilities seem to arise. ~ Sharon Gannon
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Sharon Gannon
From the people who brought you "zero tolerance," I present the Gun-Free Zone! Yippee! Problem solved! Bam! Bam! Everybody down! Hey, how did that deranged loner get a gun into this Gun-Free Zone? ~ Ann Coulter
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Ann Coulter
The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears. ~ Dan Stevens
Dematerialized Zone quotes by Dan Stevens
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