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#1. Iraqis will never forget that on 8 August 1990 Kuwait became part of Iraq legally, constitutionally and actually. It continued to do so until last night, when withdrawal began. - Author: Saddam Hussein
Gulf War quotes by Saddam Hussein
#2. Our firm view is that the president has no legal authority, none whatsoever, to commit American troops to war in the Persian Gulf or anywhere else without congressional authorization. - Author: George J. Mitchell
Gulf War quotes by George J. Mitchell
#3. This gulf war syndrome thing is truly unfortunate, and I've met some of the vets who have this. These are my guys, and I feel terrible about it. - Author: Norman Schwarzkopf
Gulf War quotes by Norman Schwarzkopf
#4. If we let people see that kind of thing, there would never again be any war. Pentagon official, on why US military censored graphic footage from the Gulf War In time of war the first casualty is truth. - Author: Boake Carter
Gulf War quotes by Boake Carter
#5. I, not for the first time, would like to say that I never took a pro-Iraq position during the Gulf War. - Author: King Hussein
Gulf War quotes by King Hussein
#6. I know "professional" historians like to talk about how Yonkers represented a "catastrophic failure of the modern military apparatus," how it proved the old adage that armies perfect the art of fighting the last war just in time for the next one. Personally, I think that's a big 'ole sack of it. Sure, we were unprepared, our tools, our training, everything I just talked about, all one class-A, gold-standard clusterfuck, but the weapon that really failed wasn't something that rolled off an assembly line. It's as old as…I don't know, I guess as old as war. It's fear, dude, just fear and you don't have to be Sun freakin Tzu to know that real fighting isn't about killing or even hurting the other guy, it's about scaring him enough to call it a day. Break their spirit, that's what every successful army goes for, from tribal face paint to the "blitzkrieg" to…what did we call the first round of Gulf War Two, "Shock and Awe"? Perfect name, "Shock and Awe"! But what if the enemy can't be shocked and awed? Not just won't, but biologically can't! That's what happened that day outside New York City, that's the failure that almost lost us the whole damn war. The fact that we couldn't shock and awe Zack boomeranged right back in our faces and actually allowed Zack to shock and awe us! They're not afraid! No matter what we do, no matter how many we kill, they will never, ever be afraid! - Author: Max Brooks
Gulf War quotes by Max Brooks
#7. The boar held a VCR reote control and cackled maliciously as he watched a video of U.S. politicians grinning with their one-time budy Saddam
Dick Cheney, Gulf War-era Secretary of State James Baker, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush, to the tune of "Taking Care of Business." And then the viewers saw themselves in a mirror emblazoned with the words "You are a witness. - Author: Wafaa Bilal
Gulf War quotes by Wafaa Bilal
#8. We have to go massively, like we did in the first Gulf War where we destroyed Saddam's ability to take Kuwait. We need to have a coalition that will stand for nothing less than the total destruction of ISIS and we have to be the leader. - Author: John Kasich
Gulf War quotes by John Kasich
#9. In the Gulf War, U.S. Marine Corps wheeled vehicles were killing Iraqi T-72 tanks. - Author: Ralph Peters
Gulf War quotes by Ralph Peters
#10. Courage is being afraid - and going ahead, anyway. - Author: Heather Graham
Gulf War quotes by Heather Graham
#11. The Gulf War is responsible for the huge and horrifying rise in Islamic terrorism. - Author: Pierre Salinger
Gulf War quotes by Pierre Salinger
#12. The next year was kindergarten. On Parents Night we filed in and sat on the little chairs. It was just after the United States had launched its war against Iraq, and the teacher began to describe the children's curriculum for the year, I raised my hand, ever the firebrand, and asked if she'd be teaching the kids about the Gulf War. There was a collective gasp as the other parents looked at me with horror. The teacher paled and said softly, "We're working on colors. - Author: Candice Bergen
Gulf War quotes by Candice Bergen
#13. The use of depleted uranium in the Gulf War has been particularly effective. Radiation levels in Iraq are appallingly high. Babies are born with no brain, no eyes, no genitals. Where they do have ears, mouths or rectums, all that issues from these orifices is blood.' - HAROLD PINTER A $19 trillion price tag since 1940 for past, present, and future wars reveals our addiction to war and bloodshed. - Author: Philip Berrigan
Gulf War quotes by Philip Berrigan
#14. It has been, after all, 11 years, more than a decade now, of defiance of U.N. resolutions by Saddam Hussein. Every obligation that he signed onto after the Gulf War, so that he would not be a threat to peace and security, he has ignored and flaunted. - Author: Condoleezza Rice
Gulf War quotes by Condoleezza Rice
#15. It is important not to allow ever wider coalition-building to become an end in itself. As we saw in the Gulf War of 1990, international pressures, particularly those exerted from within an alliance, can result in the failure to follow actions through and so leave future problems unresolved. - Author: Margaret Thatcher
Gulf War quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#16. the Afghans were well aware of what happened in Iraq during the Gulf War, when the Shiites and Kurds believed the leaflets the Americans dropped urging them to rise up against Saddam Hussein. They did, and the Americans did not come. Saddam's forces had retaliated by massacring the insurgents. "The Afghans in the south fear the same fate - they need to be assured - Author: Eric Blehm
Gulf War quotes by Eric Blehm
#17. Ironically, the Canadian naval vessels, aircraft and personnel in the Persian Gulf I mentioned earlier who are fighting terrorism will provide more support indirectly to this war in Iraq than most of the 46 countries that are fully supporting our efforts there. - Author: Paul Cellucci
Gulf War quotes by Paul Cellucci
#18. In April 1991, after the Gulf war, Iraq was given 15 days to provide a full and final declaration of all its WMD. - Author: Tony Blair
Gulf War quotes by Tony Blair
#19. I'm not panicking, and I'm not scared, I've been through the Gulf War, the Asia crisis, and the Russian crisis. - Author: Al-Waleed Bin Talal
Gulf War quotes by Al-Waleed Bin Talal
#20. Iraq made commitments after the Gulf War to completely dismantle all weapons of mass destruction, and unfortunately, Iraq has not lived up to its agreement. - Author: Barbara Boxer
Gulf War quotes by Barbara Boxer
#21. But in the first Gulf war the United Kingdom was not under any threat from Iraq, and is still less so in the second one. Then there is no justification for obstructing freedom of information, particularly as nations have a right to know what their soldiers are being used for. - Author: Kate Adie
Gulf War quotes by Kate Adie
#22. Journalism took me around the world. I worked in London for ten years and reported on the collapse of the Soviet Union, the troubles in Northern Ireland, and the first Gulf War. - Author: Michael Robotham
Gulf War quotes by Michael Robotham
#23. You know we armed Iraq. I wondered about that too, you know during the Persian Gulf war those intelligence reports would come out: "Iraq: incredible weapons - incredible weapons." How do you know that? "Uh, well ... we looked at the receipts." - Author: Bill Hicks
Gulf War quotes by Bill Hicks
#24. He will use those weapons of mass destruction again, as he has ten times since 1983. - Author: Sandy Berger
Gulf War quotes by Sandy Berger
#25. The inspections started in 1991, right after the Gulf War. One of the conditions for the ceasefire was that Iraq had to do away with all of its weapons of mass destruction - biological, chemical and nuclear weapons and long-range missiles. - Author: Hans Blix
Gulf War quotes by Hans Blix
#26. The greatest victory in living memory – of the United States over the Soviet Union – was achieved without any major military confrontation. The United States then got a fleeting taste of old-fashioned military glory in the First Gulf War, but this only tempted it to waste trillions on humiliating military fiascos in Iraq and Afghanistan. China, the rising power of the early twenty-first century, has assiduously avoided all armed conflicts since its failed invasion of Vietnam in 1979, and it owes its ascent strictly to economic factors. In this it has emulated not the Japanese, German and Italian empires of the pre-1914 era, but rather the Japanese, German and Italian economic miracles of the post-1945 era. In all these cases economic prosperity and geopolitical clout were achieved without firing a shot. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Gulf War quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#27. I would not plan to base my campaign primarily on opposition to the war in the Persian Gulf. - Author: George McGovern
Gulf War quotes by George McGovern
#28. By God, we will make the fire eat up half of Isreal if it tries to do anything against Iraq. - Author: Saddam Hussein
Gulf War quotes by Saddam Hussein
#29. It took the Gulf War to demonstrate that America did want more than one friend in the Mideast, and also was willing to take and make major risks to prevent a small Muslim country, Kuwait, from being overrun and in effect stolen by Iraq. - Author: Caspar Weinberger
Gulf War quotes by Caspar Weinberger
#30. The U.S. victory in Gulf War was a stirring victory for the forces of aggression. - Author: Dan Quayle
Gulf War quotes by Dan Quayle
#31. President Bush was widely ridiculed for consulting the Reverend Billy Graham before the Gulf war. - Author: William Bennett
Gulf War quotes by William Bennett
#32. If the tears I've shed for my fallen comrades and this nation were blood I'd be dead ...
Stanley Victor Paskavich
Disabled Gulf War Veteran - Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich
Gulf War quotes by Stanley Victor Paskavich
#33. the Army contracts private carriers to handle the overflow. In the Gulf War, they even had to resort to forcing major airline companies to cough up planes to make ends meet, under a compulsive federal system known as the Civilian Reserve Airfleet Program (my favorite government acronym of all time). - Author: Piers Platt
Gulf War quotes by Piers Platt
#34. I've been as a pilot involved in the Gulf War. And then, in the No-Fly Zone. - Author: Philippe Perrin
Gulf War quotes by Philippe Perrin
#35. The Iraqi forces are conducting the Mother of all Retreats. - Author: Dick Cheney
Gulf War quotes by Dick Cheney
#36. The Americans have always been better than the Iraqis at the leaflets. Early on in the first Gulf War, Iraqi PsyOps dropped a batch of their own leaflets on US troops, designed to be psychologically devastating. They read, 'Your wives are back at home having sex with Bart Simpson and Burt Reynolds. - Author: Jon Ronson
Gulf War quotes by Jon Ronson
#37. In addition to declaring and destroying all of its weapons of mass destruction, Iraq must end its support for terrorism. It must cease the persecution of its civilian population. It must stop all illicit trade outside the oil-for-food program. And it must release or account for all Gulf War personnel, including an American pilot, whose fate is still unknown. By taking these steps, and only by taking these steps, the Iraqi regime has an opportunity to avoid conflict. These steps would also change the nature of the Iraqi regime itself. America hopes the regime will make that choice. - Author: George W. Bush
Gulf War quotes by George W. Bush
#38. (Note: The following was written in 2003, before the full implication of US military commitment in Afghanistan and Iraq could be fully appreciated. The passage also predates US drone attacks against targets in Pakistan and Yemen - to say nothing of Israeli affairs since 2003. It is unknown if and how the author's comments would change if he were writing the same today.)

The value of Israel to the United States as a strategic asset has been much disputed. There have been some in the United States who view Israel as a major strategic ally in the region and the one sure bastion against both external and regional enemies. Others have argued that Israel, far from being a strategic asset, has been a strategic liability, by embittering U.S. relations with the Arab world and causing the failure of U.S. policies in the region.

But if one compares the record of American policy in the Middle East with that of other regions, one is struck not by its failure but by its success. There is, after all, no Vietnam in the Middle East, no Cuba or Nicaragua or El Salvador, not even an Angola. On the contrary, throughout the successive crises that have shaken the region, there has always been an imposing political, economic, and cultural American presence, usually in several countries - and this, until the Gulf War of 1991, without the need for any significant military intervention. And even then, their presence was needed to rescue the victims of an inter-Arab aggression, un - Author: Bernard Lewis
Gulf War quotes by Bernard Lewis
#39. Allah is on our side. That is why we will beat the aggressor. - Author: Saddam Hussein
Gulf War quotes by Saddam Hussein
#40. The most often cited cautionary example is Iraq. Under the heavy-handed rule of Saddam Hussein, Christians faced some forms of discrimination but they were basically secure. Once Hussein fell, Christians became primary victims of the chaos that ensued. From a peak of 1.5 million Christians at the time of the first Gulf War in 1991, no more than 400,000 are left in the country, according to estimates, and the exodus shows no signs of abating. Many Christians in Egypt fear the same thing would happen if the Muslim Brotherhood ever returned to power, and Christians in Syria are convinced the same outcome would follow from a rebel victory. To return to Pope Francis, all this illustrates two points about his peace-making efforts going forward. - Author: Anonymous
Gulf War quotes by Anonymous
#41. We are not intimidated by the size of the armies, or the type of hardware the US has brought. - Author: Saddam Hussein
Gulf War quotes by Saddam Hussein
#42. Two subsequent incidents of import established CNN: the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger in 1986, which CNN was the only network to cover as it happened, and the 1991 Gulf War, which CNN chronicled round the clock from a proximity as irresistible as it was alarming, bomb blasts and gunfire lighting up TV screens from coast to coast. - Author: Steve Erickson
Gulf War quotes by Steve Erickson
#43. Wars between states and people seem to have existed under all historical systems for as long as we have some recorded evidence. War is quite clearly not a phenomenon particular to the modern world-system. On the other hand, once again the technological achievements of capitalist civilization serve as much ill as good. One bomb in Hiroshima killed more people than whole wars in pre-modern times. Alexander the Great in his whole sweep of the Middle East could not compare in destructiveness to the impact of the Gulf War on Iraq and Kuwait. - Author: Immanuel Wallerstein
Gulf War quotes by Immanuel Wallerstein
#44. But Gulf War Syndrome is not one cause, not one illness. It is many causes, many illnesses. - Author: Christopher Shays
Gulf War quotes by Christopher Shays
#45. But Canada remains a crucial partner in this global war on terrorism, and we are grateful for that. Canadian naval vessels, aircraft and military personnel continue anti-terrorist operations in the Persian Gulf. - Author: Paul Cellucci
Gulf War quotes by Paul Cellucci
#46. I opposed the Suez war, I opposed the Falklands war. I opposed the Libyan bombing and I opposed the Gulf war and I never believed that any of those principled arguments lost a single vote - indeed, I think they gained support though that was not why you did it. What has been lacking in Labour politics over a long period is a principled stand - Author: Tony Benn
Gulf War quotes by Tony Benn
#47. Draft-dodging is what chicken-hawks do best. Dick Cheney, Glenn Beck, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh (this capon claimed he had a cyst on his fat ass), Newt Gingrich, former Attorney General John Ashcroft - he received seven deferments to teach business education at Southwest Missouri State - pompous Bill O'Reilly, Jeb Bush, hey, throw in John Wayne - they were all draft-dodgers. Not a single one of these mouth-breathing, cowardly, and meretricious buffoons fought for his country. All plumped for deferments. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani? Did not serve. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney? Did not serve in the military. (He served the Mormon Church on a thirty-month mission to France.) Former Senator Fred Thompson? Did not serve. Former President Ronald Reagan? Due to poor eyesight, he served in a noncombat role making movies for the Army in southern California during WWII. He later seems to have confused his role as an actor playing a tail gunner with the real thing. Did Rahm Emanuel serve? Yes, he did during the Gulf War 1991 - in the Israeli Army. John Boehner did not serve, not a fucking second. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY? Not a minute! Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-MS? Avoided the draft. Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl, R-AZ - did not serve. National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair John Cornyn, R-TX - did not serve. Former Senate Republican Policy Committee Chair John Ensign, R-NV? Did not serve. Jack Kemp? Dan Quayle? Never serve - Author: Alexander Theroux
Gulf War quotes by Alexander Theroux
#48. During the Gulf War, journalists used to challenge government news managers and insisted they wouldn't just accept the official version of events. - Author: Tariq Ali
Gulf War quotes by Tariq Ali
#49. In the spring of 1990 I flew to Aspen, Colorado, to cover a summit meeting between Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and President George Herbert Walker Bush. This fairly routine political event took on sudden significance when, on the evening before the talks were scheduled to begin, Saddam Hussein announced that the independent state of Kuwait had, by virtue of a massive deployment of military force, become a part of Iraq. We were not to know that this act - and the name Saddam Hussein - would dominate international politics for the next decade and more, but it was still possible to witness something extraordinary: the sight of Mrs. Thatcher publicly inserting quantities of lead into George Bush's pencil. The spattering quill of a Ralph Steadman would be necessary to do justice to such a macabre yet impressive scene. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Gulf War quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#50. Among the privileges of being a superpower, the right and the ability to make a local quarrel into a global one ranks very high. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Gulf War quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#51. The United States encouraged Iraqis to rise up after Saddam Hussein's army was driven out of Kuwait. Washington assumed Saddam was weak after losing the 1991 Gulf War. Iraqis rose up, but Saddam's troops killed thousands - Iraqis say tens of thousands - in a counter-offensive. - Author: Richard Engel
Gulf War quotes by Richard Engel
#52. All the other large and small nationalities and peoples are destined to perish before long in the revolutionary world storm ... The next world war will result in the disappearance from the face of the earth not only of reactionary classes and dynasties, but also of entire reactionary peoples. And that, too, is a step forward. - Author: Friedrich Engels
Gulf War quotes by Friedrich Engels
#53. Christopher Lynch has made the best and the first careful translation of Machiavelli's Art of War. With useful notes, an excellent introduction, an interpretive essay, glossary, and index, it is a treasure for readers of military history and Renaissance thought as well as for lovers of Machiavelli. - Author: Harvey Mansfield
Gulf War quotes by Harvey Mansfield
#54. Their boredom becomes more and more terrible. They realize that they've been tricked and burn with resentment. Every day of their lives they read the newspapers and went to the movies. Both fed them on lynchings, murder, sex crimes, explosions, wrecks, love nests, fires, miracles, revolutions, war. This daily diet made sophisticates of them. The sun is a joke. Oranges can't titillate their jaded palates. Nothing can ever be violent enough to make taut their slack minds and bodies. They have been cheated and betrayed. They have slaved and saved for nothing. - Author: Nathanael West
Gulf War quotes by Nathanael West
#55. Also, the world contains a lot of people. The statistics of power-law distributions and the events of the past two centuries agree in telling us that a small number of perpetrators can cause a great deal of damage. If somewhere among the world's six billion people there is a zealot who gets his hands on a stray nuclear bomb, he could single-handedly send the statistics through the roof. But even if he did, we would still need an explanation of why homicide rates fell a hundredfold, why slave markets and debtors' prisons have vanished, and why the Soviets and Americans did not go to war over Cuba, to say nothing of Canada and Spain over flatfish. - Author: Steven Pinker
Gulf War quotes by Steven Pinker
#56. No, painting is not interior decoration. It is an instrument of war for attack and defense against the enemy. - Author: Pablo Picasso
Gulf War quotes by Pablo Picasso
#57. The memory of the Second World War hangs over Europe, an inescapable and irresistible point of reference. Historical parallels are usually misleading and dangerous. - Author: Antony Beevor
Gulf War quotes by Antony Beevor
#58. The part of her that should have been disgusted was numb. - Author: Fuyumi Ono
Gulf War quotes by Fuyumi Ono
#59. They were at war. Time was the one luxury no one had anymore. Tomorrow felt as ephemeral as a kiss in the dark. She - Author: Kristin Hannah
Gulf War quotes by Kristin Hannah
#60. In my first book, 'A Return to Love', I wrote about things in the outer world that need to change - how we need to ameliorate deep poverty, heal the earth, end war. - Author: Marianne Williamson
Gulf War quotes by Marianne Williamson
#61. What's outside my head and what's inside my head aren't worth mentioning. What's worth mentioning is what's on my head – my hair. Whatever happens, I'll still be as fashionably coiffed as I was before the war broke out and I got dementia. - Author: Bauvard
Gulf War quotes by Bauvard
#62. The outcome of battle is never in a warrior's control. What is in his control is how he chooses to fight and what he chooses to fight for. Today, I choose to fight to keep the Anartas and Sindhuvarta free of the invaders – and I choose to fight such that the enemy will speak of me in their legends for generations to come. - Author: Shatrujeet Nath
Gulf War quotes by Shatrujeet Nath
#63. However much pains may be taken to combine the soldier and the citizen in one and the same individual, whatever may be done to nationalize wars, never will it be possible to do away with the professionalism of the business; and if that cannot be done, then those who belong to it will always look upon themselves as a kind of guild, in the regulations, laws, and customs in which the "Spirit of War" finds its expression. It would be very wrong to look down upon this corporate spirit, or esprit de corps, which may and should exist more or less in every Army. - Author: Carl Von Clausewitz
Gulf War quotes by Carl Von Clausewitz
#64. Unutterable are the things we fear, but soon our fears will be exceeded - Author: Marcus Annaeus Lucanus
Gulf War quotes by Marcus Annaeus Lucanus
#65. A war must be avoided at all costs. Russia is against any type of use of external force. - Author: Vladimir Yakunin
Gulf War quotes by Vladimir Yakunin
#66. Lost

In black as solid as a mire
In a land no one would die for
In a time I was lost
To anyone who ever loved me
The world set itself on fire
And the sky collapsed above me

In a place no one could call home
In a place I breathed and slept
In a battle no one understood
That continued all the same
I sat defenseless and alone
With the insignificance of my name

In the midst of the Lord's birth
On a night meant to be peaceful
In a country of the Prophet
Where women don't live free
I spoke to God from the shaking Earth
And prayed my mother would forgive me

In a city without power
In a desert torn by religion
In a bank between two rivers
We added up the decade's cost
And glorified the final hour
Of a war that everyone had lost

In the dust of helplessness
In a concrete bunker
In a fate I chose myself
I waited without remorse
To fight again as recompense
For wasted lives and discourse

-an original poem about an attack on our base in Iraq during the Arab Spring - Author: Dianna Skowera
Gulf War quotes by Dianna Skowera
#67. I think my political transformation began with my exposure to the business-as-usual attitude of many civil service bureaucrats during the war; then came the attempted Communist take-over of the picture business, which a lot of my liberal friends refused to admit ever happened; next, I had a brief experience living in a country that promised the kind of womb-to-tomb utopian benevolence a lot of these liberal friends wanted to bring to America. In 1949, I spent four months in England filming The Hasty Heart while the Labor Party was in power. I saw firsthand how the welfare state sapped incentive to work from many people in a wonderful and dynamic country. - Author: Ronald Reagan
Gulf War quotes by Ronald Reagan
#68. Chess is all about getting the king into check, you see. It's about killing the father. I would say that chess has more to do with the art of murder than it does with the art of war. - Author: Arturo Perez Reverte
Gulf War quotes by Arturo Perez Reverte
#69. Star Wars film is breaking all previous box office records. (Why might we want to revisit those characters, that narrative, those jokes and tropes again, in this way, right now? I wonder what it will turn out to reveal about the economics and politics of this moment.) - Author: Laura Mullen
Gulf War quotes by Laura Mullen
#70. The doctrine that war is always a greater evil seems to imply a materialist ethic, a belief that death and pain are the greatest evils. But I do not think they are ... All men die, and most men miserably. That two soldiers on opposite sides, each believing his own country to be in the right, each at the moment when his selfishness is most in abeyance and his will to sacrifice in the ascendant, should kill [each] other in plain battle seems to me by no means one of the most terrible things in this terrible world. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Gulf War quotes by C.S. Lewis
#71. Well, I didn't read My Day by Eleanor Roosevelt very carefully. I was away during a lot of that, in the war and so on. She was not all that good a writer. She was a little bit on the banal side, and you know, what happened, and then this happened, and then that happened ... But I will say this. She got very well paid for it. - Author: William A. Rusher
Gulf War quotes by William A. Rusher
#72. Caroline leaned forward. "Now explain to me why this is perfectly normal and dressing up in Regency gear is not."
He blinked. "Finley, because the Civil War is history."
"So is Regency England." She laughed, eyes bright. "Just because we're not firing cannons or riding horses doesn't mean it won't be fun. - Author: Mary Jane Hathaway
Gulf War quotes by Mary Jane Hathaway
#73. In America you can be armed, just not with the facts. - Author: Bill Maher
Gulf War quotes by Bill Maher
#74. What is life when you come to think upon it, but a most excellent, accurately set, infinitely complicated machine for turning fat playful puppies into old mangy blind dogs, and proud war horses into skinny nags, and succulent young boys, to whom the world holds great delights and terrors, into old weak men, with running eyes, who drink ground rhino-horn? - Author: Isak Dinesen
Gulf War quotes by Isak Dinesen
#75. Photographer James Nachtwey has spent his professional life in the places people most want to avoid: war zones and refugee camps, the city flattened by an earthquake, the village swallowed by a flood, the farm hollowed out by famine. - Author: Nancy Gibbs
Gulf War quotes by Nancy Gibbs
#76. In an instant it became clear to us that the nearly - but not quite - perfect uniformity of the advancing columns, dissolving chaotically in the clash of the fronts, reformed itself after he battle in a far more perfect form: as the utterly precise, utterly indistinguishable rows of crosses in the heroes' cemeteries, where the lines spread out into a broad perspective, moving in its spare monotony, cut at right angles and chopped in blocks, so that an absolute order was finally achieved. - Author: Gregor Von Rezzori
Gulf War quotes by Gregor Von Rezzori
#77. And rivaling the Democratic Peace theory as a categorical factoid about modern conflict prevention is the Golden Arches theory: no two countries with a McDonald's have ever fought in a war. The only unambiguous Big Mac Attack took place in 1999, when NATO briefly bombed Yugoslavia.234 - Author: Steven Pinker
Gulf War quotes by Steven Pinker
#78. Since the end of the Cold War two main nuclear powers have begun to make big reductions in their nuclear arsenals. Each of them is dismantling about 2,000 nuclear warheads a year. - Author: Joseph Rotblat
Gulf War quotes by Joseph Rotblat
#79. There is a mighty gulf between those who love and those who do not love God To the one class we owe civility, courtesy, kindness, even tenderness. It is only those who love the Lord who should find in our hearts a home. - Author: Frederick William Robertson
Gulf War quotes by Frederick William Robertson
#80. In peace sons bury fathers, but war violates the order of nature, and fathers bury sons. - Author: Herodotus
Gulf War quotes by Herodotus
#81. A man dreams of a miracle and wakes up to loaves of bread. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
Gulf War quotes by Erich Maria Remarque

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