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#1. And then those dusky lashes fluttered up, revealing a lambent gleam of jungle green.
His hands circled her waist and she slowly flexed his hips, a wholly male sound of satisfaction escaping him when her eyes fluttered shut and she gasped.
And then a small, secret, feminine smile appeared on her lips and Chase's control snapped like a power line in a high wind.
Wrapping her in his arms, he began to pump into her in a slow, relentless rhythm that was both too much and not enough. - Author: Caroline Cross
Dejesus Pump quotes by Caroline Cross
#2. At the conclusion of all our studies we must try once again to experience the human soul as soul, and not just as a buzz of bioelectricity; the human will as will, and not just a surge of hormones; the human heart not as a fibrous, sticky pump, but as the metaphoric organ of understanding. We need not believe in them as metaphysical entities
they are as real as the flesh and blood they are made of. But we must believe in them as entities; not as analyzed fragments, but as wholes made real by our contemplation of them, by the words we use to talk of them, by the way we have transmuted them to speech. We must stand in awe of them as unassailable, even though they are dissected before our eyes. - Author: Melvin Konner
Dejesus Pump quotes by Melvin Konner
#3. It's that find some inspiration, it's that crack the installation, it's that quantum jump and that fist pump and that bomb detonation... - Author: Kendrick Lamar
Dejesus Pump quotes by Kendrick Lamar
#4. God primes the pump of obligation. - Author: A. P. Martinich
Dejesus Pump quotes by A. P. Martinich
#5. And I wrote a story for private circulation, "Miss Lewis & the Giant Turd," about a painful bowel movement that began in class, as she was drilling us on prepositions. Suddenly she emitted a low scraping sound like a box of rocks being dragged across concrete--like a glacier moving!--and she let out an AIIIIEEEEEEE and bent over double and hobbled to the girls' room, where she fell to the floor and cried pitifully for the janitor, who rushed in with a plunger and tried to extract the fecal mass from her, but it was too immense, and then the fire department arrived and laid her over the sink and attached a suction pump, two men on either side of her skinny butt, working a lever, and they managed to suction the poop out of her, and when they were done, she weighed forty-five pounds. And she couldn't teach anymore, she just sat on her front step waving to passing cars.

This title passed from pupil to pupil, two grimy sheets of paper folded to pocket size.... The story found its way to Laura, Miss Lewis's pet, who handed it over to her, and she read it, thin-lipped, and tore it into tiny pieces and dropped them into the wastebacket. "This is so childish it doesn't bear talking about," she said. "It is beneath contempt. - Author: Garrison Keillor
Dejesus Pump quotes by Garrison Keillor
#6. My gas tank is on empty, but my erection is on full. Still, it would be wise to stop the car before I pump. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Dejesus Pump quotes by Jarod Kintz
#7. Continuously lying to yourself is just as fatal as suicide; only slower. Take ownership of your life, be accountable to you. - Author: Noel DeJesus
Dejesus Pump quotes by Noel DeJesus
#8. On the morning of the July 24, Pioneer Day, Dan got up, prayed, and felt prompted by the Lord to saw the barrel and stock off a 12-gauge, pump-action shotgun that he had been storing at his mother's house. - Author: Jon Krakauer
Dejesus Pump quotes by Jon Krakauer
#9. Avoid having to pump your brakes by keeping your flow on cruise control. - Author: T.F. Hodge
Dejesus Pump quotes by T.F. Hodge
#10. Say you have cancer - you have this broad thing we call cancer; we're going to irradiate you and pump this poisonous material into you and hope more of the bad stuff dies than the good. That is going to seem so medieval when we can fix it on a genetic level, and Foundation Medicine is the first step to diagnosing it on a genetic level. - Author: Bill Maris
Dejesus Pump quotes by Bill Maris
#11. My first car was an '84 Ford Taurus. It caught on fire from me trying to change the fuel pump, so that wasn't good at all. Dried leaves on the ground while I was trying to change the fuel pump. Don't do that. Do it on concrete. - Author: T-Pain
Dejesus Pump quotes by T-Pain
#12. Consumerism, the new black. I want my burger my way. Shaken not stirred. Sauce on the side and rare but not rare rare. Venti, two-pump, sugar-free vanilla, non-fat, two Splenda, extra-hot, extra-whip, extra-mocha Mocha and can you put the Splenda in before you pour the milk? (See, this is where it gets positively delicious!) Under the auspices of that wonderful word Consumerism, not only is this not seen as overly demanding, it's positively encouraged by everyone. - Author: Geoffrey Wood
Dejesus Pump quotes by Geoffrey Wood
#13. Love hasn't got anything to do with the heart, the heart's a disgusting organ, a sort of pump full of blood. Love is primarily concerned with the lungs. People shouldn't say "she's broken my heart" but "she's stifled my lungs." Lungs are the most romantic organs: lovers and artists always contract tuberculosis. It's not a coincidence that Chekhov, Kafka, D.H. Lawrence, Chopin, George Orwell and St Thérèse of Lisieux all died of it; as for Camus, Moravia, Boudard and Katherine Mansfield, would they have written the same books if it werent for TB? - Author: Frederic Beigbeder
Dejesus Pump quotes by Frederic Beigbeder
#14. An asteroid or comet traveling at cosmic velocities would enter the Earth's atmosphere at such a speed that the air beneath it couldn't get out of the way and would be compressed, as in a bicycle pump. As anyone who has used such a pump knows, compressed air grows swiftly hot, and the temperature below it would rise to some 60,000 Kelvin, or ten times the surface temperature of the Sun. In this instant of its arrival in our atmosphere, everything in the meteor's path - people, houses, factories, cars - would crinkle and vanish like cellophane in a flame. One second after entering the atmosphere, the meteorite would slam into the Earth's surface, where the people of Manson had a moment before been going about their business. The meteorite itself would vaporize instantly, but the blast would blow out a thousand cubic kilometers of rock, earth, and superheated gases. Every living thing within 150 miles that hadn't been killed by the heat of entry would now be killed by the blast. Radiating outward at almost the speed of light would be the initial shock wave, sweeping everything before it. For those outside the zone of immediate devastation, the first inkling of catastrophe would be a flash of blinding light - the brightest ever seen by human eyes - followed an instant to a minute or two later by an apocalyptic sight of unimaginable grandeur: a roiling wall of darkness reaching high into the heavens, filling an entire field of view and traveling at thousands of miles an hour. Its - Author: Bill Bryson
Dejesus Pump quotes by Bill Bryson
#15. I'm my own toughest opponent. So I talk to myself. I curse at myself. I pump myself up. Whatever it takes to do. I don't really give a damn how it looks really because when I'm in the moment I need to be me. - Author: Victoria Azarenka
Dejesus Pump quotes by Victoria Azarenka
#16. I'm always listening to music to pump myself up. - Author: Bella Heathcote
Dejesus Pump quotes by Bella Heathcote
#17. It had been an attack, of sorts, and people did fight who lived in castles like these. Not with fists and feet and claws, but with words and whispers and influence. Isabel couldn't remember having been here before, but she knew. It was a fight, or rather a game, with many players and many rules and many strategies.
She smiled suddenly, feeling her blood pump through her veins. She didn't know how, and she didn't know why, but she was suddenly sure it was a game she knew how to play. - Author: Leah Cypess
Dejesus Pump quotes by Leah Cypess
#18. Success cannot resist the temptation of consistency and persistence. - Author: Noel DeJesus
Dejesus Pump quotes by Noel DeJesus
#19. Relax your fears, let your ambition take the wheel for a while; it'll take you somewhere exciting that you've never been. - Author: Noel DeJesus
Dejesus Pump quotes by Noel DeJesus
#20. She whirled when the monster was almost on top of her. I thought the thing in her hands was an umbrella until she cranked the pump and the shotgun blast blew the giant twenty feet backwards, right into Nico's sword.
"Nice one," Paul said.
"When did you learn to fire a shotgun?" I demanded.
My mom blew the hair out of her face. "About two seconds ago. Percy, we'll be fine. Go! - Author: Rick Riordan
Dejesus Pump quotes by Rick Riordan
#21. I need a pill." "What about the pump?" "No, a pill." I took the container, a new one, nearly full, from its place on the window, shook one pill - Author: Orna Ross
Dejesus Pump quotes by Orna Ross
#22. Preparation breeds professionalism, and professionalism enhances leadership competencies. - Author: Noel DeJesus
Dejesus Pump quotes by Noel DeJesus
#23. Without the continued existence of the democratic system and of publicly funded education and research, however, most current teachers and intellectuals would be unemployed or their income would fall to a small fraction of its present level. Instead of researching the syntax of Ebonics, the love life of mosquitoes, or the relationship between poverty and crime for $100 grand a year, they would research the science of potato growing or the technology of gas pump operation for $20 grand. - Author: Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Dejesus Pump quotes by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
#24. At the end of the day let their be no regrets, only a desire to do more tomorrow than you did today. - Author: Noel DeJesus
Dejesus Pump quotes by Noel DeJesus
#25. Nigerian politics has been, since the military dictatorships, largely non-ideological. Rather than a battle of ideas, it is about who can pump in the most money and buy the most access. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Dejesus Pump quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#26. Be wary of the praise of men; don't let it pump you up unnecessarily and don't let it paralyze your progress - Author: Bernard Kelvin Clive
Dejesus Pump quotes by Bernard Kelvin Clive
#27. Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' is my go-to song to pump myself up if I'm having a tough time or if I get really nervous right before a speech. - Author: Sara Blakely
Dejesus Pump quotes by Sara Blakely
#28. Thoughts are free, talk is cheap, and action is expensive. What's your worth? - Author: Noel DeJesus
Dejesus Pump quotes by Noel DeJesus
#29. We welcome into our homes the machines that vacuum the thoughts out of our heads and pump in someone else's. John Berger in Ways of Seeing said that television advertisers succeeded by persuading viewers to envy themselves as they would be if they bought the product. These programmes do something similar, by persuading the viewer to envy himself as he would be if his life were that little bit more exciting and melodramatic than it actually is. They can make things seem normal that are not. - Author: Peter Hitchens
Dejesus Pump quotes by Peter Hitchens
#30. I'd just lie around all day. It's the chemo, the poison they pump into you. Sometimes I'd be walking across the room and think, 'There it is; I got to rest.' And I had to, right then. - Author: Daniel Woodrell
Dejesus Pump quotes by Daniel Woodrell
#31. I'll tell you my routine - it's really exciting. I feed, I burp, I change diapers, I pump. And then I have a tiny window of time to myself. - Author: Marcia Cross
Dejesus Pump quotes by Marcia Cross
#32. Fi laughs at me, the jerk. "Become real familiar with your hand."
"Pillow," I correct without thinking.
"What?" Her eyes are wide, her smile scandalized.
"Nothing. I said nothing." Fucking booze. I'm never drinking again.
"Sure you didn't, Miss Hump-and-Pump."
The throw pillow flies out of my hand and whacks her face. "Eew," Fi shouts. "This had better not be the pillow!"
"Better smell it and see. - Author: Kristen Callihan
Dejesus Pump quotes by Kristen Callihan
#33. Off to California in that tired old VW with the disintegrating fuel pump like a family of dustbowl Okies? - Author: Stephen King
Dejesus Pump quotes by Stephen King
#34. A swing is like a car. You've got the fan belt, carburetor, pistons, spark plugs, fuel pump. If any part isn't working, the car doesn't run. Same way with hitting. - Author: Wade Boggs
Dejesus Pump quotes by Wade Boggs
#35. Despite the prominence that "magic bullets" and "wonder drugs" hold in the layman's mind, most of the really decisive battles in the war against infectious disease consisted of measures to eliminate disease organisms from the environment. An example from history concerns the great outbreak of cholera in London more than one hundred years ago. A London physician, John Snow, mapped occurrence of cases and found they originated in one area, all of whose inhabitants drew their water from one pump located on Broad Street. In a swift and decisive practice of preventative medicine, Dr. Snow removed the handle from the pump. The epidemic was thereby brought under control - not by a magic pill that killed the (then unknown) organism of cholera, but by eliminating the organism from the environment. - Author: Rachel Carson
Dejesus Pump quotes by Rachel Carson
#36. Writers spend too much time among dead things. I thought that was profound and actually true, that you're trying to pump life into something that is inanimate. You see what a sort of audacious thing it is to move these sort of imaginary people around in a very stylized and patterned world. - Author: Martin Amis
Dejesus Pump quotes by Martin Amis
#37. For far too long, America has been without a comprehensive energy plan, and today consumers are paying the price - literally - at the pump and in their heating bills. - Author: Chris Chocola
Dejesus Pump quotes by Chris Chocola
#38. It is unnecessary to understand electromagnetic theory before wiring a lamp or to study physics in order to repair a pump. We count on our fingers and give no heed to the proliferating implications of the act. - Author: James R Newman
Dejesus Pump quotes by James R Newman
#39. Mom used to say that the thoughts in our heads were nothing more than electrical impulses. I remember Dad and her talking about this over dinner. It frustrated Dad that the human brain can fire electrical sparks and think, but that the electricity he'd pump into an android brain would never give it independent thought. The body isn't that different from a machine. Humans and androids both run on electricity.
That lightning spark of energy I saw in the reverie.
That was my mother's last thought, an echo of electricity, something that sparked when I entered her dreamscape.
That spark is gone now. Her life is gone now. Everything that made her, her, is gone now. Faded into nothing. - Author: Beth Revis
Dejesus Pump quotes by Beth Revis
#40. We all have goals and dreams. Say them aloud to yourself; if they don't sound slightly impossible then they aren't set high enough. - Author: Noel DeJesus
Dejesus Pump quotes by Noel DeJesus
#41. Pump up your bagpipes and delight our ears with decent martial music. With your permission, noble Calanthe!" "Oh mother of mine," whispered the queen to Geralt, raising her eyes to the vault for a moment in silent resignation. But she nodded her permission, smiling openly and kindly. - Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
Dejesus Pump quotes by Andrzej Sapkowski
#42. The road to success is full of pit stops, pitfalls, and self pity; my advice is simply don't stop! - Author: Noel DeJesus
Dejesus Pump quotes by Noel DeJesus
#43. The world is starving for great love. - Author: Marquita Burke-DeJesus
Dejesus Pump quotes by Marquita Burke-DeJesus
#44. The big lie of American capitalism is that corporations work in their own best interests. In fact they're constantly doing things that will eventually bring them to their knees. Most of these blunders involve toxic chemicals that any competent chemist should know to be dangerous. They pump these things into the environment and don't even try to protect themselves. The evidence is right there in public, almost as if they'd printed up signed confessions and sprinkled them out of aeroplanes. Sooner or later, someone shows up in a Zodiac and points to that evidence, and the result is devastation far worse than what a terrorist, a Boone, could manage with bombs and guns. All the old men within twenty miles who have come down with tumors become implacable enemies. All the women married to them, all the mothers of damaged children, and even those of undamaged ones. The politicians and the news media trample each other in their haste to pour hellfire down on that corporation. The transformation can happen overnight and it's easy to bring about. You just have to show up and point your finger. - Author: Neal Stephenson
Dejesus Pump quotes by Neal Stephenson
#45. Pulp Fiction is a, uh, gritty, urban satire. Pump Friction is a uh-uh, a bunch of uh, dudes and ladies having dirty sex. - Author: Norm MacDonald
Dejesus Pump quotes by Norm MacDonald
#46. I heard the missing in her voice. Knew she dreaded me leaving, but even more, Bucky. He'd been in all of my AP classes, quietly earning grades almost as good as mine. He was only headed two hours down the highway to Virginia Tech, but Roni knew there were more than miles between here and there, more than hours between now and what might come. Bucky was way too smart to stay in Dale and pump gas so other people could go places. - Author: Sarah Tomp
Dejesus Pump quotes by Sarah Tomp
#47. A warm burning sensation fl ashed in her breasts, and she pressed them with backs of her wrists to stop the milk before it fl owed.

"Ugh, I'm letting down. We'll have to make this fast so I can go pump in the bathroom. I'm used to nursing every couple of hours."

The horror in Felix's eyes was so intense it seemed painful. "Pretend you didn't just say that."

"Say what? I didn't say anything."

He shook his head in disgust. - Author: Shannon Hale
Dejesus Pump quotes by Shannon Hale

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