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On the third day of their honeymoon, infamous environmental activist Stewie Woods and his new bride, Annabel Bellotti, were spiking trees in the forest when a cow exploded and blew them up. Until then, their marriage had been happy. ~ C.J. Box
Danyang Bride quotes by C.J. Box
Her hand reached up and took a strand of his hair between her fingers. "Simple as that."
She gently pulled on that curl and let it go. "It's so springy."
They'd barely grazed at the truth, but I she was satisfied - and distracted. By his hair, of all things.
"I feel like a sheep that has been overlooked during spring shearing," he murmured.
"Yes, adorably fluffy."
Another time he might have protested the use of that adjective. But now he was all too relieved. "Would you like me to pull my chair closer, so you may fondle my hair with greater ease?" he asked.
She beamed at him. "Why, yes, I'd like exactly that. ~ Sherry Thomas
Danyang Bride quotes by Sherry Thomas
We must be so heavenly minded that we are compelled to be of earthly good! ~ Marilynn Dawson
Danyang Bride quotes by Marilynn Dawson
]The Spirit and m the Bride say, "Come." And let the one who hears say, "Come." And n let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who desires take the o water of life without price. ~ Anonymous
Danyang Bride quotes by Anonymous
Tell David that all I want for the bride price is 100 Philistine foreskins! ~ Anonymous
Danyang Bride quotes by Anonymous
Never tell a secret to a bride or a groom; wait until they have been married longer. ~ E.W. Howe
Danyang Bride quotes by E.W. Howe
A man is always a little shamefaced on his wedding day, like a fox caught in a baited trap, ensnared because his greed overcame his better judgment. The menfolk laughed at Charlie that spring day, and said he was caught for sure now. As the bride, I was praised and fussed over, as if I had won a prize or done something marvelous that no one ever did before, and I could not help feeling pleased and clever that I had managed to turn myself from an ordinary girl into a shining bride. Now I think it is a dirty lie. The man is the one who is winning the game that day, though they always pretend they are not, and the poor girl bride is led into a trap of hard work and harsh words, the ripping of childbirth and the drubbing of her man's fists. It is the end of being young, but no one tells her so. Instead they make over her, and tell her how lucky she is. I wonder do slaves get dressed up in finery on the day they are sold. ~ Sharyn McCrumb
Danyang Bride quotes by Sharyn McCrumb
In Rasoolabad, India, a bride called off her wedding when her groom said that 15 + 6 = 17. ~ Anonymous
Danyang Bride quotes by Anonymous
'The Princess Bride' was a movie that I watched all the time. ~ Charlie Rowe
Danyang Bride quotes by Charlie Rowe
When I design a wedding dress with a bustle, it has to be one the bride can dance in. I love the idea that something is practical and still looks great. ~ Vera Wang
Danyang Bride quotes by Vera Wang
She could not rise. But there she lay content. The scent of the bog myrtle and the meadow-sweet was in her nostrils. The rooks' hoarse laughter was in her ears. "I have found my mate," she murmured. "It is the moor. I am nature's bride," she whispered, giving herself in rapture to the cold embraces of the grass as she lay folded in her cloak in the hollow by the pool. "Here I will lie. (A feather fell upon her brow.) I have found a greener laurel than the bay. My forehead will be cool always. These are wild birds' feathers - the owls, the nightjars. I shall dream wild dreams. My hands shall wear no wedding ring," she continued, slipping it from her finger. "The roots shall twine about them. Ah!" she sighed, pressing her head luxuriously on its spongy pillow, "I have sought happiness through many ages and not found it; fame and missed it' love and not known it; life - and behold, death is better. I have known many men and many women," she continued; "none have I understood. It is better that I should lie at peace here with only the sky above me - as the gipsy told me years ago. ~ Virginia Woolf
Danyang Bride quotes by Virginia Woolf
Devyn: "But what can I say? I'm irresistible."
Bride: "No, you're a ho, but the good news is I'm ok with that! ~ Gena Showalter
Danyang Bride quotes by Gena Showalter
Australians have a fantastic sense of humour and incredible taste. I was there for 'Bend It Like Beckham,' and I had a great time. Aussies loved it, and I think 'Bride & Prejudice' is going to do well, too, because it's all about having a good time. ~ Gurinder Chadha
Danyang Bride quotes by Gurinder Chadha
Vane passed the mashed potatoes across Bride to Fury, who stared at them with a fierce frown "What are these?" he asked.
"Potatoes," Vane told him.
"What did they do to them? ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Danyang Bride quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
He could not be absolutely certain she would not get away-again.
In the dark of night, haunted by such grim thoughts, Dragon found consolation. He had a fleet of ships at the ready. Before his willing Saxon bride could don boy's garb, run off a cliff, or plunge into a river, he would have her safely aboard and at sea. Damned if he wouldn't.
He felt better after that and even dozed a little but was up and dressed before dawn's gray fingers peeled night away. ~ Josie Litton
Danyang Bride quotes by Josie Litton
The bride and her hero are whisked away in their long black limousine, the one that drops you off at the beginning of your life. ~ Bruce Springsteen
Danyang Bride quotes by Bruce Springsteen
I want to be a simple bride when I get married. I want a beach wedding where I am running around on the sand in a white dress. ~ Sonakshi Sinha
Danyang Bride quotes by Sonakshi Sinha
On tiptoes the redhead wouldn't even reach my shoulders; she is clearly too young to be a bride. And the willowy girl is too forlorn. And I am too unwilling.
Yet here we are. ~ Lauren DeStefano
Danyang Bride quotes by Lauren DeStefano
You're my Bride. Mine. You belong to me. ~ Kresley Cole
Danyang Bride quotes by Kresley Cole
Loan me your lace of yellow, sister
Lend me your fine kid gloves
Tonight is the bridal ball, sister
Tonight I'll meet my love
Present me a sash of blue, sister
Gift me a ribbon of white
My love awaits me below, sister
I am a bride tonight ~ Shannon Hale
Danyang Bride quotes by Shannon Hale
Both the bride and the groom have the privilege of at least fifteen minutes in which to contemplate what a sick, sick, fucking, Christ-awful thing getting married is. That's what the book says - or words to that effect. ~ Jane Rule
Danyang Bride quotes by Jane Rule
And when the governess had left, he would slip out of his own room and peer at her door until her light was extinguished at last, before he returned to bed to stew anew in lust and yearning.
A habit that he'd kept to this day, whenever they happened to be under the same roof.
Her light turned off. He sighed. How long would he keep at this? Soon he would be twenty-seven. Did he still plan to stand in a dark passage in the middle of the night and gaze upon her door when he was thirty-seven? Forty-seven? Ninetyseven? ~ Sherry Thomas
Danyang Bride quotes by Sherry Thomas
At that, Marty howled great big, messy sobs, and Elanor, the little lady in the yellow suit, who organized the weddings at the church, came running with a box of tissue.
Oz appeared in the vestibule, looking alarmed. "Is everything all right? I thought someone was strangling a duck."
"Do you mind?" Marty snapped. "Me and the bride, here, we're having a moment. ~ Jenn McKinlay
Danyang Bride quotes by Jenn McKinlay
Well don't demand the spotlight if you can't handle the attention. ~ Melissa Hill
Danyang Bride quotes by Melissa Hill
Because of their lust for authority men are in constant turmoil. Those in authority are ever fighting to maintain it. Those out of authority are ever struggling to snatch it from the hands of those who hold it. While Man, the God in swaddling-bands, is trampled under foot and hoof
and left on the field of battle unnoticed, unattended and unsolved. So furious is the fight, and so blood crazed the fighters that none, alas, would stop to lift the painted mask off the face of the spurious bride and expose her monstrous ugliness to all.
Believe, O monks, that no authority is worth the flutter of an eyelash, except the authority of Holy Understanding which is priceless. For that no sacrifice is great. Attain it once, and you
shall hold it to the end of Time. And it shall charge your words with more power than all the armies of the world can ever command; and it shall bless your deeds with more beneficence than all the world authorities combined can ever dream of bringing to the world. ~ Mikhail Naimy
Danyang Bride quotes by Mikhail Naimy
The early church braved the sword to gather with God's people, and Christians in our day will hardly brave the rain. That's a problem - one that's bigger than church attendance. This is a love-for-Jesus problem. How we treat his bride equals how we treat him. ~ J.A. Medders
Danyang Bride quotes by J.A. Medders
Her first impression had been that he was ugly - huge and gangly with eerie transparent eyes. But when he'd smiled at her, lights danced across those blue eyes like sparkles on a river, and she'd seen beauty in his unfamiliar features. How could anyone with a smile that warm be evil or untrustworthy? After she got over her initial fear, she even found the man's size appealing and powerfully masculine. Fireflies flitted and glowed in her stomach whenever their eyes met. ~ Bonnie Dee
Danyang Bride quotes by Bonnie Dee
Totto-chan regretted it with all her heart. Yes, that was it. What on earth made her beat the boy she liked so much? She Sharpened his pencils every day! But it was too late. She could never be his bride now.
"I'm going to go on sharpening his pencils all the same," Totto-chan decided. "After all, I love him. ~ Tetsuko Kuroyanagi
Danyang Bride quotes by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi
Since the baptismal rebirth takes place only with the one Bride of Christ, where could he be born who is not a son of the Church? ~ Cyprian
Danyang Bride quotes by Cyprian
Lobola ("bride price") is a retired broke father's last hope to paying off his debts. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Danyang Bride quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Where are you going?"
"To get my Bible."
"Right now? You can't get your Bible out right now! I'm, I'm, we're just about to ... "
She'd never be able to go through with this if he got out his Bible. She wiped all humor from her face.
"I believe you. Proverbs 5:18. Rejoice, relish, and romp with your husband."
He chuckled. "I'm serious, Connie, and I won't have you feeling ashamed or unclean over anything we do in that bed, tonight or any other night."
"I won't. I feel unashamed and very clean. I promise. But please don't get out that Bible."
"What? Think you that God can't see us right now?"
Groaning, she slid off his lap and covered her face with her hands. He sunk to his knees in front of her, drawing her hands down.
"I love you. You love me. We are man and wife. God is watching, Connie, and He is very, very pleased. ~ Deeanne Gist
Danyang Bride quotes by Deeanne Gist
Finesse, my ass. I'm a warrior, not your child bride. ~ Andrea Cremer
Danyang Bride quotes by Andrea Cremer
But Loki, mischievous Loki, threw a gibe after him. "Do not let the hammer out of your hands this time, bride of Thrym," he shouted. ~ Anonymous
Danyang Bride quotes by Anonymous
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see comment history Black for hunting through the night

For death and mourning the color's white

Gold for a bride in her wedding gown

And red to call enchantment down.

White silk when our bodies burn,

Blue banners when the lost return.

Flame for the birth of a Nephilim,

And to wash away our sins.

Gray for knowledge best untold,

Bone for those who don't grow old.

Saffron lights the victory march,

Green will mend our broken hearts.

Silver for the demon towers,

And bronze to summon wicked powers. ~ Cassandra Clare
Danyang Bride quotes by Cassandra Clare
I wanted to breathe new life into the timeless trend of past, present and future. These unique designs celebrate the bride and groom's passage through their new life together. ~ Vera Wang
Danyang Bride quotes by Vera Wang
My mother had never openly protested my relationship with Sydney. Really, there'd been no chance. I'd simply shown up at Court with a bride in tow, and no one had been able to put asunder those whom the state of Nevada had brought together. ~ Richelle Mead
Danyang Bride quotes by Richelle Mead
In India, a "bride burning"-- to punish a woman for inadequate dowry or to eliminate her so a man can remarry-- takes place approximately once every two hours, but rarely constitute news. ~ Nicholas D. Kristof
Danyang Bride quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
Bet you didn't know that when you agreed to be 'betrothed' to me, huh? Husband-eviscerating apparently runs in my family."
Still no reaction, and I felt shame curl in my belly. "Of course, you also didn't know you were getting a damon bride," I added in a softer tone. Very few people knew what my dad really was. I'd always assumed Cal had found out the same night I did.
That's why I was really surprised when he raised his head and said, "I knew."
"I knew what you were then, Sophie. Your dad told me before the betrothal. And he told me about your grandmother, and what happened to your grandfather."
I shook my head. "Then,why?"
Cal took his time before answering. "For one thing, I like your dad. He's done good things for Prodigium. And it-" He broke off with a long exhale. "It felt like some kind of honor, you know? Being asked to be the head of the Council's son-in-law. Plus, your dad, he,uh,told me a lot about you."
My voice was barely above a whisper. "What did he say?"
"That you were smart, and strong. Funny. That you had trouble using your powers, but you were always trying to use them to help people." He shrugged. "I thought we'd be a good match."
The vast dining room suddenly felt very small, like it consisted only of this table and me and Cal. "Look, Sophie," he started to say.
But before he could finish, Jenna walked in. "I am so glad I still get to eat human food, because that bacon smells insane..." she said, ~ Rachel Hawkins
Danyang Bride quotes by Rachel Hawkins
That is who I want you to remember, lad. The man so filled with Arman's love that he could forgive his son for taking his life and the life of his bride. That is the man I knew. The king I served. Just you remember it.'
'But a man with many mistresses. A man who wouldn't have had that problem if he'd
'Aye, he was no porcelain saint. He was mixed, torn, pulled by light and darkness, as is every follower of Arman. That is what it is to know Arman and yet still live in this world. Pity those who do not know Arman, because in them there is nothing at all pulling them toward light. ~ Jill Williamson
Danyang Bride quotes by Jill Williamson
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