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#1. This is an example of what Jung called "the regressive restoration of the persona," namely, the re-identification with a former position, role, ideology because it offers a predictable content, security, and script. In the face of the new and uncertain, we often return to the old place, which is why we so often stop growing. (It has become clear to me, for example, that aging itself does not bring wisdom. It often brings regression to childishness, dependency, and bitterness over lost opportunities. - Author: James Hollis
Restoration quotes by James Hollis
#2. It is not the quantity of your thoughts but the quality of your thoughts that make the difference. Thoughts can either be productive or a hindrance. But, when we focus our attention on faithfulness and truthfulness the restoration process begins. - Author: Amaka Imani Nkosazana
Restoration quotes by Amaka Imani Nkosazana
#3. In actual fact, however, the revolt of Ibsen and Shaw against the conventional nineteenth century drama could very well be described as a return to Shakespeare, as an attempt once again to present human beings in their historical and social setting and not, as playwrights since the Restoration had done, either as wholly private or as embodiments of the social manners of a tiny class. Shakespeare's plays, it is true, are not, in the Shavian sense, "dramas of thought," that is to say, not one of his characters is an intellectual: it is true, as Shaw says, that, when stripped of their wonderful diction, the philosophical and moral views expressed by his characters are commonplaces, but the number of people in any generation or society whose thoughts are not commonplace is very small indeed. On the other hand, there is hardly one of his plays which does not provide unending food for thought, if one cares to think about it. - Author: W. H. Auden
Restoration quotes by W. H. Auden
#4. to the world. God created both body and soul, and the resurrection of Jesus shows that he is going to redeem both body and soul. The work of the Spirit of God is not only to save souls but also to care and cultivate the face of the earth, the material world. It is hard to overemphasize the uniqueness of this vision. Outside of the Bible, no other major religious faith holds out any hope or even interest in the restoration of perfect shalom, justice, and wholeness in this material world. Vinoth Ramachandra, a Sri Lankan Christian writer, can see - Author: Timothy J. Keller
Restoration quotes by Timothy J. Keller
#5. The ruin of the human race came by discrediting and doubting God's word to our first parents. "Hath God said?" was the fountain of all sin. "God hath said" is the foundation, therefore, of our restoration. - Author: A.B. Simpson
Restoration quotes by A.B. Simpson
#6. The provisions for the poor which structure both land ownership and the sacred calendar in ancient Israel, the rights of gleaners and of those widows, orphans, and strangers who pass through the fields, and the cycles of freedom from debt and restoration of alienated persons and property, all work against the emergence of the poor as a class, as people marked by deprivation and hopelessness. - Author: Marilynne Robinson
Restoration quotes by Marilynne Robinson
#7. F the Northern states refuse, willfully and deliberately, to carry into effect that part of the Constitution which respects the restoration of fugitive slaves, and Congress provide no remedy, the South would no longer be bound to observe the compact. A bargain can not be broken on one side, and still bind the other side. - Author: Daniel Webster
Restoration quotes by Daniel Webster
#8. Redemption, salvation, and restoration are not God's ultimate goal. These He performs for the sake of something greater: namely, the enjoyment He has in glorifying Himself. - Author: John Piper
Restoration quotes by John Piper
#9. I was trying to discover examples of a living restoration, trying to go beyond discussions about correct historic colors, materials, and techniques.
I looked to the past for guidance, to find the graces we need to save. I want to be an importer. This is not nostalgia; I am not nostalgic. I am not looking for a way back. "From where will a renewal come to us, to us who have devastated the whole earthly globe?" asked Simone Weil. "Only from the past if we love it."
What I am looking for is the trick of having the same ax twice, for a restoration that renews the spirit, for work that transforms the worker. We may talk of saving antique linens, species, or languages; but whatever we are intent on saving, when a restoration succeeds, we rescue ourselves.
Howard Mansfield, The Same Ax Twice: Restoration and Renewal in a Throwaway Age - Author: Howard Mansfield
Restoration quotes by Howard Mansfield
#10. We can't always take the higher road when faced with adversity. Sometimes for the sake of restoration, peace and sharing the love of Jesus, we have to walk through the tribulation. - Author: Chris Vonada
Restoration quotes by Chris Vonada
#11. In Hinduism, Shiva is a deity who represents transformation. Through destruction and restoration, Shiva reminds us that endings are beginnings, and that our world is constantly undergoing a cycle of birth, death and rebirth. - Author: Karen Salmansohn
Restoration quotes by Karen Salmansohn
#12. Reconnect with nature and be restored. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Restoration quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#13. Never go hungry while the daily bread of grace is on the table of mercy. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Restoration quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#14. The atonement is designed by God to restore cracked Eikons into glory-producing Eikons by participation in the perfect Eikon, Jesus Chirst, who redeems the cosmos. To be an Eikon, then, is to be charged with a theocentric and missional life. Prior to the fall, Adam and Eve did what they were supposed to do: they "eikoned." And cracked Eikons are being restored so that they can eikon now and so that they will eikon forever. - Author: Scot McKnight
Restoration quotes by Scot McKnight
#15. If it doesn't happen, the continuing oppression will be met by more resistance from a less tolerant populace which wants a democratic restoration. And that resistance will only invite further oppression. - Author: Florencio Abad
Restoration quotes by Florencio Abad
#16. Aiming at health, restoring health - that is a goal that is both morally important and limited, because it aims at the restoration of normal human functioning, which is an important part of human flourishing. - Author: Michael Sandel
Restoration quotes by Michael Sandel
#17. Were all the worshippers of the gold calf to memorialize me and request a restoration of the deposits I would cut my right hand from my body before I would do such an act. The gold calf may be worshipped by others but as for myself I serve the Lord. - Author: Andrew Jackson
Restoration quotes by Andrew Jackson
#18. Whenever God restores something, He restores it to a place greater than it was before. - Author: Bill Johnson
Restoration quotes by Bill Johnson
#19. My duty as a member of the Council of the Twelve is to protect what is most unique about the LDS church, namely the authority of priesthood, testimony regarding the restoration of the gospel, and the divine mission of the Savior. Everything may be sacrificed in order to maintain the integrity of those essential facts. Thus, if Mormon Enigma reveals information that is detrimental to the reputation of Joseph Smith, then it is necessary to try to limit its influence and that of its authors. - Author: Dallin H. Oaks
Restoration quotes by Dallin H. Oaks
#20. Restoration between God and us is the beginning of restoration to wholeness in our lives. - Author: Renee Noseworthy
Restoration quotes by Renee Noseworthy
#21. We feel prepared to face the reality of restoration. We walk into town for coffee and telephone Piero Rizzatti, the geometra. The translations "draftsman" or "surveyor" don't quite explain what a geometra is, a professional without an equivalent in the United States - a liaison among owner, builders, and town planning officials. Ian has assured us that he is the best in the area, meaning also that he has the best connections and can get the permits quickly. - Author: Frances Mayes
Restoration quotes by Frances Mayes
#22. The restoration of free speech, free association and free press is almost the whole Swaraj. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
Restoration quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#23. Why should this war in the West be fought for the restoration of Poland? The Poland of the Versailles Treaty will never rise again. - Author: Adolf Hitler
Restoration quotes by Adolf Hitler
#24. Understand that Goliath is not just a giant. He's also your platform. - Author: Andrena Sawyer
Restoration quotes by Andrena Sawyer
#25. National liberation, national renaissance, the restoration of nationhood to the people, commonwealth: whatever may be the headings used or the new formulas introduced, decolonization is always a violent phenomenon. - Author: Frantz Fanon
Restoration quotes by Frantz Fanon
#26. The goal of #BDS is the full restoration of Palestinian rights, not an agreement to create an artificial mini-state in order to save Zionism - Author: Ali Abunimah
Restoration quotes by Ali Abunimah
#27. With the tension churning within us, knowing all the ways the earth is not yet as God intended it to be, we are driven to pray daily: "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." We are not looking for an escape from the world; we are looking for the restoration of the world. - Author: Jonathan Martin
Restoration quotes by Jonathan Martin
#28. I am a South African and I am most thankful for having been born in the most beautiful country in the world. Thankful to have had the love and grace of two mothers, my biological mother and Gladys, so very much more than 'the maid.' Thankful to have witnessed an extraordinary transition and the restoration of dignity to so many. This - Author: J. John Le Grange
Restoration quotes by J. John Le Grange
#29. One important aspect of justice, Jose Miranda reminds us, involves the restoration of what has been stolen. Giving food to the hungry or clothing to the naked is not a charitable handout but an exercise in simple justice - restoring to the poor what is rightfully theirs, what has been taken from them unjustly. - Author: Robert McAfee Brown
Restoration quotes by Robert McAfee Brown
#30. My history of the Jesuits is not elegantly written, but is supported by unquestionable authorities, is very particular and very horrible. Their restoration is indeed "a step toward darkness," cruelty, perfidy, despotism, death and I wish we were out of danger of bigotry and Jesuitism. - Author: John Adams
Restoration quotes by John Adams
#31. 11Finally, brothers, [1] rejoice. Aim for restoration, comfort one another, [2] agree with one another, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you. 12Greet one another with a holy kiss. 13All the saints greet you. 14The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. - Author: Anonymous
Restoration quotes by Anonymous
#32. Perhaps your purpose is to go through the halls of suffering, discover your magic, and resurface as a doctor of restoration. Restoration is discovered in the divine blueprint. Change your blueprint and you change results. - Author: Deborah Bravandt
Restoration quotes by Deborah Bravandt
#33. Repent, return and be restored by Jesus Christ. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Restoration quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#34. All the beauty that's been lost before wants to find us again - Author: U2
Restoration quotes by U2
#35. The central part of the state is more remote and less scenic, and there's a huge agricultural belt that stretches from the south of Lake Okeechobee to the border of Everglades National Park, where the restoration effort is being concentrated, .. Obviously the movement to save the Everglades runs up against agricultural concerns. - Author: Carl Hiaasen
Restoration quotes by Carl Hiaasen
#36. sweetness on the tongue and a promise of scent on the night air. It was sensual in the best meaning of that word, saturating every sense at once, so that the flesh was known, finally, as a thing of such goodness that man blessed his Creator from morning to night for having made him. Here in this medieval town where once an extraordinary little fellow had burst forth with songs to God, as a passionate lover speaks to his bride, here the restoration of man to his own true home was no longer the dream of saints. It was the wedding feast. It was a word made flesh. - Author: Michael D. O'Brien
Restoration quotes by Michael D. O'Brien
#37. The Protestant Reformation did not merely seek to cleanse the church and deliver it from doctrinal errors, but it also sought the restoration of the whole of life. - Author: Henry R. Van Til
Restoration quotes by Henry R. Van Til
#38. The federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed unanimously in the House, won 97 votes in the Senate, and was signed into law by President Bill Clinton. Twenty states have passed their own versions of this law, and 11 additional ones have religious-liberty protections that state courts have interpreted to provide a similar level of protection. - Author: Edwin Meese
Restoration quotes by Edwin Meese
#39. God owns and controls all things. And there is nothing that he could give you for Christmas this year that would suit your needs and your longings better than the consolation of Israel and the redemption of Jerusalem, restoration for past losses and liberation from future enemies, forgiveness and freedom, pardon and power, healing the past and sealing the future. - Author: John Piper
Restoration quotes by John Piper
#40. If a culture treats a particular illness with compassion and enlightened understanding, then sickness can be seen as a challenge, as a healing crisis and opportunity. Being sick is then not a condemnation or a moral judgement, but a movement in a larger process of healing and restoration. When sickness is viewed positively and in supportive terms, then illness has a much better chance to heal, with the concomitant result that the entire person may grown and be enriched in the process. - Author: Ken Wilber
Restoration quotes by Ken Wilber
#41. The writer, without softening his vision, is obliged to capture or conjure readers. And this means any kind of reader. It means whatever is there. I used to think that it should be possible to write for some supposed elite, for the people who attend the universities and sometimes know how to read, but I have since found that though you may publish your stories in the Yale Review, if they are any good at all you are eventually going to get a letter from some old lady in California, or some inmate of the Federal Penitentiary, or the state in sane asylum, or the local poorhouse, telling you where you have failed to meet his needs. And his need of course is to be lifted up. There is something in us as story-tellers, and as listeners to stories, that demands the redemptive act, that demands that what falls at least be offered the chance of restoration. The reader of today looks for this motion, and rightly so, but he has forgotten the cost of it. His sense of evil is deluded or lacking altogether, and so he has forgotten the price of restoration. He has forgotten the price of truth, even in fiction. - Author: Flannery O'Connor
Restoration quotes by Flannery O'Connor
#42. Theosophy occupies a central place in the history of new spiritual movements, for the writings of Blavatsky and some of her followers have had a great influence outside of her organization. ... The importance of Theosophy in modern history should not be underestimated. Not only have the writings of Blavatsky and others inspired several generations of occultists, but the movement had a remarkable role in the restoration to the colonial peoples of nineteenth century Asia of their own spiritual heritage. - Author: Robert S Ellwood
Restoration quotes by Robert S Ellwood
#43. It is most cheering and encouraging for me to know that in the efforts which I have made and am making for the restoration of a righteous peace to our country, I am upheld and sustained by the good wishes and prayers of God's people. No one is more deeply than myself aware that without His favor our highest wisdom is but as foolishness and that our most strenuous efforts would avail nothing in the shadow of His displeasure. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
Restoration quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#44. There is something in us, as storytellers and as listeners to stories, that demands the redemptive act, that demands that what falls at least be offered the chance to be restored. The reader of today looks for this motion, and rightly so, but what he has forgotten is the cost of it. His sense of evil is diluted or lacking altogether, and so he has forgotten the price of restoration. When he reads a novel, he wants either his sense tormented or his spirits raised. He wants to be transported, instantly, either to mock damnation or a mock innocence. - Author: Flannery O'Connor
Restoration quotes by Flannery O'Connor
#45. What if we spent that energy instead on saying the right things to the right ppl at the right time? What if we spent less time shouting into the void and being washed over with shouting in return--and more time talking in rooms to those for whom our words are intended? Whether it's a real room or a group chat on Signal, I want to see a restoration of context, a kind of context collection in the face of context collapse. If we only have so much attention to give, and only so much time on this earth, we might want to think about re-fusing our attention and our communication with the attention they both deserve. - Author: Jenny Odell
Restoration quotes by Jenny Odell
#46. Forgiveness leads to healing of wounds and restoration health. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Restoration quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#47. In D.C., I've passed amendments to allocate $6.3 million to keep our waterways open for business, $1 million as a down payment on our wetland restoration - our natural storm protection - and $5 million to ensure that drilling permits are reviewed thoroughly and efficiently. - Author: Cedric Richmond
Restoration quotes by Cedric Richmond
#48. We should avoid being backward-looking, concerned with restoration and reaction, for it is the last few centuries that have spawned the pox that is now devouring us.
It is a matter of returning to archaic and ancestral values, while at the same time envisioning the future as something more than the extension of the present. - Author: Guillaume Faye
Restoration quotes by Guillaume Faye
#49. A backslider, if there be a spark of life left in him will groan after restoration. No man can be renewed without as real and true a manifestation of the Holy Spirit's energy as he felt at first, - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Restoration quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#50. Tokyu Hands assumes that the customer is very serious about something. If that happens to be shining a pair of shoes, and the customer is sufficiently serious about it, he or she may need the very best German sole-edge enamel available - for the museum-grade weekly restoration of the sides of the soles. - Author: William Gibson
Restoration quotes by William Gibson
#51. Oklahoma residents are known for not backing down from a fight in the political arena, on the gridiron, NBA courts or rodeo arenas, but in their reaction to the bombing, they knew intuitively they would not find restoration in rage. - Author: Tom Brokaw
Restoration quotes by Tom Brokaw
#52. We must protect the right of citizens to practice their religions freely. As president, I will support federal and state-level legislation like the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts that protect citizens and their churches from government intrusion. - Author: Carly Fiorina
Restoration quotes by Carly Fiorina
#53. The gutted ruins of the Amazing Kingdom were razed, and the land was replanted with native trees, including buttonwoods, pigeon plums, torchwoods, brittle palms, tamarinds, gumbo-limbos and mangroves. This restoration was accomplished in spite of rigid opposition from the Monroe County Commission, which had hoped to use the property as a public dump. - Author: Carl Hiaasen
Restoration quotes by Carl Hiaasen
#54. The appropriate response to this gospel proclamation is to rethink everything in the light of the risen and ascended Christ and live accordingly. We rethink our lives (which is what it means to repent) not so we can escape a doomed planet, but in order to participate in God's design to redeem the human person and renovate human society in Christ. Salvation is a restoration project, not an evacuation project! - Author: Brian Zahnd
Restoration quotes by Brian Zahnd
#55. Modern architects and engineers are still trying to understand how the ancient Greeks were able to build the Parthenon in ten years when the restoration of the monument has continued for more than three decades and is still not complete. What they have learned and shared along this arduous path of rediscovery is that the Greeks were highly skilled at building visual compensations into their structures. Columns were crafted and positioned to compensate for how the eye interprets what it sees at a distance. Subtle variances in the surface of platforms, columns, and colonnades provide the appearance of geometric proportion, whereas if they had worked from the perspective of a flat datum surface, the brain would interpret the results as being slightly skewed. - Author: Christopher Dunn
Restoration quotes by Christopher Dunn
#56. Before the crisis, my life moved along like a well-planned play. I showed up and acted my part while the script directed the flow. The devastation demanded I grieve while the play of my life continued around me. I wished I could stop the spinning stage long enough to catch my breath. - Author: Shauna L. Hoey
Restoration quotes by Shauna L. Hoey
#57. The prevention of death and disability, the relief of pain and suffering, the restoration of functioning: these are the aims of health care. Beyond its tangible benefits, health care touches on countless important and in some ways mysterious aspects of personal life and invest it with significant value as a thing in itself. - Author: Martin Gulliford
Restoration quotes by Martin Gulliford
#58. Let us restore trust back to our society - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Restoration quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#59. blowing up three hundred Parliament members and the king of England wasn't restoration. It was death with no phoenix to rise out of it. - Author: Nadine Brandes
Restoration quotes by Nadine Brandes
#60. I believe the time has come for us as disciples of Christ to use these inspired tools appropriately and more effectively to testify of God the Eternal Father, His plan of happiness for His children, and His Son, Jesus Christ, as the Savior of the world; to proclaim the reality of the Restoration of the gospel in the latter days; and to accomplish the Lord's work. - Author: David A. Bednar
Restoration quotes by David A. Bednar
#61. Eastern Washington has experienced a number of deadly forest fires this season, and it is crucial that we have bipartisan legislation that will expedite the research and restoration process. - Author: Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Restoration quotes by Cathy McMorris Rodgers
#62. But resurrection is not just consolation - it is restoration. We get it all back - the love, the loved ones, the goods, the beauties of this life - but in new, unimaginable degrees of glory and joy and strength. - Author: Timothy Keller
Restoration quotes by Timothy Keller
#63. J.R.R.Tolkien has confessed that about a third of the way through The Fellowship of the Ring, some ruffian named Strider confronted the hobbits in an inn, and Tolkien was in despair. He didn't know who Strider was, where the book was going, or what to write next. Strider turns out to be no lesser person than Aragorn, the unrecognized and uncrowned king of all the forces of good, whose restoration to rule is, along with the destruction of the evil ring, the engine that moves the plot of the whole massive trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. - Author: Ansen Dibell
Restoration quotes by Ansen Dibell
#64. Nothing proves better the irreparable decay of the party system than the great efforts after this war to revive it on the Continent, their pitiful results, the enhanced appeal of movements after the defeat of Nazism, and the obvious threat of Bolshevism to national independence. The result of all efforts to restore the status quo has been only the restoration of a political situation in which the destructive movements are the only "parties" that function properly. Their leadership has maintained authority under the most trying circumstances and in spite of constantly changing party lines. In order to gauge correctly the chances for survival of the European nation-state, it would be wise not to pay too much attention to nationalist slogans which the movements occasionally adopt for purposes of hiding their true intentions, but rather to consider that by now everybody knows that they are regional branches of international organizations, that the rank and file is not disturbed in the least when it becomes obvious that their policy serves foreign-policy interests of another and even hostile power, and that denunciations of their leader as fifth columnists, traitors to the country, etc., do not impress their members to any considerable degree. In contrast to the old parties, the movements have survived the last war and are today the only "parties" which have remained alive and meaningful to their adherents. - Author: Hannah Arendt
Restoration quotes by Hannah Arendt
#65. Her eyebrows had been plucked and then drawn on again at a more rakish angle, but the efforts of nature toward the restoration of the old alignment gave a blurred air to her face. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Restoration quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#66. Is Christian ethics merely a specific set of Christian answers to the question of good and evil, right and wrong? To make it no more than this is to forget that man's fall was a fall into the knowledge of good and evil, reinforced by the inexorable knowledge of a condemning law, and that man's restoration in Christ is a restoration to freedom and grace, to a love that needs no law since it knows and does only what is in accord with love and with God. To imprison ethics in the realm of division, of good and evil, right and wrong, is to condemn it to sterility, and rob it of its real reason for existing, which is love. Love cannot be reduced to one virtue among many others prescribed by ethical imperatives. When love is only "a virtue" among many, man forgets that "God is love" and becomes incapable of that all-embracing love by which we secretly begin to know God as our Creator and Redeemer - who has saved us from the limitations of a purely restrictive and aimless existence "under a law."

So Bonhoeffer says very rightly: "In the knowledge of good and evil man does not understand himself in the reality of the destiny appointed in his origin, but rather in his own possibilities, his possibility of being good or evil. He knows himself now as something apart from God, outside God, and this means that he now knows only himself and no longer knows God at all…. The knowledge of good and evil is therefore separation from God. Only against God can man know good and evil. - Author: Thomas Merton
Restoration quotes by Thomas Merton
#67. Brothers and sisters, as good as our previous experience may be, if we stop asking questions, stop thinking, stop pondering, we can thwart the revelations of the Spirit. Remember, it was the questions young Joseph asked that opened the door for the restoration of all things. We can block the growth and knowledge our Heavenly Father intends for us. How often has the Holy Spirit tried to tell us something we needed to know but couldn't get past the massive iron gate of what we thought we already knew? - Author: Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Restoration quotes by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
#68. Ever since the Meiji restoration in 1868, Japan has turned its back on Asia in general and China in particular: its pattern of aggression from 1895 onwards and the colonies that resulted were among the consequences. - Author: Martin Jacques
Restoration quotes by Martin Jacques
#69. I always wanted to do Restoration comedy. It seems like so much fun. - Author: Mark Gatiss
Restoration quotes by Mark Gatiss
#70. Nothing but widespread suffering will produce any effect on Congress ... Our only safety is in pursuing a steady course of firm restriction - and I have no doubt that such a course will ultimately lead to restoration of the currency and the re-charter of the bank. - Author: Nicholas Biddle
Restoration quotes by Nicholas Biddle
#71. The whole world will be affected when the apostles and prophets are fully restored. Their supernatural prophetic and apostolic words will signal the rise and fall of many nations and people. They will be instrumental in determining goat and sheep nations so that when Jesus Christ comes He can put the sheep nations on His right and the goat nations on His left. It will not be long until Christians realize the tremendous ways the restoration of prophets and apostles will affect them and the corporate Church. - Author: Bill Hamon
Restoration quotes by Bill Hamon
#72. I am fully aware of the concept of political revolutions. After all, that is what we hoped might happen in the U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe, but what actually happened was capitalist restoration. - Author: Tariq Ali
Restoration quotes by Tariq Ali
#73. My understanding is that Mago Castle is not a physical place but a symbol of the state of human consciousness and energy that is completely one with divinity. In that sense Mago Castle is inside us.
In this tale of Mago Castle I found the part about the 'Vow of Restoration' deeply moving, for it shows us what human beings deep down inside really want to become and where they want to return. - Author: Ilchi Lee
Restoration quotes by Ilchi Lee
#74. There is no inconsistency when God raises up those who have fallen prostrate. - Author: John Calvin
Restoration quotes by John Calvin
#75. Failing to recognize the worth of beauty independent from utilitarian function is symptomatic of an abject poverty of the soul. It's like saying that if we turned St. Peter's Basilica into a parking garage, we would improve it by making it practical. There's a word for this, and it is vandalism. We must not vandalize the faith in the name of pragmatism! - Author: Brian Zahnd
Restoration quotes by Brian Zahnd
#76. In our time we have come to the stage where the real work of humanity begins. It is the time where we partner Creation in the creation of ourselves, in the restoration of the biosphere, the regenesis of society and in the assuming of a new type of culture; the culture of Kindness. Herein, we live daily life reconnected and recharged by the Source, so as to become liberated and engaged in the world and in our tasks. - Author: Jean Houston
Restoration quotes by Jean Houston
#77. Better the discomfort that leads to repentance and restoration than temporal comfort and eternal damnation. - Author: Francine Rivers
Restoration quotes by Francine Rivers
#78. Something is profoundly wrong and we are desperate for justice, for restoration and for somebody somewhere to do something about this. - Author: Rob Bell
Restoration quotes by Rob Bell
#79. The reformation of society and restoration of spirituality should be our goal as Christians - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Restoration quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#80. Bible prophecies indicate that in the last dispensation of the gospel, there would be a restoration of all of the principles and practices of former dispensations, which includes temple-building and the performing of ordinances therein. - Author: David B. Haight
Restoration quotes by David B. Haight
#81. Resilient strength is the opposite of helplessness. The tree is made strong and resilient by its grounded root system. These roots take nourishment from the ground and grow strong. Grounding also allows the tree to be resilient so that it can yield to the winds of change and not be uprooted. Springiness is the facility to ground and 'unground' in a rhythmical way. This buoyancy is a dynamic form of grounding. Aggressiveness is the biological ability to be vigorous and energetic, especially when using instinct and force. In the immobility (traumatized) state, these assertive energies are inaccessible. The restoration of healthy aggression is an essential part in the recovery from trauma. Empowerment is the acceptance of personal authority. It derives from the capacity to choose the direction and execution of one's own energies. Mastery is the possession of skillful techniques in dealing successfully with threat. Orientation is the process of ascertaining one's position relative to both circumstance and environment. In these ways the residue of trauma is renegotiated. - Author: Peter A. Levine
Restoration quotes by Peter A. Levine
#82. Why the delay? Why does God let evil and pain so flagrantly exist, even thrive, on this planet? ... He holds back for our sakes. Re-creation involves us; we are, in fact, at the center of his plan ... the motive behind all human history, is to develop us, not God. Our very existence announces to the powers in the universe that restoration is under way. Every act of faith by every one of the people of God is like the tolling of a bell, and a faith like Job's reverberates throughout the universe. - Author: Philip Yancey
Restoration quotes by Philip Yancey
#83. This book attempts to
record a journey to restoration that applies to ordinary people like you and I. It is a shot towards healing. A step headed for a new consciousness. It emerges from a moment in time where all seems lost. - Author: Phindiwe Nkosi
Restoration quotes by Phindiwe Nkosi
#84. God is at work telling a story of restoration and redemption through your family. Never buy into the myth that you need to become the "
right" kind of parent before God can use you in your children's lives. Instead learn to cooperate with whatever God desires to do in your heart today so your children will have a front-row seat to the grace and goodness of God. - Author: Reggie Joiner
Restoration quotes by Reggie Joiner
#85. We must be so heavenly minded that we are compelled to be of earthly good! - Author: Marilynn Dawson
Restoration quotes by Marilynn Dawson
#86. You demonstrate biblical love when you take steps to restore a fellow-believer overtaken in sin. This not only encourages a fallen believer to return to his first love of Jesus Christ, but it also gives others involved in the restoration process on-going opportunities to examine the depth of their love to the Lord. - Author: John C. Broger
Restoration quotes by John C. Broger
#87. After the Meiji restoration in 1868, Japan adopted an expansionist and colonial attitude towards its neighbours. It sought to identify itself with the West and looked down upon the Asian continent as backward and inferior. For most of the next 70 years, Japan was at war, mainly with its neighbours. - Author: Martin Jacques
Restoration quotes by Martin Jacques
#88. In fact, the gravest obstacle to the restoration of civilization in North America is universal suffrage. Letting everybody vote makes no sense. Obviously they are no good at it. The whole idea smacks of the fumble-witted idealism of a high-school Marxist society. - Author: Fred Reed
Restoration quotes by Fred Reed
#89. Sabbaths, 1982 - IV
("A gardener rises out of the ground")

Thrush song, stream song, holy love
That flows through earthly forms and folds,
The song of Heaven's Sabbath fleshed
In throat and ear, in stream and stone,
A grace living here as we live,
Move my mind now to that which holds
Things as they change.
The warmth has come.
The doors have opened. Flower and song
Embroider ground and air, lead me
Beside the healing field that waits;
Growth, death, and a restoring form
Of human use will make it well.
But I go on, beyond, higher
In the hill's fold, forget the time
I come from and go to, recall
This grove left out of all account,
A place enclosed in song.
Now falls from thought. I go amazed
Into the maze of a design
That mind can follow but not know,
Apparent, plain, and yet unknown,
The outline lost in earth and sky.
What form wakens and rumples this?
Be still. A man who seems to be
A gardener rises out of the ground,
Stands like a tree, shakes off the dark,
The bluebells opening at his feet,
The light a figured cloth of song. - Author: Wendell Berry
Restoration quotes by Wendell Berry
#90. He saves us by realistic restoration of our heart to God and then by dwelling there with his Father through the distinctively divine Spirit. The heart thus renovated and inhabited is the only real hope of humanity on earth. - Author: Dallas Willard
Restoration quotes by Dallas Willard
#91. A magnificent restoration awaits us ... Christ comes in judgment; then restoration. - Author: Paul P. Enns
Restoration quotes by Paul P. Enns
#92. Lord, I pour out my heart before You regarding the things in my life that cause me grief. I lift my hands to You because I know You are my hope and Your compassion for me never fails. Heal me of all emotional pain, and use the sorrow I have suffered for good. I pray that in Your presence I will find total restoration. - Author: Stormie O'martian
Restoration quotes by Stormie O'martian
#93. The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses. - Author: Hanna Rion
Restoration quotes by Hanna Rion
#94. Bro, we're living in the Kali Yuga, a Dark Age of petite bourgeoisie ideology, a petite bourgeoisie ideology whose resources and ruses are infinite and which ubiquitously permeates the world
high culture, low culture, bienpensant media, prestige literature, pop music, commerce, sports, academia, you name it. The only reasonable response to this situation is to maintain an implacable antipathy toward everything. Denounce everyone. Make war against yourself. Guillotine all groveling intellectuals. That said, I think it's important to maintain a cheery disposition. This will hasten the restoration of Paradise. I've memorized this line from Andre Breton's magnificent homage to Antonin Artaud
"I salute Antonin Artaud for his passionate, heroic negation of everything that causes us to be dead while alive." Given the state of things, that's what we need to be doing, all the time
negating everything that causes us to be dead while alive. - Author: Mark Leyner
Restoration quotes by Mark Leyner
#95. The beliefs and behaviour of the Restoration reflect the theories of society put forward by Thomas Hobbes in The Leviathan, which was written in exile in Paris and published in 1651. Like many texts of the time, The Leviathan is an allegory. It recalls mediaeval rather than Renaissance thinking. The leviathan is the Commonwealth, society as a total organism, in which the individual is the absolute subject of state control, represented by the monarch. Man - motivated by self-interest - is acquisitive and lacks codes of behaviour. Hence the necessity for a strong controlling state, 'an artificial man', to keep discord at bay. Self-interest and stability become the keynotes of British society after 1660, the voice of the new middle-class bourgeoisie making itself heard more and more in the expression of values, ideals, and ethics. - Author: Ronald Carter
Restoration quotes by Ronald Carter
#96. When we privatize our faith, we cease to be salt and light in the world. No longer part of a countercultural revolution, or an outpost of heaven demonstrating God's plan for restoration and resurrection, we reduce our faith to this: "Jesus came, died, and rose from the grave to get me into heaven. - Author: Mike Slaughter
Restoration quotes by Mike Slaughter
#97. The human animal needs meaning as well as food and air and sex and water. The sense that life is meaningless is at the root of a great deal of depression, aggression, and addiction, which can only be addressed by a restoration of the sense that life is meaning-full. - Author: Robert Moss
Restoration quotes by Robert Moss
#98. For the only way in which a durable peace can be created is by world-wide restoration of economic activity and international trade. - Author: James Forrestal
Restoration quotes by James Forrestal
#99. What is most frightening about Vautrin's lecture is that his brisk portrait of Restoration society contains such precise figures. As I will soon show, the structure of the income and wealth hierarchies in nineteenth-century France was such that the standard of living the wealthiest French people could attain greatly exceeded that to which one could aspire on the basis of income from labor alone. Under such conditions, why work? And why behave morally at all? Since social inequality was in itself immoral and unjustified, why not be thoroughly immoral and appropriate capital by whatever means are available? The - Author: Thomas Piketty
Restoration quotes by Thomas Piketty
#100. A proper community, we should remember also, is a commonwealth: a place, a resource, an economy. It answers the needs, practical as well as social and spiritual, of its members - among them the need to need one another. The answer to the present alignment of political power with wealth is the restoration of the identity of community and economy.
(pg. 63, "Racism and the Economy") - Author: Wendell Berry
Restoration quotes by Wendell Berry
#101. For the girls the regular comings and goings restored their superior sense of self, a superiority they had received intact from Moran and which was little acknowledged by the wide world in which they had to work and live. That unexplained notion of superiority was often badly shaken and in need of restoration by the time they came home. - Author: John McGahern
Restoration quotes by John McGahern
#102. An organist who has the sensitivity to quietly play prelude music from the hymnbook tempers our feelings and causes us to go over in our minds the lyrics which teach the peaceable things of the kingdom. If we will listen, they are teaching the gospel, for the hymns of the Restoration are, in fact, a course in doctrine! - Author: Boyd K. Packer
Restoration quotes by Boyd K. Packer
#103. American cold war culture represented an age of anxiety. The anxiety was so severe that it sought relief in an insistent, assertive optimism. Much of American popular culture aided this quest for apathetic security. The expanding white middle class sought to escape their worries in the burgeoning consumer culture. Driving on the new highway system in gigantic showboat cars to malls and shopping centers that accepted a new form of payment known as credit cards, Americans could forget about Jim Crow, communism, and the possibility of Armageddon. At night in their suburban homes, television allowed middle class families to enjoy light domestic comedies like The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, Father Knows Best, and Leave It to Beaver. Somnolently they watched representations of settled family life, stories where lost baseball gloves and dinnertime hijinks represented the only conflicts. In the glow of a new Zenith television, it became easy to believe that the American dream had been fully realized by the sacrifice and hard work of the war generation.

American monsters in pop culture came to the aid of this great American sleep. Although a handful of science fiction films made explicit political messages that unsettled an apathetic America, the vast majority of 'creature features' proffered parables of American righteousness and power. These narratives ended, not with world apocalypse, but with a full restoration of a secure, consumer-oriented status quo. Invaders i - Author: W. Scott Poole
Restoration quotes by W. Scott Poole
#104. And this speaks to the larger problem that no one wants to talk about: the restoration of the Roman rite is a precondition for a long-term fix for the problem. - Author: Richard Morris
Restoration quotes by Richard Morris
#105. Ancient worship ... does truth. All one has to do is to study the ancient liturgies to see that liturgies clearly do truth by their order and in their substance. This is why so many young people today are now adding ancient elements to their worship ... This recovery of ancient practices is not the mere restoration of ritual but a deep, profound, and passionate engagement with truth - truth that forms and shapes the spiritual life into a Christlikeness that issues forth in the call to a godly and holy life and into a deep commitment to justice and to the needs of the poor. - Author: Robert E. Webber
Restoration quotes by Robert E. Webber
#106. The aim of the Revolution is, so far as the interests of China herself are concerned, the restoration of her original frontiers and, in regard to the rest of the world, a gradual advance of all nations from the stage of equality to that of an ideal unity. - Author: Chiang Kai-shek
Restoration quotes by Chiang Kai-shek
#107. A nation can be mighty, when the citizens put away their political differences, work together for a common vision, a common goal and a common good. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Restoration quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#108. Someone may have stolen your dream when it was young and fresh and you were innocent. Anger is natural. Grief is appropriate. Healing is mandatory. Restoration is possible. - Author: Jane Rubietta
Restoration quotes by Jane Rubietta
#109. I have to be alone very often. I'd be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That's how I refuel.
(Audrey Hepburn: Many-Sided Charmer, LIFE Magazine, December 7, 1953) - Author: Audrey Hepburn
Restoration quotes by Audrey Hepburn
#110. In the United States, the Constitution is a health chart left by the Founding Fathers which shows whether or not the body politic is in good health. If the national body is found to be in poor health, the Founding Fathers also left a prescription for the restoration of health called the Declaration of Independence. - Author: Dick Gregory
Restoration quotes by Dick Gregory
#111. There seems to be a vicious cycle at work here, making ours not just an economy but a culture of extreme inequality. Corporate decision makers, and even some two-bit entrepreneurs like my boss at The Maids, occupy an economic position miles above that of the underpaid people whose labor they depend on. For reasons that have more to do with class - and often racial - prejudice than with actual experience, they tend to fear and distrust the category of people from which they recruit their workers. Hence the perceived need for repressive management and intrusive measures like drug and personality testing. But these things cost money - $20,000 or more a year for a manager, $100 a pop for a drug test, and so on - and the high cost of repression results in ever more pressure to hold wages down. The larger society seems to be caught up in a similar cycle: cutting public services for the poor, which are sometimes referred to collectively as the 'social wage,' while investing ever more heavily in prisons and cops. And in the larger society, too, the cost of repression becomes another factor weighing against the expansion or restoration of needed services. It is a tragic cycle, condemning us to ever deeper inequality, and in the long run, almost no one benefits but the agents of repression themselves. - Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
Restoration quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#112. Fritz Lang's 1927 film Metropolis is commonly regarded as one of the classics of cinema, and at the time it was probably the most expensive film ever made. Only in light of recent restoration work, though, can we see how explicitly it draws on apocalyptic themes in its prophetic depiction of modern society. Partly, Metropolis reflects the ideas of Oswald Spengler, whose sensationally popular book The Decline of the West appeared in 1918. Spengler presented nightmare forecasts of the vast megalopolis, ruled by the superrich, with politics reduced to demagoguery and Caesarism, and religion marked by strange oriental cults. Lang borrowed that model but added explicit references to the Bible, and particularly Revelation. In the future world of Metropolis, the ruling classes dwell in their own Tower of Babel, while the industrial working class is literally enslaved to Moloch. - Author: Philip Jenkins
Restoration quotes by Philip Jenkins
#113. In the words of Yellowstone Park's wolf biologist Michael Phillips, wolf conservation has become "a dramatic expression of the goodness of the human spirit. It shows that we respect the rights of other life-forms, even when they may cause problems. It shows that we are capable and committed to correcting the mistakes of the past. Wolf restoration is a touchstone for measuring our reverence for what we have inherited and for the legacy we leave our children. - Author: Bruce Hampton
Restoration quotes by Bruce Hampton
#114. Meditation is a mysterious method of self-restoration.
It involves "shutting" out the outside world, and by that means sensing the universal "presence" which is, incidentally, absolute perfect peace.
It is basically an existential "time-out" - a way to "come up for a breath of air" out of the noisy clutter of the world.
But don't be afraid, there is nothing arcane or supernatural or creepy about the notion of taking a time-out. Ball players do it. Kids do it, when prompted by their parents. Heck, even your computer does it (and sometimes not when you want it to).
So, why not you?
A meditation can be as simple as taking a series of easy breaths, and slowly, gently counting to ten in your mind. - Author: Vera Nazarian
Restoration quotes by Vera Nazarian
#115. This is all that restoration requires most of the time, that one person not give up. - Author: Anne Lamott
Restoration quotes by Anne Lamott
#116. If time could run backward, like a film in reverse, we would see this mess reassemble itself into lush green hills and moss-covered ledges of limestone. The streams would run back up the hills to the springs and the salt would stay glittering in underground rooms. - Author: Robin Wall Kimmerer
Restoration quotes by Robin Wall Kimmerer
#117. The shining forth of God's kingdom is a sign of restoration - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Restoration quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#118. When external and internal forces hostile to the development of socialism try to turn the development of a given socialist country in the direction of the restoration of the capitalist system, when a threat arises to the cause of socialism in that country ... this is no longer merely a problem for that country's people, but a common problem, the concern of all socialist countries. - Author: Leonid Brezhnev
Restoration quotes by Leonid Brezhnev
#119. Normal Christian life is a process of restoration and renewal. Our joy is not static. It fluctuates with real life. It is vulnerable to satan's attacks. - Author: John Piper
Restoration quotes by John Piper
#120. First of all, there is a difference between redemption and restoration. What you're talking about is restoration, putting things back as they were before. That is not what redemption is. Christ is the Redeemer because he paid the price for our sins, Joshua. In his sacrifice he took the pain of our sins upon him, he took the effects of our transgressions upon himself. - Author: Gerald N. Lund
Restoration quotes by Gerald N. Lund
#121. Simon Greenleaf's Masonic work documents the relationship between defining the Patriarch Enoch as a Pythagorean figure while linking the Druidical priestly presence through Phoenician exploration from Egyptian source. Thus Enoch brought the content of Masonic knowledge to a greater mystical perfection as he was deemed to have caused the emergence of the restoration of learning from the vault into solar Apollonian radiance through the application of Pythagorean learning to the inspiration of the new Republic through mathematics and the laws derived from it. The result was for Greenleaf a pre- critical logic of unfolding of the Logos envisaged by Salem Town along lines delineated in the L'Enfant-Latrobe District of Columbia template from the national capital into districts of Masonic Grand Lodge administration was devolved into districts, paralleling judicial and congressional districts, symbolically as an extension of the Latrobe-L'Enfant template just after the moral and political defeat of Jedidiah Morse and the Federalists in 1800 and theological attacks on Masonry and before the onset of the Morgan fervor in 1826. This period enables the historian to see a sequence of Masonic and mythic legal unfolding from legendary history which linked the emergence of Enochic design to civil religion through monumental architecture which also links the dynamism of a Third Age of Masonic "Aquarian" millennialism rooted in third age eschatology within its Tudor derivative of an articulat - Author: Robert W. Sullivan IV
Restoration quotes by Robert W. Sullivan IV
#122. This in essence is my goal. To set an example by doing what is good. If I live openly and honestly, I set an example of virtue, humanness, restoration, and healing. I give others permission to join me on my journey despite the fear of failure or the rejection it might elicit when they know they are not alone in their experience. The more of us who amass the courage to embark openly on this path, the more normal this experience becomes, effectively eliminating the tactic of shame and isolation that the enemy so often uses to cause us to falter. - Author: Riisa Renee
Restoration quotes by Riisa Renee
#123. Ruins provide the incentive for restoration, and for a return to origins. There has to be an interim of death or rejection before there can be renewal and reform. - Author: J. B. Jackson
Restoration quotes by J. B. Jackson
#124. High expectations I have. In hardness I labor that, fuller joy at the top I may partake. Nevertheless, in vain I toil. And then, friends'and people's reproach I become, because of my drowning hopes that keeps me out of the circle of richies and honor. I'm the distance they keep like plague, because I have no physical wealth and glamour like them. But in all my stony falls and griefs, the word of restoration in the blood given to me upon the altar of salvation, I cling. For in the end, mercy will attend my situation and see to my hard labor with crown of great success. - Author: Darmie Orem
Restoration quotes by Darmie Orem
#125. Young earth creationists try to force modern science into a literal reading of Genesis 1. Day-age theorists try to fit Genesis 1 into modern science. Proponents of the restoration view try to have their cake and eat it too by inserting a speculative gap between verses 1 and 2 of this chapter. All three views are fundamentally misguided and are rooted in contradictory opinions about the meaning and significance of various words and phrases in Genesis 1 (e.g., "day," "formless void"). None of them have seriously considered the more fundamental question concerning the kind of literature we are dealing with in Genesis 1. More - Author: Gregory A. Boyd
Restoration quotes by Gregory A. Boyd
#126. We breathe our deepest during sleep.
When we are in the state of full rest.
We are able to be. - Author: J.R. Rim
Restoration quotes by J.R. Rim
#127. But don't ever forget: adultery is also biblical grounds for forgiveness, healing, and restoration. - Author: Craig Groeschel
Restoration quotes by Craig Groeschel
#128. We can't just rail against crime. We must speak of the root problems - devastating family breakup, an insidious culture of violence that cheapens human life, skyrocketing prisoner recidivism rates that rob our communities of husbands and fathers - and recognize that there is a societal role in rehabilitation and restoration. - Author: Frank Wolf
Restoration quotes by Frank Wolf
#129. I always bring it up to my lawyer every now and then. And another reason we have to revisit it is because there is a restoration going on right now for the film through UCLA and Sundance. - Author: Todd Haynes
Restoration quotes by Todd Haynes
#130. For salamanders, regeneration after injury, such as the loss of a limb, involves regrowth of structure and restoration of function with the constant possibility of twinning or other odd topographical productions at the site of former injury. The regrown limb can be monstrous, duplicated, potent. We have all been injured, profoundly. We require regeneration, not rebirth, and the possibilities for our reconstitution include the utopian dream of the hope for a monstrous world without gender - Author: Donna J. Haraway
Restoration quotes by Donna J. Haraway
#131. Gnag bends things for breaking, and the Maker makes a flourish! Evil digs a pit, and the Maker makes a well! That is his way. - Author: Andrew Peterson
Restoration quotes by Andrew Peterson
#132. Arizona has become a national leader in the restoration of the Rule of Law, with over 100,000 illegal aliens having left the state since 2007. - Author: Russell Pearce
Restoration quotes by Russell Pearce
#133. Murderers don't get forgiven just because we promise to be good from now on. We have to earn our way back. One hundred is the price. One hundred lives for each we took. That seems fair. That's how we get whole again and that's our work, from now until as long as it takes. - Author: Bill Willingham
Restoration quotes by Bill Willingham
#134. In the political, the social, the economic, even the cultural sphere, the revolutions of our time have been revolutions "against" rather than revolutions "for" ... On the whole throughout this period the man
or party
that stood for doing the positive has usually cut a pathetic figure; well meaning but ineffectual, civilized but unrealistic, he was suspect alike to [by both] the ultras of destruction and the ultras of preservation and restoration. - Author: Peter Drucker
Restoration quotes by Peter Drucker
#135. Romance is about putting things aright after some tragedy has put them asunder. It is about restoration of the right relations among things - and going home is where that restoration occurs because that is where it matters most. - Author: A. Bartlett Giamatti
Restoration quotes by A. Bartlett Giamatti
#136. Healing is essential for lasting change. ...healing is a transformation, not just a quick fix; a change from an inhibited or impaired state to one of greater health, integration and connection. What was damaged must be soothed, repaired, restored, and given new pathways in which to grow and flourish. In order for change to be thorough, old patterns need to be dissolved, and new, more coherent and refined constructs, formed. In creating coherency in new forms, what has become fragmented or separated, injured or diseased must be made whole again, or perhaps made whole for the first time. - Author: Sharon Weil
Restoration quotes by Sharon Weil
#137. Christianity in its fullness and truth has been restored to the earth by direct revelation. The restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most significant fact since the resurrection of Jesus Christ. What was restored? In a very real sense, the true Law of the Harvest was restored – the law of justice, the law of mercy, the law of love. It was restored in a free country under the influence of a God-inspired Constitution which created a climate of freedom, opportunity and prosperity. The basic virtues of thrift, self-reliance, independence, enterprise, diligence, integrity, morality, faith in God and in His Son, Jesus Christ, were the principles upon which this, the greatest nation in the world, has been built. We must not sell this priceless, divine heritage which was largely paid for by the blood of patriots and prophets for a mess of pottage, for a counterfeit, a false doctrine parading under the cloak of love and compassion, of humanitarianism, even of Christianity. - Author: Howard W. Hunter
Restoration quotes by Howard W. Hunter
#138. The greatest teaching is restoration of mankind to divine love of God - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Restoration quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#139. The pastoral task with words is not communication but communion - the healing and restoration and creation of love relationships between God and his fighting children and our fought-over creation. Poetry uses words in and for communion.
This is hard work and requires alertness. The language of our time is in terrible condition. It is used carelessly and cynically. Mostly it is a tool for propaganda, whether secular or religious. Every time badly used and abused language is carried by pastors into prayers and preaching and direction, the word of God is cheapened. We cannot use a bad means to a good end. - Author: Eugene H. Peterson
Restoration quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
#140. Following the Lord's authority, one of the distinctives of
Christian cultural understanding is that it also is minimally concerned with politics. The restoration of the nations is not, in any important sense, a political process. Rather, the process is one of baptism and catechism. The means given for the conversion of the heathen were the waters of baptism and the words of instruction. When the lessons have been learned, there will of course be some political consequences. But they will be minimal for the simple reason that the state itself, in a nation that has come to repentance, will also be minimal. For the Christian, the political realm is a creature to be redeemed, sinful like the rest of us and with a long way to go before it retires to more biblical proportions. - Author: Douglas Wilson
Restoration quotes by Douglas Wilson
#141. It is never too late to revive your origins. It is their destiny: since they were not the first to be in on history, they will be the first to immortalize everything by reconstitution (by putting things in museums, they can match in an instant the fossilization process nature took millions of years to complete). But the conceptions Americans have of the museum is much wider than our own. To them, everything is worthy of protection, embalming, restoration. Everything can have a second birth, the eternal birth of the simulacrum. - Author: Jean Baudrillard
Restoration quotes by Jean Baudrillard
#142. We did major work at the White House. But what people often don't understand is that when you do a historic restoration, you can't just do whatever you want. You work alongside the fine-arts commission and are obliged to create a replica of the past, as close as humanly possible. It's a historic institution, not a showhouse. - Author: Iris Apfel
Restoration quotes by Iris Apfel
#143. I'm also getting a piece of chocolate cake...
"Can I have a bite?" he asked, his voice smooth and sexy.
A bite of what? she wanted to ask, but didn't. She wasn't ready for that level of flirting. "Get your own slice, Gallagher."
"I can do that, Blake. I'm in the mood for something sweet it seems. - Author: Carrie Ann Ryan
Restoration quotes by Carrie Ann Ryan
#144. Now that the ancien regime had definitely disappeared in France, the new regime must again,
after 1848, reaffirm itself, and the history of the nineteenth century up to 1914 is the history of the
restoration of popular sovereignties against ancien regime monarchies; in other words, the history of the
principle of nations. This principle finally triumphs in 1919, which witnesses the disappearance of all
absolutist monarchies in Europe.3 - Author: Albert Camus
Restoration quotes by Albert Camus
#145. When you are tired.Rest!
Tired mentaly, physically, spiritually.
Rest can take on many forms - Author: Akosua Dardaine Edwards
Restoration quotes by Akosua Dardaine Edwards
#146. We modern people think of miracles as the suspension of the natural order, but Jesus meant them to be the restoration of the natural order. The Bible tells us that God did not originally make the world to have disease, hunger, and death in it. Jesus has come to redeem where it is wrong and heal the world where it is broken. His miracles are not just proofs that he has power but also wonderful foretastes of what he is going to do with that power. Jesus' miracles are not just a challenge to our minds, but a promise to our hearts, that the world we all want is coming. - Author: Timothy Keller
Restoration quotes by Timothy Keller
#147. What can educators do to foster real intelligence?..We can attempt to teach the things that one might imagine the earth would teach us: silence, humility, holiness, connectedness, courtesy, beauty, celebration, giving, restoration, obligation, and wildness. - Author: David W. Orr
Restoration quotes by David W. Orr
#148. Conservatism is not about the restoration of a golden age, but the preservation of golden things. - Author: Joshua Gibbs
Restoration quotes by Joshua Gibbs
#149. I declare that this government is no longer a constitutional and moral form of government. I will deal with it, and I will obey its laws, and I will support it when it is defending our country from foreign and domestic enemies. I will vote in its elections and participate in its political debates. But I will never accept it. I aim at a restoration of constitutional and moral order. - Author: Lawrence Auster
Restoration quotes by Lawrence Auster
#150. The main theme of the Bible is the restoration of humanity and, through humanity, of the whole of creation to its original harmony. - Author: Bede Griffiths
Restoration quotes by Bede Griffiths
#151. Since ancient times, the left side has stood for the side of the unconscious or the unknown; the right side, by contrast, has represented the side of consciousness or wakefulness. Through the late twentieth century, the movement of the Left limited themselves to a materialist understanding of reality- exemplified by Marxism- demanding social justice and economic equality but not the restoration of intuition and the recognition of the hidden, qualitative dimensions of being suppressed by the mental-rational consciousness, narrowly focused on the quantifiable. - Author: Jean Gebser
Restoration quotes by Jean Gebser
#152. Another thing: a living culture is forever changing, without losing itself as a framework and context of change. The reconstruction of a culture is not the same as its restoration. - Author: Jane Jacobs
Restoration quotes by Jane Jacobs
#153. What the detective story is about is not murder but the restoration of order. - Author: P.D. James
Restoration quotes by P.D. James
#154. People who are starving and dressed in rags don't want to hear someone read a list of propositional "good news." They want to see the good news in action. The church doesn't hold revival meetings and call it a day - we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, dig wells, and staff medical clinics. Social action isn't an optional part of evangelism; it is evangelism. This is an important correction to the overspirituality that dominated evangelical Christianity just a generation ago. But the both/and of holistic mission still misses the heart of Jesus if we don't see that the church needs the poor as much as the poor need the church. Jesus didn't embrace the poor only because he pitied them or because he knew he had the resources to help them. Jesus embraced the poor because they were rushing into the kingdom ahead of the scribes and Pharisees - those who called themselves God's people. Jesus welcomed people who knew poverty because they were ready to receive what he had to offer. Religious people, he said, could learn something from them. Our spiritual lives are linked to the material conditions of our life. When we feel like we don't need much materially, we often have trouble remembering why we need God. We comfortable Americans can go through an entire day without thinking of God. But Jesus gave the poor more than food to eat and relief from their sickness. He restored them to God's beloved community. - Author: Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
Restoration quotes by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
#155. God has been working on a grand restoration project for a while. First there is the "restoration of all things" that Peter talked about in Acts 3:21. That would include the reinstatement of mankind as the head of creation and the renewing of the earth. - Author: Alain Caron
Restoration quotes by Alain Caron
#156. Brothers and sisters, one of the great consolations of this Easter season is that because Jesus walked such a long, lonely path utterly alone, we do not have to do so. His solitary journey brought great company for our little version of that path - the merciful care of our Father in Heaven, the unfailing companionship of this Beloved Son, the consummate gift of the Holy Ghost, angels in heaven family members on both sides of the veil, prophets and apostles, teachers, leaders, friends. All of these and more have been given as companions for our mortal journey because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the Restoration of His gospel. Trumpeted from the summit of Calvary is the truth that we will never be left alone nor unaided, even sometimes we may feel that we are. Truly the Redeemer of us all said: "I will not leave you comfortless: [My Father and] I will come to you [and abide with you]. - Author: Jeffrey R. Holland
Restoration quotes by Jeffrey R. Holland
#157. Women have full equality with men before the Lord. By nature, the roles of women differ from those of men. This knowledge has come to us with the Restoration of the gospel in the fullness of times, with an acknowledgment that women are endowed with the great responsibilities of motherhood and nurturing. - Author: James E. Faust
Restoration quotes by James E. Faust
#158. In this tale of Mago Castle, I found the part about the Vow of Restoration deeply moving, for it shows us what human beings-deep down inside- really want to become and where they want to return. Humans are fundamentally spiritual being. That is why they ceaselessly thirst for divinity and seek to become one with it. - Author: Ilchi Lee
Restoration quotes by Ilchi Lee
#159. [Plot is] the gradual perturbation of an unstable homeostatic system and its catastrophic restoration to a new and complexified equilibrium. - Author: John Barth
Restoration quotes by John Barth
#160. You're going to come across some truly gifted people in your lifetime that seem to know all the answers. However, they lost their personal relationship with God, along the way. Love them anyways, and do everything you can to help them restore that relationship. They are fighting a war that you don't know anything about. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
Restoration quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#161. Volunteers are the backbone, heart, and soul of the restoration movement. And whatever the eventual results of their labors may be, working to revive damaged ecosystems is transforming and strengthening their relationship with the rest of nature. - Author: William K. Stevens
Restoration quotes by William K. Stevens
#162. God is always looking for the best for us, but His best depends upon our surrender to His ways. A worshiper is someone who learns, like Paul did, to lay their lives down in order to seek his alone. The prize for the worshiper is not fame, money or power, but simply Jesus Himself, His like, His Joy, His peace, His restoration. - Author: Benjamin Sealey
Restoration quotes by Benjamin Sealey
#163. There has now emerged a global call for restoration of deforested lands, given the growing recognition that forests provide a disproportionate amount of the services - drinking and irrigation water, climate
change mitigation, stormwater management, and recreation - that allow humanity to survive in the long term. - Author: Daniel C Esty
Restoration quotes by Daniel C Esty
#164. those who strive to delay or hinder the restoration of the church will accomplish nothing. God is its vindicator, and he will judge all peoples. - Author: John Calvin
Restoration quotes by John Calvin
#165. Moments of solitude, rest for the soul. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Restoration quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#166. The twentieth-century conservative is concerned, first of all, for the regeneration of the spirit and character – with the perennial problem of the inner order of the soul, the restoration of the ethical understanding, and the religious sanction upon which any life worth living is founded. This is conservatism at its highest. - Author: Russell Kirk
Restoration quotes by Russell Kirk
#167. A man who struggles long to pray and study Torah will be able to discover the sparks of divine light in all of creation, in each solitary bush and grain and woman and man. And when he cleaves strenuously to God for many years, he will be able to release the sparks to unwrap and lift these particular shreds of holiness, and return them to God. This is the human task: to direct and channel the spark's return. This task is tikkun, restoration.
Yours is a holy work on earth right now, they say, whatever that work is if you tie your love and desire to God. You do not deny or flee the world, but redeem it, all of it - just as it is. - Author: Annie Dillard
Restoration quotes by Annie Dillard
#168. Restoration of friendship with Russia, our biggest neighbor, is necessary for our peace and economy. - Author: Bidzina Ivanishvili
Restoration quotes by Bidzina Ivanishvili
#169. I learned and it was exactly what I needed [Transcendental Meditation]. The thing that blew me away was that it was the easiest thing I've ever done- not the easiest meditation, but the easiest thing I've ever learned. I learn a lot of things- that's my job! It's so simple to learn, so simple to practice. And the restoration that comes to you, the benefit across your life; it's changed everything. - Author: Cameron Diaz
Restoration quotes by Cameron Diaz
#170. We very much hope that as we get growth that we can reduce the burden of taxation, that we can reduce income tax and increase the amount of genuine free enterprise and business enterprise ... This is going ... toward the restoration of the personal responsibility, the independence, with every man a property owner, every man a capitalist. - Author: Margaret Thatcher
Restoration quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#171. Our missionary message is strengthened by the knowledge of the Restoration. We know that God speaks to His prophets today, just as He did anciently. We also know that His gospel is administered with the power and authority of the restored priesthood. No other message has such great eternal significance to everyone living on the earth today. All of us need to teach this message to others with power and conviction. It is the still, small voice of the Holy Ghost that testifies through us of the miracle of the Restoration, but first we must open our mouths and testify. We must warn our neighbors. - Author: L. Tom Perry
Restoration quotes by L. Tom Perry
#172. Medicine is the restoration of discordant elements; sickness is the discord of the elements infused into the living body. - Author: Leonardo Da Vinci
Restoration quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#173. That the crowning miracle of all the miracles summed up in the New Testament, after the miracle of the blind seeing, and the lame walking, and the restoration of the dead to life, was the miracle that the poor had the Gospel preached to them. That while the poor were unnaturally and unnecessarily cut off by the thousand, in the prematurity of their age, or in the rottenness of their youth - for of flower or blossom such youth has none - the Gospel was NOT preached to them, saving in hollow and unmeaning voices. That of all wrongs, this was the first mighty wrong the Pestilence warned us to set right. And that no Post- Office Order to any amount, given to a Begging-Letter Writer for the quieting of an uneasy breast, would be presentable on the Last Great Day as anything towards it. - Author: Charles Dickens
Restoration quotes by Charles Dickens
#174. The roots of Campanella's "Solar City" (and the District of Columbia) can be found in deeper occult parallels within the literature formulated by hermetical philosophers Giovanni Pico della Mirandola and Marsilio Ficino in Renaissance Florence; both prophetically predicting the restoration of the Egyptian solar religion as the correct political theology of the planet and itself the model for a "New World" civil religion. In another words they believed the Abrahamic solar faiths of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam would ultimately be exposed as substituted forms of Egyptian sun worship with in "New World" - the United States. It would be this "New World" that would midwife civilization from the waning Piscean Age into the "Masonic" Aquarian Age, a new age of the holy spirit. Simon Greenleaf's Druids and Campanella's Solarians are the de-facto "mediating" Joachimite order through which heavenly signs are mediated by a Sun Priest - an executive or President - who frames policy based upon his knowledge of the correspondences between science (i.e. Egyptian natural religion), grades of being, and heavenly correspondences. This polity was replicated from 1797 within the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons with reference both to Enoch (cf. Webb's 1797 Monitor) and the priest king Melchizedek of which the Grand Master DeWitt Clinton became the symbolic presiding executive. This configuration is important to make because it establishes the position of the District of Columbia - Author: Robert W. Sullivan IV
Restoration quotes by Robert W. Sullivan IV
#175. The detective story is not about murder," P. D. James has written, "but the restoration of order. - Author: Anonymous
Restoration quotes by Anonymous
#176. We are also working on the restoration of salmon runs, and we are doing a new process of mass marking with these fish so we can tell the wild fish from the hatchery fish. - Author: Norm Dicks
Restoration quotes by Norm Dicks
#177. There is complete hope for terminal illness in the power of the Almighty God. The hands of Jesus are healing hands...the hands of Jesus are saving hands. Jesus brought peace and restoration, reconciliation, power, purpose, love, understading, purity and compatibility with him and the world we live in. we are healed through him. He mends brokenness and gives us back our lives which are stollen by the trials and suffering of this dark world. He is the light and life giving God. We ought to pray in our daily lives to receive from God, his help, upholding power and healing in the Name of Jesus Christ his one and only Son. When we ask from him...then we receive healing, relief from suffering, we stop living in fear of death. Read these books and experience the real presence of the supernatural, almighty sovereign and loving God. - Author: Stellah Mupanduki
Restoration quotes by Stellah Mupanduki
#178. LEXICOGRAPHER, n. A pestilent fellow who, under the pretense of recording some particular stage in the development of a language, does what he can to arrest its growth, stiffen its flexibility and mechanize its methods. For your lexicographer, having written his dictionary, comes to be considered "as one having authority," whereas his function is only to make a record, not to give a law. The natural servility of the human understanding having invested him with judicial power, surrenders its right of reason and submits itself to a chronicle as if it were a statue. Let the dictionary (for example) mark a good word as "obsolete" or "obsolescent" and few men thereafter venture to use it, whatever their need of it and however desirable its restoration to favor - whereby the process of improverishment is accelerated and speech decays. On the contrary, recognizing the truth that language must grow by innovation if it grow at all, makes new words and uses the old in an unfamiliar sense, has no following and is tartly reminded that "it isn't in the dictionary" - although down to the time of the first lexicographer (Heaven forgive him!) no author ever had used a word that was in the dictionary. In the golden prime and high noon of English speech; when from the lips of the great Elizabethans fell words that made their own meaning and carried it in their very sound; when a Shakespeare and a Bacon were possible, and the language now rapidly perishing at one end and slowly renewed at t - Author: Ambrose Bierce
Restoration quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#179. Qi gong therapy, as well as other branches of Chinese medicine, can be reduced to two simple principles: the cleansing of meridians to achieve harmonious energy flow, and the restoration of yin-yang balance. - Author: Wong Kiew Kit
Restoration quotes by Wong Kiew Kit
#180. A warrior confronts colonialism with the truth in order to regenerate authenticity and recreate a life worth living and principles worth dying for. The struggle is to restore connections severed by the colonial machine. The victory is an integrated personality, a cohesive community, and the restoration of respectful and harmonious relationships. - Author: Taiaiake Alfred
Restoration quotes by Taiaiake Alfred
#181. To Be Part Of The Restoration Is A Decision - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Restoration quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#182. The Creator did not speak man into existence as He did all else which He made, but He began with previously made material. So in the restoration process He did not speak the restoration into reality by fiat. Rather He began the process through a series of connected acts and events. And certainly no act of the Eternal Creator would ever be without purpose or reason. - Author: Dr. J. Otis Yoder
Restoration quotes by Dr. J. Otis Yoder
#183. When Marcus Garvey died in 1940, the role of the British Empire was already being challenged by India and the rising expectations of her African colonies. Marcus Garvey's avocation of African redemption and the restoration of the African state's sovereign political entity in world affairs was still a dream without fulfillment. - Author: John Henrik Clarke
Restoration quotes by John Henrik Clarke
#184. So-called restoration is at least as tricky as brain surgery. Most pictures expire under scalpel and sponge. - Author: Alexander Eliot
Restoration quotes by Alexander Eliot
#185. The Eucharist is the sacrament of cosmic remembrance: it is indeed a restoration of love as the very life of the world. - Author: Alexander Schmemann
Restoration quotes by Alexander Schmemann
#186. And we need to pray for our adult children to have an understanding of - and a desire for - the presence of the Holy Spirit so they can find all the freedom and liberty, deliverance and restoration, transformation and wholeness God has for them. - Author: Stormie O'martian
Restoration quotes by Stormie O'martian
#187. Restoration ecology is experimental science, a science of love and altruism. In its attempts to reverse the processes of ecosystem degradation it runs exactly counter to the market system, to land speculation, to the whole cultural attitude of regarding the Earth as commodity rather than community. It is a soft-souled science. - Author: Stephanie Mills
Restoration quotes by Stephanie Mills
#188. Let us never cease to feel compassion for those in want. Let us never tire of helping victims of injustice and oppression. He who puts his faith in the restoration of human dignity cannot be wrong. - Author: Poul Hartling
Restoration quotes by Poul Hartling
#189. A greater evil than the restoration of the Bourbons to the world in general, and England in particular, can hardly happen. - Author: Charles James Fox
Restoration quotes by Charles James Fox
#190. The Lord needed the strength of the women of this Church as the seeds of the Restoration were planted and nourished. - Author: Sheri L. Dew
Restoration quotes by Sheri L. Dew
#191. Must somehow move to my restoration. I could not sink back in agony for that would breed but more agony. I must go on. - Author: Anne Rice
Restoration quotes by Anne Rice
#192. When our personal pursuit is forgiveness, restoration, and holiness, others will find it uncomfortable to sin around us. We should not be comfortable people to sin around; not due to our judgement, but because where the Holy Spirit is welcomed, He is welcome to convict. - Author: Sarah Hawkes Valente
Restoration quotes by Sarah Hawkes Valente
#193. I have always been drawn to the Restoration period of Charles II. I have a soft spot for Charles Stuart, who was always loving and kind to the opposite sex. The members of his court were fascinating, and Barbara Castlemaine was one of the greatest courtesans in history. - Author: Virginia Henley
Restoration quotes by Virginia Henley
#194. The restoration comes not only from the landscape and air, though they play their significant part, but from the people. I feel a strong need to be in New Hampshire for as much of the summer as I can manage it. - Author: David Souter
Restoration quotes by David Souter
#195. No one is really working for peace unless he is working primarily for the restoration of wisdom. - Author: E.F. Schumacher
Restoration quotes by E.F. Schumacher
#196. Lying and corruption begins to seep into the emotional zeitgeist of the entire country. If individual and institutional "leaders" are not exposed, confronted, and prosecuted or ousted for their misdeeds, the inevitable result of all this bureaucratic, corporate, and government corruption will be full-scale cultural suicide in the form of mass amorality - behavior without any moral guidelines - which can generate social chaos in a historically moral country, which can next generate restoration of "order" by way of martial law, which can then generate full dictatorship. More: - Author: Alexandra York
Restoration quotes by Alexandra York
#197. I believe it to be the duty of everyone to unite in the restoration of the country and the reestablishment of peace and harmony. - Author: Robert E.Lee
Restoration quotes by Robert E.Lee
#198. Lord, I know my only hope for deliverance and restoration in my life is found in You. You have saved me for eternity and for Your glory, and nothing is impossible with You. I pray You will not give up on me until I am completely set free and restored to total wholeness, and my righteousness shines forth like the morning sun. - Author: Stormie O'martian
Restoration quotes by Stormie O'martian
#199. It is a strange story, the story of Jesus. To the Jews, it is not the story of Israel's redemption but some odd detour. For Christians, though, the story of Jesus is the final chapter of the story of Israel. For Christians, all that Israel hopes for - redemption from enemies, forgiveness of sins, triumph and exaltation, a restoration of Eden, the conversion of the nations, the earth filled with the glory of Israel's God - all of it comes to pass through Jesus. Not through the sword of Zealots, or the rigid purity of the Pharisees, or the political compromises of the Sadducees, or the withdrawal of the Essenes. Israel's story is carried to its conclusion by a different sort of Jew entirely, a different sort of holiness, a different story-line, a story-line of compassion, service, suffering, death. And, over all and transforming all, resurrection. For Jesus is risen. He is risen indeed. - Author: Peter J. Leithart
Restoration quotes by Peter J. Leithart
#200. French people are charming, adorable but not extremely generous with foreigners, but they believe in what they do. I feel proud in exchange because what I did in restoration is something I did for La France. - Author: Valentino Garavani
Restoration quotes by Valentino Garavani

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