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I was born with more power inside myself than I ever dreamed. But along with it there came no more sense than any other idiotic kid. Somewhere along in here I need to grow up into a man I can stand to live with. A man who doesn't just survive, but deserves to. ~ Orson Scott Card
Danny North quotes by Orson Scott Card
What could go wrong ... Doing some stupid impulsive thing that caused the death of drowthers was practically a family tradition. ~ Orson Scott Card
Danny North quotes by Orson Scott Card
We've decided that your birthday present will be a car", said Marion.
Danny was touched. "But the thing I can't figure out is, why would I need a new car?"
"You can't very well gate a girl to the movies, Danny," Leslie replied.
"I think you're overlooking the biggest point here," said Danny. "I don't need a CAR so I can date. I need a GIRL. ~ Orson Scott Card
Danny North quotes by Orson Scott Card
And you're the one who thought it was too risky to go through a gate."
"That's why we're such a great team," said Eric, "We're both completely stupid about different things. ~ Orson Scott Card
Danny North quotes by Orson Scott Card
The physical doctrine of the atom has got into a state which is strongly suggestive of the epicycles of astronomy before Copernicus . ~ Alfred North Whitehead
Danny North quotes by Alfred North Whitehead
For nine years, till the spring of 1881, we lived in Oxford, in a little house north of the Parks, in what was then the newest quarter of the University town. ~ Mary Augusta Ward
Danny North quotes by Mary Augusta Ward
North Korea and evangelical empires have the same principle of leadership: nepotism to the nth degree. You may not get the call, but you inherit the mailing list. ~ Frank Schaeffer
Danny North quotes by Frank Schaeffer
I grew up sailing in the North Sea. ~ Laura Dekker
Danny North quotes by Laura Dekker
We aim to achieve general progress in relations between North Korea and Japan. ~ Shinzo Abe
Danny North quotes by Shinzo Abe
Yes, I'm an extremist. The Black race here in North America is in extremely bad condition. You show me a Black man who isn't an extremist and I'll show you one who needs psychiatric attention. ~ Malcolm X
Danny North quotes by Malcolm X
You go down some street - no doubt it's there, and we have to do something about it, and our programmes are designed to do that - but if that's a picture of Newcastle, it's not the one I recognise and I bet none in the North East do either. ~ John Prescott
Danny North quotes by John Prescott
The way in which the persecution of Galileo has been remembered is a tribute to the quiet commencement of the most intimate change in outlook which the human race had yet encountered. Since a babe was born in a manger, it may be doubted whether so great a thing has happened with so little stir ~ Alfred North Whitehead
Danny North quotes by Alfred North Whitehead
All of the third-world flights docked here, families waiting days for their connections, squatting on the floor in big bacterial clumps, and it was a long trek to where the European-North American travelers came and went, making those brisk, no-nonsense flights with extra leg-room and private TV, whizzing over for a single meeting in such a manner that it was truly hard to imagine they were shitting-peeing, bleeding-weeping humans at all. Silk and cashmere, bleached teeth, Prozac, laptops, and a sandwich for their lunch named the Milano. ~ Kiran Desai
Danny North quotes by Kiran Desai
A single high NH4 peak, traced to biomass burning across North America, begins at the [Younger Dryas] onset. It is the largest biomass-burning episode from North American sources in the entire record. ~ Graham Hancock
Danny North quotes by Graham Hancock
Marcus Garvey was one of the first advocates of Black Power, and is still today the greatest spokesman ever to have been produced by the movement of Black Consciousness ... He spoke to all Africans on the earth, whether they lived in Africa, South America, the West Indies or North America, and he made Blacks aware of their strength when united. ~ Walter Rodney
Danny North quotes by Walter Rodney
I don't think there is another person in America that wants to tell this story as much as I do. ~ Oliver North
Danny North quotes by Oliver North
Nixon did have a secret plan, and I knew that it involved making threats of nuclear war to North Vietnam. ~ Daniel Ellsberg
Danny North quotes by Daniel Ellsberg
If a planet is setting in the West at the time of our birth, its angle strikes us in such a manner as to draw us to a certain type of marriage partner, and the planets under the earth, in the North, have an effect upon our condition in the latter part of life. ~ Max Heindel
Danny North quotes by Max Heindel
In the South they don't mind how close I get, so long as I don't get too big. In the North they don't mind how big I get, so long as I don't get too close. ~ Dick Gregory
Danny North quotes by Dick Gregory
We see North Koreans as automatons, goose-steeping at parades, doing mass gymnastics with fixed smiles on their faces - but beneath all that, real life goes on with the same complexity of human emotion as anywhere else. ~ Barbara Demick
Danny North quotes by Barbara Demick
No," said her dad, starting to shout, "what I can't handle is you being dropped off after midnight by some kid who thinks he's a vampire!"
"And now you're dating a vampire?" Danny asked, intrigued. "You know they bite right?"
"How can he be a vampire when he knows so much about slayers? ~ Kelly Creagh
Danny North quotes by Kelly Creagh
The presence of the blacks is the greatest evil that threatens the United States. They increase, in the Gulf States, faster than do the whites. They cannot be kept for ever in slavery, since the tendencies of the modern world run strongly the other way. They cannot be absorbed into the white population, for the whites will not intermarry with them, not even in the North where they have been free for two generations. Once freed, they would be more dangerous than now, because they would not long submit to be debarred from political rights. A terrible struggle would ensue. ~ James Bryce
Danny North quotes by James Bryce
The denial of our duty to act in this case is a denial of our right to act; and if we have no right to act, then may we well be termed the white slaves of the North, for like our brethren in bonds, we must seal our lips in silence and despair. ~ Angelina Grimke
Danny North quotes by Angelina Grimke
There are reports that Kim Jong Un climbed North Korea's highest mountain. Kim Jong Un said all it took to climb that mountain was hard work, determination, and lying about climbing that mountain. ~ Jimmy Fallon
Danny North quotes by Jimmy Fallon
My first motion capture game was with Sony - 'NBA: The Life.' It was very ahead of its time. Brandon Akiaten, he was the writer and director. He had a real vision of what this game was meant to be; it was a basketball game where I was the Jerry Maguire sports agent type guy. And it was great! ~ Nolan North
Danny North quotes by Nolan North
There's a similarity between European and North African folk musics. ~ Robert Plant
Danny North quotes by Robert Plant
At a dinner party in north London, I listened to friends bragging about buying Porsches with their bonuses and sending out from their offices for pizzas and clean shirts because they were clinching a deal and could not leave their desks. I wanted to tell them of a place where every family had lost a son or a husband or had a leg blown off, almost every child seen someone die in a rocket attack and where a small boy had told me his dream was to have a brightly coloured ball. But, when I began to talk about Afghanistan, I watched eyes glaze and felt as if I was trying to have a conversation about a movie no one else had seen. ~ Christina Lamb
Danny North quotes by Christina Lamb
I hate marmalade." "I like it," I retorted. "I could eat pots of the stuff." He straightened a little, turned to fully examine me. "Are you ... threatening me with breakfast condiments? ~ Claire North
Danny North quotes by Claire North
There is never a right or wrong time to have kids; it happens for whatever reason, but you can have this paranoia: 'will I be able to do this, I'm not sure if I'm ready to have kids?' ~ Danny Dyer
Danny North quotes by Danny Dyer
In the depth of the near depression, that he faced when he came in, Barack Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress provided 'recovery funds' that literally kept our classrooms open. Two years ago, these funds saved nearly 20,000 teacher and education jobs - just here in North Carolina. ~ Jim Hunt
Danny North quotes by Jim Hunt
The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great-grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities of the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us, and never allow them to have control over their future. ~ Ahmadu Bello
Danny North quotes by Ahmadu Bello
Tunnelling through the night, the trains pass
in a splendour of power, with a sound like thunder
shaking the orchards, waking
the young from a dream, scattering like glass
the old mens' sleep, laying
a black trail over the still bloom of the orchards;
the trains go north with guns.

Strange primitive piece of flesh, the heart laid quiet
hearing their cry pierce through its thin-walled cave
recalls the forgotten tiger,
and leaps awake in its old panic riot;
and how shall mind be sober,
since blood's red thread still binds us fast in history?
Tiger, you walk through all our past and future,
troubling the children's sleep'; laying
a reeking trail across our dreams of orchards.

Racing on iron errands, the trains go by,
and over the white acres of our orchards
hurl their wild summoning cry, their animal cry….
the trains go north with guns. ~ Judith A. Wright
Danny North quotes by Judith A. Wright
The troops were occasionally occupied in pursuing scattered bands going north or south, and on three occasions the large camp of Sitting Bull ventured south of the Canadian border, and important expeditions were sent against them. ~ Nelson A. Miles
Danny North quotes by Nelson A. Miles
In 1968, when an actress made it to star status, she automatically rejected all roles that called for nudity. But Fonda broke with convention; she was a major actress who sought out roles that required her to disrobe. ~ Danny Peary
Danny North quotes by Danny Peary
I seem to play a lot of losers. ~ Danny Huston
Danny North quotes by Danny Huston
I love to travel, don't like the getting there 'planes' but love it when I arrive. ~ Danny O'Donoghue
Danny North quotes by Danny O'Donoghue
The straitjackets of race prejudice and discrimination do not wear only southern labels. The subtle, psychological technique of the North has approached in its ugliness and victimization of the Negro the outright terror and open brutality of the South. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Danny North quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
We don't even know if we're in this room. We could be in a turtle's dream in outer space. ~ Danny DeVito
Danny North quotes by Danny DeVito
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