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A lot of us first aspired to far-ranging travel and exotic adventure early in our teens; these ambitions are, in fact, adolescent in nature, which I find an inspiring idea ... Thus, when we allow ourselves to imagine as we once did, we know, with a sudden jarring clarity, that if we don't go right now, we're never going to do it. And we'll be haunted by our unrealized dreams and know that we have sinned against ourselves gravely. ~ Tim Cahill
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Tim Cahill
There is no way of stopping death, not here. You can prolong it. But at some point, it is bound to catch up to you. ~ Nicole Sobon
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Nicole Sobon
I loved American filmmakers when I was growing up. I didn't get to film school or anything. I was a very bad student. I just devoured film, but there was a point in my teens when I started to run a little film society. ~ Paul Haggis
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Paul Haggis
Our goal is really to make sure that 'Instagram', whether you're a celebrity or not, is a safe place and that the content that gets posted is something that's appropriate for teens and also for adults. ~ Kevin Systrom
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Kevin Systrom
In my early teens, [my grandfather] would sometimes stomp around his living room, where he used to shave towards mid-day with bowl, brush and open razor, deriding my ignorance and mocking the made-up discipline of sociology, which I at one stage claimed to be studying. 'What is sociology?' he roared derisively, twisting and rolling the silly word on his Hampshire tongue. I knew, alas, that he was quite right. ~ Peter Hitchens
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Peter Hitchens
There are so many people we could become, and we leave such a trail of bodies through our teens and twenties that it's hard to tell which one is us. How many versions do we abandon over the years? ~ Dan Chaon
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Dan Chaon
Starting in my teens, I was always standing on the corner near our apartment singing harmony with friends. We'd also go to the park and sing under the bridge near the lake for the echo. When it was cold out, we'd stand in the little heated lobby in the project's administration building, where my mom paid the rent each month. ~ Frankie Valli
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Frankie Valli
I started writing little short stories and poems as soon as I learned to read and write. I think I was six years old. And then when I got to be eleven, twelve, and into my teens, I was just listening to records all the time, and I got a guitar. I started to take guitar lessons when I was twelve. ~ Lucinda Williams
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Lucinda Williams
You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead. ~ George Carlin
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by George Carlin
For those of you who may be homeschooled: high school is that four-year asylum where they put teenagers because we have no idea what else to do with them. ~ Anthony M. Esolen
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Anthony M. Esolen
-just on the verge of
becoming a woman, and in these three years and almost five months, I'd
reached maturity. I was older than the mountains outside. The wisdom
of the attic was in my bones, etched on my brain, part of my flesh. ~ V.C. Andrews
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by V.C. Andrews
The show has brought a lot of pleasure and entertainment to an entire generation of Baby Boomers and now their own teens who watch the show on cable. ~ Dwayne Hickman
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Dwayne Hickman
I could be the lone Eskimo, friend of whales and seals.
The Panopticon ~ Jenn Fagan
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Jenn Fagan
Joan of Arc is my namesake. I played her character while still in my teens, at a music festival held at the University of Colorado in Boulder. ~ Joan Van Ark
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Joan Van Ark
I lost my innocence very young and it had nothing to do with sex. ~ Jennifer Elisabeth
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Jennifer Elisabeth
We are all capable of much more than we think we are. ~ Laozi
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Laozi
I was in my mid-teens when someone gave me a copy of 'Pears Encyclopaedia of Myth and Legends' as a birthday present. It sat on my shelves for many months before I looked at it. When I did, I couldn't stop reading it. ~ Tariq Ali
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Tariq Ali
In spite of conflicting signals - and in spite of a popular culture that sometimes puts down their innocence - most of our kids are good kids. Large numbers do volunteer work. Nearly all believe in God, and most practice their faith. Teen pregnancy and violence are actually going down. Across America, under a program called True Love Waits, nearly a million teens have pledged themselves to abstain from sex until marriage. ~ George W. Bush
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by George W. Bush
Like many of the kids I write about, I once was a runaway myself - and a few (but not all) of the other writers in the series also come from troubled backgrounds. That early experience influences my fiction, no doubt, but I don't think it's necessary to come from such a background in order to write a good Bordertown tale. To me, "running away to Bordertown" is as much a metaphorical act as an actual one. These tales aren't just for kids who have literally run away from home, but also for every kid, every person, who "runs away" from a difficult or constrictive past to build a different kind of life in some new place. Some of us "run away" to college . . . or we "run away" to a distant city or state . . . or we "run away" from a safe, secure career path to follow our passions or artistic muse. We "run away" from places we don't belong, or from families we have never fit into. We "run away" to find ourselves, or to find others like ourselves, or to find a place where we finally truly belong. And that kind of "running away from home" - the everyday, metaphorical kind - can be just as hard, lonely, and disorienting as crossing the Nevernever to Bordertown . . . particularly when you're in your teens, or early twenties, and your resources (both inner and outer) are still limited. I want to tell stories for young people who are making that journey, or contemplating making that journey. Stories in which friendship, community, and art is the "magic" that lights the way.

(s ~ Terri Windling
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Terri Windling
Everything that isn't gospel is law. Let us say it again: Everything that isn't gospel is law. Every way we try to make our kids good that isn't rooted in the good news of the life, death, ressurection, and assension of Jesus Christ is damnable, crushing, despair-breeding, Pharisee-producing law. We won't get the results we want from the law. We'll get either shallow self-righteousness or blazing rebellion or both (frequently from the same kid on the same day!). We'll get moralistic kids who are cold and hypocritical and who look down on others (and could easily become Mormons), or you'll get teens who are rebellious and self-indulgent and who can't wait to get out of the house. We have to remember that in the life of our unregenerate children, the law is given for one reason only: to crush their self-confidence and drive them to Christ. ~ Elyse M. Fitzpatrick
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick
I took some classes in sign language when I was in my early teens because I was told that I would be completely deaf very early. But I never really wanted to learn. ~ Stephanie Beacham
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Stephanie Beacham
I am quite content to be in my thirties, and nothing affirms that more than being around people in their late teens and early twenties. ~ Roxane Gay
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Roxane Gay
He knocked politely and entered the principal's office with his dad face in full effect. He put his hand on my shoulder in a way that came off as both stern and proud. He was dad-ing it up for the principal, which I was actually a little grateful for, but it also made me mad. ~ Charlotte Leonetti
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Charlotte Leonetti
If my childhood, teens, and twenties were about wanting people to like me, now I want people to know me. So, ~ Mindy Kaling
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Mindy Kaling
For one last time, I said my goodbyes to the place I'd known as home for the last decade, and for the first time, I welcomed the unknown. ~ Nicole Sobon
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Nicole Sobon
I believe that it's vital for children and teens to be educated, to be given information to help them understand the impacts humans are having on our water, soil, and air. ~ Jayni Chase
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Jayni Chase
I was born into chaos. I didn't know what peace felt like. ~ Shannon A. Thompson
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Shannon A. Thompson
Then in my early teens, when the home computer bubble was blowing, I had one of the first, an Acorn Atom, and used to write primitive adventures on that. ~ Graham Nelson
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Graham Nelson
I think teens are drawn to these speculative books that portray what might happen and what could happen. ~ Lois Lowry
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Lois Lowry
I reached for his other hand, which he quickly accepted and I pulled him up into a hug. I didn't know what the other kids in the room were thinking or saying or doing. And I didn't care. I had Jamie in my arms, and that was all the mattered. ~ Madison Parker
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Madison Parker
If someone calls me stupid, I have to actually believe I'm stupid in order for it to affect me. ~ Rachel D. Greenwell
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Rachel D. Greenwell
To my surprise, my 70s are nicer than my 60s and my 60s than my 50s, and I wouldn't wish my teens and 20s on my enemies. ~ Lionel Blue
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Lionel Blue
When I was young, Stephen Hawking wasn't the world's most famous physicist. The fame didn't arrive until the publication of "A Brief History of Time," by which time I was in my late teens. When I was a child, he was well known among physicists, but they are a fairly select, serious bunch, not much given to celebrity idolizing. ~ Stephen Hawking
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Stephen Hawking
I inherited my weight problem from my mum. She was always on diets. If there was a box of chocolates in the house, she'd eat half a chocolate, then put the other half back. She loved me, but she did encourage me to diet in my teens. ~ Lesley Nicol
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Lesley Nicol
In my teens and early twenties, I often went clothes shopping with my mother and I could always see her dismay at where I am forced to shop. I could see that she wished her daughter had a different body. I could see her humiliation and frustration. ... I harbored no small amount of frustration, or anger, for her words, for her disappointment in me, for my inability to be a good daughter, for one more thing I couldn't have – the simple pleasure of having fun while shopping with my mother. ~ Roxane Gay
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Roxane Gay
I was a Ukrainian folk dancer in my teens, and I toured the country in 1991, shortly before the break-up of the Soviet Union. ~ Vera Farmiga
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Vera Farmiga
Growing up, I wanted desperately to please, to be a good girl. ~ Claire Danes
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Claire Danes
As people construct a life narrative, researchers have found, they tend to remember more events from the teens and twenties than from any other time. It's called the 'reminiscence bump.' ~ Robin Marantz Henig
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Robin Marantz Henig
The boxes that are supposed to help us understand one another ultimately wedge us further apart. Even worse is that we rage against the artificial divisions the boxes create, claim that we're more complex and complicated than how we're defined by others, and then turn around and stuff the next person we meet into one and tape the lid shut. And then, as if the indignity of life isn't enough, when a person dies, we cram what's left of them into one final box for eternity. ~ Shaun David Hutchinson
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Shaun David Hutchinson
I went through a normal kind of late teens, early 20s drinking, but it was a choice I made, because I didn't think it was very good for my life. ~ Christina Ricci
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Christina Ricci
Carla had realised there wasn't just one destined adventure in life, there were thousands of them. ~ Claire Chilton
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Claire Chilton
Jack, we gotta chance to make a difference in their lives. They need us. How can we go back to that big empty house knowing that these kids got no place to call home? ~ Randolph Randy Camp
Cyberbullied Teens quotes by Randolph Randy Camp
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