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The truth is that trust is a gift, it's something we all can lose
So hold on, it's not where it goes, it's where it can lead you to. ~ Linkin Park
Chimborazo Park quotes by Linkin Park
My wife looks at the person Park Jae Sang and the singer who goes up on stage, Psy, as different people. ~ Psy
Chimborazo Park quotes by Psy
"Yes," Candace asked expectantly, eyes fixed on the dark street ahead.
"Have you ever had to chose sides between a friend and a boyfriend?"
Candace nodded.
"Which side are you suppose to pick?"
"The right one."
"What if they're both right?"
"They're not."
"But they are," Melody insisted. "That's the problem."
"No." Candace slowly rolled past a police cruiser. "They both think they're right. But who do you think is right? Which side represents the thing you think is worth fighting for?"
Melody glanced out the window as though she was expecting the answer to be revealed on a neighbor's lawn. Every house except hers had the lights turned off. "I dunno."
"You do," Candace insisted. "You just don't have the courage to be honest with yourself. Because then you'd have to do the thing you don't want to do, and you hate doing anything that's hard. Which is why you gave up singing and why you have no life and why you've always been a -"
"Um okay! Can we get back to the part where you were sounding like Oprah?"
"I'm just saying, Melly, what would you do if you weren't afraid? That's your answer. That's your side." She turned into the circular driveway and put the SUV in PARK. "And if you don't choose it, you're lying to yourself and everyone around you." She opened the door and grabbed her purse. "Oprah out!"
The door slammed behind her. ~ Lisi Harrison
Chimborazo Park quotes by Lisi Harrison
Okay, to be fair, I had tried to Google-stalk him. But Google-stalking is a far cry from having your demonblood best friend park his vampmobile across the and use his x-ray vamp vision to spy into someone's house. That's just rude. ~ Cecily White
Chimborazo Park quotes by Cecily White
Tattoos are my way of expressing myself without the need for words. ~ Jay Park
Chimborazo Park quotes by Jay Park
Early in March the crocuses crept alight, then blazed yellow and purple in the park. In fact it is about five o'clock in the evening that the first hour of spring strikes - autumn arrives in the early morning, but spring at the close of a winter day. The air, about to darken, quickens and is run through with mysterious white light; the curtain of darkness is suspended, as though for some unprecedented event. There is perhaps no sunset, the trees are not yet budding - but the senses receive an intimation, an intimation so fine, yet striking in so directly, that this appears a movement in one's own spirit. This exalts whatever feeling is in the heart. ~ Elizabeth Bowen
Chimborazo Park quotes by Elizabeth Bowen
It was always the A booth. It was always the front seat of the roller coaster. It was never Let's not get the bottle of Cristal. ~ Bret Easton Ellis
Chimborazo Park quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
Saving the world via medical research or going off to Gobi Desert to dust off dinosaur eggs is what I thought I might be doing when I was a kid, and I'd love to bring those interests to a show like 'E.R.' or 'The West Wing,' or a movie like 'Jurassic Park.' ~ Morgan Fairchild
Chimborazo Park quotes by Morgan Fairchild
There are companies which are prepared to change the way they work. They realize that nothing can be based on what used to be, that there is a better way. But, 99 percent of companies are not ready, [they are] caught in an industrial Jurassic Park. ~ Ricardo Semler
Chimborazo Park quotes by Ricardo Semler
In the park I met other women and I started to get interested in their lives. I developed a lot of pressure to talk about women's lives, and children's lives, too. Children interest me tremendously. ~ Grace Paley
Chimborazo Park quotes by Grace Paley
The refurbishing and rebuilding of Fenway Park since 2001 has created a new urban neighborhood in Boston. ~ Mike Barnicle
Chimborazo Park quotes by Mike Barnicle
I have a free couple of hours," I told him, walking toward my car, which was parked on the next block. "There's a very private, very secluded barn in Lookout Hill Park behind the carousel. I could be there in fifteen minutes."
I heard the smile in his voice. "You want me bad. ~ Becca Fitzpatrick
Chimborazo Park quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
I happen to think that a book is of extraordinary value if it gives the reader nothing more than a smile or two. It's perfectly okay to take a book, read it, have a good time, giggle and laugh - and turn off the TV. I love that. ~ Barbara Park
Chimborazo Park quotes by Barbara Park
The charming island of Rock Island, three miles long and half a mile wide, belongs to the United States, and the Government has turned it into a wonderful park, enhancing its natural attractions by art, and threading its fine forests with many miles of drives. Near the center of the island one catches glimpses, through the trees, of ten vast stone four-story buildings, each of which covers an acre of ground. ~ Mark Twain
Chimborazo Park quotes by Mark Twain
On either side of them the essence of honky tonk beach resort had now enclosed them: gas stations, fried clam stands, Dairy Treets, motels painted in feverish pastel colors, mini golf.

Larry was drawn two painful ways by these things. Part of him clamored at their sad and blatant ugliness and at the ugliness of the minds that had turned this section of a magnificent, savage coastline into one long highway amusement park for families in station wagons. But there was a more subtle, deeper part of him that whispered of the people who had filled these places and this road during other summers. Ladies in sunhats and shorts too tight for their large behinds. College boys in red and black striped rugby shirts. Girls in beach shifts and thong sandals. Small screaming children with ice cream spread over their faces. They were American people, and there was a kind of dirty, compelling romance about them whenever they were in groups never mind if the group was in an Aspen ski lodge or performing their prosaic/ arcane rites of summer along Route 1 in Maine. And now all these Americans were gone. ~ Stephen King
Chimborazo Park quotes by Stephen King
I tried so hard and got so far. But in the end, it doesnt even matter ~ Linkin Park
Chimborazo Park quotes by Linkin Park
Indeed we do have an entitlement problem: some feel so entitled to power & wealth that they're willing to undermine our economy and our democracy. ~ Annabel Park
Chimborazo Park quotes by Annabel Park
The Limberlost is life. Here it is a carefully kept park. You motor, sail and golf, all so secure and fine. But what I like is the excitement of choosing a path carefully, in the fear that the quagmire may reach out and suck me down; I even enjoy seeing an old canny vulture eyeing me as if it were saying, 'ware the sting of the rattler, lest I pick your bones as I did old Limber's. I like sufficient danger to put an edge on things. This is all so tame. ~ Gene Stratton-Porter
Chimborazo Park quotes by Gene Stratton-Porter
I remember the first time I drove mum's car. We just went to a car park near my house, and it actually wasn't too bad. I felt quite confident straight away. ~ Melissa Breen
Chimborazo Park quotes by Melissa Breen
Am I my brother's keeper? Yes. Interestingly, in my case, I share that honor with the Prospect Park Zoo. ~ Woody Allen
Chimborazo Park quotes by Woody Allen
Harry repressed a snort with difficulty. The Dursleys really were astonishingly stupid about their son, Dudley; they had swallowed all his dim-witted lies about having tea with a different member of his gang every night of the summer holidays. Harry knew perfectly well that Dudley had not been to tea anywhere; he and his gang spent every evening vandalizing the play park, smoking on street corners, and throwing stones at passing cars and children. Harry had seen them at it during his evening walks around Little Whinging; he had spent most of the holidays wandering the streets, scavenging newspapers from bins along the way. ~ J.K. Rowling
Chimborazo Park quotes by J.K. Rowling
As long as you have the memories, you can be with that person forever. ~ Park Ha-sun
Chimborazo Park quotes by Park Ha-sun
I've known my lady (for she loves a tune) For fevers take an opera in June: And, though perhaps you'll think the practice bold, A midnight park is sov'reign for a cold. ~ Edward Young
Chimborazo Park quotes by Edward Young
Park looked good in black. It made him look like he was drawn in charcoal. Thick, arched, black eyebrows. Short, black eyelashes. High, shining cheeks. ~ Rainbow Rowell
Chimborazo Park quotes by Rainbow Rowell
Other people, so I have read, treasure memorable moments in their lives: the time one climbed the Parthenon at sunrise, the summer night one met a lonely girl in Central Park and achieved with her a sweet and natural relationship, as they say in books. I too once met a girl in Central Park, but it is not much to remember. What I remember is the time John Wayne killed three men with a carbine as he was falling to the dusty street in Stagecoach, and the time the kitten found Orson Welles in the doorway in The Third Man. ~ Walker Percy
Chimborazo Park quotes by Walker Percy
He glanced at Flat Finn, who was positioned in one corner of the room, facing the wall. "What is Flat Finn doing? If he's urinating on the floor, you're cleaning it up."
"Is he in trouble? He has to stand in the corner and think about what he's done? ~ Jessica Park
Chimborazo Park quotes by Jessica Park
We feel unbeatable at Ewood Park - even when we play away ~ David Bentley
Chimborazo Park quotes by David Bentley
I think it's no coincidence that people who are good at writing far-out fiction are also good at meta-fiction. Think of all the best Phillip K. Dick stories, where you experience a sort of dislocation, and suddenly what you think you've been reading is, in fact, something else entirely. ~ Paul Park
Chimborazo Park quotes by Paul Park
I was making dinner and I got a message. Go look outside, she said, go look at the sunset. My apartment is small, with four rooms and two windows that don't see much light so I had no idea. I pulled my coat on and hurried out. I was running to this sunset, suddenly the only thing that mattered. I hurried past the taller buildings to the park and the sky was leaking shades of pink and purple. It was beautiful and fleeting, there one minute and gone the next. I would've missed it; I almost kissed it. And so I started thinking, how great it would be to get a nudge, a tap on your shoulder, a moment or two before your life changes. Stop what you're doing and look around, you'll want to remember this later. In a minute, you're going to fall in love. ~ Kelsey Danielle
Chimborazo Park quotes by Kelsey Danielle
We kept on cooking and walking the dog, taking the kids to the park, cleaning the kitchen, and letting Sara and Adam hate what was going on when they needed to. Sometimes we let them resist finding any meaning or solace in anything that had to do with their daughter's diagnosis, and this was one of the hardest things to do
to stop trying to make things come out better than they were. We let them spew when they needed to; we offered the gift of no comfort when there being no comfort was where they had landed. Then we shopped for groceries. ~ Anne Lamott
Chimborazo Park quotes by Anne Lamott
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