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Understand that a problem is only a problem if you choose to view it as a problem (vs. an opportunity). ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
The less you are like others, the less others will like you. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
The best in business spend far more time on learning than in leisure. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
Do a few things at mastery versus many things at mediocrity. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
Be so good at what you do that no one else in the world can do what you do. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
Treat people well on your way up and they'll treat you well on your way down. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
You actions are your only true belongings. ~ Allan Lokos
Buisness quotes by Allan Lokos
Halt?" he said diffidently. He heard a deep sigh from the short, slightly built man riding beside him. Mentally he kicked himself.
I thought you must be coming down with some illness for a moment there," Halt said straight faced. "It must be two or three minutes since you've asked a question." Commited now, Horace continued.
One of those girls," he began, and immediately felt the Ranger's eyes on him. "She was wearing a very short skirt."
There was the slightest pause.
Yes?" Halt prompted, not sure where this conversation was leading. Horace shrugged uncomfortably. The memory of the girl, and her shapely legs, was causing his cheeks to burn with embarrassment again.
Well," he said uncertainly, "I just wondered if that was normal over, that's all." Halt considered the serious young face beside him. He cleared his throat several times.
I believe that sometimes Gallican girls take jobs as couriers.
he said.
Couriers. They carry messages from one person to another. Or from one buisness to another, in towns and cities." Halt checked to see if Horace seemed to believe him so far. There seemed no reason to think otherwise, so he added: "Urgent messages."
Urgent messages," Horace replied, still not seeing the connection. But he seemed inclined to believe what Halt was saying, so the older man continued.
And I suppose for a really urgent message, one would have to run."
Now he saw a glimmer of understanding in the boy's eyes. Hor ~ John Flanagan
Buisness quotes by John Flanagan
As we each express our natural genius, we all elevate our world. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
A strong foundation at home sets you up for a strong foundation at work. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
Doing the difficult things that you've never done awakens the talents you never knew you had. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
You'll never go wrong in doing what is right. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
One of the primary tactics for enduring winning is daily learning. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
Imagine you're so far away no matter what you do, no matter what you say, you couldn't stop the world for a moment. ~ Tegan Quin
Buisness quotes by Tegan Quin
You can really Lead Without a Title. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
We must wait," she said. "They are involved in important buisness."
Her tone was serious, almost reverntial. The two of them stopped, some five meters from the group of me. They were all leaning forward, staring intently at an upright rock placed in the middle of the circle. Will thought they must be praying, although no words were being said.
Then, as one, they all slumped back with a roar of disappointment.
"It flew away!" said one figure, and Will recognized the voice. It was the man who had rescued him. "Almost to the top and it flew away!"
e lookd questioningly to Cieliema and she rolled her eyes at him. "Grown men gambling on two flies crawling up a stone."
"Gambling?" he said. "I thought they were praying.
She raised an eyebrow. "To them, it's much the same thing. ~ John Flanagan
Buisness quotes by John Flanagan
My underwear is my own person buisness. ~ Dan Miller
Buisness quotes by Dan Miller
Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end. ~ Robin S. Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin S. Sharma
The best leaders lift people up versus tear people down. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
While the sound mixing was underway, Bonzo was on the loose, taking care of buisness his own way. One night he showed up backstage at a Deep Purple concert at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island. Bonzo was drunk and in very high spirits, and was wobbling on his feet in the wings when he noticed a free microphone during a lull in the music. Staggering forward, Bonzo walked out onto the stage before the Deep Purple roadies could grab him. The group stopped playing, amazed, as Bonzo grabbed the mike and shouted, 'My name is John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, and I just wanna tell ya that we got a new album comin' out and that it's fuckin' great!!' Then Bonzo turned to leave, but before he went he turned back and gratuitously insulted Deep Purple's guitarist. 'And as far as Tommy Bolin is concerned, he can't play for shit!! ~ Stephen Davis
Buisness quotes by Stephen Davis
The antidote to stagnation is innovation. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
Who you are becoming is more important than what you are accumulating. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
All things being equal, the primary competitive advantage of your business will be your ability to grow Leaders Without Titles faster than your industry peers. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
To be successful, you have to be able to relate to people; they have to be satisfied with your personality to be able to do buisness with you and to build a relationship with mutual trust. ~ Geroge Ross
Buisness quotes by Geroge Ross
The corporate system is interconnected and now share a common invested interest, the ability to control through business, the people. It is an inevitable path the parameters set will take the beast down following the easiest way to collective profits, to control the ones that provide them. It is also logical to protect your own, from ones that are shedding light through Art on the grey water they may have stepped into to reach their fullest profit potentials. It is the logical solution to what would be, just business. So the Matrix story albeit written to lift for all the ceiling of what is possible, has inevitably shined a light on the entire path that was chosen and the pre-chosen road ahead that collective corporations were on creating a separate state of politically connected elite and those seeking award through serving them. A natural progression of what was set in place from the beginning. The flaw was in the design of the collective corporate system, globally intertwined now, and immersed in politics, protecting its own, making the question real this time, how to balance the equation. ~ Tom Althouse
Buisness quotes by Tom Althouse
Every moment in front of a customer is a gorgeous opportunity to live your values. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
You can't be great if you don't feel great. Make exceptional health your #1 priority. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
To have everything you want, help as many people as you can possibly find get everything they want. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
Okay you found me out. Beyond without a doubt, your lie is safe with me. A friend, i'm sure you are. And on this day so far, I've fallen hundred see? ~ Tegan Quin
Buisness quotes by Tegan Quin
Never leave the site of a strong idea without doing something to execute around it. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
Convinced that we're living the whole time that we're dying.
We decide to go out walking the whole time that you're talking.
Convinced that you're living whole time that I'm dying. ~ Tegan Quin
Buisness quotes by Tegan Quin
They listen to the music of idiots and amuse themselves with the sordid miseries of their businesses. They are not the things of angels or of any higher outpost that humanity might aspire to. Your loathsome vomitous businessman king is of the lowest order, his advisors crumbling mockeries of education driven by avarice. My love, dress them in the suits of mockery, and in their advanced state of stupidity and senility, burn and destroy them, so their ashes might join the compost which they so much deserve. ~ Lou Reed
Buisness quotes by Lou Reed
I've learned that the universe doesn't care what our motives are, only our actions. So we should do things that will bring about good, even if there is an element of selfishness involved. Like the kids at my school might join the Key Club or Future Buisness Leaders of America, because it's a social thing and looks good on their record, not because they really want to volunteer at the nursing home. But the people at the nursing home still benefit from it, so it's better that the kids do it than not do it. And if they never did it, then they wouldn't find out that they actually liked it. ~ Wendy Mass
Buisness quotes by Wendy Mass
If someone is robbing us, come back after buisness hours! Calla's voice came from upstairs. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Buisness quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
- Yuv fucked this one up, ya daft cunt, the man said to him, raising a pint of eighty shillings to his lips.
- Eh? What? Boab was surprised again.
- You, Boab Coyle. Nae hoose, nae joab, nae burd, nae mates, polis record, sair face, aw in the space ay a few ooirs. Nice one, he winked and toasted Boab with his pint. This angered, but intrigued Boab.
- How the fuck dae you ken? Whae the fuckin hell ur you?
The man shook his head, - It's ma fuckin buisness tae ken. Ah'm God. ~ Irvine Welsh
Buisness quotes by Irvine Welsh
Measure your success by your inner scorecard versus an outer one. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
Now, if you two will excuse us, we'll get back to the relatively simple buisness of planning a war, he said.
-Baron Arald ~ John Flanagan
Buisness quotes by John Flanagan
The most dangerous place is in your safety zone. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
The most precious resource for businesspeople is not their time. It's their energy. Manage it well. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
The secret to genius is not genetics but daily practice married with relentless perseverance. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
The fact that they let me in a movie with Gene Hackman has left me with no faith in show buisness. ~ Ray Romano
Buisness quotes by Ray Romano
8. You hate the political buisness of nationality. You hate everything, in politics and art and everything else, that is not genuine and deep and necessary. You don't have time for silly trivial things. You live seriously. You don't go to silly films, even if you want to; you don't read cheap newspapers; you don't listen to trash on the wireless and the telly; you don't waste time talking about nothing. You use your life. ~ John Fowles
Buisness quotes by John Fowles
Excellence in one area is the beginning of excellence in every area. ~ Robin Sharma
Buisness quotes by Robin Sharma
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