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I think my ultimate fashion icon would have to be Gwen Stefani. I love her persona; I love what she embodies and represents. I love the fact that she was a girl fronting a band of boys in No Doubt. ~ Tinashe
Baillie The Boys quotes by Tinashe
The feeling made him wonder what he would have become if only he'd been allowed to live a normal life. Sports, he knew, would've suited him. He was bigger, stronger and much faster than most boys his age. Football was probably the game for him. He liked watching Joshua playing at quarterback, imagining what it would be like to be in his position. To hear the crowd cheering as he made a pass, to feel accepted by his teammates – they were experiences forever denied him. It was nice to daydream though. ~ Phillip W. Simpson
Baillie The Boys quotes by Phillip W. Simpson
Connie Madison Parker, age 36, on Merchandise: You got to put your
goods on display, babe. Otherwise, not only will the boys ignore you but - an'
trust me on this, my sister's flat as you - we're talkin' the Great Plains of East Texas - no landmarks - one day you'll look down and have no wares at all.
What'll you do then? ~ Marisha Pessl
Baillie The Boys quotes by Marisha Pessl
I don't mean to sound puffed up, but I think - I believe, anyway, that there were boys who might have wanted to court me if I'd given them any encouragement. But I was shy, and none of them seemed to have so great an advantage over books as to be worth the effort. ~ Rose Lerner
Baillie The Boys quotes by Rose Lerner
Something in this meadow and places like it, humble and hidden, offers respite and moments of calm for the wild, adventurous soul that plagues the boys of the world, the wanderer's soul that gnaws and aches inside of them even unto gray manhood. It is the plague of horizons, the plague of the next river bend, the plague that drives men over the vast oceans into strange lands beyond the edges of the maps. ~ R.W. Schmidt
Baillie The Boys quotes by R.W. Schmidt
I loove the Backstreet Boys. ~ Daisy Fuentes
Baillie The Boys quotes by Daisy Fuentes
The Kiernan kid was there when it happened, near the back of the barn. He'd been hanging out earlier with a younger version of Simon and this electrical engineer we recruited. Kiernan helped them set up the lighting so that I'd look all ethereal and otherworldly.
I saw Kiernan's face after those people slit their throats to show their devotion to Cyrus. The boy's mouth hung open and he just stared at the bodies, as huge tears rolled down his cheeks. Seeing him there, seeing someone else looking the way I felt - I think that's the only reason I was able to hold it together until I got out of there. ~ Rysa Walker
Baillie The Boys quotes by Rysa Walker
And at that age, the only boys I didn't think were gross were dead scientists – and it's not like I wanted to kiss those guys. (No offense, Niels Bohr.) ~ Sarah Cross
Baillie The Boys quotes by Sarah Cross
The elective franchise is withheld from one half of its citizens ... because the word 'people,' by an unparalleled exhibition of lexicon graphical acrobatics, has been turned and twisted to mean all who were shrewd and wise enough to have themselves born boys instead of girls, or who took the trouble to be born white instead of black. ~ Mary Church Terrell
Baillie The Boys quotes by Mary Church Terrell
The departure of our boys to foreign parts with the ever-present possibility that they might never return, taught the real value of photography to every father and mother. To many a mother the photograph of her boy in his country's uniform was the one never-failing consolation. ~ Louis Fabian Bachrach, Jr.
Baillie The Boys quotes by Louis Fabian Bachrach, Jr.
I guess I've done a couple of boys-y movies and on the whole you get bracketed into things you've just done, so it was an imaginative surprise from my Disney family to pull me out of the hat, as it were [in Cinderella]. ~ Kenneth Branagh
Baillie The Boys quotes by Kenneth Branagh
Schooling is a manufacturing process whereby the raw material called curious boys is turned into products called obedient men. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Baillie The Boys quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Each of us can be a leader. We need to remember that the mantle of leadership is not the cloak of comfort, but the robe of responsibility. Perhaps our service is to youth. If so, I caution: 'Youth needs fewer critics and more models.' One hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of a car we drove, what kind of a house we lived in, how much we had in the bank account, nor what our clothes looked like. But the world may be a little better because we were important in the life of a boy or a girl. ~ Thomas S. Monson
Baillie The Boys quotes by Thomas S. Monson
I'd spent seven years in an all-boys school: 2,000 adolescents in the same khaki uniforms striking hunting poses, stalking lunchrooms, classrooms, changing rooms, looking for boys who didn't fit in. ~ Marlon James
Baillie The Boys quotes by Marlon James
Walking abroad, one is the admiration of all little boys, and meets an approving glance from every eye of elderly. ~ Wilfred Owen
Baillie The Boys quotes by Wilfred Owen
I was a weak kid, not good at what all the boys at school were good at and I found that by acting, by being other people, I could liberate myself from those inadequacies. ~ Antony Sher
Baillie The Boys quotes by Antony Sher
I grew up like a lot of country boys and girls do - amongst the pine trees, dirt roads, farms, mules and people who were real. ~ Josh Turner
Baillie The Boys quotes by Josh Turner
Win or lose today I am proud of the way my boys have played in the tournament. ~ Imran Khan
Baillie The Boys quotes by Imran Khan
We'll stick close together, but make no sign we are acquainted. The girls should go ahead so that they get through first. We'll follow close behind to be there for any trouble."

"Don't worry, my dears," said the professor gallantly, "I'll rescue you from any difficulties."

Yelena laughed and kissed the old man on the cheek. "Of course you will. I don't know why we bother with these other men, do you, Tashi?"

"But they are decorative, aren't they?" the Princess replied archly. It was fun to have a girl with whom she could gang up against the boys--she'd never had a friend like that before. "They give us something to look at on the boring stretches of the road." She let her eyes linger on Ramil, who appeared very warm all of a sudden.

Yelena swung herself into the saddle. "My, my, Princess, I didn't know you could flirt."

"I'm learning from a master--or should I say mistress--of that art," Tashi said with a bow. ~ Julia Golding
Baillie The Boys quotes by Julia Golding
1. Write every day
2. Write what interests you.
3. Write for the child inside of you. (Or the adult, if you are writing adult books.)
4. Write with honest emotion
5. Be careful of being facile
6. Be wary of preaching
7. Be prepared for serendipity
Finally I would remind you of something that Churchill told a group of school boys: Never give up. Never give up. Never, never, never give up. ~ Jane Yolen
Baillie The Boys quotes by Jane Yolen
Girls are like apples ... the best ones are at the top of the trees. The boys don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples that are on the ground that aren't as good, but easy. So the apples at the top think there is something wrong with them, when, in reality, they are amazing. They just have to wait for the right boy to come along, the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree ... ~ Pete Wentz
Baillie The Boys quotes by Pete Wentz
She asked, "Okay, wait, so why is Ronan at the library?"
"Cramming," Noah said. "For an exam on Monday."
It was the nicest thing Blue had ever heard of Ronan doing. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Baillie The Boys quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
Cast down, O Lord, all the forces of cruelty and wrong. Defeat all selfish and worldly-minded schemes, and prosper all that is conceived among us in the spirit of Christ and carried out to the honour of His blessed name. Amen. ~ John Baillie
Baillie The Boys quotes by John Baillie
When I was a boy in the midwest I used to go out and look at the stars at night and wonder about them.

I guess every boy does that.

When I wasn't looking at the stars, I was running in the my old or my brand-new tennis shoes, on my way to swing in a tree, swim in a lake, or delve in the town library to read about dinosaurs or time machines.

I guess every boy has done that, too.

This is a book about those stars and those tennis shoes. Mainly about the stars, beacuse that is the way I grew up, getting more and more involved with rockets and space as I moved toward my twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth years.

Not that I have forgotten the tennis shoes and their powerful magic, as you will see in the last story here, which I have included not because it concerns the future, but because it gives you some sort of idea of the kind of boy I was when I was looking at the stars and thinking of the years ahead.

Nor have I forgetten the dinosaurs that all boys love; they are here, too, along with a machine that travels back in time to step on a butterfly.

This is a book then by a boy who grew up in a small illinois town and lived to see the space age arrive, as he hoped and dreamt it would.

I dedicate these stories to all boys who wonder about the past, run swiftly in the present, and have high hopes for our future.

The stars are yours, if you have the head, the hands, and the heart for th ~ Ray Bradbury
Baillie The Boys quotes by Ray Bradbury
I channel the rote and the new and unseen. My head has always been the busiest of crossroads, a festival of happy and unhappy arrivals. In the hours before daybreak when I was a boy, god sent me words as visitors. ~ Jim Shepard
Baillie The Boys quotes by Jim Shepard
I was one of the boys who made passes at girls who wore glasses. Any girl who was smarter than me - that was a huge turn-on. ~ Ernest Cline
Baillie The Boys quotes by Ernest Cline
I began to watch places with an interest so exact it might have been memory. There was that street corner, with the small newsagent which sold copies of the Irish Independent and honeycomb toffee in summer. I could imagine myself there, a child of nine, buying peppermints and walking back down by the canal, the lock brown and splintered as ever, and boys diving from it.
It became a powerful impulse, a slow intense reconstruction of a childhood which had never happened. A fragrance or a trick of light was enough. Or a house I entered which I wanted not just to appreciate but to remember, and then I would begin. ~ Eavan Boland
Baillie The Boys quotes by Eavan Boland
The site of his thinking and writing was a small office wedged in one corner of his shaggy house, on whose door he'd installed a lock to keep his sons out. They gathered wistfully outside it, his boys, with their chipped, heartbreaking faces. They were not permitted to so much as knock upon the door to the room in which he thought and wrote about art, but Ted hadn't found a way to keep them from prowling outside it, ghostly feral creatures drinking from a pond in moonlight, their bare feet digging at the carpet, their fingers sweating on the walls, leaving spoors of grease that Ted would point out each week to Elsa, the cleaning woman. He would sit in his office, listening to the movements of his boys, imagining that he felt their hot, curious breath. I will not let them in, he would tell himself. I will sit and think about art. But he found, to his despair, that often he couldn't think about art. He thought about nothing at all. ~ Jennifer Egan
Baillie The Boys quotes by Jennifer Egan
How about we get rid of separate bathrooms for boys and girls? Gays and straights share the bathroom with zero issues. We need to put an end to the sexist pooping policies of yesterday. The only way to achieve gender equality is to start crapping in front of each other. ~ Daniel Tosh
Baillie The Boys quotes by Daniel Tosh
If you two yentas are finished discussing Claire's rabid who-ha, me and the boys would like to eat sometime this century."
"You and 'the boys?' You just met them today. Does the Ya Ya Brotherhood already have a secret handshake and a password?" Liz joked. ~ Tara Sivec
Baillie The Boys quotes by Tara Sivec
Boys will break your heart. Real men will pick up the pieces. ~ Drake
Baillie The Boys quotes by Drake
After the paper rush subsided, the older boys sometimes struck deals with the younger newsies to buy their leftover papers. 'One of the big guys would say to one of the little guys, 'Hey, punk, want to buy me out tonight?' said Philip Marcus. 'An' the little guy said yes. It was his ass if he didn't. ~ Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Baillie The Boys quotes by Susan Campbell Bartoletti
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