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#1. John Boehner - doesn't he look like every guy you've ever seen at a hotel bar? He looks like the kind of guy who licks his thumb when he counts his money. - Author: David Letterman
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by David Letterman
#2. You fucking put those dick suckers anywhere near my woman again, and you'll be tasting your own arsehole, you got that?" Oliver snarled. "Now, fucking take your fruity arse behind the bar, and get me a fucking beer. - Author: Kelli Jean
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Kelli Jean
#3. It's always a pleasure to imagine an idea and work alongside a brand like G-Shock to make it a reality. G-Shock continues to push the bar with design and technology and that inspires me to do the same with my riding and visuals. - Author: Nigel Sylvester
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Nigel Sylvester
#4. I put my hand on the altar rail. 'What if ... what if Heaven is real, but only in moments? Like a glass of water on a hot day when you're dying of thirst, or when someone's nice to you for no reason, or ... ' Mam's pancakes with Toblerone sauce; Dad dashing up from the bar just to tell me, 'Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite'; or Jacko and Sharon singing 'For She's A Squishy Marshmallow' instead of 'For She's A Jolly Good Fellow' every single birthday and wetting themselves even though it's not at all funny; and Brendan giving his old record player to me instead of one of his mates. 'S'pose Heaven's not like a painting that's just hanging there for ever, but more like ... Like the best song anyone ever wrote, but a song you only catch in snatches, while you're alive, from passing cars, or ... upstairs windows when you're lost ... - Author: David Mitchell
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by David Mitchell
#5. Diana can read power levels," Astrid said. "Did she ever…"
Sam nodded. "She said the baby is a three bar. As a fetus. Who knows what it will be when it's born. Or as it grows. Diana's only, like, four or five months along. I should know exactly, but I forget. When she would talk about it I would kind of, you know." He made a shivering move, like it all gave him the creeps.
Astrid shook her head in disbelief. "Really. That's the part of all this that makes you squirm: pregnancy."
"She made me touch her, you know, stomach. And she talked about her, um, her things." He pointed at his chest and whispered, "Nipples."
"Yeah," Astrid said dryly. "I could see where that would be devastating. - Author: Michael Grant
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Michael  Grant
#6. Now anyone who has ever been on a blind date is well familiar with "The Moment" - that moment where you first walk into the bar or restaurant or coffee shop and scan the crowd and suddenly your heart stops and you say to yourself: oh, please - let it be him. - Author: Julie James
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Julie James
#7. Sometimes the newer kids who won't even let him near them come in and set the resistance on the shoulder-pull at a weight greater than their own weight. The guru on the towel dispenser just sits there and smiles and doesn't say anything. They hunker, then, and grimace, and try to pull the bar down, but, like, lo: the overweighted shoulder-pull becomes a chin-up. Up they go, their own bodies, toward the bar they're trying to pull down. Everyone should get at least one good look at the eyes of a man who finds himself rising toward what he wants to pull down to himself. - Author: David Foster Wallace
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by David Foster Wallace
#8. I can't believe you're a professional golfer. I think you should be working at the snack bar. - Author: Bob Barker
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Bob Barker
#9. There's some sorta big bar-be-que goin' on here in turn three. There's smoke all over the track! Some fan's got a big one goin' on. - Author: Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
#10. When I feel the Snickers bar in my hand, I know I'm in the inner sanctum. - Author: Susan Ee
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Susan Ee
#11. Story of her life. The first cute guy she'd seen in what felt like ages and she met him at a dive bar located in another state hours away from where she lived. - Author: Cat Johnson
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Cat Johnson
#12. There's weight on me to raise the bar, to carry on that legacy. But that's what drives me. Making sure that no one ever forgets who the Wallendas are. - Author: Nik Wallenda
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Nik Wallenda
#13. Some readers were aware that the novels they loved amounted to a propaganda campaign, that the love stories had a particular agenda that might or might not have anything at all to do with reality. But then as now, being a canny and independent-minded consumer of popular media did not bar one from also enjoying being manipulated by it. - Author: Hanne Blank
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Hanne Blank
#14. Sully's, on South Prospect, was the quintessential biker-bar, complete with hefty, leather-clad Harley worshippers, and stringy-haired heroin-addicted women who made the rounds among the bikers. Its décor was decidedly Medieval Garage Sale, with a dose of Americana thrown in. An old motorcycle carcass dangled from the vaulted section of the beamed ceiling, and the wood plank floors were littered with butts, scarred by bottle caps and splattered with homogenized bodily fluids. The only light to be had was from neon, dying sconces, and lit cigarettes. Various medieval swords perched on each wall, reminiscent of the times of Beowulf and Fire Dragons on the Barrow. - Author: Kelli Jae Baeli
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Kelli Jae Baeli
#15. Will: Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you never met your wife?

Sean: What? Do I wonder if I'd be better off if I never met my wife? No, that's okay. It's an important question. 'Cause you'll have your bad times, which wake you up to the good stuff you weren't paying attention to. And you can fail, as long as you're trying hard. But there's nothing worse than regret.

Will: You don't regret meetin' your wife?

Sean: Why? Because of the pain I feel now? I have regrets Will, but I don't regret a single day I spent with her.

Will: When did you know she was the one?

Sean: October 21, 1975. Game six of the World Series. Biggest game in Red Sox history. Me and my friends slept out on the sidewalk all night to get tickets. We were sitting in a bar waiting for the game to start and in walks this girl. What a game that was. Tie game in the bottom of the tenth inning, in steps Carlton Fisk, hit a long fly ball down the left field line. Thirty-five thousand fans on their feet, screamin' at the ball to stay fair. Fisk is runnin' up the baseline, wavin' at the ball like a madman. It hits the foul pole, home run. Thirty-five thousand people went crazy. And I wasn't one of them.

Will: Where were you?

Sean: I was havin' a drink with my future wife.

Will: You missed Pudge Fisk's home run to have a drink with a woman you had never met?

Sean: That's right.

Will: So wait - Author: Matt Damon
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Matt Damon
#16. I'm in this for the long haul, Doc. I was before you walked into my bar tonight, but now, after the best fucking sex of my life, after how wild that was, there's no way I'm letting you walk out of here without me. - Author: Samantha Young
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Samantha Young
#17. The year hasn't started yet and it's already been the best I've ever had. - Author: Bar Refaeli
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Bar Refaeli
#18. Shakespeare. No one reads Shakespeare in a bar unless it's a ploy to pick up girls. All I'm saying is you might have better luck up front. - Author: Cora Carmack
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Cora Carmack
#19. Of All the Gin Joints is one part cinematic history, one part old Hollywood weirdness, and one part handy basic bar guide, with a dash of romance and more than a few wry twists. Bailey and Hemingway prove themselves very entertaining cultural mixologists. - Author: Sam Lipsyte
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Sam Lipsyte
#20. At one A.M. we are learning over a bar, Jim and I, and I am stressing the primary importance of the wish. Not knowing what we want, not wishing for it , keeps us navigating along peripheries and tributaries formed and shaped by external influences. I said: Forget about the probable and improbable. Just a few hours ago I met Shirley Clark. She had no money at all but wanted to go to India. She is a film maker. The wish was the orientation. When an offer came to make a film about French children for UNESCO, she accepted, and it led to her being asked to make film on an Indian dancer. Her wish, for years, was the beacon. The probable and improbable are only negative concepts we have to transcend, not accept. - Author: Anais Nin
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Anais Nin
#21. park across from the bar; dressed in black slacks, loafers and a guayabera, he cautiously and constantly looked behind him. I - Author: Alfredo Corchado
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Alfredo Corchado
#22. An elephant walks into a bar, and the bartender asks, "What can I get for you?" The elephant replies, "Sex on the beach, please." To which the bartender responds, "Sorry, but I'm afraid your penis is too big for me." "That's no problem," the elephant says as he smiles, "how about a double shot of Don't worry, I brought a few gallons of anal lube. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Jarod Kintz
#23. E-flat walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve minors. - Author: Various
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Various
#24. You reward yourself with daily happy hours at the neighborhood bar after surviving another depressing day at the office. - Author: Hahna Latonick
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Hahna Latonick
#25. Who was this guy? she found herself asking. Looks like Paul Bunyan, runs a bar, has all these guns, and cleans and launders like Martha Stewart. - Author: Robyn Carr
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Robyn Carr
#26. Prophets often foretold destruction and sometimes the destruction did not come, yet this did not disprove their divine mission, as in the case of Jonah. For God is gracious, and ready to turn away his wrath from those who turn away from their sins. But the prophet who prophesied peace and prosperity absolutely and unconditionally without adding the necessary proviso, that they do not by willful sin put a bar in their own door and stop the coming of God's favors, will be proved a true prophet only by the accomplishment of his prediction. - Author: Matthew Henry
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Matthew Henry
#27. Be patient, kiddo. It'll come." He turns and faces me. "You know when you fall and get a big old bruise on your leg? That bruise isn't going anywhere for a while. But it takes longer to heal if you're pressing on it all the time." I motion for him to wait while I grab napkins from the bar and blow my nose. "Be gentle with yourself. Listen to good music. Eat good food. Nourish your body and your spirit, and you'll be all right. - Author: Carrie Firestone
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Carrie Firestone
#28. No," I said automatically, "don't do anything about Dad. You can't fix my relationship with him."
"I can block or run interference."
"Thanks, Jack, but I don't need blocking, and I really don't need any more interference."
He looked annoyed. "Well, why did you waste all that time complaining to me if you didn't want me to do something about it?"
"I don't want you to fix my problems. I just wanted you to listen."
"Hang it all, Haven, talk to a girlfriend if all you want is a pair of ears. Guys hate it when you give us a problem and then don't let us do something about it. It makes us feel bad. And then the only way to make ourselves feel better is to rip a phone book in two or blow something up. So let's get this straight - I'm not a good listener. I'm a guy."
"Yes you are." I stood and smiled. "Want to buy me a drink at an after work bar?"
"Now you're talking," my brother said, and we left the office. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#29. Kos had different tastes. He was on the lookout for that Midwestern housewife attending a conference with her husband. There was usually at least one in the hotel bar. She was always seated in a corner drinking a cocktail and pretending to read a novel while her husband was off doing manly things. Kos knew something Mason didn't - stewardesses partied in every port, but housewives were still waiting for the party. - Author: Amber Belldene
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Amber Belldene
#30. Something that's good in the mini-culture of 'Happy Endings' is that the goal is to try and make each other laugh. There is a pretty high bar, and you want to make the writers laugh, and you want to elevate what's already great material - and also, we're like, 'Who is even watching this? Let's just go for it.' - Author: Casey Wilson
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Casey Wilson
#31. followed Caden to a little dive bar in a strip mall along TV highway where there were a bunch of Harleys in the lot surrounded by bikers. - Author: J.D. Garrett
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by J.D. Garrett
#32. Sucks what happened with that Henry guy, though," she continued. "I mean, I'm sad for both of you, all that unrequited love for years. It's like one of those messed up art house movies that you think is going to be this epic love story but ends with no one getting what they wanted and makes you want to go straight to the bar after the movie and down a dozen shots of vodka to forget you saw that shit. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Kristen Ashley
#33. I think a fair amount about the fact that we're all going to die. It occurs to me at incredibly inopportune moments - I'll be standing in a bar, having managed to get an attractive guy to laugh, and I'll be laughing, too, and maybe dancing a little bit, and then everything goes slo-mo for a second and I'll think: Are these people aware that we're all going to the same place in the end? - Author: Lena Dunham
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Lena Dunham
#34. When you eat a chocolate bar, sure, the wrapper might be pretty, full of bold colours and fancy details ... but ultimately, what do you care about? The wrapper? Or what's inside the wrapper?
The chocolate. I care about the chocolate inside the wrapper.
Exactly! For me, it's the same with people. I don't care about what's on the outside. I care about what's on the inside. Someone's mind. Their heart and soul. For me, it doesn't matter whether they're a man or a woman. That's only the wrapper they come in. What I really care about is the chocolate. It's called being pan-sexual. ~ Isla - Author: Carrie Hope Fletcher
Allegras Bar Branford Ct quotes by Carrie Hope Fletcher

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