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I'm usually so in control, especially for YouTube videos. ~ Tyler Oakley
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Tyler Oakley
I think, hands down, the number one person I would love to have in a video is Beyonce. I think the perfect video for me - I could die happy and I could never make a YouTube video again - would be to do a video called 'Bey-Oz-ce' and mix 'The Wizard of Oz' and Beyonce together because those are my two favorite things in the world. ~ Todrick Hall
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Todrick Hall
If you go to places like YouTube, it's a cesspool, and a lot of the comments are really horrifying and misogynist and harassing. ~ Jessica Valenti
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Jessica Valenti
I never would've tried YouTube if I hadn't had so many doors slammed in my face. ~ Lindsey Stirling
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Lindsey Stirling
I very rarely listen to music in my car - a lot of people make fun of me for it. But sometimes I listen to music on YouTube. I'm like a teenager. ~ Gillian Jacobs
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Gillian Jacobs
YouTube did more for me than 'America's Got Talent.' ~ Lindsey Stirling
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Lindsey Stirling
On August 5, 2012, a few days before the fourth anniversary of the war, a forty-seven-minute Russian documentary film "8 Avgusta 2008. Poteryannyy den" (8 August 2008. The Lost Day) was posted on YouTube. In the film retired and active service generals accused former President Medvedev of indecisiveness and even cowardice during the conflict. They praised Putin, on the other hand, for his bold and vigorous action. According to one of Medvedev's critics, retired Army General Yury Baluevsky, a former First Deputy Defense Minister and Chief of the General Staff, "a decision to invade Georgia was made by Putin before Medvedev was inaugurated President and Commander-in-Chief in May 2008. A detailed plan of military action was arranged and unit commanders were given specific orders in advance." [...]

After the release of the documentary film Putin confirmed that the Army General Staff had, indeed, prepared a plan of military action against Georgia. It was prepared "at the end of 2006, and I authorized it in 2007," he said. Interestingly, Putin also said "that the decision to 'use the armed forces' had been considered for three days - from around 5 August," which clearly contradicts the official Russian version that the Russian army only reacted to a Georgian attack that started on August 7. According to this plan not only heavy weaponry and troops were prepared for the invasion, but also South Ossetian paramilitary units were trained to support the Russian invading troop ~ Marcel H. Van Herpen
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Marcel H. Van Herpen
I'm making 20 times more with Vessel for doing the same amount of work, if not less, than with YouTube. ~ Anna Akana
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Anna Akana
I've been drawing authors and politicians for newspapers for many years. I try to read up on the person; in the case of authors, read one of their books. I watch interviews via YouTube and collect pictures via the Internet. ~ Siegfried Woldhek
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Siegfried Woldhek
YouTube has always been a diary for me. I'm here to share what I do, share my life, and if people want to watch, more power to them. But regardless of my intention, if people are looking at what I do and am treating it like I'm a role model, it doesn't matter whether or not I want to be. ~ Tyler Oakley
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Tyler Oakley
I'm going to continue posting on my YouTube, which is youtube.com/nolansotillo. So I mean, if I get signed and come out with an album, it would be just another ... that is a goal of mine. ~ Nolan Sotillo
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Nolan Sotillo
During my long study sessions in the library, I found myself watching YouTube videos during study breaks. ~ Ray William Johnson
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Ray William Johnson
That's the beauty of YouTube. You can take whatever you want and create a video from your home and put it up, and you're just sharing it with your friends. ~ Todrick Hall
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Todrick Hall
Read YouTube : TheREALYouTubeStory.com ~ Eric Skaggs
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Eric Skaggs
There's no Hollywood tradition of maybe not telling people that you're gay to protect your future ambitions. The YouTube world is a little unprecedented. I think what people are seeing is that the more true to yourself you are, the more an audience will connect with you. ~ Tyler Oakley
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Tyler Oakley
If Youku had adopted YouTube's business model, we just would not be here. We would not exist. ~ Victor Koo
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Victor Koo
Brands that will survive and thrive from now on are those with C-level executives that understand the incredible opportunity new media offers them and commit to excellence in managing their social media presence. ~ Brian E. Boyd Sr.
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Brian E. Boyd Sr.
Tess exited YouTube, Binged Richard Widmark, and found what she expected, given ~ Stephen King
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Stephen King
Wow. Whoops. Sorry ... I just lost two hours inside a YouTube kitten warp. ~ Douglas Coupland
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Douglas Coupland
I don't know about you driving. What if your beast comes out? I don't think he's got a driver's permit." In a weird voice, she said, "He don't even have his license, Lisa."
"Who's Lisa?"
She blinked at him. "Weird Science? Never mind, crypt keeper. I'll shoot you a YouTube sometime, through this thing we youngsters like to call 'electronic mail. ~ Kresley Cole
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Kresley Cole
People go to YouTube to laugh, and as a YouTuber, your job is to figure out a niche and feed people what they want to see. Now that I know what kind of stuff people want to see, then I will keep going down that road and creating videos that are going to make people laugh. ~ Todrick Hall
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Todrick Hall
Neil Gaiman's "Make Good Art" commencement speech, which he gave at Philadelphia's University of the Arts. I've watched the video dozens of times on YouTube during rough periods. Our mutual favorite portion is "The moment that you feel that, just possibly, you're walking down the street naked, exposing too much of your heart and your mind and what exists on the inside, showing too much of yourself. That's the moment you may be starting to get it right." And, yes, ~ Timothy Ferriss
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Timothy Ferriss
I don't really go to YouTube or, especially, participate in Facebook. I just really don't want to know that many people! ~ Kathleen Turner
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Kathleen Turner
As soon as I starting making YouTube videos, I received so much positive feedback from the online community and a demand for more content. As time went on, my filming schedule became more consistent, and it made sense to hire some help and upgrade my equipment. ~ Rosanna Pansino
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Rosanna Pansino
If I have one technology tip of the day, it's this: No matter how good the video on YouTube is, don't read the comments, just don't, because it will make you hate all humans. ~ Matt Groening
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Matt Groening
I love being supportive of other YouTubers because I know how much work and dedication goes into building a channel, and I think that the community on YouTube is just so important because the viewers get to be a part of what you're creating. ~ Rosanna Pansino
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Rosanna Pansino
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With 'Scratch,' you create computer programs by snapping together graphical programming blocks, much like LEGO bricks, without any of the obscure syntax and punctuation of traditional programming languages. After creating an interactive 'Scratch' project, you can share it on the 'Scratch' website, just as you would share videos on YouTube. ~ Mitchel Resnick
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Mitchel Resnick
I think that video content is really important for artists these days. Not necessarily for MTV, but to really just get your name out there as a business card. Nowadays, when people want to hear a new song by an artist they immediately go to YouTube. Stream it. ~ Matthew Mayfield
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Matthew Mayfield
I love watching other beauty girls on YouTube, so I get a lot of ideas through their videos. I also get plenty of requests from viewers, which is great. I can never run out of ideas! ~ Zoe Sugg
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Zoe Sugg
It was horrible and senseless, and I now felt the sudden need to drink scotch, brood, and read Edgar Allen Poe or the ending to Hamlet. Maybe I would top it all off with some YouTube videos of drowning kittens while listening to Radiohead. ~ Penny Reid
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Penny Reid
I not only hope that YouTube channels compete with television shows for viewers and revenue, I hope they develop a bitter rivalry which could only be settled by an elaborate medieval tournament where the two entities fight to the death in a steel cage. ~ Ray William Johnson
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Ray William Johnson
What do you gain if you ban employees from, say, visiting a social-networking site or watching YouTube while at work? You gain nothing. That time doesn't magically convert to work. They'll just find some other diversion. ~ Jason Fried
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Jason Fried
It's a social media time, where you have YouTube and everything it's kind of like you see my career grow up on camera. But a lot of the things that you would see from artists would be behind the scenes that nobody would know about before, now it's all on display. ~ Young De
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Young De
Anna looked at Brother Wolf. 'I'd like to see someone try to put a radio control collar on Charles. It might be fun to watch on YouTube. ~ Patricia Briggs
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Patricia Briggs
The No. 1 most credible source of [online] recommendations is YouTube," Rand says. "But a friend liking a brand page and sharing that is now considered the second-most prominent form of recommendation, and third is online brand reviews. ~ Paul M. Rand
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Paul M. Rand
Advertisers now have a highly targeted opportunity for aligning their brands alongside the entertainment experience people are enjoying on YouTube. ~ Chad Hurley
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Chad Hurley
On 11 September 2012 crowds of friendly locals in Kabul, Afghanistan, were chanting the usual 'Death to America' slogans. At the same time American flags were torched from London to Sydney. And in Benghazi, Libya, a group of 'spontaneous protesters' arrived at the US consulate with rocket-propelled grenades and savagely murdered the US ambassador. In Washington, members of the Obama administration were, as we have already seen, showing that they weren't taking any of this personally. It wasn't about them and it certainly wasn't about their ambassador, who had in fact been murdered by terrorists in a pre-planned attack. The administration was still claiming all this was caused by an excerpt from an amateur film which had been up on YouTube for weeks. ~ Douglas Murray
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Douglas Murray
Inspire others to make Youtube videos ~ Brian Hollins
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Brian Hollins
When I was lecturing recently to a group of cardiologists at the Mayo Clinic I said ...
Why is it that from the moment you enter medical school to the moment you retire, the only disorder that you will ever diagnose with a physics textbook is obesity? This is biology folks, it's endocrinology, it's physiology - physics has nothing to do with it. The laws of thermodynamics are always true, the energy balance equation is irrelevant.
If someone's getting fatter I guarantee you they're taking more energy than they expend (as long as they're getting heavier). And if they're getting leaner I guarantee they're expending more than they're taking in. [It's] given, let's never discuss it again. And if you say it to your patients you're telling them nothing
(University Of Colorado Medical School, May 9th 2013 - via YouTube) ~ Gary Taubes
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Gary Taubes
I choose YouTube over telly. ~ Cory Doctorow
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Cory Doctorow
What made Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein such creative geniuses? It wasn't reading books or watching YouTube talks about How To Be More Creative, that's for sure ... If startling insights could be systematically arrived at, they wouldn't be startling. The best you can do is to create a conducive environment: put in the hours; take time to daydream; avoid mind-corroding substances. ~ Oliver Burkeman
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Oliver Burkeman
YouTube is so quick and so instant, and you make a video, and you can upload it the same day, whereas with a book, you have to go through a lot of time and a lot of people and a lot of processes. So it was weird to sit down and work with other people on projects, because I'm so independent with YouTube. ~ Connor Franta
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Connor Franta
Okay, you can stay at home and Spotify, or YouTube, or you can get off your ass and come listen to what real musicians making real music sound like. And, hey, it doesn't have to be me, but if I'm in town, then yeah, you should definitely check me out. ~ Nicholas Payton
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Nicholas Payton
Times have changed in research and if you are not using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia, Google, and the like, you will be left in the dark. ~ Steven Magee
Yanovich Youtube quotes by Steven Magee
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