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Ulrich Van Holtz continued to read the latest tome on world economics, pretending to be bored, but in truth absolutely fascinated! ~ Shelly Laurenston
Van Holtz quotes by Shelly Laurenston
Van Holtz, you bastard! You're doing this on purp ... on ... oh! That feels very nice. Do that again. ~ Shelly Laurenston
Van Holtz quotes by Shelly Laurenston
Guess it'll be Rory then." Great. More females she'd have to kick out on a daily basis, no matter how many times the man promised the latest one-night stand was the last. "He won't mind."
"I bet he won't," Van Holtz muttered, slamming his own plate of cake down as he sat cattycorner from her.
"Is there a problem?" she asked.
"No. Not at all. Crash at Reed's, if that's what you want. Hope you two are very happy together."
"Just because I'm crashing at Rory's place don't mean we're doing anything together ... and why am I explaining this to you?"
He stared at her and asked, "Why do you think?"
Dee thought about it a minute. "You're interested in Rory Lee?" Ric lowered his head, his eyes shifting from human to wolf. They were blue when wolf. Like an Arctic wolf's. "You cannot be that clueless, Dee-Ann. ~ Shelly Laurenston
Van Holtz quotes by Shelly Laurenston
Irene closed her book and stared at the older Van Holtz.
"I don't dislike him. But that was recent. I used to not like him but he's been very kind since I've been here. So now I like him. I'd almost say we are friendly ... but perhaps that's too big a leap at this stage."
He gave a soft laugh. "I see. Are you always this ... uh ... "
"Brutally honest?"
"I was going to say direct, but brutally honest works as well."
"Yes. I am. And I know - it's a character flaw."
"Not at all. I love honest people."
"Everyone says that ... until I say something they don't like. Then I'm a bitch. ~ Shelly Laurenston
Van Holtz quotes by Shelly Laurenston
There is a sun, a light that for want of another word I can only call yellow, pale sulphur yellow, pale golden citron. How lovely yellow is! ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Van Holtz quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
What makes people the world over stand in line for Van Gogh is not that they will see beautiful pictures but that in an indefinable way they will come away feeling better human beings. And that is exactly what Van Gogh hoped for. ~ John Russell
Van Holtz quotes by John Russell
Vans are the vehicles of murderers. Serial Killers. Rapists. Thieves. Nothing good ever happens in a van. Police should be allowed to arrest van drivers without cause. The van is the cause, asshole. ~ Shalom Auslander
Van Holtz quotes by Shalom Auslander
Fear is for the old. Lack of it is one of the joys of youth. ~ Helen Van Slyke
Van Holtz quotes by Helen Van Slyke
isn't it nice how people are all different ~ Simon Van Booy
Van Holtz quotes by Simon Van Booy
You can not go back. That's why it's hard to choose. You have to make the right choice. As long, as you don't choose, everything remains possible. ~ Jaco Van Dormael
Van Holtz quotes by Jaco Van Dormael
Mma Ramotswe found it difficult to imagine what it would be like to have no people. There were, she knew, those who had no others in this life, who had no uncles, or aunts, or distant cousins of any degree; people who were just themselves. Many white people were like that, for some unfathomable reason; they did not seem to want to have people and were happy to be just themselves. How lonely they must be
like spacemen deep in space, floating in darkness, but without even that silver, unfurling cord that linked the astronauts to their little metal womb of oxygen and warmth. For a moment, she indulged the metaphor, and imagined the tiny white van in space, slowly spinning against a background of stars and she, Mma Ramotswe, of the No. 1 Ladies' Space Agency, floating weightless, head over heels, tied to the tiny white van with a thin washing line. ~ Alexander McCall Smith
Van Holtz quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
Wincing, I turned, gave her a salute, because that's what mafia hit men do when they're in a bathroom with a naked girl, they salute her like a freaking boy scout, and then leave. ~ Rachel Van Dyken
Van Holtz quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
Never mind that I totally knew more about fighting vampires than my peace-loving parents. Or that Logan's girlfriend, Isabeau, had given us two full-grown, trained Rottweilers to protect us, plus the Drakes sent their human bodyguards by a couple of times a night. I named them Van Helsing and Gandhi. The dogs, not the bodyguards."
"Chapter 1 Lucy, page 15 ~ Alyxandra Harvey
Van Holtz quotes by Alyxandra Harvey
We can all be successful and make money, but when we die, that ends. But when you are significant is when you help other people be successful. That lasts many a lifetime. ~ Lou Holtz
Van Holtz quotes by Lou Holtz
Growing up in the 1950s, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, boys were supposed to be athletic. ~ Chris Van Allsburg
Van Holtz quotes by Chris Van Allsburg
Float like a corpse sting like a lemon. ~ Fred Van Lente
Van Holtz quotes by Fred Van Lente
'Tell me, please,' Van Gogh asked, 'is it justifiable that a person wastes his only life by selling worthless paintings for fools? ~ Irving Stone
Van Holtz quotes by Irving Stone
Following the path of love is always your soul's true desire. ~ James Van Praagh
Van Holtz quotes by James Van Praagh
Tom Osborne, Lou Holtz, Bobby Bowden were in our living room. My mom didn't know who they were! ~ Hines Ward
Van Holtz quotes by Hines Ward
We make a lot of mistakes for women, and we'll always do it again. ~ Casper Van Dien
Van Holtz quotes by Casper Van Dien
Peabody waved her PPC triumphantly. "It's the Kirk thing, The Enterprise thing. It reminded me I'd hit this name that made me snicker when I was running the van - the Cargo. Here it is. Tony Stark."
"Oh, baby." McNab blew her a double-handed kiss. "Good call."
"It's gotta be, right?" Peabody said to McNab. "It's his style."
"Who the hell is Tony Stark?" Eve demanded.
"Iron Man," Roarke told her. "Superhero, genius, innovative engineer, and billionaire playboy."
"Iron Man? You're talking about a comic book guy?"
"Graphic novel," Roarke and McNab said together. ~ J.D. Robb
Van Holtz quotes by J.D. Robb
Poor L.
We are sorry that you left so soon. We are even sorrier to have inveigled our Esmeralda and mermaid into a naughty prank. That sort of game will never again be played with you, firebird. We apollo [apologize]. Remembrance, embers ans membranes of beauty make artists and morons loose all self-control. Pilots of tremendous air ships and coarse, smelly coachmen are known to have been driven insane by a pair of green eyes and a copper curl. We wished to admire and amuse you, BOP [Bird of Paradise]. We went too far. I, Van, went too far. We regret that shameful, though basically innocent scene. These are times of emotional stress and reconditioning. Destroy and forget.
Tenderly yours,
A & V (in alphabetic order). ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Van Holtz quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
I believe miracles are like seeds. When planted and watered by our attention and appreciation, they bloom. ~ James Van Praagh
Van Holtz quotes by James Van Praagh
I change many things, discard others, and try again and again until I am satisfied; then, in my head, I being to elaborate the work in its breadth, its narrowness, its height, its depth ... I hear and see the image in front of me from every angle as if it had been cast and only the labour of writing it down remains. ~ Ludwig Van Beethoven
Van Holtz quotes by Ludwig Van Beethoven
...the face of Christ in your van der Goes, no one could call that a lie. ~ William Gaddis
Van Holtz quotes by William Gaddis
I need to understand, and yet, I'm not sure I ever will. I can't fall back into you again. It hurt too much to lose you the first time. Not just as my girlfriend, but as my best friend. ~ Jennifer Van Wyk
Van Holtz quotes by Jennifer Van Wyk
Book lovers love books!" her mother announced. "There's romance about the books- even having them seems to have a kind of excitement."
from Mr. Linden's Library by Walter Dean Myers ~ Chris Van Allsburg
Van Holtz quotes by Chris Van Allsburg
I believe that it may happen that one will succeed, and one must not begin to despair, even though defeated here and there; and even though one sometimes feels a kind of decay, though things go differently from the expected, it is necessary to take heart again and new courage. For the great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together. And great things are not something accidental, but must certainly be willed. What is drawing? How does one learn it? It is working through an invisible iron wall that seems to stand between what one feels and what one can do. ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Van Holtz quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
Young fans want to know about the past and older fans also want to find new music. ~ Steven Van Zandt
Van Holtz quotes by Steven Van Zandt
While the expressive possibilities of Neoplasticism are limited to two dimensions (the plane), Elementarism realizes the possibility of plasticism in four dimensions, in the field of time-space. ~ Theo Van Doesburg
Van Holtz quotes by Theo Van Doesburg
I grew up in a dictatorship, so I really appreciate democracy. I think democracy isn't just a random thing that's around - a democratic society needs the involvement of everybody. ~ Paul Van Dyk
Van Holtz quotes by Paul Van Dyk
An actor can play two or three lines where he says one thing, but plays the opposite. That's the most important moving part of a film. ~ Jaco Van Dormael
Van Holtz quotes by Jaco Van Dormael
I was living in a large apartment with no furniture, just a typewriter, and because I had nothing else to do with my time, it made me take my writing seriously. ~ Simon Van Booy
Van Holtz quotes by Simon Van Booy
be glαd of life, becαuse it gives you the chαnce to love αnd to work αnd to plαy αnd to look up αt the stαrs; to be sαtisfied with your posessions, to despise nothing in the world except fαlsehood αnd meαnness αnd to feαr nothing except cowαrdice; to be governed by your αdmirαtions rαther thαn by your disgusts, to covet nothing thαt is your neighbour's except his kindness of heαrt αnd gentleness of mαnners; to think seldom of your enemies, often of your friends and to spend αs much time αs you cαn with body αnd with spirit. ~ Henry Van Dyke
Van Holtz quotes by Henry Van Dyke
A bag of apples, a pot of homemade jam, a scribbled note, a bunch of golden flowers, a coloured pebble, a box of seedlings, an empty scent bottle for the children ... Who needs diamonds and van-delivered bouquets? ~ Pam Brown
Van Holtz quotes by Pam Brown
Too often pastors address problems from within the flawed assumptions of their culture and training. Unable to see how problems are forming, and how their leadership is often a cause, church leaders employ legalistic or democratic remedies to issues that require Spirit-directed discernment, repentance, and forgiveness. Meanwhile, leaders have to deal with members who, as noted above, insist on rights and want to "vote" instead of submit. ~ Jim Van Yperen
Van Holtz quotes by Jim Van Yperen
Beneath the uniformity that unites us in communication there is a chaotic personal diversity of connections, and, for each of us, the connections continue to evolve. No two of us learn our language alike, nor, in a sense, does any finish learning it while he lives. ~ Willard Van Orman Quine
Van Holtz quotes by Willard Van Orman Quine
I spent a lot of time lifting my drums into a van, playing to ten people night after night. I can't complain about anything now. That stuff was heavy. ~ Fred Armisen
Van Holtz quotes by Fred Armisen
When it aims to express a love of the world it refuses to conceal the many reasons why the world is hard to love, though we must love it because we have no other, and to fail to love it is not to exist at all. ~ Mark Van Doren
Van Holtz quotes by Mark Van Doren
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