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I'm often asked which of the Jack Daniels books is my personal favorite. It ~ J.A. Konrath
Tirian Books quotes by J.A. Konrath
Now I know what happens at a gig, I will be ready for it, next time
I will come in just a T-shirt and shorts and books, and fight my way to the front, like a quietly determined soldier, and then let the band take my head off. I want to walk into rooms like that every night, with a sense of something happening. ~ Caitlin Moran
Tirian Books quotes by Caitlin Moran
EVERYONE deserves to be happy. But no one gets there by freaking out or sulking or running. So. Here's a tissue. Clean yourself up and start back at the beginning. ~ A.S. King
Tirian Books quotes by A.S. King
Pokey's Tavern and Pool Hall served a light lunch. Men hung out there, mostly playing cards and hiding from their wives. Women weren't welcome to hang inside unless they were jezebels, or hard-drinkers, preferably both. ~ Daisy Pettles
Tirian Books quotes by Daisy Pettles
I do not mean to object to a thorough knowledge of the famous works we read. I object only to the interminable comments and bewildering criticisms that teach but one thing: there are as many opinions as there are men. ~ Helen Keller
Tirian Books quotes by Helen Keller
My books were attacked constantly by the Communist Party for not hewing to the Party line. I have never hewed to a Party line of any kind. ~ Howard Fast
Tirian Books quotes by Howard Fast
Only in books the flat and final happens,
Only in dreams we meet and interlock ... ~ Philip Larkin
Tirian Books quotes by Philip Larkin
Hilmar owns many books, even by Icelandic standards. The other day, when he came home with a wheelbarrowful, his five-year-old daughter looked him in the eye and implored, "Please, Daddy, please, no more books!" Hilmar has a stock answer to those who criticize his excessive book buying. "It is never a waste of time to study how other people wasted time. ~ Eric Weiner
Tirian Books quotes by Eric Weiner
If you read only the best, you will have no need of reading the other books, because the latter are nothing but a rehash of the best and the oldest. To read Shakespeare, Plato, Dante, Milton, Spenser, Chaucer, and their compeers in prose, is to read in condensed form what all others have diluted. ~ Anna Brackett
Tirian Books quotes by Anna Brackett
Usually I read several books at a time - old books, new books, fiction, nonfiction, verse, anything - and when the bedside heap of a dozen volumes or so has dwindled to two or three, which generally happens by the end of one week, I accumulate another pile. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Tirian Books quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
Here was intellectual life, he thought, and here was beauty, warm and wonderful as he had never dreamed it could be. He forgot himself and stared at her with hungry eyes. Here was something to live for, to win to, to fight for - ay, and die for. The books were true. There were such women in the world. She was one of them. She lent wings to his imagination, and great, luminous canvases spread themselves before him whereon loomed vague, gigantic figures of love and romance, and of heroic deeds for woman's sake - for a pale woman, a flower of gold. And through the swaying, palpitant vision, as through a fairy mirage, he stared at the real woman, sitting there and talking of literature and art. He listened as well, but he stared, unconscious of the fixity of his gaze or of the fact that all that was essentially masculine in his nature was shining in his eyes. But she, who knew little of the world of men, being a woman, was keenly aware of his burning eyes. She had never had men look at her in such fashion, and it embarrassed her. She stumbled and halted in her utterance. The thread of argument slipped from her. He frightened her, and at the same time it was strangely pleasant to be so looked upon. Her training warned her of peril and of wrong, subtle, mysterious, luring; while her instincts rang clarion-voiced through her being, impelling her to hurdle caste and place and gain to this traveller from another world, to this uncouth young fellow with lacerated hands and a line of ra ~ Jack London
Tirian Books quotes by Jack London
I saw a lot of lousy movies and watched a ton of crappy television and read a bunch of utterly forgettable books and comics and listened to hours of junk music as a kid. And I'm still drawing profitably in my own art on some of the tawdry treasure I stored up in those years. ~ Michael Chabon
Tirian Books quotes by Michael Chabon
If only they would all just leave me alone with my books and my letters, I would be content to let life, and the world pass me by ~ Alison Weir
Tirian Books quotes by Alison Weir
That's because stacked on and around her desk, in neat skyscraper-high columns, are books. About three dozen of them. For a moment, I freeze, my mouth open and my eyes wide with shock. Then, inanely, I wonder how the hell she got them all up here. Kate weighs a buck-ten at best. There's got to be several hundred pounds of pages in this room. It's then that her shiny dark head emerges over the horizon. And, once again, she smiles. Like a cat with a mouthful of bird. ~ Emma Chase
Tirian Books quotes by Emma Chase
I don't really have a lot of hobbies. I listen to a lot of spoken word. I get books on tape. ~ Benny Green
Tirian Books quotes by Benny Green
When a library expels a book of mine and leaves an unexpurgated Bible lying around where unprotected youth and age can get hold of it, the deep unconscious irony of it delights me and doesn't anger me. ~ Mark Twain
Tirian Books quotes by Mark Twain
Software developers come mainly from engineering and don't see how similar their industry has become to the one that produces magazines, newspapers, books, TV shows, and movies. Most software developers haven't yet learned to develop and follow strict standards for layout and graphic design and to pay as much attention to detail as traditional publishers and media studios do. As a result, graphic design and layout bloopers often get a "Who cares? It looks OK to me!" reaction from developers. ~ Jeff Johnson
Tirian Books quotes by Jeff                    Johnson
We'll soon buy books and newspapers straight over the Internet. Uh, sure. ~ Clifford Stoll
Tirian Books quotes by Clifford Stoll
Some people, of course, say they're practicing tantra. There are a lot of books on tantric sexual practice in local bookstores. These are usually pretty silly books. ~ Frederick Lenz
Tirian Books quotes by Frederick Lenz
I wouldn't like to be a character in one of my books! ~ Iain Banks
Tirian Books quotes by Iain Banks
A book is a fragile creature, it suffers the wear of time, it fears rodents, the elements and clumsy hands. so the librarian protects the books not only against mankind but also against nature and devotes his life to this war with the forces of oblivion. ~ Umberto Eco
Tirian Books quotes by Umberto Eco
A book consist of thoughts that for a moment don't mind holding hands. ~ Garry Fitchett
Tirian Books quotes by Garry Fitchett
So much is yet to come. Soon will be blankets and pillows, and books by the bed to make the stuff of dreams. And then tomorrows. ~ Jim McCann
Tirian Books quotes by Jim McCann
The decor bowled me over. Everywhere I looked, there was something more to see. Botanical prints, a cross section of pomegranates, a passionflower vine and its fruit. Stacks of thick books on art and design and a collection of glass paperweights filled the coffee table. It was enormously beautiful, a sensibility I'd never encountered anywhere, a relaxed luxury. I could feel my mother's contemptuous gaze falling on the cluttered surfaces, but I was tired of three white flowers in a glass vase. There was more to life than that. ~ Janet Fitch
Tirian Books quotes by Janet Fitch
Sometimes I feel as if I've lived about five lifetimes...all fictionalized in my five books. ~ Laurel-Rain Snow
Tirian Books quotes by Laurel-Rain Snow
Be careful," Aidan called from the bed. "You don't know what he might do."
"We all know what you'd do, though, don't we? ~ Holly Black
Tirian Books quotes by Holly Black
Life is a game where nobody wins. ..
except for those who believe and do good deeds. . . (Qur'an 103:3)."

via > book> Notes from Prison ― Alija Izetbegovic, the first President of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992) and the author of several books, most notably " Islam Between East and West " and " Islamic Declaration ". ~ Alija Izetbegovic
Tirian Books quotes by Alija Izetbegovic
I keep collecting books I know
I'll never, never read;
My wife and daughter tell me so,
And yet I never heed.
"Please make me," says some wistful tome,
"A wee bit of yourself."
And so I take my treasure home,
And tuck it in a shelf.

And now my very shelves complain;
They jam and over-spill.
They say: "Why don't you ease our strain?"
"Some day," I say, "I will."
So book by book they plead and sigh;
I pick and dip and scan;
Then put them back, distressed that I
Am such a busy man.

Now, there's my Boswell and my Sterne,
my Gibbon and Defoe;
To savor Swift I'll never learn,
Montaigne I may not know.
On Bacon I will never sup,
For Shakespeare I've no time;
Because I'm busy making up
These jingly bits of rhyme.

Chekov is caviar to me,
While Stendhal makes me snore;
Poor Proust is not my cup of tea,
And Balzac is a bore.
I have their books, I love their names,
And yet alas! they head,
With Lawrence, Joyce and Henry James,
My Roster of Unread.

I think it would be very well
If I commit a crime,
And get put in a prison cell
And not allowed to rhyme;
Yet given all these worthy books
According to my need,
I now caress with loving looks,
But never, never read."

(from, Book Lover) ~ Robert W. Service
Tirian Books quotes by Robert W. Service
I've lived in books more than I've lived nay where else. ~ Neil Gaiman
Tirian Books quotes by Neil Gaiman
Page after page she read
She cried and laughed
She swore and cheered
She fell in love with simple characters
She loathed imaginary enemies
She read and read saying one more chapter
She fell asleep with the books in her grasp
She got lost in the words and escaped the world ~ N.S.
Tirian Books quotes by N.S.
Books had always been a comfort to her. More than comfort. There were times when reading came close to an addiction.

When things had been tough at home, Harriet's solution had been to remove herself from life and disappear. She'd chosen to be invisible. Sometimes physically, by hiding under the table, but sometimes psychologically by diving into a literary world unlike her own.

As a child she'd liked to sink into the pages and lose herself for hours at a time. When she was reading, she didn't just leave her own life behind, she stepped into someone else's. There were times when she'd read for hours without noticing the passage of time or the onset of darkness. When it grew too dark to read, she simply switched on her flashlight and read under the covers so that she didn't disturb her sister, who was sleeping in the next bed. At school, she carried her book around. When things were difficult, the weight of her bag would comfort her. It helped just to know the book was there, waiting for her. At various points in the day she'd feel the edges bump against her thigh, reminding her of its existence. It was like having a friend close by, telling her I'm still here and we can spend time together later.

Even now, more than a decade on from that difficult time of her life, she found herself instinctively reaching for a book when she was stressed. Comfort was different things to different people. To some it was a bar of chocolate or a glass of wine, a r ~ Sarah Morgan
Tirian Books quotes by Sarah Morgan
Small children like to mimic their parents. Give them something good to mimic read a book.

Children learn what they live.

Morals are taught by parents from a young age. They are not learned from text books.

Buying a book for a child is a small price. A smile on a child's face is priceless.

Communication with children give better odds in knowing what they want.

Using imagination can inspire us all. Why not allow children to explore their imagination?

A happy child is a child reading a good book. ~ Cindy Roman
Tirian Books quotes by Cindy Roman
A literary agent is nothing but a cheap salesman (or woman); while a writer is a cheap salesman (or woman) who also has to actually write the books. ~ John Hodgman
Tirian Books quotes by John Hodgman
I have been
hanging here
for so long
that the body has forgotten
or where or when it
and the toes
walk along in shoes
that do not

and although
the fingers
slice things and
hold things and
move things and
such as
I am no longer
reasonably sure
what these things

they are mostly
lamplight and

then often the hands will
go to the
lost head
and hold the head
like the hands of a
around a ball
a block
air and wood -
no teeth
no thinking part

and when a window
blows open
to a
or something singing

the fingers of the hand
are senseless to vibration
because they have no
senseless to color because
they have no
senseless to smell
without a nose

they country goes by as
the continents

the daylights and evenings
on my dirty

and in some mirror
my face
a block to vanish
scuffed part of a child's

while everywhere
worms and aircraft
fires on the land
tall violets in sanctity
my hands let go let go
Charles Bukowski
Tirian Books quotes by Charles Bukowski
In August of 1998, I completed Seize the Night, the sequel to my novel Fear Nothing, one of many of my books in which a dog is among the cast of principal characters. Every time I wrote a story that included a canine, my yearning for a dog grew. Readers and critics alike said I had an uncanny knack for writing convincingly about dogs and even for writing from a dog's point of view. When a story contained a canine character, I always felt especially inspired, as if some angel watching over me was trying to tell me that dogs were a fundamental part of my destiny if only I would listen. ~ Dean Koontz
Tirian Books quotes by Dean Koontz
I wasn't inspired so much by a person as by reading many good books. I loved to write and I wondered if I might be able to write material that others would enjoy reading. ~ Peg Kehret
Tirian Books quotes by Peg Kehret
I only know how to read because I steal books from rich people. ~ Natalie C. Anderson
Tirian Books quotes by Natalie C. Anderson
Every time a written word is put to page it is the opportunity to expand our minds, whether we are the writer or the reader. Enjoy the journey wherever it may take you! ~ K. Lamb
Tirian Books quotes by K. Lamb
Nora wasn't a football fan. Who had time to watch football when there were so many fantastic books in the world yet unread? ~ Becky Wade
Tirian Books quotes by Becky Wade
You are greater than the Bible
And the Con­fer­ence of the Birds
And the Up­an­ishads
All put to­geth­er
You are more se­vere
Than the Scrip­tures
And Ham­mura­bi's Code
More dan­ger­ous than Luther's pa­per
Nailed to the Cathe­dral door
You are sweet­er
Than the Song of Songs
Might­ier by far
Than the Epic of Gil­gamesh
And braver
Than the Sagas of Ice­land
I bow my head in grat­itude
To the ones who give their lives
To keep the se­cret
The dai­ly se­cret
Un­der lock and key
Dear Di­ary
I mean no dis­re­spect
But you are more sub­lime
Than any Sa­cred Text
Some­times just a list
Of my events
Is holi­er than the Bill of Rights
And more in­tense ~ Leonard Cohen
Tirian Books quotes by Leonard Cohen
Whose mouse are you?"
Nobody's mouse.
"Where is your mother?"
Inside a cat.
"Where is your father?"
Caught in a trap. ~ Robert Kraus
Tirian Books quotes by Robert Kraus
I think that the economics of book publishing favor hits with long book runs. You make all your money on the last bunch of books, not the first. ~ Seth Godin
Tirian Books quotes by Seth Godin
Reading is the basic springboard for learning. And books provide the liftoff. They are the great equalizer, opening up new worlds to everyone. ~ Mary Pope Osborne
Tirian Books quotes by Mary Pope Osborne
When I was a kid, one of my favorite books was George Gamow's 'One Two Three ... Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science.' ~ Mark Frauenfelder
Tirian Books quotes by Mark Frauenfelder
Books console us, calm us, prepare us, enrich us and redeem us. ~ Jose Marti
Tirian Books quotes by Jose Marti
People are living books. The real library of life is community. ~ Bryant McGill
Tirian Books quotes by Bryant McGill
The silence was a comfortable one, as if they had known each other for a long time. This was a feeling about which Louis had read in books, but which he had never experienced until now. ~ Stephen King
Tirian Books quotes by Stephen King
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