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Think about the first time you really fell in love. No, I mean, really think about it. How it was like your whole life before that moment was a black-and-white movie, and suddenly you stepped into Technicolor. ~ Danielle Paige
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Danielle Paige
The gray has gone away. I am living in bright Technicolor. ~ Rosie O'Donnell
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Rosie O'Donnell
Scranton describing Sen. Robert A. Taft's conservatism as compared to Goldwater's said Taft was a conservative in the truest sense of the word. He sought to conserve all the human values that have been carried down to us on a long stream of American history. He saw history as the foundation on which a better future might be built, not a Technicolor fantasy behind which the problems of the present might be concealed. ~ Rick Perlstein
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Rick Perlstein
How long would a child last in this environment that is depicted in your paintings? It seems the child would need a Technicolor camouflage to survive even an hour. ~ Annie Owens
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Annie Owens
Life is less clear to me every day. The world's harsh technicolor swirls jumble before my eyes until I'm dizzy. Amidst sheer chaos, you are my only black and white and nothing is more beautiful to me. ~ Green And Yellow
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Green And Yellow
Over the course of four rough, ego-shattering hours, the ayahuasca shows me that opening myself to love of Zoe and all others is the sure way to tap my deepest and most vital energetic reserves. The lesson is vivid, technicolor, indelibly imprinted on my psyche. ~ Chris Kilham
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Chris Kilham
I got fitter when I did 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.' I wore a loincloth - that's a lot of motivation! ~ Donny Osmond
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Donny Osmond
1979. Coming to America after a childhood spent in the Soviet Union is equivalent to stumbling off a monochromatic cliff and landing in a pool of pure Technicolor. ~ Gary Shteyngart
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Gary Shteyngart
There are some parts of the world that, once visited, get into your heart and won't go. For me, India is such a place. When I first visited, I was stunned by the richness of the land, by its lush beauty and exotic architecture, by its ability to overload the senses with the pure, concentrated intensity of its colors, smells, tastes, and sounds. It was as if all my life I had been seeing the world in black and white and, when brought face-to-face with India, experienced everything re-rendered in brilliant technicolor. ~ Keith Bellows
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Keith Bellows
I played Joseph in 'Joseph & The Technicolor Dreamcoat,' which was a bit silly because I am a girl. I wanted to be the narrator, but I had fun with it anyway. ~ Eliza Doolittle
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Eliza Doolittle
When you talk to people who have been in combat, there's a sensory overload that happens. The color becomes vivid. Sounds become more pronounced. People talk about how, for them, the war was technicolor and real life was black and white after the war. ~ David Ayer
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by David Ayer
Am driving us home to Mrs. Lush in her shiny kitchen with a checked tablecloth in a house where the grass looks as if it's been Hoovered. You see, only in the land of Croca-Colas does the sun shine in Technicolor. Life lived at the end of the rainbow. ~ Sally Gardner
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Sally Gardner
She was an exotic flower amongst the snowdrifts, out of place, a Technicolor misfit in a monochrome Christmas movie. ~ Thomm Quackenbush
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Thomm Quackenbush
And although Margarita lived in a world that predated Technicolor, she always dreamed of the boy in rich pastels. ~ Salvador Plascencia
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Salvador Plascencia
Whenever I was around Colton, everything seemed to live in this amazing technicolor moment. It was all so vivacious and alive. ~ Linda Kage
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Linda Kage
Some days I do appreciate things more, eggs, flowers, but then I decide I'm only having an attack of sentimentality, my brain going pastel Technicolor, like a beautiful-sunset greeting cards they used to make so many of in California. High-gloss hearts.
The danger is grayout. ~ Margaret Atwood
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Margaret Atwood
Disneyland is something that will never be finished. It's something that I can keep developing. It will be a live, breathing thing that will need change. A picture is a thing, once you wrap it up and turn it over to Technicolor, you're through. Snow White is a dead issue with me. But I can change the park, because it's alive. ~ Walt Disney
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Walt Disney
I guess I feel like somebody flipped a switch, and the whole world is in Technicolor now. ~ Caroline Rhea
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Caroline Rhea
This is why the license plates say Beautiful British Columbia, and I realized just how much I would miss it. But all this natural beauty exists only in response to rain, I reminded myself, and the occasional day of technicolor spectacle was bought and paid for with weeks and weeks of dull, damp gray. I wasn't going to miss the gray. If ~ Michael J. Fox
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Michael J. Fox
But suddenly I was dreaming of cock. Fisting it, sucking it, riding it, in glorious fucking Technicolor. ~ Lisa Henry
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Lisa Henry
Pasquale considered his friend's face. It had such an open quality, was such a clearly American face, like Dee's face, like Michael Deane's face. He believed he could spot an American anywhere by that quality - that openness, that stubborn belief in possibility, a quality that, in his estimation, even the youngest Italians lacked. Perhaps it was the difference in age between the countries - America with its expansive youth, building all those drive-in movie theaters and cowboy restaurants; Italians living in endless contraction, in the artifacts of generations, in the bones of empires. This reminded him of Alvis Bender's contention that stories were like nations - Italy a great epic poem, Britain a thick novel, America a brash motion picture in Technicolor - and he remembered, too, Dee Moray saying she'd spent years "waiting for her movie to start," and that she'd almost missed out on her life waiting for it. ~ Jess Walter
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Jess Walter
The gut wrenching howling as they informed me, "dead on arrival. Baby could not survive outside her mother's womb." Every finite detail of the worst night of my life played through my mind in HD Technicolor. Somewhere in the haze between past and reality, I heard a soft voice. "Nik? Can you hear me? Come back, you're scaring me, ~ Lora Ann
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Lora Ann
Before Elvis, everything was in black and white. Then came Elvis. Zoom, glorious Technicolor. ~ Keith Richards
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Keith Richards
We pencil sketch our past lives so we can compare it to the Technicolor of the moment. ~ David Levithan
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by David Levithan
That puke was the most wonderful thing I'd ever seen. It was green and a little red. Technicolor, really, the color puke is supposed to be. It definitely wasn't black, and it didn't smell like toasty poop. This was a good sign. ~ Carrie Harris
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Carrie Harris
It is not that Shakespeare's art is in technicolor and fancy, and that real life is black and white and tedious. The life that Shakespeare was living was the only life he had, and he had to use it to create what he was doing. ~ Stephen Greenblatt
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Stephen Greenblatt
Baboons are very wise animals," Bast said.
"Agh!" Khufu picked his nose, then turned his Technicolor bum our direction. He threw his friends the ball. They began to fight over it, showing one another their fangs and slapping their heads.
"Wise?" I asked. ~ Rick Riordan
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Rick Riordan
Put down the Technicolor ones. No freaking way."
"But blue's my favorite color," I say, batting my eyelashes at him.
"Put them down. ~ Huntley Fitzpatrick
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Technicolor makes me look like death warmed over. ~ Bette Davis
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Bette Davis
Jack Cardiff - the greatest cameraman who ever worked in colour - was a lab boy to start with so he knew Technicolor from the inside out. ~ Thelma Schoonmaker
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Thelma Schoonmaker
Why is it that when you've lost someone your thoughts go back to the beginning? The first shy meeting of eyes. The first tentative kiss. The happy times together. He'd heard people say that the mind plays tricks, remembering good over bad or sad. Maybe it was nature's way of keeping a sane person from going crazy with guilt. Not him. From sunup to sundown he remembered his mistakes. All of them. In vivid Technicolor. On a good day, it felt like a fist shoved down his throat and into his stomach to turn him inside-out like a sock. Nothing looks normal, nothing's the same, until it can be turned right-side-out again." ~ Dylan Clark ~ Carol McCormick
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Carol  McCormick
When I was a kid in London there was just something about the light and there's something about the way London went onto film in those days, whether it was Technicolor or Technicolor plus the flatness of the light, or whatever. ~ William Monahan
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by William Monahan
When the British-Malaysian photographer Ian Teh first worked in China, more than a decade ago, he rendered it as a nation of people in Technicolor. ~ Evan Osnos
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Evan Osnos
We are always talking about being together, and yet whatever we invent destroys the family, and makes us wild, touchless beasts feeding on technicolor prairies and rivers. ~ Edward Dahlberg
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Edward Dahlberg
Screw technicolor, red, and foreign languages. I dream in status updates. ~ Fierce Dolan
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Fierce Dolan
We pencil-sketch our previous life so we can contrast it to the technicolor of the moment. ~ David Levithan
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by David Levithan
This reminded him of Alvis Bender's contention that stories were like nations - Italy, a great epic poem, Britain, a thick novel, America, a brash motion picture in technicolor ... ~ Jess Walter
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Jess Walter
That first company I started made a lot of money for the venture capitalists - nearly $30 million - but next to nothing for the founders. The companies I started after that varied between failures and mediocre successes. But at no point did I ever consider getting a 'real job.' That felt like a black and white world, and I wanted Technicolor. ~ Michael Arrington
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Michael Arrington
I just want you to remember it. All of it. In vivid, technicolor clarity. And that can only be achieved if you're sober. When you and I come together for the first time, I want you to remember every touch," I ran my hand up her arm and down her back, causing her to shiver. "Every moan. ~ J.L. Berg
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by J.L. Berg
The sad truth is that, within the public sphere, within the collective consciousness of the general populace, most of the history of Indians in North America has been forgotten, and what we are left with is a series of historical artifacts and, more importantly, a series of entertainments. As a series of artifacts, Native history is somewhat akin to a fossil hunt in which we find a skull in Almo, Idaho, a thigh bone on the Montana plains, a tooth near the site of Powhatan's village in Virginia, and then, assuming that all the parts are from the same animal, we guess at the size and shape of the beast. As a series of entertainments, Native history is an imaginative cobbling together of fears and loathings, romances and reverences, facts and fantasies into a cycle of creative performances, in Technicolor and 3-D, with accompanying soft drinks, candy, and popcorn.
In the end, who really needs the whole of Native history when we can watch the movie? ~ Thomas King
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Thomas King
I try to remember dreams, and occasionally I'll make a note or two in a notebook if it's something extra interesting. They do mean quite a lot to me, and they don't happen all that often. In other words, I don't have some kind of loud, Technicolor dream every night. But a few times a month, I'll have a rather interesting dream. They're mostly visual - oddly enough, I don't have much dialogue in my dreams. They just don't speak. ~ Kenneth Anger
Technicolor Cgm4141 quotes by Kenneth Anger
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