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The Best Things In Life Are Free Sunshine, songs of birds, the blue heavens, sunrise, the sea air, the field full of flowers, the wonders of nature, the magenta sunset, love, joy, peace of mind, the wonders of nature, the warm rain, the dew of the roses, the love of God, etc., are here for our enjoyment. ~ Alfred Armand Montapert
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Alfred Armand Montapert
Rite To Tyr:

Hail to the One-Handed God!
Hail to Him whose name is Honor
And whose Word is iron,
Who alone never shirks the thankless task
Whose reason is Lawful Necessity.
Hail to the Lord of Swords,
Who gave a weapon-bearing hand
To see that what must be done was done in truth.
Hail God of the sunset, last single ray of light,
Lord of loyal morality, whose name none takes in vain.
Now must I face loss to do what is right,
O Lord Tyr, and I do not ask for your aid
To take away that loss, that I might hope for ease of action.
As you stood forth knowing you must lose to win,
So I ask only that you keep my back straight,
My arm strong, my hand from trembling,
My voice from faltering, my words from vanishing,
My head up, and my resolve unyielding
As I reach into the challenging maw of my own future. ~ Galina Krasskova
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Galina Krasskova
Know me, for I am death to all oath breaker, promise renders, and betrayers. Know me, for I am the last sunset, the night without the dawn, the winter without spring. I am pain to your pleasure, silence to your shout, stillness to your speed. I hunt death. ~ Sarah Beth Durst
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Sarah Beth Durst
Rose stood in the last faint beams of sunset.
"Is he wearing a leather cat suit?"
"Holy Mother!"
The guys all quickly averted their eyes and raised their hands to further block any chance of catching a view. Anything to not see Rose in his painted-on leather one-piece that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.
"Stunning, right?" Rose spread his palms as far as the cuffs would allow.
"Oh, I'm stunned." Ayden looked ill.
Rose looked down at himself with admiration. "Not many males can pull off this look."
"No male can pull off that look."
"Actually, his finely sculptured physique would be considered the perfect complement for this type of anatomically revealing attire which accentuates his - "
"Bloody hell, Jayden, shut it!"
"Dude, this is so not right."
"I feel like it's looking at me."
"Feel like what's looking at - ? Oh. Oh! Ugh, now I feel like it's looking at me too."
"How can it be looking at both of us?" "Are you serious?"
"I'm gonna be sick."
"Someone please gouge out my eyes. ~ A. Kirk
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by A.  Kirk
The children of America are not rebelling for no reason. They are not hippies for no reason at all. We don't have what we have on Sunset Blvd. for no reason. They are rebelling against something. There are so many things burning the people of this country, particularly mothers. They feel they are going to raise sons - and I know what it's like, and you have children of your own, Mrs. Johnson - we raise children and send them to war. ~ Eartha Kitt
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Eartha Kitt
I remember the first year after my second child was born, what I can remember of it at all, as a year of disarray, of overturned glasses of milk, of toys on the floor, of hours from sunrise to sunset that were horribly busy but filled with what, at the end of the day, seemed like absolutely nothing at all. What saved my sanity were books. What saved my sanity was disappearing, if only for fifteen minutes before I inevitably began to nod off in bed ... and as it was for me when I was young and surrounded by siblings, as it is today when I am surrounded by children, reading continues to provide an escape from a crowded house into an imaginary room of one's own. ~ Anna Quindlen
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Anna Quindlen
She gazed at the man across from her. Her lover. His powerful shoulders worked beneath his shirt as he pulled on the oars. The display of strength and agility, set to a steady rhythm…memories of their lovemaking assailed her with quiet force.
In some other place, under some other circumstance, they might have been a courting couple. Rowing across a placid lake, caressed by a glowing sunset. From a distance, this could have been the picture of romance.
But the reality was confusion, and resentment, and pain. Did she feel sorry for misleading him? Sophia considered. She was not sure she could. By his own admission, he would not have made love to her had she not. And she could not regret that exquisite pleasure; nor could she regret sharing it with him. She looked at the handsome, strong, charismatic, passionate, exhausted man across from her. Selfish and wicked though she might be, she could not feel sorry that he was now bound to her-that for good or ill, he had not left her behind.
Sophia was, however, unequivocally sorry for one thing.
"Gray," she said, "I'm so sorry I've hurt you."
His eyes flashed, and there was a slight hitch in his stroke. ~ Tessa Dare
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Tessa Dare
Maybe there aren't any happily ever afters, or white knights who ride in on valiant steeds to save the day. Maybe, in real life, Prince Charming isn't always perfect – he's just as flawed as everyone else in the tale. And that princess, alone in her tower? She's not perfect either. Birds don't braid her hair every morning, she can't serenade wild forest creatures into servitude, and she doesn't even own a ball gown. But she's also smart enough to know not to accept poisoned apples from strangers, or prick her finger on deadly spindles.

She doesn't wait around for a prince to charge in and slay the dragon. Maybe she saves herself and in the end, rides off into her own goddamned sunset. ~ Julie Johnson
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Julie   Johnson
Sunset and sunrise are two splendid movies that you can watch for seventy or eight years every day! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Most broadly understood, lectio divina involves receiving God's revelation wherever it occurs. This means that there are other media beyond Scriptures that can also be engaged with in this same prayerful way. We can, for example, apply it to the reading of a book or article. In fact, it is very appropriately used when reading something devotional-say, for example, the book you now hold in your hands. But we can also open our senses and attend to God's revelation while listening to music, viewing a work of art, contemplating an icon, talking to a friend, listening to a sermon or watching a sunset. ~ David G. Benner
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by David G. Benner
That bright blue ball rising over the moon's surface, containing everything we hold dear - the laughter of children, a quiet sunset, all the hopes and dreams of posterity - that's what's at stake. That's what we're fighting for. And if we remember that, I'm absolutely sure we'll succeed. ~ Barack Obama
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Barack Obama
They say you never forget your first glimpse of Gehenna. Over the tall buildings the sky swirls with orange and red, true titian, a feature of the unique atmosphere. Of course that same air would kill human beings; hence they built the entire city inside a dome. Eternal sunset, that's why the place is so wild. You know the feeling you get, just before full dark? Sundown makes you feel like the world burgeons with possibility, and that's Gehenna for you.
Like any other romantic notion, it's based on bullshit, of course. Gehenna isn't the land of eternal sunset and infinite potential. The gas in the atmosphere just makes it impossible to see the sun. ~ Ann Aguirre
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Ann Aguirre
For reality's glow and glory, without poetry,
Fade, like the red operas of sunset ~ Delmore Schwartz
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Delmore Schwartz
As he crossed Grattan Bridge he looked down the river towards the lower quays and pitied the poor stunted houses. They seemed to him a band of tramps, huddled together along the riverbanks, their old coats covered with dust and soot, stupefied by the panorama of sunset and waiting for the first chill of night bid them arise, shake themselves and begone. ~ James Joyce
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by James Joyce
Looking at a sunset, just for a second you forget your separateness: you are the sunset. That is the moment when you feel the beauty of it. But the moment you say that it is a beautiful sunset, you are no longer feeling it; you have come back to your separate, enclosed entity of the ego. Now the mind is speaking. And this is one of the mysteries, that the mind can speak, and knows nothing; and the heart knows everything, and cannot speak. ~ Rajneesh
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Rajneesh
Nobody of any real culture, for instance, ever talks nowadays about the beauty of sunset. Sunsets are quite old fashioned. To admire them is a distinct sign of provincialism of temperament. Upon the other hand they go on. ~ Oscar Wilde
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Oscar Wilde
In your head, a sunset can go on for days ~ Yoko Ono
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Yoko Ono
I think the true test of a pop song, for me, and I've talked to a lot of other writers about this, is you take your demo, you pop it in your car and you drive down Sunset Blvd. to Santa Monica, and that's the Hollywood car test. ~ Ryan Tedder
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Ryan Tedder
I will show you the sunset if you will sit by me, but I cannot bring it there, for so much gold is heavy. ~ Emily Dickinson
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Emily Dickinson
There was no fucking chance I was going to hang out with Jennifer doing scrapbooking. I couldn't trust her with scissors for one thing. ~ Morgan Parker
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Morgan Parker
I think my soul never was in such an agony before. I felt no restraint, for the treasures of divine grace were opened to me. I wrestled for absent friends, for the ingathering of souls, for multitudes of poor souls, and for many that I thought were the children of God, in many distant places. I was in such an agony, for half an hour before sunset, till near dark, that I was all over wet with sweat: but yet is seemed to me that I had wasted away the day, and had done nothing. Oh!, my dear Savior did sweat blood for poor souls! ~ David Brainerd
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by David Brainerd
Lily liked the fog, and didn't even mind the cold wind. She reckoned that Ocean Beach, the dunes there, and the Sunset were the closest San Francisco was going to come to the foreboding, wind-swept moors of England, where she had aspired to suffer romance and heartache when she was a kid. The foghorn, however, rather than a lonesome lament that conjured images of Heathcliff's dark figure, waiting with clenched jaw on the moor for her to bring light and warmth into his life, sounded like a distressed moose tied up in her neighbor's garage, having his nut sack singed with jumper cables at a precise interval calculated to keep her from falling asleep. Which, in turn, made her think of what complete douche bags people could be when all you wanted to do was borrow a defibrillator. Then she was awake and angry. ~ Christopher Moore
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Christopher Moore
Are you a Genesis 1 Christian or a Genesis 3 Christian? Do you start your story with shalom or with sin? Shalom is the Hebrew word for "peace." For rhythm. For everything lining up exactly how it was meant to line up. Shalom is happening in those moments when you are at the dinner table for hours with good friends, good food, and good wine. Shalom is when you hear or see something and can't quite explain it, but you know it's calling and stirring something deep inside of you. Shalom is a sunset, that sense of exhaustion yet satisfaction from a hard day's work, creating art that is bigger than itself. Shalom is enemies being reconciled by love. ~ Jefferson Bethke
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Jefferson Bethke
Instinct made him want to fold her into his arms and fix her hurt, but instead, he steeled himself to finish it.

"What? Why do you look so suprised? You are a sex demon. Did you think we could ride off into the sunset, set up a house and fuck up a bunch of kids? The only thing I've ever wanted from you is sex and blood. Fucking and feeding go together for me, and since I can't feed from you anymore...."

He gestured to the door.

"Get out, and don't ever come near me again."

~Con ~ Larissa Ione
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Larissa Ione
There's always a sunrise and always a sunset and it's up to you to choose to be there for it,' said my mother. 'Put yourself in the way of beauty. ~ Cheryl Strayed
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Cheryl Strayed
I was having this awful nightmare that I was 32. And then I woke up and I was 23. So relieved. And then I woke up for real, and I was 32. ~ Julie Delpy
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Julie Delpy
Sometimes I hate this language with its false words like sunset. The sun does not set. It doesn't rise either. It just stays there in one place, yet we get all romantic, huddling on beaches to watch its so-called departure, when it is we who turn away from it, which is a good thing-if the sun could turn, it would never come back, it'd just keep going, look for some better planet to nourish.

Moonlight is another lie. It's a luminescent echo. The moon is a politician whose speeches are written by the sun. I long for a world where witnesses in court must place their hands on a dictionary when they swear. A world where an archer must ask an arrow's permission before loading it into a crossbow. A world with inverted flashlights that shoot out beams of darkness, so you can go to the beach and sabotage sunbathers, rob them of their shine.

A world where people eat animals they wish to emulate. But who the hell am I? I'm just the spark from two people who rubbed their genitals together like sticks in a forest one October night because they were cold. I'm just burning the firecracker at both ends. Every morning I get up and swallow my weirdness pills.

I know the glass is half full, but it's a shot glass, and there are four of us, and we're all very thirsty. I know it's easy not to cry over spilled milk when you've got another carton in the fridge. ~ Jeffrey McDaniel
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Jeffrey McDaniel
I had watched the sun blaze and in the blink of an eye slip away; the happiness I felt in that moment was a heartbeat from tipping to sadness at the knowledge that I couldn't hold it forever. My old familiar push-pull, my trademark yearning for and resisting joy. ~ Sarah Combs
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Sarah Combs
The sun had already set behind the mountains, and the sky had been drained of color. The trellises of sauvignon blanc flowed down the hill in even rows toward the valley floor. Whatever I was looking for, it wasn't outside. As far as I could tell, the grapes were minding their own business. ~ Frederick Weisel
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Frederick Weisel
That for each memory created
a lesson is learned
And for each chapter that's
finished a new page gets
To understand happiness one
must also meet with sorrow
And believe a sunset today is
followed by sunrise tomorrow
A dark new moon rises as the
sun fades to black
A chapter finished, a page
turned, the sunrise will come
back ~ Ken Maxon
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Ken Maxon
Just for a minute," she said. He's not half bad, she thought, as far as princes go. "Just to watch the sunset," he agreed. He's not half bad, she thought, as far as enemies go. "Just to see the stars," she conceded. This isn't half bad, she thought, as far as wars go. "Just one day," he said. "You promised." And just to take another look at one small photograph hanging on the wall, she thought. Lennox Gates, what is your Siren story? ~ Kami Garcia
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Kami Garcia
My dad lived on Sunset Boulevard for a couple of years as a waiter, and he said he'd do a different character every time somebody sat down, just to get some practice. ~ Lily James
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Lily James
Dusk had fallen,
While the sky was gray,
Red flowers bloomed,
And the yellow fade away,
Night was to fall,
But the sun had to stay,
Moon of fourteen,
For the lover had to pray,
Life gave up hope,
Yet the heart had to say,
Lover wrote a letter,
But the pigeon lost it's way. ~ Neymat Khan
Sunset For Scrapbooking quotes by Neymat Khan
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