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I sort through piles of sheets with gloved hands. The dirties are brought down by orderlies, morenas mostly. I never see the sick; they visit me through the stains and marks they leave on the sheets, the alphabet of the sick and dying. A lot of the time the stains are too deep and I have to throw these linens in the special hamper. One of the girls from Baitoa tells me she's heard that everything in the hamper gets incinerated. Because of the sida, she whispers. Sometimes the stains are rusty and old and sometimes the blood smells sharp as rain. You'd think, given the blood we see, that there's a great war going on out in the world. Just ~ Junot Diaz
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Junot Diaz
Felix shrugged. "To me, girls are meant to be pretty companions, not rebel comrades. They're good for washing our clothes and preparing meals after a long day." He flashed Jonas a grin. "And, of course, they're excellent for warming beds." Jonas eyed him with an edge of amusement. "You might want to keep that opinion to yourself when you meet Lysandra." "She's not pretty?" "Oh, she is. Extremely pretty, in fact. But she'll hand your arse to you on a rusty platter if you ever ask her to cook your meals or wash your clothes. And especially if you invite her to warm your bed." "If she's as pretty as you say I might try to change her mind." Jonas's grin widened. "Good luck with that. I'll be sure to bring flowers to your grave." Felix ~ Morgan Rhodes
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Morgan Rhodes
The song was the late Ishihara Yujiro's "Rusty Knife," and Sakaguchi's singing was so bad that it
gave the lyric a strange new pathos and poignancy. Listening to his version, Suzuki Midori was
reminded that no one ever said it would be easy to go on living in this world; Takeuchi Midori
pondered the noble truth that nobody's life consists exclusively of happy times; Henmi Midori
vowed to remember that it's best to keep an open heart and forgive even those who've
trespassed against us; and Tomiyama Midori had to keep telling herself that hitting rock bottom
is in fact the first step to a hopeful new future. ~ Ryu Murakami
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Ryu Murakami
I know I personally get a little rusty when I've jumped back and forth. ~ Hayden Panettiere
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Hayden Panettiere
A pleasure meeting you, too, Mr. Lucklighter. Next time, try to speak English. I'm afraid my Neanderthal is a little rusty. ~ Eden Winters
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Eden Winters
This was exactly why holidays were so valuable, he told himself: they allowed you to stand back a bit, and see where you were going rusty. ~ Colin Dexter
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Colin Dexter
A piece of rusty pump and a pile of stones,
all that was left of the place he and Marthy had called home. Home. What a big word that was. Lots of attempts made lately to belittle it. Plenty of fun poked at it. Young folks laughed about it,
called it a place to park. Everybody wanted to get some place else, seemed like. They'd find out. They'd understand some day. When they got old, they'd know. They'd want to go home. sometimes in their lives everybody wanted to go home. ~ Bess Streeter Aldrich
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Bess Streeter Aldrich
And so the next morning I left my room and took my suitcases down in the elevator to the lobby, where I handed in the key. Every movement, every tiny social transaction seemed backlit, consecrated somehow, like the footsteps a prisoner counts off in his head as he is marched to the scaffold. Frank was waiting outside, leaning with his arms crossed against his rusty white van. Someone had drawn a penis in the dust on its side. "All right?" he said. "Capital," I said. "Capital. ~ Paul Murray
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Paul Murray
The first thing I did was lock myself in the bathroom and unwind my binders. I was moist and sour from adrenaline and fear sweat and I felt like I would die if I didn't rinse off. There was no soap and the rusty, lukewarm water dribbled out of the showerhead like blood from the wrist of a reluctant suicide. Still, it was better than nothing. ~ Christa Faust
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Christa Faust
Keep a small can of WD-40 on your desk-away from any open flames-to remind yourself that if you don't write daily, you will get rusty. ~ George Singleton
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by George Singleton
At the mention of her name, my heart started beating faster. Dawn. Rusty. My muse. ~ Karina Halle
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Karina Halle
I wanted to hug them all. We belonged to each other somehow...But that sweet feeling hung on and I loved all of Harlem gently and didn't want to be Puerto Rican or anything else but my own rusty self. ~ Louise Meriwether
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Louise Meriwether
When our party took over political power, the exploiting classes and reactionary forces went into action. The only rusty and antiquated tool that they use against us is preaching in the name of faith and religion against the progressive movement of our homeland ... They ought to be uprooted as a cancerous tumor is from the body of a patient in a surgical operation. ~ Nur Muhammad Taraki
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Nur Muhammad Taraki
I'm scared and overwhelmed and my mind is racing. But," she paused and looked at him. "You're here. You just gave me hope. You also just scared the blazes out of me. I'm no longer sure that I'm the most difficult person in this relationship."
"I remain sure of it," Alain said.
"Did you just make a joke?" She pulled away a little and stared at him, smiling more like she usually did. "Are you making fun of me, Mage?"
Alain couldn't remember how long it had been since he had laughed. The act was completely alien to Mages, to the training he had endured since he was a small child. But now he laughed, the sound rusty and halting, yet he knew it was a laugh, and it felt so good to be laughing and holding Mari that Alain wondered what Mage art or other promised reward could possibly be worth giving up such things. ~ Jack Campbell
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Jack Campbell
She's an old lady from times back. Her clothes have the smell of her sheep and that rusty smell of the ancient trunk in which she keeps her things. ~ Denys Johnson-Davies
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Denys Johnson-Davies
Which story are you going to tell us tonight, Mother?" Tootless asked.
"One that is very close to my heart," Red said. "It's called 'Beautiful and Brilliant Little Blue Riding Hood'."
Just hearing the title made the Lost Boys excitedly clap.
"Is it a good story, Mum? Slightly asked.
"It's the best story you'll ever hear," Red said.
"Does Little Blue die in the end like Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel?" Curly asked. "I just want to know before I get attached."
"Those were such sad stories," Nibs said, and shook his head. "I can't believe poor Cinderella slipped while running down the stairs at midnight, or that Snow White choked on the poisoned apple, or when Sleeping Beauty awoke, she discovered the spindle had given her a staph infection."
"Poor, poor princesses," the Lost twins sniffled.
"Well, these stories are supposed to teach us valuable lessons," Red said. "Never run down stairs, always chew your food, and see a doctor if your skin is punctured by rusty metal."
"Is there a lesson in the story of 'Beautiful and Brilliant Little Blue Riding Hood'?" Slightly asked.
"You'll have to wait to find out," she teased. ~ Chris Colfer
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Chris Colfer
In the Village


Who has removed the typewriter from my desk,
so that I am a musician without his piano
with emptiness ahead as clear and grotesque
as another spring? My veins bud, and I am so
full of poems, a wastebasket of black wire.
The notes outside are visible; sparrows will
line antennae like staves, the way springs were,
but the roofs are cold and the great grey river
where a liner glides, huge as a winter hill,
moves imperceptibly like the accumulating
years. I have no reason to forgive her
for what I brought on myself. I am past hating,
past the longing for Italy where blowing snow
absolves and whitens a kneeling mountain range
outside Milan. Through glass, I am waiting
for the sound of a bird to unhinge the beginning
of spring, but my hands, my work, feel strange
without the rusty music of my machine. No words
for the Arctic liner moving down the Hudson, for the mange
of old snow moulting from the roofs. No poems. No birds. ~ Derek Walcott
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Derek Walcott
It was winter here, as if they were in Patagonia or New Zealand, and the light from the sunspot on the sunline smeared so that shadows blurred at the edges, and the air looked rusty. ~ Kim Stanley Robinson
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
He invited me to dinner Thursday night," Rusty said. "I'm going to have to go to his house."
"I don't think he invited you to dinner," Delilah said. "I think he invited you because you are dinner. ~ Penelope Rivers
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Penelope Rivers
Lillian looked around the room.
"Where are the others? The Prescott girl and the good-looking one?"
"Baby," said Rusty, "I'm right here. ~ Sarah Rees Brennan
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
As Simon went to see if Andrew was up, I wandered into the kitchen, where Derek was eyeing a rusty can of beans.
"That hungry?" I said.
"I will be soon."
He prowled the kitchen, flipping open cupboards.
"So you don't want me asking Andrew about that kid?" I said. "You trust him, though, right?"
He took down a box of crackers and turned it over, looking for a 'best before' date.
"Is he drinking the ketchup yet?" Simon swung into the kitchen. "Ten minutes, bro. Andrew's on his way - ~ Kelley Armstrong
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Kelley Armstrong
Charlie had always told Lenore things that she would never admit to anyone else. Lenore had known Rusty for over fifty years. She was a black hole into which all of the Quinn family secrets disappeared. ~ Karin Slaughter
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Karin Slaughter
My name is Tomlyn. I am very beautiful. Marshall says I am spiteful and wicked and a barbarian to boot. He's jealous of my thick grey fur, my white chin and breast, and the snowy end of my tail. I suppose he can't help being envious, the great rusty-black thing! He's got a big, blunt beak, and stubby wings, and tiny little eyes... He's old and stupid and a coward; with an endless flow of long words that he can't possibly understand. ~ Nicholas Stuart Gray
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Nicholas Stuart Gray
They came out into the open, and it was the grimy backwaters of Jersey City now. Tall factory stacks, and fires burning, and spreads of stagnant stinking water.
On and on the ride went. On and on and on.
They turned north soon and left the big city and all its little satellites behind them, and after a while even the rusty glow on the horizon died down and was gone. Then trees began, and little lumpy hills, and there was nothing but the darkness and the night and the fear. ("The Number's Up") ~ Cornell Woolrich
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Cornell Woolrich
Just try it, he murmurs, reaching over to cover my hand gently.
And I think, Whoa, that's never happened before!
Then: Is he just doing that because he thinks Wyatt is interested?
And, finally, this: Who the hell cares?! ~ Rusty Fischer
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Rusty Fischer
If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy, but don't love, I'm nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate.
If I speak God's Word with power, revealing all His mysteries and making everything plain as day, and if I have faith that says to a mountain, "Jump", and it jumps but I don't love, I'm nothing.
If I give everything I own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but I don't love, I've gotten nowhere.
So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I'm bankrupt without love.
(1 Cornithians 13 : 1-7) ~ Anonymous
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Anonymous
So I just let go with one hand, and just sort of swung around, looked at the Earth below and the black space above and the sun over my shoulder. And, I mean, it was this incredible, spectacular view. ~ Rusty Schweickart
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Rusty Schweickart
Hey Meg! Communication implies sound. Communion doesn't.' He sent her a brief image of walking silently through the woods, the two of them alone together., their feet almost noiseless on the rusty carpet of pine needles. They walked without speaking, without touching, and yet they were as close as it is possible for two human beings to be. They climbed up through the woods, coming out into the brilliant sunlight at the top of the hill. A few sumac trees showed their rusty candles. Mountain laurel, shiny, so dark a green the leaves seemed black in the fierceness of sunlight, pressed toward the woods. Meg and Calvin had stretched out in the thick, late-summer grass, lying on their backs, gazing up into the shimmering blue of sky, a vault interrupted only by a few small clouds.

And she had been as happy, she remembered, as it is possible to be, and as close to Calvin as she had ever been to anybody in her life, even Charles Wallace, so close that their separate bodies, daisies and buttercups joining rather than dividing them, seemed a single enjoyment of summer and sun and each other.

That was surely the purest kind of thing.

Mr. Jenkins had never had that kind of communion with another human being, a communion so rich and full that silence speaks more powerfully than words. ~ Madeleine L'Engle
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
Just as iron which is not used grows rusty, and water putrefies and freezes in the cold, so the mind of which no use is made is spoilt. ~ Leonardo Da Vinci
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
You did say," Rusty pointed out with a virtuous air, "that you wanted me to teach everyone how to defend themselves."
"Is that what you were doing?" Jared asked, swiping at his bloody mouth. "Teaching?"
"You have to use a firm hand," Rusty said earnestly. "That's how you learn. I'm very dedicated to my craft. And I was not planning on the lesson getting so out of hand. That was your fault. You have absolutely no concept of any sort of fighting technique. You kept trying to bash me with stuff. This is why I never go for blonds. They are all vicious creatures."
"I do have a fighting technique," Jared informed him. "It is a little-known discipline known as 'winning'. ~ Sarah Rees Brennan
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
At every place where we halted, did she mount the stage, and flourished her rusty arms, without being able to make one conquest. ~ Tobias Smollett
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Tobias Smollett
Well, let's all get maudlin, shall we? George, stop on the way and get us some red-hot pokers to put out our eyes. Oh, and while you're at it, I think we should see about adding salt for our wounds, too. (Solin)
Quite good, sir. Is there any particular place you'd care for me to stop? I've heard the market is a good place for pokers. That is, if you're agreeable to a short detour. (George)
What do you two think? Run-of-the-mill pokers, or a better quality. Oh hell, why not use rusty spoons. They'd hurt more. (Solin) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
The thief sighs. 'Perhaps. After that, she started talking about this ancient legend they have, about a creature called the Sleeper with a billion hit points, and after it was finally killed by a coalition of a thousand guilds, it dropped a small rusty dagger. ~ Hannu Rajaniemi
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Hannu Rajaniemi
Young men, not bein' old men," she replied, cautiously, "and sinners not bein' saints, it's not nattral as latch-keys should be made for ornament instead of use, and Mr. Fitzgerald bein' one of the 'andsomest men in Melbourne, it ain't to be expected as 'e should let 'is latch-key git rusty, tho' 'avin' a good moral character, 'e uses it with moderation. ~ Fergus Hume
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Fergus Hume
You remember I said before that Ackley was a slob in his personal habits? Well, so was Stradlater, but in a different way. Stradlater was more of a secret slob. He always looked all right, Stradlater, but for instance, you should've seen the razor he shaved himself with. It was always rusty as hell and full of lather and hairs and crap. He never cleaned it or anything. He always looked good when he was finished fixing himself up, but he was a secret slob anyway, if you knew him the way I did ~ J.D. Salinger
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by J.D. Salinger
Have you not sometimes noted,
When we unlock some long-disuséd room
With heavy dust and soiling mildew filled,
Where never foot of man has come for years,
And from the windows take the rusty bar,
And fling the broken shutters to the air,
And let the bright sun in, how the good sun
Turns every grimy particle of dust
Into a little thing of dancing gold?
Guido, my heart is that long-empty room,
But you have let love in, and with its gold
Gilded all life. ~ Oscar Wilde
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Oscar Wilde
Youth, if adults will only admit that it has any brains at all, will stand out, today, in a most promising light. Philosophically, Youth is Wisdom in formation, and with many thoughts startling to adult minds; and, industrially, this vast World's coming stability is now, today, in its bands; growing slowly, as a blossom grows from its bud. If you will furnish him with a thorough schooling, you can plank down your dollar that Youth, starting out from this miraculous day, will not lag nor shirk on that coming day in which old joints, rusty and crackling, must slow down; and, calling for an oil can, you will find that Youth only, is that lubrication which can run Tomorrow's World. ~ Ernest Vincent Wright
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Ernest Vincent Wright
I would almost forget about Ida Durbin. But a sin of omission, if indeed that's what it was, can be like the rusty head of a hatchet buried in the heartwood of a tree
it eventually finds the teeth of a whirling saw blade. ~ James Lee Burke
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by James Lee Burke
Some of them wanted to sell me snake oil and I'm not necessarily going to dismiss all of these, as I have never found a rusty snake. ~ Terry Pratchett
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Terry Pratchett
Love, is there even a true description other than knowing your heart will cease to beat without that certain someone in your life?
-Rusty Blackwood ~ Rusty Blackwood
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Rusty Blackwood
Florence lives alone in the great dreary house, and day succeeded day, and still she lived alone; and the blank walls looked down upon her with a vacant stare, as if they had a Gorgon-like mind to stare her youth and beauty into stone.
No magic dwelling-place in magic story, shut up in the heart of a thick wood, was ever more solitary and deserted to the fancy, than was her father's mansion in its grim reality, as it stood lowering on the street: always by night, when lightd were shining from neighbouring windows, a blot upon its scanty brightness; always by day, a frown upon its never-smiling face.
There were not two dragon sentries keeping ward before the gate of this above, as in magic legend are usually found on duty over the wronged innocence imprisoned; but besides a glowering visage, with its thin lips parted wickedly, that surveyed all comers from above the archway of the door, there was a monstrous fantasy of rusty iron, curling and twisting like a petrification of an arbour over threshold, budding in spikes and corkscrew points, and bearing, one on either side, two ominous extinguishers, that seemed to say, 'Who enter here, leave light behind! ~ Charles Dickens
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Charles Dickens
Next to it were five potted photographs of the Lisbon girls, pinned with rusty tacks. We didn't remember putting them up, but there they were, dim from time and weather so that all we could make out were phosphorescent outlines of the girls' bodies, each a different glowing letter of an unknown alphabet. ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
Good practice, everyone," Rusty said at last. "Light on the actual learning, heavy on the emotional catharsis, and thanks to Jared I think I need a rabies shot, but them's the breaks. ~ Sarah Rees Brennan
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
No-one knows your mind better than you do. ~ Rusty Blackwood
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Rusty Blackwood
What on earth is happening? asked a witness to these events (Rusty Montgomery, age 20, who insisted on not remaining anonymous and also wished this paper to record the fact that he is single). ~ Sarah Rees Brennan
Sneiderman Rusty quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
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