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At least I'm not a font nerd."
"A what?"
Matt smiled. "You know. People who love fonts. There are people who go to a movie and get agitated because, while the movie is supposed to be set in 1962, the restaurant awning shown in the background of some scene is printed in Arras Bold, which wasn't invented until 1991, so clearly the producers of the movie are insane and should be beheaded. ~ Jessica Park
Shelswell Park quotes by Jessica Park
Sometimes it seemed like she would never be able to give Park anything like what he'd given her. It was like he dumped all this treasure on her every morning without even thinking about it, without any sense of what it was worth ~ Rainbow Rowell
Shelswell Park quotes by Rainbow Rowell
Baseball is a movable conversation across nine innings. It is eye contact with the person seated next to you in a park where the pitcher is separated from the batter by 60 feet, six inches or in a family room where a 60-inch TV screen hangs on the wall. ~ Mike Barnicle
Shelswell Park quotes by Mike Barnicle
Structured Notes. These are perhaps one of the more exciting tools available today, but, unfortunately, they are rarely offered to the general public because the high-net-worth investors gobble them up like pigeon seed in Central Park. Luckily, the right fiduciary is able to grant access for individuals even without large sums of investment capital. p176 ~ Tony Robbins
Shelswell Park quotes by Tony Robbins
When you are interviewing refugees, each person you talk to has a different story that could come from a horror movie. So many people talk about seeing their families get murdered before their eyes. Then I go to Central Park, and people are talking about their third divorce and paying tuition. ~ Brandon Stanton
Shelswell Park quotes by Brandon Stanton
I am staggered by you. I am intoxicated by you. I think about you way more than I should. I want to get to know you as much as possible, but you have to let me. I mean, if that's what you want. Maybe you think I'm a huge jerk, and maybe you're done with me. So tell me that if you need to." He kissed her hands again and peeked up at her, his eyes sparkling. "But please don't, because I desperately want to take you out tonight. ~ Jessica Park
Shelswell Park quotes by Jessica Park
It amazed me how quickly a lie loses its power in the face of truth. ~ Yeonmi Park
Shelswell Park quotes by Yeonmi Park
You didn't have time to prepare the rhyming good-bye poem done in the style of Dr. Seuss? I do not like to basket weave. / I do not like when Sabin leaves. / I do not like - ~ Jessica Park
Shelswell Park quotes by Jessica Park
Sitting with her on Sunday evening - a wet Sunday evening - the very time of all others when if a friend is at hand the heart must be opened, and every thing told ... ~ Jane Austen
Shelswell Park quotes by Jane Austen
I live up Laurel Canyon, and if I want to walk with my son, I have to drive to the park, which is so insane to me. ~ James Gray
Shelswell Park quotes by James Gray
At around 6:00 a.m., April 30, 1987, we were awakened by a loud bull horn while inside our rented mobile home at an Ozark, Missouri trailer park.
"Glenn Miller, Jack Jackson, Douglas Sheets, Tony Wydra, this is a United States Marshal. You have three minutes to come out with your hands up, or we will commence firing."
The feds had flown in two SWAT teams; one from Kentucky, the other from Louisiana (40 in all, plus the Marshals and local authorities) to make the arrests.
We were surrounded.
I had a hang-over, couldn't find my pants, and had to pee, bad. ~ Frazier Glenn Miller
Shelswell Park quotes by Frazier Glenn Miller
It was suddenly heartachingly clear how much he wanted this and how easy it was to imagine it with near provocative clarity. She was not just his friend. She was more. ~ Jessica Park
Shelswell Park quotes by Jessica Park
She sat on a worn wooden bench, and read her book, and nibbled on her sandwich. The air was warm syrup, was literally thick with pollen and dandelion clocks and photons moving at the speed of light. An hour passed, then two. I never arrived at the park, wearing the only suit I never had, the one with a hole in the side pocket that no one ever saw. ~ Charles Yu
Shelswell Park quotes by Charles Yu
If you don't want people to look at you, Park had thought at the time, don't wear fishing lures in your hair. Her jewelry box must look like a junk drawer. ~ Rainbow Rowell
Shelswell Park quotes by Rainbow Rowell
We longed for this world. We coveted it, and we hoped. Even Lucifer, though he wouldn't say it, looked on with greed-softened eyes, infatuated. I deluded myself into thinking that yes, perhaps Elohim had taken him back. Perhaps Elohim had forgotten all, would set him up as a god over this rich and wild new world. The next blessings to come from El would be his, and ours." He shook his head with a brittle laugh, the sound slightly too high-pitched for such a big man.

We had skirted the MIT campus to arrive on Main, a block from my office building.

"And why weren't they? Why couldn't they be?"

He pulled over, put the car in park, and turned to look at me.

"Because then he created them."


"You. ~ Tosca Lee
Shelswell Park quotes by Tosca Lee
The traffic system needs a complete rethink," mused Bryant as the unit's only allocated vehicle, a powder-blue Vauxhall with a thoroughly thrashed engine, accelerated through Belsize Park. "Look at these road signs. Ministerial graffiti."
"It's no use lecturing on the problem, Arthur. That's why your driving examiner failed you thirty-seven times."
"What makes you such a great driver?'
"I don't hit things. ~ Christopher Fowler
Shelswell Park quotes by Christopher Fowler
Sit down." He said It came out angrily. The girl turned him like she couldn't tell weather he was another jerk or what.
"Jesus-Fuck," Park said softly, nodding to the space next to him,
"just sit down."
The girl sat down. She didn't say anything- thank God, she didn't thank him- and she left six inches of space on the seat between them. ~ Rainbow Rowell
Shelswell Park quotes by Rainbow Rowell
Doubleday's First Law, which states that if you throw a fastball with insufficient speed, someone will smack it out of the park with a stick. ~ Jim Bouton
Shelswell Park quotes by Jim Bouton
Fiancé. The very word scraped him raw. Dom had met Blakeborough half a dozen times back when he'd been courting Jane, but their paths hadn't crossed since then. As Dom recalled, the earl had been too handsome for his own good.
Through the years, however, rumors had begun to circulate about the man's disposition--that he was a curmudgeon of sorts, cynical about women and about marriage in general. Which is why Dom had initially been surprised to hear that Jane was engaged to the arse.
Still was engaged to the arse.
Dom scowled. He'd spent the entire trip imagining what he would do when confronted with the man.
The idea of challenging Blakeborough to a duel over Jane was tempting, but not remotely practical. For one thing, it would hurt Jane's reputation. For another, it might result in Dom losing her anyway. Because if afterward Dom had to flee to avoid prosecution, she might not agree to leave England with him. Besides, it would be awfully hard to drag Rathmoor Park out of arrears from afar.
Dom had even considered telling Blakeborough that his fiancée was no longer chaste. But that would send her into an apoplectic fit, and rightly so. A gentleman didn't impugn a woman's reputation to gain what he wanted. Even if what he wanted was the woman as his wife.
No, he would just have to hope that Jane did the right thing and broke with the fellow. In the meantime, Dom would pray he could speak to the man with civility…or at least without wanting to cal ~ Sabrina Jeffries
Shelswell Park quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
(...) I'm my very best self when I'm with him, but every day, I want him more than I need him. He taught me that love is patient, love is kind, love is calm and quiet. It's not a music video of big hair, big tears and erotic, electrical storms. It's two people pottering about a small flat making each other coffee. It's waking up every morning and feeling quietly delighted as you smell the sleep on his skin and observe the the way his tufty hair is framed by the pillow. It's sly hands sneaking up jumpers to stroke the silky skin underneath and wanting to share all your big news, bad news and pictures of especially adorable dogs. It's knowing that there's nothing that can't be talked over and solved by a walk to the park or a trip to the pub. ~ Daisy Buchanan
Shelswell Park quotes by Daisy Buchanan
I thought of all the summer evenings I'd spent sitting in the chairs under the trees beside the trailer, reading books that helped me escape Creek View, at least for a little while. Magical kingdoms, Russian love triangles, and the March sisters couldn't have been further away from the trailer park. ~ Heather Demetrios
Shelswell Park quotes by Heather Demetrios
But [Patrick's] character is partly based on a boy named Mark who lived across the street from me when I was growing up ... I liked hanging out with him and was sad when he moved away after only a year in the neighborhood. I guess writing about Patrick is a way for me to spend more time with Mark. ~ Linda Sue Park
Shelswell Park quotes by Linda Sue Park
When we first sold the Wallace and Gromit shorts to America, people suggested we get rid of the strange British accents and put clear American voices on them, and we held out. ~ Nick Park
Shelswell Park quotes by Nick Park
Why are we asked to make the most important decisions of our lives when we are so young, and so prone to mistakes? ~ Samuel Park
Shelswell Park quotes by Samuel Park
Good news: it's Christmas morning.
Bad news: I have to work on labour ward.
Worse news: my phone goes off. It's my registrar. I didn't set my alarm and now they're wondering where the hell I am.
Even worse news: I'm asleep in my car. It takes me a while to establish where I am or why.
Good news: it seems I fell asleep after my shift last night and I'm already at work, in the hospital car park. ~ Adam Kay
Shelswell Park quotes by Adam Kay
Don't compare yourself with anyone else. The world is full of runners, so you'll probably see one every time you circle the block or your favorite park. Some will be thinner than you, some smoother-striding, some faster. But don't let this get you down. There's only one runner who really counts: you. Running is your activity. Make it work for you, and don't worry about anyone else. ~ Amby Burfoot
Shelswell Park quotes by Amby Burfoot
My heart is a stupid asshole. ~ Jessica Park
Shelswell Park quotes by Jessica Park
Of course, it is quite possible to be in the dark in the dark, but there are so many secrets in the world that it is likely that you are always in the dark about one thing or another, whether you are in the dark in the dark or in the dark not in the dark, although the sun can go down so quickly that you may be in the in the dark about being in the dark, only to look around and find yourself no longer in the dark about being in the dark, but in the dark in the dark nontheless, not only because of the dark, but because of the ballerinas in the dark, who are not in the dark about the dark, but also not in the dark about the locked cabinet, and you may be in the dark about the ballerinas digging up the locked cabinet in the dark, even though you are no longer in the dark about being in the dark, and so you are in fact in the dark about being in the dark, even though you are not in the dark about being in the dark, and so you may fall into the hole that the ballerinas have dug, which is dark, in the dark, and in the park. ~ Lemony Snicket
Shelswell Park quotes by Lemony Snicket
Martin got up and brushed off the seat of his pants with his hat. He put his hat on his head and started back toward the path. For when you woke from a long dream, into the new morning, then try as you might you couldn't not hear, beyond your door, the sounds of the new day, the drawer opening in your father's bureau, the bang of a pot, you couldn't not see, through your trembling lashes, the stripe of light on the bedroom wall. Boys shouted in the park, on a sunny tree-root he saw a cigar band, red and gold. One of these days he might find something to do in a cigar store, after all he still knew his tobacco, you never forgot a thing like that. But not just yet. Boats moved on the river, somewhere a car horn sounded, on the path a piece of broken glass glowed in a patch of sun as if at any second it would burst into flame. Everything stood out sharply: the red stem of a green leaf, horse clops and the distant clatter of a pneumatic drill, a smell of riverwater and asphalt. Martin felt hungry: chops and beer in a little he remembered on Columbus Avenue. But not yet. For the time being he would just walk along, keeping a little out of the way of things, admiring the view. It was a warm day. He was in no hurry. ~ Steven Millhauser
Shelswell Park quotes by Steven Millhauser
I've always been interested in wolves, since I was a child. There was a wolf enclosure in a wildlife park very close to where I was brought up; they were the main attraction. ~ Sarah Hall
Shelswell Park quotes by Sarah Hall
I imagine that anyone who goes through trauma like I have wonders the same things I do: how God can exist and allow such awful things to happen. There are no reasons for my parents' death, and that's that. ~ Jessica Park
Shelswell Park quotes by Jessica Park
Utopia would mean a park - some large, some small - every four or five blocks. ~ Thomas Hoving
Shelswell Park quotes by Thomas Hoving
Do you know the nicest thing about looking at pictures of a 1950's baseball park? The only people wearing baseball caps are the players. ~ George Carlin
Shelswell Park quotes by George Carlin
The absolute easiest thing to do is spend time, as often as one can, in tranquil or majestic nature. Look at butterflies. Walk barefoot in the sand. Put your feet in a clean, bubbling stream. Walk in a city park and feed the pigeons. Anything. Get out and take a walk. ~ Gary K. Smith
Shelswell Park quotes by Gary K. Smith
Romans park their cars the way I would park if I had just spilled a beaker of hydrochloric acid on my lap. ~ Bill Bryson
Shelswell Park quotes by Bill Bryson
Being out of work for 13 to 15 years is no walk in the park. ~ Mickey Rourke
Shelswell Park quotes by Mickey Rourke
Dear L
Fell asleep in a park. Started to rain. Woke up with my hat full of leaves. You are all I see when I open or close a book.
M ~ Alexis M. Smith
Shelswell Park quotes by Alexis M. Smith
He could feel V's eyes sharpen, the vampire's fierce intellect churning over the situation. Among the brothers, Vishous had the most raw brainpower, but he paid for the privilage.
Man, Wrath sure had his own demons, and they were no walk in the park, but he wouldn't have wanted Vishous's cross to bear. Seeing what had yet to come was a terrible burden.
-Wrath's thoughts ~ J.R. Ward
Shelswell Park quotes by J.R. Ward
As far as he could discover, there were no signs of spring. The decay that covered the surface of the mottled ground was not the kind in which life generates. Last year, he remembered, May had failed to quicken these soiled fields. It had taken all the brutality of July to torture a few green spikes through the exhausted dirt.
What the little park needed, even more than he did, was a drink. Neither alcohol nor rain would do. Tomorrow, in his column, he would ask Broken-hearted, Sick-of-it-all, Desperate, Disillusioned-with-tubercular-husband and the rest of his correspondents to come here and water the soil with their tears. Flowers would then spring up, flowers that smelled of feet.
"Ah, humanity ... " But he was heavy with shadow and the joke went into a dying fall. He trist to break its fall by laughing at himself. ~ Nathanael West
Shelswell Park quotes by Nathanael West
Hi Clara. I thought you would need someone to walk with today, so here I am." Sorin, her friend that lived in the trailer park around the corner beamed at her from the sidewalk. Maybe not the best looking, but he was a sweet boy, and someone that Clara considered a friend. And like her, he didn't fit in at school either. His strange obsession with science fiction books and obscure poetry may have been the catalyst for that reputation. ~ Paige Ray
Shelswell Park quotes by Paige Ray
Dear A & M, I talked to the manager of the Beauty Bar because I definitely saw you guys getting married against a hot pink backdrop, but he doesn't think we can fit more than fifty people inside and I'm thinking three hundred. How would you feel about getting married in the park? It might get cold, but you could ride a horse-drawn carriage to the ceremony. How do you feel about matching wedding crowns? -Isabelle ~ Cassandra Clare
Shelswell Park quotes by Cassandra Clare
I have chosen the way of my death, which is something few of us are privileged to do. ~ Linda Sue Park
Shelswell Park quotes by Linda Sue Park
I always thought it was a shame . . . that we didn't keep those things safe somehow. ~ Linda Sue Park
Shelswell Park quotes by Linda Sue Park
When it's your chance to step up to the plate, just hit it out of the park, and everybody will forget about everything that came before. ~ Brian McKnight
Shelswell Park quotes by Brian McKnight
One thing which even the most seasoned and discerning masters of the art of choice do not and cannot choose, is the society to be born into - and so we are all in travel, whether we like it or not. We have not been asked about our feelings anyway. Thrown into a vast open sea with no navigation charts and all the marker buoys sunk and barely visible, we have only two choices left: we may rejoice in the breath-taking vistas of new discoveries - or we may tremble out of fear of drowning. One option not really realistic is to claim sanctuary in a safe harbour; one could bet that what seems to be a tranquil haven today will be soon modernized, and a theme park, amusement promenade or crowded marina will replace the sedate boat sheds. The third option not thus being available, which of the two other options will be chosen or become the lot of the sailor depends in no small measure on the ship's quality and the navigation skills of the sailors. Not all ships are seaworthy, however. And so the larger the expanse of free sailing, the more the sailor's fate tends to be polarized and the deeper the chasm between the poles. A pleasurable adventure for the well-equipped yacht may prove a dangerous trap for a tattered dinghy. In the last account, the difference between the two is that between life and death. ~ Zygmunt Bauman
Shelswell Park quotes by Zygmunt Bauman
And the largest piece was buried beneath a pile of offal Ziller had gathered along the bridle paths of Central Park. Naturally, as the days wore on, the exhibition began to engage senses other than sight and touch, offering somewhat of a challenge to olfactory aesthetics. ~ Tom Robbins
Shelswell Park quotes by Tom Robbins
All the way out I listen to the car AM radio, bad lyrics of trailer park love, gin and tonic love, strobe light love, lost and found love, lost and found and lost love, lost and lost and lost love - some people were having no luck at all. The DJ sounds quick and smooth and after-shaved, the rest of the world a mess by comparison. ~ Lorrie Moore
Shelswell Park quotes by Lorrie Moore
And as I walk round the park I always think, 'Maybe round the corner I am going to find something beautiful.' I always think positively. It is very rare that you find me in a mood that is sad or melancholic, ~ Sophia Loren
Shelswell Park quotes by Sophia Loren
You have something on your neck. What Looks like a bite mark, what were you doing out all night, anyway? Nothing. I went walking in the park. Tried to clear my head. And ran into a vampire What? No! I fell. On your neck? ~ Cassandra Clare
Shelswell Park quotes by Cassandra Clare
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