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Ache my bones, flame my muscles, tingle my nerves, but you will never taint my beautiful mind & I will overcome this condition with the belief that I already have.
- CRPS AWARENESS - ~ Nikki Rowe
Self Heal quotes by Nikki Rowe
Finally my heart is starting to self heal it is like the skin eventually the cut that was once so painful and deep is on the mend as the time passes ... Time heals everything! But at least I have experienced that pain so next time I know how to avoid such an event and take it as a life lesson ~ Abe
Self Heal quotes by Abe
The Secret Language of Your Body truly is the essential guide to restore your body to its healthiest state and assist you to heal your life. Inna Segal offers invaluable insights into the underlying causes of illness and disease and provides practical advice which will undoubtedly empower many to self-heal. So read on and learn from the wisdom of this book, which can guide you to the life you were truly meant to live. ~ Bernie Siegel
Self Heal quotes by Bernie Siegel
Although leaves remained on the beeches and the sunshine was warm, there was a sense of growing emptiness over the wide space of the down. The flowers were sparser. Here and there a yellow tormentil showed in the grass, a late harebell or a few shreds of purple bloom on a brown, crisping tuft of self-heal. But most of the plants still to be seen were in seed. Along the edge of the wood a sheet of wild clematis showed like a patch of smoke, all its sweet-smelling flowers turned to old man's beard. The songs of the insects were fewer and intermittent. Great stretches of the long grass, once the teeming jungle of summer, were almost deserted, with only a hurrying beetle or a torpid spider left out of all the myriads of August. The gnats still danced in the bright air, but the swifts that had swooped for them were gone and instead of their screaming cries in the sky, the twittering of a robin sounded from the top of a spindle tree. The fields below the hill were all cleared. One had already been plowed and the polished edges of the furrows caught the light with a dull glint, conspicuous from the ridge above. The sky, too, was void, with a thin clarity like that of water. In July the still blue, thick as cream, had seemed close above the green trees, but now the blue was high and rare, the sun slipped sooner to the west and, once there, foretold a touch of frost, sinking slow and big and drowsy, crimson as the rose hips that covered the briar. As the wind freshened from the south, ~ Richard Adams
Self Heal quotes by Richard Adams
The inner self of every human waits patiently until we are ready to discover it; then it extends an invitation to enter the luminous mystery of existence in which all things are created, nurtured, and renewed. In the presence of this mystery, we not only heal ourselves, we heal the world. ~ Deepak Chopra
Self Heal quotes by Deepak Chopra
TIME. If you can master the art of dealing with it and make use of it to pray, to love, to care, to heal wounds, to solve problems, to be patience, to find the purpose of life, to wait for something worth waiting for, to chase your dreams, to be kind, to have fun, to be happy, to help people and to understand yourself..TIME is the essence of life..Dont waste it but live it ~ Anto Setiadi ~ Anto Setiadi
Self Heal quotes by Anto Setiadi
Hope can be like a plant that sprouts and grows and keeps people alive. But it can also be a wound that refuses to heal. ~ Carsten Jensen
Self Heal quotes by Carsten Jensen
Time does not heal all wounds, no matter how many drugstore sympathy cards hastily scrawled by distant relatives promise this to be true. ~ Julie Buxbaum
Self Heal quotes by Julie Buxbaum
The men who mine coal and fire furnaces and balance ledgers and turn lathes and pick cotton and heal the sick and plant corn - all serve as proudly, and as profitably, for America as the statesmen who draft treaties and the legislators who enact laws. ~ George Washington
Self Heal quotes by George Washington
Time would heal the wound that was Frank; the world would continue to spin, to wobble, its axis only slightly skewed, momentarily displaced, by the brief, shuddering existence of one man -one THING - a post-human mutant, a blurred Xerox copy of a human being, the offspring of the waste of technology, the bent shadow of a fallen angel; Frank was all of these things. . . he was the sum of everything dark and sticky, the congealment of all things wrong and dark and foul in this world and every other seedy rathole world in every back-alley universe throughout the vast garbage dump of creation; God rolled the dice and Frank lost. . . he was a spiritual flunkie, a universal pain-in-the-ass, a joy-riding, soul-sucking cosmic punk rolling through time and space and piling up a karmic debt of such immense magnitude so as to invariably glue the particular vehicle of the immediate moment to the basement of possibility - planet earth - and force Frank to RE-ENLIST, endlessly, to return, over and over, to a flawed world somewhere to spend the Warhol-film-loop nights of eternity serving concurrent life sentences roaming the dimly lit hallways of always, stuck in the dense overshoes of physicality, forever, until finally - one would hope there is always a FINALLY - eventually, anyway - God would step in and say ENOUGH ALREADY and grab Frank by the collar of one of his thrift-shop polyester flower-print shirts and hurl him out the back door of the cosmos, expelling the rotten orb into the gr ~ George Mangels
Self Heal quotes by George Mangels
Meatspace equals entropy. Impermanence. The fading of anger or passion is analogous to the fading of a photograph, the yellowing of old newspaper, as we've seen in a thousand movies. Through time we mend, heal, alter our convictions, learn; what burned cools, and what froze melts; both grief and delight are fated to end, sometimes abruptly, yes, but more often gradually, even imperceptibly. Entropy is our enemy, but also our friend; it defines that part of us that is changing, coming into bloom and then, because we are mortal, fading. ~ Maria Bustillos
Self Heal quotes by Maria Bustillos
This much is certain: We have the power to damage the sea, but no sure way to heal the harm. ~ Sylvia Earle
Self Heal quotes by Sylvia Earle
Most importantly, a little girl should be taught that she should love herself first, flaws (thorns) and all. However, she's been raised as a rose without knowing how to handle the pricks from the thorns. She's left alone to learn how to heal. ~ Charlena E. Jackson
Self Heal quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
I think music can heal your soul if you'll let it. It can also bring you up if you're down. It can also bring you down if you're too up. It's a mood thing. ~ Gretchen Wilson
Self Heal quotes by Gretchen Wilson
Or does she still come here simply because it's become a habit, like a scar etched onto her body, one that she can't help but think about, scratch at, pick at, all the while hoping it will miraculously heal one day? ~ Shilpi Somaya Gowda
Self Heal quotes by Shilpi Somaya Gowda
Silence, her mother liked to say, could heal you or it could make you go crazy. It all depended on how you listened to it. ~ Jeff Giles
Self Heal quotes by Jeff Giles
It is the use of creativity which heals the creative wound. ~ Julia Cameron
Self Heal quotes by Julia Cameron
When the lad for longing sighs,
Mute and dull of cheer and pale,
If at death's own door he lies,
Maiden, you can heal his ail.
Lovers' ills are all to buy:
The wan look, the hollow tone,
The hung head, the sunken eye,
You can have them for your own.
Buy them, buy them: eve and morn
Lovers' ills are all to sell.
Then you can lie down forlorn;
But the lover will be well. ~ A.E. Housman
Self Heal quotes by A.E. Housman
Some Ange'el are a bit more powerful. Each one has their own set of capabilities and level of skill depending on the purity of their genes and their age. Some Ange'el can heal ya. Some can convince ya to do their will. Some know what you're thinking. Some can speak to you using only their minds, and Viviane ... well, Viviane can do it all. ~ Jamie Le Fay
Self Heal quotes by Jamie Le Fay
The greatest science in the world; in heaven and on earth; is love. ~ Mother Teresa
Self Heal quotes by Mother Teresa
Those were the three words seldom asked to her.
Yet, she knew they hold a healing power in them; For they bring a million thoughts to the mind and more to the soul; For the answer is far deeper than what is simply said on the face.
She understood, so she asked him what was seldom asked to her,
How are you? ~ Sanhita Baruah
Self Heal quotes by Sanhita Baruah
If you want to heal your heart surround yourself with people that won't tell you hating other people is how you get over being hurt. Surround yourself with people that will tell you to be more like Christ and reach out to those you don't understand or are offended by. Bitter insecure and anxious people will tell you everything you need to hear to help you move on, but very little of it will be the true teachings of Christ. ~ Shannon L. Alder
Self Heal quotes by Shannon L. Alder
You are meant to love
and be loved in this life
as much as you need.
You are meant to keep all of those loves
in your life,
not as the things that might destroy you,
but as the most precious treasure,
that might heal you again and again. ~ Tomas Milinavičius
Self Heal quotes by Tomas Milinavičius
When you love someone, you have the ability not only to harm their body, but to cut their soul to pieces. And though those cuts may heal, they leave scars behind. With enough scars, you stop feeling anything at all. The skin's too thick. ~ Tara Sue Me
Self Heal quotes by Tara Sue Me
Hail Guru Ram Das and heal the world. It is His problem to heal. Your problem is to insert Him into it. You have nothing to worry about. If he doesn't heal, His Name will be spoiled-what's it to you? Most of the time you do not know what to do, true? There are so many times I don't know what to do. So, I insert Him into it. ~ Harbhajan Singh Yogi
Self Heal quotes by Harbhajan Singh Yogi
You will hurt people. You will hurt, and you will be hurt. However, you will also love, and you will be loved in the most magnificent ways. To live life is to understand that together these extremes thrive within us - our heart is both a blessing and a blade. To put our soul into the hands of someone who could wound it or heal it is quite possibly the most courageously beautiful risk we take. It is like looking someone right in the eye and saying "You may hurt me, but you may also love me, and I am willing to take that chance. I am willing to trust. ~ Bianca Sparacino
Self Heal quotes by Bianca Sparacino
My heart seems to heal, so that speaks well for my future. ~ Alex Trebek
Self Heal quotes by Alex Trebek
Be wiser than most, be a child in your heart, be a sage in your mind and a mage with your hands. Feel hearts beating, hear the flapping of birds' wings. Heal the broken, embrace the vulnerable. Speak to the living trees. Be pulled down by no one, and by nothing. This is how to be a Goddess. ~ C. JoyBell C.
Self Heal quotes by C. JoyBell C.
It is better to heal than harm. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Self Heal quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
We cannot change the world alone. To heal ourselves, to restore the earth to life, to create the situations in which freedom can flourish, we must work together in groups. ~ Starhawk
Self Heal quotes by Starhawk
I was forgiven by forgiving many things Including my long-ago childhood I was healed, but I intended [ to ] heal I've just noticed, the way I was saved by love Though I tried to keep love away. ~ Ayumi Hamasaki
Self Heal quotes by Ayumi Hamasaki
Wounds may heal, but the scars remain. ~ Reyna Pryde
Self Heal quotes by Reyna Pryde
I would rather devote myself to what I always did - trying to heal people. That is my way of healing myself. ~ Kavita Kane
Self Heal quotes by Kavita Kane
In order to heal others, we first need to heal ourselves. And to heal ourselves, we need to know how to deal with ourselves. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
Self Heal quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
Most of the time, lies are like having a needle dragged across the skin. If it only grazes the surface, and never leaves a mark, it doesn't faze the person that is being lied to. Other times, it's like a tiny pinprick on your finger. It draws a little blood to the surface, but stings like hell. You might be sore for a while, but you eventually heal and move on. Then, there are the other times, when the cut feels like it came from a machete, slicing so deeply that healing feels impossible.
Max's lie cut me right to the bone. ~ Loni Flowers
Self Heal quotes by Loni Flowers
I understand how a word others use every day can become something whispered in the dark to soothe a wound that just won't heal. I remember thinking I would never hear it spoken without unravelling a little, wondering if I would ever get to say it in the light. So I recognise the gift in this simple pronouncement, the promise of a beginning in this one word. ~ Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀
Self Heal quotes by Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀
Time is the cog that turns the wheel
Winter leaves scars that do not heal
Summer is a fire that burns inside
Knowledge is a terrible burden to hide
Strength and death go hand in hand
One answer lies within the sand
But seek the answer all alone
Lest the sand claim you as its own. ~ Julie Kagawa
Self Heal quotes by Julie Kagawa
But it was the doctor's body, the sudden way he moved the folders on his desk, the way he moved back from Harmon, that Harmon would always remember. As though he had known what Harmon didn't know, that lives get knit together like bones, and fractures might not heal. ~ Elizabeth Strout
Self Heal quotes by Elizabeth Strout
Everyone knows the power of a song and it takes you back to that place. Just that power of words can heal. ~ Jimmy Wayne
Self Heal quotes by Jimmy Wayne
Mystery has great power. In the many years I have worked with people with cancer, I have seen Mystery comfort people when nothing else can comfort them and offer hope when nothing else offers hope. I have seen Mystery heal fear that is otherwise unhealable. For years I have watched people in their confrontation with the unknown recover awe, wonder, joy, and aliveness. They have remembered that life is holy, and they have reminded me as well. In losing our sense of Mystery, we have become a nation of burned-out people. People who wonder do not burn out. ~ Rachel Naomi Remen
Self Heal quotes by Rachel Naomi Remen
Time doesn't really heal, it just makes you not to give a crap ~ David Baldacci
Self Heal quotes by David Baldacci
Miss Annie, is it wrong for me to believe it was Jesus who asked my forgiveness?" I asked her.
She frowned and shook her head, "Lord, what do they teach you at that school?" she said. Then she faced me head-on. "Did God humble himself by becoming a man?" she asked, every word spoken more loudly than the one before.
"Yes, ma'am," I said. I'd never used the word ma'am before, but it seemed an excellent time to start.
"Did he humble himself by dying on the cross to show us how much he loved us? she asked, waving her spatula at me.
My eyes widened and I nodded, yes.
Miss Annie's body relaxed, and she put her hand on her hip. "So why wouldn't Jesus humble himself and tell a boy he was sorry for letting him down if he knew it would heal his heart?" she asked.
"But if Jesus is perfect
Miss Annie ambled the five or six feet that separated us and took my hand. "Son," she said, rubbing my knuckles with her thumb, "love always stoops. ~ Ian Morgan Cron
Self Heal quotes by Ian Morgan Cron
Women and men just aren't that different. Oh, we're different in some intriguing ways, and it can be fun to band together for all-gal or all-guy projects. But when it comes to the tragic mess Christ came to heal, we're pretty much the same. ~ Frederica Mathewes-Green
Self Heal quotes by Frederica Mathewes-Green
There was always a way to fix something, no matter how broken it looked at first glance. ~ Chantal Gadoury
Self Heal quotes by Chantal Gadoury
Gradually, she had realized that this was just another wound that would heal if she didn't hold it close, but released the pain and not let it poison her. ~ Iris Johansen
Self Heal quotes by Iris Johansen
Pierre Curie voluntarily exposed his arm to the action of radium for several hours. This resulted in damage resembling a burn that developed progressively and required several months to heal. Henri Becquerel had by accident a similar burn as a result of carrying in his vest pocket a glass tube containing radium salt. He came to tell us of this evil effect of radium, exclaiming in a manner at once delighted and annoyed: "I love it, but I owe it a grudge." ~ Marie Curie
Self Heal quotes by Marie Curie
I mean that the reason God seems to act in ways that make no sense to us is that our perceptions are wrong. Our expectations are subtly twisted. We long for things that harm us and run from the things that grow and heal us. We think good is bad and bad is good. God acts rightly, but to us, it seems confusing. Or sometimes plain wrong. ~ Tessa Afshar
Self Heal quotes by Tessa Afshar
You cannot heal what you will not unveil. ~ Sanjo Jendayi
Self Heal quotes by Sanjo Jendayi
Ours is a nation of laws: of citizens who live under them and for the citizens who enforce them. So, to a community in Ferguson that is rightly hurting and looking for answers, let me call once again for us to seek some understanding rather than simply holler at each other. Let's seek to heal rather than to wound each other. ~ Barack Obama
Self Heal quotes by Barack Obama
But I'm here to let you know
That I'll love you like you deserve
I'll treat you right
And on a cold, cold night
I'll shower you in hugs & kisses
And soup ~ Talia Basma
Self Heal quotes by Talia Basma
She was my greatest pain, and my only salvation. She was the only one who could heal this hole in my heart, a hole she'd torn open. Kellan Kyle ~ S.C. Stephens
Self Heal quotes by S.C. Stephens
I accept you, I tell him. All of you. The broken parts. The bent parts. The ones filled with shame. The cracks where hope seeps through. The little boy cowering in fear and the grown man still suffocating in his shadow. The demons that haunt. Your will to survive. And your spirit that fights. Every single part of you is what I love. What I accept. What I want to help heal. ~ K. Bromberg
Self Heal quotes by K. Bromberg
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