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Create a wellness lifestyle around which helps to stay young longer or Contact Sherri to learn more and to schedule a series of wellness classes in your home or office. ~ Empowerwww
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Empowerwww
You don't have to work for Google, or any of the other firms encouraging staff to pursue personal projects on company time, to use slowness to unlock your creativity. Anyone can do it. Start by clearing space in your schedule for rest, daydreaming and serendipity. Take breaks away from your desk, especially when you get stuck on a problem. ~ Carl Honore
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Carl Honore
Are you sure you don't remember? Your mind seems to be working just fine to me."
"You know what? Just forget it. Whatever it was, I forgive you. Give me my backpack so I can go back to the office. We're about to get busted anyway, just standing here."
"If you really do forgive me, then you wouldn't still be going to the office." He tightens his hold on the strap of my backpack.
"Ohmysweetgoodness, Galen, why are we even having this conversation? You don't even know me. What do you care if I change my schedule?" I know I'm being rude. The guy offered to carry my things and walk me to class. And depending on which version of the story I believe, he either asked me out on Monday already, or he did it indirectly a few seconds ago. None of it makes any sense. Why me? Without any effort, I can think of at least ten girls who beat me out in looks, personality, and darker foundation. And Galen could pull any of them.
"What, you don't have a question for my question?" I ask after a few seconds.
"It just seems silly for you to change your schedule over a disagreement about when the Titanic-"
I throw my hands up at him. "Don't you see how weird this is for me?"
"I'm trying to, Emma. I really am. But I think you've had a tough couple of weeks, and it's taking a toll on you. You said every time you're around me something bad happens. But you can't really know for sure that's true, unless you spend more time with me. You should at least acknowledge that." ~ Anna Banks
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Anna Banks
Miguel Angel," he said, "It isn't hard to die. Everybody does it. Even flies do it. Everyone here is doing it. We're all terminal." He had a tear in his eye; Big Angel could see it brimming. "Your schedule is just different from mine. ~ Luis Alberto Urrea
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Luis Alberto Urrea
You're unhappy and you feel like a failure. PERFECT! Use that sad/angry/disappointed energy. Channel it into what you know, deep down in your heart, you love.

Spend the next six months in a state of total obsession. Get up two hours earlier than usual and write before you go to work. Come home and exercise (not optional, sorry), then write for another hour. Read or watch the kind of comedy you love before bed. Don't waste all your time socializing. Do a little socializing on weekends, but focus. Focus! Save your money. Research part-time work you could do for your company; use your slackness as a way to sell a new position where your boss would get your best from you every hour that you're there. Pitch it as a win-win. Or pitch working from home half the time to cure your blahs and jack up your productivity. Then overproduce at work, but fit all of your work into a part-time schedule, and fill your prime working hours with writing/comedy. Almost any capable human with a not-that-taxing job can pull this off if they put their mind to it. If you're a manager, investigate other roles or sell your boss on the fact that you're managing via e-mail most of the time anyway. ~ Heather Havrilesky
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Heather Havrilesky
A sudden yowl from up ahead had them all starting. A small tree smoked on one side, the faint glow of fire darting from a burning patch of dead foliage. The yowl came again. Matt hurried over and peered up the tree to see a calico cat, its green eyes staring down, as if in accusation.
"No," Reyna said, stopping beside him. "We are not rescuing the cat."
"But the tree -"
"- is on fire. I see that. Have you ever owned a cat? If they can go up, they can come down. Guaranteed."
Matt eyed the feline. It eyed him back, then yowled, as if to say Well, hurry it up.
"It might be too scared to come down," he said.
"It's a cat," Reyna said. "They don't get scared - just annoyed, which I'm going to get if you insist on playing hero and rescuing that faker." She scowled at the cat. "Yes, I mean you. Faker."
The cat sniffed, then turned to Matt, clearly sensing the softer touch.
Owen stepped forward. "If you'll feel better rescuing the cat, Matt, then go ahead. We aren't on a tight schedule."
Reyna waved her arms around the smoking street. "Um, Ragnarök?"
"And the longer you two bicker ..."
"Fine," Reyna said. "I've got this." Before Matt could protest, she walked to the base of the tree, grabbed the lowest branch, and swung up. "Rodeo girl, remember? Also, five years of gymnastics, which my mother thought would make me more graceful and feminine. Her mistake."
She shimmied along a branch. "Come on, faker. I'm your designated hero ~ K.L. Armstrong
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by K.L. Armstrong
If you haven't time to respond to a tug at your pants leg, your schedule is too crowded. ~ Robert Breault
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Robert Breault
Don't prioritize your schedule, schedule those priorities. ~ Stephen Covey
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Stephen Covey
Did you want to save me now or does later fit better into your schedule? ~ Sarah E. Morin
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Sarah E. Morin
The Big Nurse is able to set the wall clock at whatever speed she wants by just turning one of those dials in the steel door; she takes a notion to hurry things up, she turns the speed up, and those hands whip around that disk like spokes in a wheel. The scene in the picture-screen windows goes through rapid changes of light to show morning, noon, and night - throb off and on furiously with day and dark, and everybody is driven like mad to keep up with that passing of fake time; awful scramble of shaves and breakfasts and appointments and lunches and medications and ten minutes of night so you barely get your eyes closed before the dorm light's screaming at you to get up and start the scramble again, go like a sonofabitch this way, going through the full schedule of a day maybe twenty times an hour, till the Big Nurse sees everybody is right up to the breaking point, and she slacks off on the throttle, eases off the pace on that clock-dial, like some kid been fooling with the moving-picture projection machine and finally got tired watching the film run at ten times its natural speed, got bored with all that silly scampering and insect squeak of talk and turned it back to normal. ~ Ken Kesey
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Ken Kesey
Love does not come on schedule or on time. It comes unexpected, it comes unplanned. Do not shut your doors on love just because you've been hurt before. Let go of the need to be loved. Just be loving. Others will be able to see how loving and lovable you are when you express it ~ Rita Zahara
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Rita Zahara
Do you know what day it is?" she asked, peering at him.
"Don't you?"
"Here in Spindle Cove, we ladies have a schedule. Mondays are country walks. Tuesdays, sea bathing. Wednesdays, you'd find us in the garden." She touched the back of her hand to his forehead. "What is it we do on Mondays?"
"We didn't get to Thursdays."
"Thursdays are irrelevant. I'm testing your ability to recall information. Do you remember Mondays?"
He stifled a laugh. God, her touch felt good. If she kept petting and stroking him like this, he might very well go mad.
"Tell me your name," he said. "I promise to recall it. ~ Tessa Dare
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Tessa Dare
Your busy schedule has plenty of quantity. Think of how you could give it some true quality and meaning. Consider the people, the beliefs, the goals, the things which are really imp9ortant to you. Make time for them, not someday, but right now. Don't just fill your schedule. Fill your life. ~ Ralph Marston
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Ralph Marston
Web banking lets you monitor your spending, tweak your budget, schedule payments, and more, particularly if you marry your online bank with the personal-finance management tools available online. ~ Jean Chatzky
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Jean Chatzky
Kylie flopped back against the seat again, enjoying the look of disbelief on the vampire's face a little
too much. "Would you like a name of a good doctor who will schedule your little snip-snip operation?"
she bit out. ~ C.C. Hunter
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by C.C. Hunter
Your greatest disappointment will often lead you to your greatest appointment. ~ Chris Burkmenn
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Chris Burkmenn
Schedule a sit-down with your direct boss and establish what she expects you to be focusing on in the first days and weeks of the job. Take written notes and determine - this is especially important - what your deadlines are. ... Then be sure to request feedback about how you're doing. A few weeks after you've started, schedule another meeting with your boss. Don't say, "Am I doing okay?" Say, "I'm really enjoying my job. Are there any suggestions you'd offer? ~ Kate White
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Kate White
Though the Congress will have to approve your appointment," Washington went on, frowning a little, "and there's no guarantee as to what those contentious, shopkeeping sons of bitches will do. ~ Diana Gabaldon
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Diana Gabaldon
According to the Buddha, life is available only in the here and now, the present moment. He said, "The past is already gone, the future is not yet here. There's only one moment for you to live, and that is the present moment." If you miss the present moment, you miss your appointment with life. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
There are a number of advantages to moving yourself, with saving money being number one. I have done professional loading and unloading for countless shippers. Most were looking at savings of approximately fifty percent when all expenses were considered. These were people who were moving mostly 8,000 pound or less of furniture (household goods)-- the weight of the contents of the average small three-bedroom home and the maximum usable (as opposed to advertised) capacity of the largest rental trucks.

Moving yourself has other advantages too. Weather and road conditions permitting, the move will go on your schedule. You won't have to worry about coordinating with your movers for delivery because you are the movers. There is also the security of knowing exactly where your stuff is with no worries about delays, mixed-up shipments or theft. ~ Jerry G. West
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Jerry G. West
Take Obama's challenge, in January 2010, to the assembled CEOs at the Forum on Modernizing Government: "If you can book dinner on OpenTable, or a flight on Southwest or United online, then why shouldn't you be able to make an appointment at your local Social Security office the same way? ~ Aneesh Chopra
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Aneesh Chopra
'Monday Night Football' has the good and the bad points. The bad point is you have to wait around all day, and it disrupts your schedule for the next week. Now you have one less day to prepare for the following week. ~ Bud Grant
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Bud Grant
Your schedule predicts your miracle or not! ~ John Di Lemme
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by John Di Lemme
What do you call sneaking out before the sun comes up?"

"Punctual," she decided. "I had things to do."

"We had things to do."

Heat settled low in her belly. "Did we? I don't recall you making an appointment."

"Keep running that mouth, hustler," he rasped beside her ear, making her shiver. "I've been impatient to fuck you for days. If you keep taunting me, I'll have no choice but to assume you want it as rough and dirty as I can give it. And, baby?" He nipped her ear. "I saw the way your back arched and your thighs squeezed together when you heard my voice behind you. I know how bad you want it. ~ Tessa Bailey
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Tessa Bailey
If I asked her in what ways you have adjusted your plans and schedule in the past month because you saw that she had a burden or a need you could help meet, would she be able to recall such times? ~ Tony Evans
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Tony Evans
Here is announcing vacancies for numerous positions as complainants. Any or no qualification is acceptable. Both genders and all age groups may apply. While no experience is needed, candidate with good blame game skill have an advantage. Blame game skill is the art of holding someone else responsible for your actions and, especially, for the rot in the society. You have an infinitely long list of co-workers to welcome you into their fold. There is a caveat, though. Successful candidates must be willing to surrender their worth and their dream, as they may conflict with their work schedule. In the same vein, leaders or would-be leaders need not apply. ~ Abiodun Fijabi
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Abiodun Fijabi
Or, suppose you want to motivate your managers to ship products on time, so you conspicuously promote each manager whose product goes out the door on schedule. All goes as planned until the situation arises in which one of your managers has a project where the testers are reporting numerous problems. Because managers who have shipped products on time have been promoted, this manager thinks, I want that promotion so I need to ship this on time, but those bug reports are getting in the way. I know what I'll do! I'll put the testers on another project until the developers have a chance to catch up. ~ Gerald M. Weinberg
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Gerald M. Weinberg
My father's concern for his patients was only enhanced by the fact that so many of them had a personal connection to him...In the words of the historian David J. Rothman, 'doctor and patient occupied the same social space,' promoting a shared relationship. Meanwhile, the poor and minority patients my dad met for the first time at the Mount Sinai--including many he would then follow for years--got the same royal treatment...His goal was to 'take extra pains with the service patients, to be certain they are reassured and confident in your care, and come to believe that you really care about him or her as an individual.' One way he did this was to take advantage of his flexible schedule. 'It's so simple,' he wrote, 'to make an extra visit in the afternoon for these special cases, come back to report a new lab test result, review an X-ray [or] reassure that the scheduled test is necessary, important and will lead to some conclusive information.' Illness, he underscored, was 'frightening. ~ Barron H. Lerner
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Barron H. Lerner
What is it?" I asked, pasting a magazine photo of a football--found in an old Seventeen magazine spread--on my beloved's collage.
"Well, a bunch of cattle trucks just showed up," he said, trying to talk over the symphonic mooing of cows all around him. "They were supposed to get here tomorrow night, but they showed up early…"
"Oh, no…that's a bummer," I said, not quite sure what he was getting at.
"So now I've got to work all these cattle tonight and get 'em shipped…and by the time I get done, the store in town will be closed," he began. Our appointment with Father Johnson was at ten the next morning. "So I think I'm just going to have to come over there really early tomorrow morning and do the thing at your house," Marlboro Man said. I could hardly hear him through the cattle.
"Are you sure?" I asked. "What time were you thinking of coming over?" I braced myself for the worst.
"I was thinking around six or so," he said. "That would give me plenty of time to get it done before we go."
Six? In the morning? Ugh, I thought. I have only one more week of sleeping in. After we're married, there's no telling what time I'll have to get out of bed.
"Okay," I said, my voice dripping with trepidation. "I'll see you in the morning. Oh, and hey…if I don't answer the door right away it probably means I'm doing some weight training or something."
"Gotcha," Marlboro Man answered, humoring me. "And hey--don't pull any muscles or strain yourself. We're g ~ Ree Drummond
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Ree Drummond
My train was late that day. the day I saw you drop your notebook. Had it been on schedule we never would have met. Maybe we were never meant to. ~ Erin Morgenstern
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Erin Morgenstern
If you don't eat, or if you miss a meal and find yourself hungry, feel free to shed your tears in the shower. And then learn to set a schedule. Don't bring your complaints to me. ~ Tahereh Mafi
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Tahereh Mafi
You can arrange your schedule so you have enough time to eat. The place and teh food should be appropriate. Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are. Tell me where you eat, and I will tell you who you are. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
I'm sorry," said Cinder. "We should have tried to be more discreet with our plans."
Scarlet shook her head. "It's not your fault. Kai's travel schedule is pretty much public knowledge, so there was no stopping this, I'm afraid." She snorted. "Just be glad you weren't here to see the hoard of screaming girls when he arrived. ~ Marissa Meyer
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Marissa Meyer
As I stated above, when you first begin my program, the main goal is to get your body moving while establishing a routine and setting aside time in your daily and weekly schedule to make sure you exercise. So I recommend that for the first four weeks of being on the eating plan, all you do is walk. Are you a morning person? Then walk in the morning. Get up a half hour earlier, cut out your TV news viewing or newspaper reading, and walking instead. Are you a night person and think you will enjoy walking at the end of the day? Then walk at the end of the day. Or fit it in on your lunch break. All I'm asking at this point is that you walk twenty minutes three to five days per week. You can always find twenty minutes to walk. ~ Bob Harper
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Bob Harper
As they stepped away, Beckett nodded toward Blake's bandaged arm. "What'd ya get?"
"It says 'Sorry,'" Blake said as he went out the door to Cole's private quarters, leaving his brothers alone.
Beckett dialed his cell phone and spoke to Cole while it rang. "What time's good for you?"
Cole sighed. "Around one-thirty today would work."
"Chaos!" Beckett yelled into the phone. "Fit me and my brother into your busy fucking schedule of dusting lawn gnomes and staring out that dirty shed window. We'll be there at one-thirty. ~ Debra Anastasia
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Debra Anastasia
Schedule a sacred date with yourself. You deserve time for your life. ~ Cheryl Richardson
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Cheryl Richardson
The Staging

In the weeks after my mother's death, I sleep
Four or five hours a night, often interrupted
By dreams, and take two or three naps a day.

It seems like enough. I can survive if I keep
This sleep schedule as it has been constructed
For me. But if it seems my reflexes are delayed,

Or if I sway when I walk, or weep or do not weep,
Please don't worry. I'm not under destruction.
My grief has cast me in a lethargic cabaret.

So pay the cover charge and take your seat.
This mourning has become a relentless production
And I've got seventy-eight roles to play. ~ Sherman Alexie
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Sherman Alexie
When movie people go over into television, it's a little bit of a shock. It's much faster-paced. Everything is really last-minute. You won't know your schedule for the next episode until the last minute. ~ Charisma Carpenter
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Charisma Carpenter
Not having a schedule is OK if it's your PhD and you plan to spend 14 years on the thing, or if you're a programmer working on the next Duke Nukem and we'll ship when we're good and ready. But for almost any kind of real business, you just have to know how long things are going to take, because developing a product costs money. ~ Joel Spolsky
Schedule Your Appointment quotes by Joel Spolsky
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