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There were no more heroes. Kennedy was dead, shot by an assassin in Dallas. Batman and Robin were dead... Superman was missing... ~ Robert Mayer
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Mayer
The physiological combustion theory takes as its starting point the fundamental principle that the amount of heat that arises from the combustion of a given substance is an invariable quantity-i.e., one independent of the circumstances accompanying the combustion-from which it is more specifically concluded that the chemical effect of the combustible materials undergoes no quantitative change even as a result of the vital process, or that the living organism, with all its mysteries and marvels, is not capable of generating heat out of nothing. ~ Robert Mayer
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Mayer
My position is perfectly definite. Gravitation, motion, heat, light, electricity and chemical action are one and the same object in various forms of manifestation. ~ Robert Mayer
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Mayer
I look upon myself as a musical bricklayer with architectural aspirations. ~ Robert Mayer
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Mayer
In the firmament of science Mayer and Joule constitute a double star, the light of each being in a certain sense complementary to that of the other. ~ John Tyndall
Robert Mayer quotes by John Tyndall
Nature has put itself the problem how to catch in flight light streaming to the earth and to store the most elusive of all powers in rigid form. To achieve this aim, it has covered the crust of earth with organisms which in their life processes absorb the light of the sun and use this power to produce a continuously accumulating chemical difference ... The plants take in one form of power, light; and produce another power, chemical difference. ~ Robert Mayer
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Mayer
The blood corpuscles take up the atmospheric oxygen in the lungs, and the vital chemical process accordingly depends essentially on the combination of oxygen absorbed by blood corpuscles with the combustible constituents of the blood to form carbonic acid and water. ~ Robert Mayer
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Mayer
I really dread serious people. Especially serious, dogmatic people. I regard them as sort of what Reich called the emotional plague. I regard them as very dangerous. ~ Robert Anton Wilson
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Anton Wilson
We are no longer going to ask for the land, but we are going to take it without negotiating. ~ Robert Mugabe
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Mugabe
No matter what we say, entertainers are usually quite insecure, wobbly characters underneath, and maybe that bit of glory or that bit of expression or whatever it is compensates in some area. ~ Robert Plant
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Plant
I just want to be written about as a normal artist. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Mapplethorpe
Easier were it To hurl the rooted mountain from its base, Than force the yoke of slavery upon men Determin'd to be free. ~ Robert Southey
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Southey
Never ask, "What reason do I have to be happy?" Instead ask, "To what purpose can I attach my happiness? ~ Robert Breault
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Breault
Jerel Law has crafted a fantastic story that will leave every reader wanting more. Stop looking for the next great read in fantasy fiction for young readers-you've found it! ~ Robert Liparulo
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Liparulo
Holly was playing the concerned relative, the devoted sister, and if it was a ham performance Robin was experienced enough, now, to know that there were usually nuggets of truth to be sifted from even the most obvious dross. ~ Robert Galbraith
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Galbraith
Robert Kohlenberg, a professor of psychology, once thought that depression and anxiety were different things. But as he studied it, he discovered that "the data are indicating they're not that distinct." Depression and anxiety overlap. I started to see depression and anxiety as cover versions of the same song by different bands. Depression is a cover version by a downbeat emo band, and anxiety is a cover version by a screaming heavy metal group, but the underlying sheet music is the same. They're not identical, but they are twinned. ~ Johann Hari
Robert Mayer quotes by Johann Hari
Man, Books & Booze is cool, right?. That's the most fun I've had in an interview this year. Definitely the most singing I've done. ~ Jeremy Robert Johnson
Robert Mayer quotes by Jeremy Robert Johnson
God forbid that I should ever be a good influence on anybody. ~ Robert A. Heinlein
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
You ask any moviemaker what their favorite movie experience was, and they'll say it was one of the first ones, where everyone had to pitch in and do everything together, and you had to struggle. ~ Robert Rodriguez
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Rodriguez
The 'violent wrenching' of the world into constant movements has remained constant. Indeed, the only constancy of the past several decades has been change itself, that is, constant inconstancy. The paradox of this syndrome causes those who suffer from it to hope that change - or the right kind of change - will eventually put an end to the dread it induces through its endless turnover of the new. This is strange hope to hold to, yet it may be the only one available at a time when the unworlding of the world seems a fait accompli. ~ Robert Pogue Harrison
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Pogue Harrison
The capacity of the human mind for swallowing nonsense and spewing it forth in violent and repressive action has never yet been plumbed. ~ Robert A. Heinlein
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
Should you start with a hypothesis and analyze data in a way that supported it, or start with the data and sift through it for a useful hypothesis? ~ Robert Littell
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Littell
I'm totally serious. Look it up on the net. When women turn, they really turn. ~ Robert Galbraith
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Galbraith
Modernism is about space. Postmodernism is about communication. You should do what turns you on. ~ Robert Venturi
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Venturi
Success is a poor teacher ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert T. Kiyosaki
So long as we do not permit faith to override our rational powers we should use those talents to explore the frontiers which lie at the outer limits of scientific observation. ~ Robert Christian
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Christian
Our maester chuckled at me and told us that Prince Rhaegar was certain to defeat this rebel. That was when Stark said, 'In this world only winter is certain. We may lose our heads, it's true ... but what if we should prevail?' My father sent him on his way with his head still on his shoulders. 'If you lose,' he told Lord Eddard, 'you were never here.'"
"No more than I was," said Davos Seaworth. ~ George R R Martin
Robert Mayer quotes by George R R Martin
All power is from within and therefore under our control ~ Robert Collier
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Collier
It turns out that what makes history come out in triumph is some dumb sheep that couldn't find its way home. ~ Robert Farrar Capon
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Farrar Capon
I couldn't picture heaven. How could a place be any good at all if it didn't have the things there you enjoyed doing? If there were no comic books, no monster movies, no bikes, and no country roads to ride them on? No swimming pools, no ice cream, no summer, or barbecue on the Fourth of July? No thunderstorms, and front porches on which to sit and watch them coming? Heaven sounded to me like a library that only held books about one certain subject, yet you had to spend eternity and eternity and eternity reading them. What was heaven without typewriter paper and a magic box? ~ Robert McCammon
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert McCammon
Shara was already an avid reader by then, but she had never realized until that moment what books meant, the possibility they presented: you could protect them forever, store them up like engineers store water, endless resources of time and knowledge snared in ink, tied down to paper, layered on shelves ... Moments made physical, untouchable, perfect, like preserving a dead hornet in crystal, one drop of venom forever hanging from its stinger.
She felt overwhelmed. It was
she briefly thinks of herself and Vo, reading together in the library
a lot like being in love for the first time. ~ Robert Jackson Bennett
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Jackson Bennett
Egwene remembered her pity for poor Meidani. No sister should be treated in such a way. Imprisonment was one thing. But beating a woman down, toying with her, hinting at the torture to come? It was insufferable.
Each of these things was a pain inside of Egwene, a knife to the chest, piercing the heart. As the beating continued, she realized that nothing they could do to her body would ever compare to the pain of soul she felt at seeing the White Tower suffer beneath Elaida's hand. Compared with those internal agonies, the beating was ridiculous.
And so she began to laugh. ~ Robert Jordan
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Jordan
You must see the change you wish to be in the world. ~ Dr. Robert Jones MD PhD DDS ODD
Robert Mayer quotes by Dr. Robert Jones MD PhD DDS ODD
Even you are not rich enough, Sir Robert, to buy back your past. No man is ~ Oscar Wilde
Robert Mayer quotes by Oscar Wilde
I was not in bad health (aside from a cumulative hangover), I was still on the right side of thirty by a few days, and I was far from being broke. No police were looking for me, nor any husbands, nor any process servers; there was nothing wrong that a slight case of amnesia would not have cured.
But there was winter in my heart and I was looking for the door to summer. If I sound like a man with an acute case of self-pity, you are correct. There must have been well over two billion people on this planet in worse shape than I was. Nevertheless, I was looking for the Door into Summer. ~ Robert A. Heinlein
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
You can't make either life or art, you have to work in the hole in between, which is undefined. That's what makes the adventure of painting. ~ Robert Rauschenberg
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Rauschenberg
There are glimpses of heaven to us in every act, or thought, or word, that raises us above ourselves. ~ Robert Quillen
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Quillen
To err is human, to purr feline. ~ Robert Byrne
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Byrne
God is the perfect poet. ~ Robert Browning
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Browning
A drawing a day keeps the cobwebs away. ~ Robert Genn
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Genn
Why do you call me 'wetlander'?" Gaul gestured toward the river; even Perrin's eyes could not be sure in the moonlight, but he thought the Aiel looked uneasy for the first time. ~ Robert Jordan
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Jordan
What are you eating for breakfast? Go get yourself a big bowl of nos! You will be shocked at how big and strong you will grow. ~ Robert D. Smith
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert D. Smith
Human vision is endowed with the greatest Reality, since it comes to us directly from the contemplation of the Universe. ~ Robert Delaunay
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert Delaunay
Few practices are as odious as commenting-out code. Don't do this! ~ Robert C. Martin
Robert Mayer quotes by Robert C. Martin
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