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A German writer observes: The noblest characters only show themselves in their real light. All others act comedy with their fellow-men even unto the grave. ~ Marguerite Gardiner, Countess Of Blessington
Plendl Show quotes by Marguerite Gardiner, Countess Of Blessington
You can't show me an ad on TV with hard bodies and say I have to buy that car. You have to tell me why that car is better and safer than another car. ~ Doris Roberts
Plendl Show quotes by Doris Roberts
Superficially, the figure in the smoking-room was that of a long, weedy young man - hairless as to his face; scalped with a fine lank fleece of neutral tint; pale-eyed, and slave to a bored and languid expression, over which he had little control, though it frequently misrepresented his mood. He was dressed scrupulously, though not obtrusively, in the mode, and was smoking a pungent cigarette with an air that seemed balanced between a genuine effort at self-abstraction and a fear of giving offence by a too pronounced show of it. In this state, flying bubbles of conversation broke upon him as he sat a little apart and alone.
("The Accursed Cordonnier") ~ Bernard Capes
Plendl Show quotes by Bernard Capes
If you look at a photograph, and you think, 'My isn't that a beautiful photograph,' and you go on to the next one, or 'Isn't that nice light?' so what? I mean what does it do to you or what's the real value in the long run? What do you walk away from it with? I mean, I'd much rather show you a photograph that makes demands on you, that you might become involved in on your own terms or be perplexed by. ~ Duane Michals
Plendl Show quotes by Duane Michals
I was so thrilled to be in 'Doctor Who.' It's such a wonderful experience, and the fan base that that show has never fails to surprise me. ~ Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Plendl Show quotes by Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Even though I was in close proximity to everything, it never really dawned on me to pursue a career in show business. ~ Vicki Lawrence
Plendl Show quotes by Vicki Lawrence
If a book remained roadblocked long enough, it began to decay, to fall apart; all the little tricks and illusions started to show. He ~ Stephen King
Plendl Show quotes by Stephen King
The highest Art of the Chess player lies in not allowing your Opponent to show you what he can do. ~ Garry Kasparov
Plendl Show quotes by Garry Kasparov
God's definition of success is really one of significance-the significant difference our lives can make in the lives of others. The significance doesn't show up in won-loss records, long resumes, or the trophies gathering dust on our mantels. It's found in the hearts and lives of those we've come across who are in some way better because of the way we lived. ~ Tony Dungy
Plendl Show quotes by Tony Dungy
I think an artist has the potential to investigate both form and content within one activity, to show that there can be coherence between form and values in our society, as in thinking about a city and building one. ~ Olafur Eliasson
Plendl Show quotes by Olafur Eliasson
What a strange creature is a laughing fool,
As if a man were created to no use
But only to show his teeth. ~ John Webster
Plendl Show quotes by John Webster
I think one of the things about Donald Trump that's interesting is he lives in a rarified atmosphere where it's possible that he doesn't get enough feedback, enough people rolling their eyes at him. It's a danger more in show business than it is with wealth. ~ Penn Jillette
Plendl Show quotes by Penn Jillette
I have had a few rough patches in my life, but these last few years have been among the roughest. A few years ago, I left my job as host of the television show Extra. Our parting of ways was completely amicable; they were amazing to me. I had spent over a quarter of my life at that job, and without it, I felt like I had lost my compass. People didn't know how to introduce me anymore, because in L.A., you are your job. ~ Dayna Devon
Plendl Show quotes by Dayna Devon
I believed he loved me in his way,
the scars I needn't show -
there was nowhere else to go.
I said I was happy to be his girl,
if only I had known -
my words were not my own ~ Lang Leav
Plendl Show quotes by Lang Leav
Open to them your hand to the shore, watch them walk into the sea.
Press upon them all they need, see them yearn for all they want.
Gift to them the calm pool of words, watch them draw the sword.
Bless upon them the satiation of peace, see them starve for war.
Grant them darkness and they will lust for light.
Deliver to them death and hear them beg for life.
Beget life and they will murder your kin.
Be as they are and they will see you different.
Show wisdom and you are a fool.
The shore gives way to the sea.
And the sea, my friends,
Does not dream of you. ~ Steven Erikson
Plendl Show quotes by Steven Erikson
I eat 'The Walking Dead' like its made of brains. Can't even watch the show, I love the book so much. ~ Joss Whedon
Plendl Show quotes by Joss Whedon
Free, dost thou call thyself? Thy ruling thought would I hear of, and not that thou hast escaped from a yoke.
Art thou one ENTITLED to escape from a yoke? Many a one hath cast away his final worth when he hath cast away his servitude.
Free from what? What doth that matter to Zarathustra! Clearly, however, shall thine eye show unto me: free FOR WHAT? ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Plendl Show quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
I always mistrust everything I see, which an image shows me, because I imagine what is beyond it. And what is beyond an image cannot be known. ~ Michelangelo Antonioni
Plendl Show quotes by Michelangelo Antonioni
Let them show me a cottage where there are not the same vices of which they accuse the courts. ~ Lord Chesterfield
Plendl Show quotes by Lord Chesterfield
Abuse isn't just physical or ... or sexual, you know." I felt my throat getting tight but I refused to let my pain show on my face. "There is such a thing as mental and emotional abuse too. ~ Evangeline Anderson
Plendl Show quotes by Evangeline Anderson
To find true peace, forgive those who fill your mind with hatred and instead show them the path of love. ~ Debasish Mridha
Plendl Show quotes by Debasish Mridha
Annabelle…" His mouth drifted along her throat. "I've wanted you since the first moment I saw you standing outside that panorama, digging for coins in your purse. I couldn't take my eyes from you. I could hardly believe you were real."
"You stared at me for the entire show," she said, gasping a little as he nibbled at the silken lobe of her ear. "I doubt you learned a single thing about the fall of the Roman Empire."
"I learned that you have the softest lips I've ever kissed."
"You have a novel way of introducing yourself."
"I couldn't help it." His hand skimmed gently up and down her side. "Standing next to you in the darkness was the most unholy temptation I'd ever experienced. All I could think about was how adorable you were and how much I wanted you. When the lights went out completely, I couldn't stand it any longer." A note of masculine smugness entered his voice as he added, "And you didn't push me away."
"I was too surprised!"
"That was the reason you didn't object?"
"No," Annabelle admitted, tilting her face so that her cheek brushed against his. "I liked your kiss. You know that I did."
He smiled at that.

-Annabelle & Simon ~ Lisa Kleypas
Plendl Show quotes by Lisa Kleypas
I wanted to show that women could run, but I also wanted to kind of inspire the idea that ordinary people can run. I was like, boy, I feel so good when I run, if everybody could feel like this, this sense of joy and physical well-being and strength and autonomy you have when you run, how much better the world would be, you know? ~ Bobbi Gibb
Plendl Show quotes by Bobbi Gibb
Idealists , workers of thought, unite to show how inspiration and genius walk in step with the progress of the machine , of aircraft, of industry, of trade, of the sciences, of electricity. ~ Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
Plendl Show quotes by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
I think, for me, the goal was never really for my EPs to go mainstream. I think the intention of them was to create a little bit of buzz and to show my musicality because I wrote and produced the EPs myself. The goal was to experiment, with no rules. ~ Tori Kelly
Plendl Show quotes by Tori Kelly
Unfortunately, every era needs to demonize feminist. The Feminazi was the 1990s version. The term was coined by radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh to describe women who support abortion rights. It was taken up by ultra-right-wing conservatives everywhere and came to refer feminists in general. (…) A Feminazi is a strident, controlling bitch who –Oh, horrible crime!– insists on equal right for women. She doesn't agree with the right-wing construct that the man is the ruler of the home. Her goal in life is to turn men into whimpering slaves who take care of the kids and share the housecleaning, something men must resist at all costs or American society will crumple even more. The Guerrilla Girls are still waiting for the day when everyone will think of the Feminist as a positive stereotype. Don't let us wait too long. ~ Guerrilla Girls
Plendl Show quotes by Guerrilla Girls
Dress up and wait for me outside your house. I'll show you a pleasure-seeking night full of gluttony and lust. And that's only the ride in Her Majesty. ~ Alexandra Iff
Plendl Show quotes by Alexandra Iff
Research shows that women do judge status by the car men drive. Luxury cars convey high status. When a woman drives a sports car, it is perceived as a slightly aggressive show of independence and can be intimidating to a man. ~ Glen Wilson
Plendl Show quotes by Glen Wilson
There's nothing that can beat the feeling of doing a movie or a TV show that makes everyone feel good. ~ Shelley Duvall
Plendl Show quotes by Shelley Duvall
All the things that people do in order to show that they don't need anybody ... meanwhile, all they really want to do is say, "Please keep me." We all want to be kept. The problem is we are too afraid to let anyone know about it. What are these fragile things in our hearts that have so much fear of being broken? ~ C. JoyBell C.
Plendl Show quotes by C. JoyBell C.
Show your vulnerability, but have faith. You will succeed. Growth is not glamorous. ~ Shu Hattori
Plendl Show quotes by Shu Hattori
ARTHUR: Yellow car.
ARTHUR: Nothing. Just – yellow car.
MARTIN: Why did you say 'yellow car'?
ARTHUR: There was a yellow car.
MARTIN: But why did you say 'yellow car'?
ARTHUR: You've got to say 'yellow car' when there's a yellow car.
ARTHUR: That's how you play Yellow Car.
MARTIN: We're not playing Yellow Car.
ARTHUR: You're always playing Yellow Car.
DOUGLAS: And how, though I fear I can guess, does one play Yellow Car?
ARTHUR: Right well, imagine you're driving along –
MARTIN: We are driving along.
ARTHUR: Oh yeah, okay, so now you look at the cars as they come along in the other direction, and they're all different colours. So, uh, for instance, now, uh, that one's white; that one's blue; that one's a sort of metally grey –
DOUGLAS: And when you see a yellow car, you say 'yellow car'.
ARTHUR: How did you know?
DOUGLAS: A wild stab in the dark!
MARTIN: And then what?
ARTHUR: You start again!
DOUGLAS: So how does it end, this game?
ARTHUR: It never ends.
DOUGLAS: That's very much what I feared. ~ John Finnemore
Plendl Show quotes by John Finnemore
Still, how did you show the world's biggest control freak that the secret to lasting love meant giving up control? I didn't know, but I intended to find out. ~ Jeaniene Frost
Plendl Show quotes by Jeaniene Frost
I started dealing with weapons on the first show I ever did, 'The Inside,' but I didn't really do any physical stuff until 'Alias.' ~ Rachel Nichols
Plendl Show quotes by Rachel Nichols
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