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Misdirected focus on paperwork, on procedures, and on bureaucracy frustrates teachers and fails to give children the education they need. ~ Christopher Bond
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Christopher Bond
The cookbook gives a detailed description of ingredients and procedures but no proofs for its prescriptions or reasons for its recipes; the proof of the pudding is in the eating ... Mathematics cannot be tested in exactly the same manner as a pudding; if all sorts of reasoning are debarred, a course of calculus may easily become an incoherent inventory of indigestible information. ~ George Polya
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by George Polya
People are prone to taking mental shortcuts. They may know that they shouldn't give out certain information, but the fear of not being nice, the fear of appearing ignorant, the fear of a perceived authority figure - all these are triggers, which can be used by a social engineer to convince a person to override established security procedures. ~ Kevin Mitnick
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Kevin Mitnick
The man behind the check-in counter gives the impression that he has just axe-murdered the motel's owner (and family, and family pet) and is going through these procedures of hostelry so as not to arouse suspicion. ~ Paul Quarrington
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Paul Quarrington
Theoretical physicists live in a classical world, looking out into a quantum-mechanical world. The latter we describe only subjectively, in terms of procedures and results in our classical domain. ~ John Stewart Bell
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by John Stewart Bell
The courts are run on COMMERCIAL CONTRACT LAW and that is has NOTHING to do with any IN-LAW procedures whatsoever. So the nature of the game is to OBTAIN a CONTRACT with your OPPONENT (Adversary) so that the court can acknowledge and RATIFY the contract and SETTLE and CLOSE the case and move on and if you understand that EVERYTHING in there is happening by way of CONTRACTS instead of trying to get the truth out then MAYBE you'll get the truth to prevail by following the CORRECT procedure to get them to acknowledge the truth by CONTRACTUAL CONSENT. ~ Jack Smith
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Jack Smith
When you work you learn something about what you are doing and you develop habits and procedures out of what you're doing. ~ Jasper Johns
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Jasper Johns
Fact One: Cataract surgery is simple, painless and (except with implants) risk free ... the whole procedure is common, routine and nothing to worry about. Fact Two: Fact One applies only to cataracts on the eyes in somebody else's head. ~ Helene Hanff
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Helene Hanff
(I)ndividual selfhood is expressed in the self's capacity for self-transcendence and not in its rational capacity for conceptual and analytic procedures. ~ Reinhold Niebuhr
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Reinhold Niebuhr
We are concerned by the upward trend in the use of animals in scientific procedures ... ~ David Rutley
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by David Rutley
Passion mutates into procedures, into rules and roles. Instead of purpose, we focus on policies. Instead of being free to create, we impose constraints that squeeze the life out of us. ~ Margaret J. Wheatley
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Margaret J. Wheatley
a small project, people need a clear statement of procedures such as for problem reporting. This section ~ Nick Graham
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Nick Graham
Physicians today, as human beings, are not exempt from the perverse economic pressures created by fee-for-service regimes to see more patients for shorter appointments and order more tests and procedures. If the incentives were changed to pay to foster better health outcomes, I am convinced physician behavior would change over time. ~ Mitch Kapor
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Mitch Kapor
Anger is always reserved for someone else. And yet, I've been in a room with a woman who escaped a war, who lost her father in ethnic cleansing, whose mother burned her hair, whose cousin raped her. "What right do I have to be angry, when I'm alive? she said.

Anger is a privilege of the truly broken, and yet I've never met a woman who was broken enough that she allowed herself to be angry. An angry woman must answer for herself. The reasons for her anger must be picked over, examined, and debated. My anger must stand the scrutiny of the court of law, of evidentiary procedures. I must prove it comes from somewhere justified and not just because one time some man touched my sister. Or because one time some man touched some woman and will continue on and on. ~ Roxane Gay
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Roxane Gay
This sweet virginal primitive land will metaphorically breathe a sigh of relief
like a whisper of wind
when we are all and finally gone and the place and its creations can return to their ancient procedures unobserved and undisturbed by the busy, anxious, brooding consciousness of man. ~ Edward Abbey
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Edward Abbey
Believers in psychic phenomena ... appear to have won a decisive victory and virtually silenced opposition ... This victory is the result of careful experimentation and intelligent argumentation. Dozens of experimenters have obtained positive results in ESP experiments, and the mathematical procedures have been approved by leading statisticians ... Against all this evidence, almost the only defense remaining to the skeptical scientist is ignorance. ~ George R. Price
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by George R. Price
Let me start by emphasizing that I am open to efforts to expedite environmental procedures for true emergencies or in other clear cases where current laws are needlessly burdensome. ~ Sherwood Boehlert
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Sherwood Boehlert
An egalitarian educational system is necessarily opposed to meritocracy and reward for achievement. It is inevitably opposed to procedures that might reveal differing levels of achievement. ~ Robert Bork
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Robert Bork
The use of powerful systematic reward procedures to promote increased engagement in target activities may also produce concomitant decreases in task engagement, in situations where neither tangible nor social extrinsic rewards are perceived to be available.7 ~ Alfie Kohn
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Alfie Kohn
The ideal of the rule of law, along with equality under the law, is one of the bases of tolerance. It means that, one way or another, governments themselves must act in accordance with the law- a responsibility they sometimes try to evade. The treatment of asylum seekers in Australia is an example, where successive Commonwealth governments have produced a series of changes to the law. In a liberal-democratic society the rule of law also means that there must be open discussion about those laws and how they are being upheld in the courts. It also means predictability- known rules about the relationship between people and governments, and in certain matters, between individuals. It is intended to mean fairness - no one should be condemned unheard, and hearings must be carried out openly by courts or tribunals as independent of governments as possible. (In their wars against asylum seekers, governments have shuffled procedures around as if they were fairground illusionists.) ~ Donald Horne
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Donald Horne
The problem of brute sanity was identified by George Bernard Shaw when he observed that 'reformers have the idea that change can be achieved by brute sanity' … Brute sanity is the tendency to overlook the complexity and detailed processes and procedures required, in favour of the more obvious matters of stressing goals, the importance of the problem and the grand plan. Brute sanity overpromises, overrationalises and consequently results in unfulfilled dreams and frustrations which discourage people from sustaining their efforts and from taking on future change projects. ~ Eve Bearne
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Eve Bearne
I am the celebrity spokesperson for Resolve, the national infertility association, and my three precious children were born through infertility procedures. I struggled for many years trying to have children. My beautiful son was born through in vitro fertilization. I had my beautiful twins via a surrogate. So I wanted to give back. ~ Cindy Margolis
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Cindy Margolis
At the moment, most customers do not wish to pay the extra money for connection to the Internet, and for some customers, connection procedures to the Internet are still not easy. ~ Satoru Iwata
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Satoru Iwata
'Truth' is to be understood as a system of ordered procedures for the production, regulation, distribution, circulation and operation of statements. 'Truth' is linked in a circular relation with systems of power which produce and sustain it, and to effects of power which it induces and which extend it. A 'regime' of truth. ~ Michel Foucault
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Michel Foucault
Photographs are but one link in a potentially endless chain of reduplication; themselves duplicates (of both their objects and, in a sense, their negatives), they are also subject to further duplication, either through the procedures of printing or as objects of still other photographs ... ~ Craig Owens
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Craig Owens
The young [Nazi] movement is in its nature and inner organization anti-parliamentarian; that is, it rejects ... a principle of majority rule in which the leader is degraded to the level of mere executant of other people's wills and opinion. ~ Adolf Hitler
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Adolf Hitler
It represents a place women go and are left confused because they do not hear the truth about abortion and their choices. They are in a sense abused by the medical procedures that are performed without quality medical instructions/information. It's a tragic place. ~ Abby Johnson
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Abby Johnson
The Tax Court is independent, and its neutrality is not clouded by prosecuting duties. Its procedures assure fair hearings. Its deliberations are evidenced by careful opinions. All guides to judgment available to judges are habitually consulted and respected. It has established a tradition of freedom from bias and pressures. It deals with a subject that is highly specialized and so complex as to be the despair of judges. It is relatively better staffed for its task than is the judiciary. ~ Robert H. Jackson
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Robert H. Jackson
There is a very well-defined procedure that allows the Vatican to raise issues with a particular theologian about something that does not appear in conformity with the Catholic faith. It is not always easy to make this determination. ~ Godfried Danneels
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Godfried Danneels
He recognizes the necessity of life-saving medical procedures, but embodies the belief that one of the first responsibilities of the medical community is to help patients establish lifestyles that give them an opportunity to avoid needing those procedures. One important way to do that is to truly examine our diets, physical activity, and stress levels. At ~ Dennis Goodman
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Dennis Goodman
Abortion is inherently different from other medical procedures because no other procedure involves the purposeful termination of a potential life. ~ Potter Stewart
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Potter Stewart
Researchers like Jonathan Winson, Gyorgy Buzsaki, Bruce McNaughton, and Matt Wilson believe memory consolidation occurs during sleep, and specifically that it is during sleep that the slow interleaving of information into cortical networks takes place. Recent studies support this notion. For example, Wilson and McNaughton recorded the activity of neurons in the rat hippocampus. Using technically sophisticated procedures, they were able to identify precise patterns of cell activity in the hippocampus as rats explored a novel environment. Subsequently, when the rats went to sleep, the neural patterns seemed to be repeated in the hippocampus, as if the rats were dreaming about the places they had explored. This is an impressive finding. Although it has not yet been demonstrated that the hippocampal playback during sleep is actually read and used by the cortex, the existing data are consistent with the possiblity. ~ Joseph E. LeDoux
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Joseph E. LeDoux
There is just no way that I can understand in God's green earth that an airline could undertake with its normal procedures the operation of the Space Shuttle ... You don't put parachutes on airliners because the margin of safety is built into the machine. The 727 airplanes we fly are proven vehicles with levels of safety and redundancy built in. The shuttle is a hand-made piece of experimental gear. ~ Frank Borman
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Frank Borman
CBS started to confiscate our packages and mail as a safety procedure. A lot of packages that people send for the holidays and to our kids we can't open. A lot of times they are from overseas. It's very upsetting at times. ~ Hunter Tylo
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Hunter Tylo
Procedures outside the stadiums and in the parking areas still need to be optimized, for example so that emergency medical services can leave the grounds on their way to the hospital faster. ~ Otto Schily
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Otto Schily
The behavior and reactions of the oppressed, which lead the oppressor to practice cultural invasion, should evoke from the revolutionary a different theory of action. What distinguishes revolutionary leaders from the dominant elite is not only their objectives, but their procedures. ~ Paulo Freire
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Paulo Freire
I hate to see great works of literature ghettoized, whereas others that conform to the rules, conventions, and procedures of the genre we call literary fiction get accorded greater esteem and privilege. I also have a problem with how books are marketed, with certain cover designs and typefaces. They're often stamped with an identity that has nothing to do with their effect on the reader. ~ Michael Chabon
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Michael Chabon
It's now generally accepted that Mesmer was actually treating psychosomatic illness, and he profited mightily from people's gullibility. In retrospect, his theories and practices sound ridiculous, but in truth, the story of Mesmer parallels many stories of today. It's not so ridiculous to imagine people falling prey to products, procedures, and health claims that are brilliantly marketed. Every day we hear of some news item related to health. We are bombarded by messages about our health - good, bad, and confusingly contradictory. And we are literally mesmerized by these messages. Even the smart, educated, cautious, and skeptical consumer is mesmerized. It's hard to separate truth from fiction, and to know the difference between what's healthful and harmful when the information and endorsements come from "experts. ~ David Perlmutter
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by David Perlmutter
Every normal human being (and not merely the 'artist') has an inexhaustible store of buried images in his subconscious, it is merely a matter of courage or liberating procedures ... of voyages into the unconscious, to bring pure and unadulterated found objects to light. ~ Max Ernst
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Max Ernst
The cloning procedure is similar to IVF. The only difference is that the DNA of sperm and egg would be replaced by DNA from an adult cell. What law or principle - secular, humanist, or religious - says that one combination of genetic material in a flask is OK, but another is not? ~ Nathan Myhrvold
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Nathan Myhrvold
If I should object to force I will be arrested. If I object to arrest I will be clubbed. If I defend myself against clubbing I will be shot. These procedures are known as The Rule of Law. ~ Edward Abbey
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Edward Abbey
Fentanyl is incredibly potent, approximately 80-100 times stronger than morphine and much more than heroin. Also known by the brand names Sublimaze, Duragesic, Actiq and others, fentanyl is commonly used to treat breakthrough pain in conjunction with surgical procedures. ~ Taite Adams
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Taite Adams
Trying to be just a parliamentarian doing your duty and trying to keep family out and also the celebrity status out is rare and hopefully I have been able thus far to - been able to protect my wife and children. ~ Eric Abetz
Parliamentarian Procedures quotes by Eric Abetz
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