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I bunched the squirrel-fur hat up under my head and left the pack for Mal to use as a pillow. Then I pulled my coat close around me and huddled beneath the new furs. I was nodding off when I heard Mal return and settle himself beside me, his back pressed comfortably against mine. As I drifted into sleep, I felt like I could still taste the sugar from that sweet roll on my tongue, feel the pleasure of laughter gusting through me. We'd been robbed. We'd almost been killed. We were being hunted by the most powerful man in Ravka. But we were friends again, and sleep came more easily than it had in a long time. At some point during the night, I woke to Mal's snoring. I jabbed him in the back with my elbow. He rolled onto his side, muttered something in his sleep, and threw his arm over me. A minute later he started snoring again, but this time I didn't wake him. ~ Leigh Bardugo
Nodding Off quotes by Leigh Bardugo
He woke to quiet voices. This had been happening more and more lately, this nodding off unexpectedly, and it left him with an unsettled intimation of rehearsal. You fall asleep for short periods and then for longer periods and then forever. ~ Emily St. John Mandel
Nodding Off quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
There is nothing nicer than nodding off while reading. Going fast asleep and then being woken by the crash of the book on the floor, then saying to yourself, well it doesn't matter much. An admirable feeling. ~ A.J.P. Taylor
Nodding Off quotes by A.J.P. Taylor
They will have to live with it for the rest of the trip now, but Alcock knows how the engine roar can make a pilot fall asleep, that the rhythm can lull a man into nodding off before he hits the waves. It is fierce work--he can feel the machine in his muscles. The sheer tug through his body. The exhaustion of the mind. Always avoiding cloud. Always looking for a line of sight. Creating any horizon possible. The brain inventing phantom turns. The inner ear balancing the angles until the only thing that can truly be trusted is the dream of getting there. ~ Colum McCann
Nodding Off quotes by Colum McCann
See how a sleepy child will put off the inevitable departure for bed. The little creature's eyes blink and stare, and it needs constant jogging to prevent his nodding off into the slumber which nature craves. His waking is a pain; he is quite worn out, and peevish, and stupid, and yet he implores a respite, and deprecates repose, and vows he is not sleepy, even to the moment when his mother takes him in her arms, and carries him, in a sweet slumber, to the nursery. So it is with us old children of earth and the great sleep of death, and nature our kind mother. ~ J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Nodding Off quotes by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
There must be some kind of internal time distortion effect in here, because when I look at myself in the little mirror above my sink, what I see is my father's face, my face turning into his. I am beginning to feel how the man looked, especially how he looked on those nights he came home so tired he couldn't even make it through dinner without nodding off, sitting there with his bowl of soup cooling in front of him, a rich pork-and-winter-melon-saturated broth that, moment by moment, was losing - or giving up - its tiny quantum of heat into the vast average temperature of the universe. ~ Charles Yu
Nodding Off quotes by Charles Yu
Communism requires of its adherents that they arise early and participate in a strenuous round of calisthenics. To someone who wishes that cigarettes came already lit the thought of such exertion at an hour when decent people are just nodding off is thoroughly abhorrent. ~ Fran Lebowitz
Nodding Off quotes by Fran Lebowitz
I'm not good at talking. Can't I just nod my way through a conversation? It's better than nodding off. ~ Jarod Kintz
Nodding Off quotes by Jarod Kintz
Autumn calls the forest to rest, to exhale in a flood of colors rubbed to a fiery warmth on the hearth of both hill and plain before nodding off to a winter's slumber. And what better way to turn the page of a season than to celebrate it in a manner such as this? ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough
Nodding Off quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
The first thing Bubba's feet touched when we took him home from the hospital was Texas soil, which his folks had brought west at our request. No child of Chris Kyle's was going to be anything but a Texan. He smiled contentedly before nodding off back to sleep; clearly Texas was in his genes. ~ Taya Kyle
Nodding Off quotes by Taya Kyle
That was when I saw the first flash of emerald, then another of blue, then yellow, glimpsed out of the corner of my eye. Not dragonflies. Not butterflies. Something else. Something moving among a cluster of harebells, the delicate white flowers nodding as their petals and leaves were disturbed by the slightest of movements, like a gentle breeze blowing against them and yet there wasn't the slightest breath of wind at the beck that day. ~ Hazel Gaynor
Nodding Off quotes by Hazel Gaynor
Henry Ward Beecher, so the story goes, was once asked by a young preacher how he could keep his congregation wide awake and attentive during his sermons. Beecher replied that he always had a man watch for sleepers, with instructions, as soon as he saw anyone start nodding or dozing, to hasten to the pulpit and wake up the preacher. Aren't you and I usually less sensible? Would we not be inclined to have the watcher wake up not ourselves but the fellows caught sleeping? In other words, aren't we disposed always to blame others? ~ B.C. Forbes
Nodding Off quotes by B.C. Forbes
Standing alone at the railing is Four. Though he's not an initiate anymore, most of the Dauntless use this day to come together with their families. Either his family doesn't like to come together, or he wasn't originally a Dauntless. Which faction could he have come from? "There's one of my instructors." I lean closer to say. "He's kind of intimidating." "He's handsome," she says. I find myself nodding without thinking. She laughs and lifts her arm from my shoulders. I want to steer her away from him, but just as I'm about to suggest that we go somewhere else, he looks over his shoulder. His eyes widen at the sight of my mother. She offers him her hand. "Hello. My name is Natalie," she says. "I'm Beatrice's mother." I have never seen my mother shake hands with someone. Four eases his hand into hers, looking stiff, and shakes it twice. The gesture looks unnatural for both of them. No, Four was not originally Dauntless if he doesn't shake hands easily. ~ Veronica Roth
Nodding Off quotes by Veronica Roth
Now, see," Wes said, nodding at my plate, "this is going to blow your mind."
I looked at him. "It's a waffle, not the second coming. ~ Sarah Dessen
Nodding Off quotes by Sarah Dessen
If you don't understand something clearly that you are being taught ... speak up.
If you feel something is confusing or you are unsure of exactly what to do ... ask about it.
If you need clarification or something repeated to make sure you got it ... request it.
If you feel lost, forgot something, or feel like you are falling behind ... bring it up.
Nodding your head, saying "yeah, yeah" and pretending to know things you don't is right up there with one of the worst things you can do when you hire some one to help you and your career. ~ Loren Weisman
Nodding Off quotes by Loren Weisman
The forests had put on their sober brown and yellow, while some trees of the tenderer kind had been nipped by the frosts into brilliant dyes of orange, purple, and scarlet. Streaming files of wild ducks began to make their appearance high in the air; the back of the squirrel might be heard from the groves of beech and hickory-nuts, and the pensive whistle of the quail at intervals from the neighboring stubble field. The small birds were taking their farewell banquets. In the fullness of their revelry, they fluttered, chirping and frolicking from bush to bush, and tree to tree, capricious from the very profusion and variety around them. There was the honest cock robin, the favorite game of stripling sportsmen, with its loud querulous note; and the twittering blackbirds flying in sable clouds; and the golden-winged woodpecker with his crimson crest, his broad black gorget, and splendid plumage; and the cedar bird, with its red-tipt wings and yellow-tipt tail and its little monteiro cap of feathers; and the blue jay, that nosy coxcomb, in his gay light blue coat and white underclothes, screaming and chattering, nodding and bobbing and bowing, and pretending to be on good terms with every songster of the grove. ~ Washington Irving
Nodding Off quotes by Washington Irving
For a long time they sat in silence, observing the huddles of juvenile reeds peeking through the water's surface, and watching the scores of bank-rooted daisies nodding their dainty heads in time with the gentle breeze. ~ Jack Croxall
Nodding Off quotes by Jack Croxall
The life I chose when I promised my six-year-old self never to forget being a child, never to grow frightened and dishonest like the grownups I saw, nodding politely to each other without affection, and decided to put my true self in a time capsule for later use. ~ Aurora Levins Morales
Nodding Off quotes by Aurora Levins Morales
Listen to the crickets, she said, nodding sagely as she spoke, understanding everything. ~ David Cronenberg
Nodding Off quotes by David Cronenberg
Our culture is hardwired with a Christian value system. Even if, like myself, you have never been a believer your mindset will still be shot through with this morality. Our deepest drives are distorted by an internal censor. Whether this is a bearded man sat on a cloud, or a sense of vague guilt will depend on your individual programming. Face up to it. Even if you are enlightened enough to be nodding along with what I'm saying you still have fetters on your freedom that have not yet been struck. ~ Peter Grey
Nodding Off quotes by Peter Grey
What can I do for you, Detective?' he said cheerily, smiling and nodding at Bailey.
What was I, chopped liver? I had a badge too. Maybe I should've shown it to him. Maybe I should've shown him my gun too. ~ Marcia Clark
Nodding Off quotes by Marcia Clark
Don't you see that I'm trying to do exactly that? How in the world can I grow up if I continue to do as I'm told, smiling and nodding like some pretty robot? What kind of a life is that? ~ Alice Clayton
Nodding Off quotes by Alice Clayton
Then he heard a wild, high-pitched cackling that made the hair stand up on the back of his neck. It wasn't sane, that laugh. In fact, it was the laughter of someone who never had more than a nodding acquaintance with sanity. ~ Mercedes Lackey
Nodding Off quotes by Mercedes Lackey
Failing to understand someone, begging their pardon three times and then just nodding and smiling. ~ Rob Temple
Nodding Off quotes by Rob Temple
You'll want to read books - novels, because ladies are frivolous; poetry because ladies are sentimental; and sermons, because we are pious. If you must read essays, Mr. Emerson might be best. Your gentleman may have a nodding acquaintance with his works. ~ Donald McCaig
Nodding Off quotes by Donald McCaig
I had 'em set a table for ye in 'ere," he explained, nodding at the dishes. "Thought ye might like some stew."
"No, thank you." Her stomach growled audibly and he arched his eyebrows again, a gesture that Sibyl found infuriating. Almost as infuriating as being called "skinny." And "lass."
"This jus' rabbit." He smiled like he could read her mind, going over to the fire and using a long, thick pole with hooked end to lift a black iron pot. "We don't eat humans, Sibyl. ~ Selena Kitt
Nodding Off quotes by Selena Kitt
You young folks today think you invented the world," Aunt Will said. "Still, a dash of unlawful scrumping might work for you. A lot more folks have tried that recipe than my own, even if we don't hear testimonials."
She chuckled naughtily at that suggestion. Jesse giggled a bit herself.
The important thing was that her aunt was nodding and smiling again.
"But beware, DuJess," Aunt Will told her. "Every cure has its side effects. It only seems fair to warn you. I suspect that a regular tonic of Piney Baxley can be potently habit forming. ~ Pamela Morsi
Nodding Off quotes by Pamela Morsi
My life is ticking away one subway token at a time - a never ending pirouette of arriving and departing, pushing through turnstiles, nodding goodbye and hello. In eight hours I'll be allowed to turn around and go home. ~ Rob Payne
Nodding Off quotes by Rob Payne
Orc. They're distantly related to humans. Most of them never speak. They always wear masks, but even then they're painfully awkward. Each one has some sort of gift that they're magically good at. Gretchen is a healer. Skippy is the best pilot in the world." Mosh was nodding thoughtfully in the dark. "So that explains the Stig. ~ Larry Correia
Nodding Off quotes by Larry Correia
Authors have established it as a kind of rule, that a man ought to be dull sometimes; as the most severe reader makes allowances for many rests and nodding-places in a voluminous writer. ~ Joseph Addison
Nodding Off quotes by Joseph Addison
How was your day?" he asked.
I faltered, unaccustomed to the question. The look on my face must have been strange because he laughed at me and said, "Okay… don't tell me then."
Considering the question I asked, "Do people normally want a real answer to that?"
I'd only been asked for reports by my father or his team.
Julian thought for a moment and shrugged, "I suppose not. Most people say 'good' or 'fine' even when they don't mean it."
He mistook my question for simple speculation instead of a lack of understanding. Nodding I snickered and said, "Then it was fine. Yours?"
He grinned, "Good. ~ Kay Harding
Nodding Off quotes by Kay Harding
This is your fourth bath since we got here, Mia." I blush instantly. "Actually, it's my fifth." His eyebrows shoot up. "I drew one last night after you fell asleep. I'm not proud of it." "You took a bath in the middle of the night?" Nodding, I sink back against the tub. My eyes lower. "Yep. I think I might be somewhat addicted at this point. ~ J. Daniels
Nodding Off quotes by J. Daniels
Jenna, once again, your powers of Awesome amaze me."
"It's a skill," she agreed, nodding somberly. ~ Rachel Hawkins
Nodding Off quotes by Rachel Hawkins
I noticed Wahid's boys, all three thin with dirt-caked faces and short-cropped brown hair under their skull caps, stealing furative glances at my digital wristwatch.

...I unsnapped the wristwatch and gave it to the youngest of the three boys. He muttered a sheepish "Tashakor."
"It tells you the time in any city in the world," I told him. The boys, nodding politely passing the watch between them, taking turns trying it on. But they lost interest and, soon the watch sat abandoned on the straw mat.

...I understood now why the boys hadn't shown any interest in the watch. They hadn't been staring at the watch at all. They'd been staring at my food. ~ Khaled Hosseini
Nodding Off quotes by Khaled Hosseini
You never knew if he was nodding a lot because he was thinking and all, or just because he was a nice old guy that didn't know his ass from his elbow. ~ J.D. Salinger
Nodding Off quotes by J.D. Salinger
This is the worst idea in the history of ideas, yet I can't stop myself from nodding. ~ Denise Grover Swank
Nodding Off quotes by Denise Grover Swank
Whatever reason, an evening nodding and unconscious in my bedroom at Hobie's had begun to seem like a perfectly reasonable response to the holiday lights, the holiday crowds, the incessant Christmas bells with their morbid funeral note, Kitsey's candy-pink notebook from Kate's Paperie with tabs ~ Donna Tartt
Nodding Off quotes by Donna Tartt
I detected sarcoma." He put his finger on his neck. "Right here."
The other man nodded
his head seemed to be nodding continually
and muttered:
"Yes. There's no possibility of operating."
"Of course not," said the old specialist, his eyes shining with a kind of sinister irony. "There's only one thing that could remove it
the guillotine. ~ Henri Barbusse
Nodding Off quotes by Henri Barbusse
The heartwood," Rob murmured, looking at me. "You wanted to marry me in the heart of Major Oak." I beamed at him grateful that he understood. "And Scar," he whispered. I leaned in close. "Are you wearing knives to our wedding?" Nodding, I laughed, telling him, "I was going to get you here one way or another, Hood."
He laughed, a bright, merry sound. Standing in the heart of the tree, he reached again for my hand, fingers sliding over mine. Touching his hand, a rope of lightening lashed round my fingers, like it seared us together. Now, and for always. His fingers moved on mine, rubbing over my hand before capturing it tight and turning me to the priest.
The priest looked over his shoulder, watching as the sun began to dip. He led us in prayer, he asked me to speak the same words I'd spoken not long past to Gisbourne, but that whole thing felt like a bad dream, like I were waking and it were fading and gone for good. "Lady Scarlet." he asked me with a smile, "known to some as Lady Marian of Huntingdon, will thou have this lord to thy wedded husband, will thou love him and honour him, keep him and obey him, in health and in sickness, as a wife should a husband, forsaking all others on account of him, so long as ye both shall live?"
I looked at Robin, tears burning in my eyes. "I will," I promised. "I will, always."
Rob's face were beaming back at me, his ocean eyes shimmering bright. The priest smiled.
"Robin of Locksley, will thou have this lady to thy ~ A.C. Gaughen
Nodding Off quotes by A.C. Gaughen
The more you like a girl, the less she likes you. It's like fucking scientific."
"What about you and Kim?"
"That's what I'm talking about, little dude. If I start being nice and acting cool and saying things
and being on time, she starts acting, you know, fucking uninterested. But if I act like a total dick, then
she calls me all the fucking time. It's fucking crazy, because I really like her and all, but when I say
nice shit to her, she gets all freaked out and says she needs some fucking space and all. So I just act
like I don't give a shit, you know? It's all part of God's plan," he said, nodding. ~ Joe Meno
Nodding Off quotes by Joe Meno
He laughs and turns up the music so that I can hear it in the back. The speakers blast out: 'Streets like a jungle, so call the police.'

'Call the police,' I smile, 'fuck the police' nodding my head to the beat. The guard turns it up even more.

'Yeah, fuck the police for stitching me up and presenting their dodgy evidence,' I think to myself. Fuck them for getting me put away for seven instead of the four or five I should have got.

A new song comes on and I'm merrily tapping my feet while the guard sings along up front to The Clash.

'Fighting the nation. Police and thieves in the street, oh yeah…Oh yeah! Scaring the nation with their guns and ammunition. Police and thieves in the street. Oh yeah. Fighting the nation with their guns and ammunition'.

Ha ha. The DJ on the radio is on my side. The Securicor men are on my side. And I'm heading back to civilisation and as many drugs as I can get my hands on. Everything's going my way. There must be a song about that, too. ~ Harry Shaw
Nodding Off quotes by Harry  Shaw
The cheerful trumpet strains of Purcell's "Prince of Denmark March" sang out as Prince Charles, flanked by Princes Andrew and Edward, strode confidently up the aisle, smiling and nodding to his friends in the congregation. He seemed very much at ease as he took his place to await his bride.
Then . . . we heard the trumpet fanfare that heralded Diana's entrance. We could not see her arrival from our seats to the side. Very clearly, though, we could hear the murmurs and gasps of approval inside the church along with the cheers and applause outside, as the entire world first glimpsed the bride in her fairy-tale dress.
Diana looked an absolute vision in her cloud of tulle, taffeta, and lace, with the Spencer diamond tiara sparkling above her veil. Lovely, innocent, and demure, she more than met her subjects' expectations that glorious morning.
Holding her father's arm, Diana progressed slowly and beautifully up the aisle to the rustle of silk and the scrutiny of the congregation. I recognized the processional march as Jeremiah Clarke's "Trumpet Voluntary" from my own wedding. She appeared outwardly composed, almost deadly calm, with an endearing tentative quality to her smile. I felt certain she was trembling inside. I was quaking in sympathy for her.
It may have been simply the effect of the artificial light, but I thought Diana looked rather pale and tense under her veil. Even Pat noticed. He turned to me and whispered, "She looks as nervous as you did, almo ~ Mary Robertson
Nodding Off quotes by Mary Robertson
No, you simply sit there with your arms crossed nodding with that timeless patience that communicates condescension and judgment without exposing you to responsibility for insinuating anything aloud. ~ David Foster Wallace
Nodding Off quotes by David Foster Wallace
Wait - no, not drifting. Following us. "We have an audience," I said to Reth, nodding at the clusters of flying insects.
"I suppose we can't make the Dark Queen any angrier with us than she already is," he said, then his perfect mouth moved, silently forming words, and he gracefully waved his hands through the air in a semicircle. The warm breeze suddenly froze, and I saw frost eat across the nearest butterflies' wings. They stopped midair, then dropped to the ground with tiny clinking noises, frozen solid.
A serene smile spread across Reth's face. "I've always disliked insects."
"If the whole being-a-faerie thing doesn't work out for you, you definitely have a future in pest control. ~ Kiersten White
Nodding Off quotes by Kiersten White
You can have your harem change out the bandages later," I said. "How busy are you today?" "Oh," he mused. "I don't know. I mean, I've got to get a new shirt now." "After that," I asked, "would you like to help me save the city? If you don't already have plans." He snorted. "You mean, would I like to follow you around, wondering what the hell is going on because you won't tell me everything, then get in a fight with something that is going to leave me in intensive care?" "Uh-huh," I said, nodding, "pretty much." "Yeah," he said. "Okay. ~ Jim Butcher
Nodding Off quotes by Jim Butcher
Be careful with that ," I said, nodding at the paper, "because if you text me too much, you'll have to marry me. It's the rules in my religion. ~ Tahereh Mafi
Nodding Off quotes by Tahereh Mafi
I've always hovered above their stories, nodding in sympathy and thinking how foolish they are, these women, to let these things happen, how undisciplined. And now to be one of them! One of the women with the endless stories that make people nod sympathetically and think: Poor dumb bitch. ~ Gillian Flynn
Nodding Off quotes by Gillian Flynn
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