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I'm doing something called 'Olivia Twisted,' that will start next year. There may be something in between, but right now, that's the one that I'm slated to do next year. That's a very ultra-modern version of 'Oliver Twist,' and it's female-driven. It's an action film, and it's kind of dark and gritty. ~ Ashley Greene
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Ashley Greene
For the next eight or ten months, Oliver was the victim of a systematic course of treachery and deception. He was brought up by hand. The hungry and destitute situation of the infant orphan was duly reported by the workhouse authorities to the parish authorities. The parish authorities inquired with dignity of the workhouse authorities, whether there was no female then domiciled in 'the house' who was in a situation to impart to Oliver Twist, the consolation and nourishment of which he stood in need. The workhouse authorities replied with humility, that there was not. Upon this, the parish authorities magnanimously and humanely resolved, that Oliver should be 'farmed,' or, in other words, that he should be dispatched to a branch-workhouse some three miles off, where twenty or thirty other juvenile offenders against the poor-laws, rolled about the floor all day, without the inconvenience of too much food or too much clothing, under the parental superintendence of an elderly female, who received the culprits at and for the consideration of sevenpence-halfpenny per small head per week. Sevenpence-halfpenny's worth per week is a good round diet for a child; a great deal may be got for sevenpence-halfpenny, quite enough to overload its stomach, and make it uncomfortable. The elderly female was a woman of wisdom and experience; she knew what was good for children; and she had a very accurate perception of what was good for herself. So, she appropriated the greater part of the weekl ~ Charles Dickens
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Charles Dickens
What a fine thing capital punishment is! Dead men never repent; dead men never bring awkward stories to light. The prospect of the gallows, too, makes them hardy and bold. Ah, it's a fine thing for the trade! Five of them strung up in a row, and none left to play booty or turn white-livered! ~ Charles Dickens
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Charles Dickens
In some ways, calm bodily protest has a nakedness to it that may be deeply embarrassing for observers; an act not unlike the bare-faced Oliver Twist effrontery that stands vulnerably before authority, asking for more or better. ~ Michael Leunig
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Michael Leunig
There is a passion for hunting something deeply implanted in the human breast. ~ Charles Dickens
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Charles Dickens
Can we reasonably expect happiness from an insatiable appetite which, no matter how it stuffs its belly, is still psychologically like Oliver Twist in the poorhouse, holding up an empty bowl and begging, "I want some more"? Isn't it possible that our dream of the good society contained, from the beginning, a hidden violation of the Tenth Commandment "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods"? ~ Joy Davidman
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Joy Davidman
My first film crush was Mark Lester as Oliver Twist in the Carol Reed film. ~ Sally Phillips
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Sally Phillips
Why Mr. Dickens, in his biography of that particular moment, preferred to focus on the adventures of the orphan parish child, Oliver Twist, remains a matter of speculation and mystery to all subsequent scribes of those long-departed times: of a London nearly two centuries gone, back when it was a pox-infested, grimy, depressing, fog-bound, class-favoring, sprawling, noxious, odorous, and overall distasteful place in which to live and breathe and sicken and die - as opposed to modern times, wherein the pox has been largely attended to; so that's progress of a sort. ~ Peter David
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Peter David
I came to view the world as a word puzzle and, with no special aptitude I can name, fixed on the whys and wherefores of language from my earliest days. Song lyrics. Signs. The stories read in first and second grades. My parents almost always read to us at bedtime. Poems by Whittier. Scenes from Oliver Twist. Kidnapped. Treasure Island. The names alone intrigued me. Dr. Livesey, Squire Trelawney. The name Balfour sounded the knell of the romantic. Robinson Crusoe. I loved to hear read the exploits of Natty Bumppo. Authors had an aura of the godlike to me. The Latin prayers fascinated me as an altar boy. I can still recall carved names on buildings I saw from the MTA train when I was a youngster. Who can explain why? Words were magic to me. I once inadvisably glued my finger and thumb together at the Magoun Library in fourth grade trying to amuse a pretty little girl on whom I had a crush, and when the librarian came over angrily to inquire what the problem was and I pointed with a shrug and replied, "Mucilage" - a word that always made me laugh - she very coldly stated, "You are more to be pitied than censured. ~ Alexander Theroux
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Alexander Theroux
For me 'Oliver Twist' is a political novel. It is a furious critique of the treatment of orphans and poor children who were forced to spend their early lives in ghastly institutions. ~ Henning Mankell
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Henning Mankell
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Charles Dickens
Once I managed to get to a sink, staring up out of it at my empty-stomached face was a collection of facial hair, discarded razor blades, plasters, snot and phlegm, all fused together into one stomach churning mass. I retched, but nothing came up. My eyes watered at the festering sight and my stomach was in knots as I ran my hand over the surface of the water. It was freezing cold. I flung the cruel liquid over my hair, then, as if straight from Oliver Twist, I asked one of the two screws that were standing over us like bouncers, 'Is there any toothpaste, sir? ~ Stephen Richards
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Stephen Richards
The best food I've ever eaten in my life has come from the poorest communities. ~ Jamie Oliver
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Jamie Oliver
My own first love was biology. I spent a great part of my adolescence in the Natural History museum in London (and I still go to the Botanic Garden almost every day, and to the Zoo every Monday). The sense of diversity of the wonder of innumerable forms of life has always thrilled me beyond anything else. ~ Oliver Sacks
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Oliver Sacks
I think most people are aware of the garbage in the tabloids and don't give them a lot of credence. ~ Nancy Sinatra
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Nancy Sinatra
The power of music, narrative and drama is of the greatest practical and theoretical importance. One may see this even in the case of idiots, with IQs below 20 and the extremest motor incompetence and bewilderment. Their uncouth movements may disappear in a moment with music and dancing - suddenly, with music, they know how to move. We see how the retarded, unable to perform fairly simple tasks involving perhaps four or five movements or procedures in sequence, can do these perfectly if they work to music - the sequence of movements they cannot hold as schemes being perfectly holdable as music, i.e. embedded in music. The same may be seen, very dramatically, in patients with severe frontal lobe damage and apraxia - an inability to do things, to retain the simplest motor sequences and programmes, even to walk, despite perfectly preserved intelligence in all other ways. This procedural defect, or motor idiocy, as one might call it, which completely defeats any ordinary system of rehabilitative instruction, vanishes at once if music is the instructor. All this, no doubt, is the rationale, or one of the rationales, of work songs. ~ Oliver Sacks
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Oliver Sacks
Her voice has always reminded me of bees droning flatly in the heat. ~ Lauren Oliver
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Lauren Oliver
And in August it will be fifty-two years together."
"Wow," Oliver says. "That's amazing."
"I wouldn't call it amazing," the woman says, blinking. "It's easy when you find the right person. ~ Jennifer E. Smith
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
All writers, in all viewpoints, must choose which information and scenes will be presented, and in which order. In that sense, the author is always represented as a point of view in a work of fiction. His hand can always be detected by the discerning. ~ Nancy Kress
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Nancy Kress
What we believe about ourselves determines how we live. If we believe and act on lies, we will end up in bondage, ~ Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Our manly ways and stern simplicity wreak much confusion to the enemy's councils. For they are men yet garb themselves as women, wearing wigs and finery and lace. And for this offense if it be God's will we will come upon them in the night, from the rear, and penetrate their degenerate bodies with our holy truth. For we are manly saints and possess the full swelling hardness of our faith, which gushes forevermore from Christ's unyielding root. ~ Oliver Cromwell
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Oliver Cromwell
So far I've seen the life studies packet used as (1) an umbrella, (2) a makeshift towel, (3) a pillow, and now this. I have never actually seen anyone study with it, which either means that everyone who graduates from Thomas Jefferson will be totally unprepared for life or that certain things can't be learned in bullet-point format. ~ Lauren Oliver
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Lauren Oliver
What happened?" I ask. My heart hurts.
"That big guy," he says. His voice is high and tight. "Number forty-six. Jeez, he just bashed his shoulder right into my chest, and when I was on the ground, he steps on my leg with his cleat." He sniffs hard, rubs his nose on his sleeve, doesn't meet my eyes.
"That bastard," I say. "The minute he gets off the field I'm going to kick him in the balls." Oliver laughs a little, his eyes filling up at the same time. "He'll never know what hit him. His balls are gonna go flying, I promise you that. People will wish they brought their catcher's mitts. ~ Deb Caletti
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Deb Caletti
I am an expert swordsman. And I am skilled in the business of death. I take no pleasure in my skill. Simply, I am good at it. ~ Oliver Bowden
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Oliver Bowden
Guardian of the cave in the Hill Cumorah On December 11, 1869, then-Elder Wilford Woodruff recorded significant portions of President Brigham Young's remarks at a meeting, including President Young's explanation that Joseph Smith did not return the gold plates to the box "from where he had received them. But he went into a cave in the Hill Cumorah with Oliver Cowdery and deposited those plates upon a table or shelf. In that room were deposited a large amount of gold plates, containing sacred records; and when they first visited that room, the sword of Laban was hanging upon the wall and when they last visited it, the sword was drawn from the scabbard and lain upon the table, and a messenger who was the keeper of the room informed them that that sword would never be returned to its scabbard until the Kingdom of God was established upon the earth and until it reigned triumphant over every enemy. Joseph Smith said that cave contained tons of choice treasures and records."16 ~ Donald W. Parry
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Donald W. Parry
Through positive thinking and related approaches, we seek the safety and solid ground of certainty, of knowing how the future will turn out, of a time in the future when we'll be ceaselessly happy and never have to fear negative emotions again. But in chasing all that, we close down the very faculties that permit the happiness we crave. ~ Oliver Burkeman
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Oliver Burkeman
The World I Live In

I have refused to live
locked in the orderly house of
reasons and proofs.
The world I live in and believe in
is wider than that. And anyway,
what's wrong with Maybe?

You wouldn't believe what once or
twice I have seen. I'll just
tell you this:
only if there are angels in your head will
you ever, possibly, see one. ~ Mary Oliver
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Mary Oliver
You're in a scene with Laura Linney or Oliver Platt or John Hickey or Alan Alda and these amazing actors and actresses, and you're like, 'Oh my God, I haven't even started; I'm nothing compared to these people!' ~ Gabriel Basso
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Gabriel Basso
It is a hard thing to let your children near danger, and yet, I remember my Papa teaching me to fire a rifle before I could even hold it with my own strength. And if he hadn't trusted me to be careful, I would have never had faith in myself to do it. ~ Nancy E. Turner
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Nancy E. Turner
The crops, however, I examine closely, to see what each bird has been feeding upon. Clover. Kinnickkinnick. Snowberries. Wheat. Barley. Crickets. Grasshoppers. Fir needles. Huckleberries. Rose hips. The crops filled with snowberries are breathtaking, looking like a clump of pearls, and nearly as rare; it's always a thrill to open a crop and see nothing but beautiful white berries. Usually in these woods, though, in the autumn, the crops are bulging with bright red kinnickkinnick berries, and the bright green leaves from the same bush. Tom and Nancy save the crop from each bird they kill and set it on the windowsill to dry translucent in the sunlight - a globe, a ball, filled with Christmas colors, perfect red and green; and then in December they hang these as ornaments on their tree. For ~ Rick Bass
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Rick Bass
The Christian life is not about all the things we do for God
it's about being loved by Him, loving Him in return, and walking in intimate union and communion with Him. ~ Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
In truth, nothing was the same. She forgot about the stars ... and taking notice of the sea. She was no longer filled with all the curiosities of the world and didn't take much notice of anything ... other than how heavy ... and awkward the bottle had become. ~ Oliver Jeffers
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Oliver Jeffers
I feel very vulnerable when it has to do with family. Having lost my mom, who I was so extremely close to, now I feel so vulnerable when somebody gets sick or hurt. I become a complete wreck until they're well. Even if it's a cold! I compare myself to Marlin in Finding Nemo. ~ Nancy O'Dell
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Nancy O'Dell
O friendship! thou fond soother of the human breast, to thee we fly in every calamity; to thee the wretched seek for succor; on thee the care-tired son of misery fondly relies; from thy kind assistance the unfortunate always hopes relief, and may be sure of
disappointment. ~ Oliver Goldsmith
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Oliver Goldsmith
Oliver's heart tried to pound its way out of his ribcage, but he ignored it. "I'm in love with Petunia," he announced. "And I want to help her. ~ Jessica Day George
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Jessica Day George
The Negro was invented in America. ~ John Oliver Killens
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by John Oliver Killens
LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you; he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing. (Zephaniah 3:17 NIV 1984) ~ Nancy Grisham
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Nancy Grisham
It's so good I could cry, and Sarah actually does cry, sitting and sobbing in front of her plate. ~ Lauren Oliver
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Lauren Oliver
Eve took me to teach me how to fence," Claire said.
"Not so much how to fence as how to hold a sword and not drop it," Eve said. "And then I fought Oliver to a draw."
Shane fluttered his hands. "Oh, and then we were all elected as ice princesses and asked to go to Disneyland!"
"Laugh all you want. I'm going to look way better in full skirts than you," Eve said. ~ Rachel Caine
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Rachel Caine
They flourished and shone with jewels, lovely clothes, brilliant hair and dazzling complexions; when they danced they really did seem to float, except when it was the Charleston, and that, though angular, was so accomplished that it made us gasp with admiration. Their conversation was quite evidently both daring and witty, one could see it ran like a river, splashing, dashing, and glittering in the sun. Linda was entranced by them, and decided then and there that she would become one of these brilliant beings and live in their world, even if it took her a lifetime to accomplish. ~ Nancy Mitford
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Nancy Mitford
If I were your wife I would put poison in your coffee, ~ Nancy Astor
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Nancy Astor
For all the people who have infected me with amor deliria nervosa in the past
- you know who you are.
For the people who will infect me in the future
- I can't wait to see who you'll be.
And in both cases:
Thank you. ~ Lauren Oliver
Nancy In Oliver Twist quotes by Lauren Oliver
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