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You're probably thinking the same thing we were: where did Jane get the rope to tie the prisoners? We researched this very conundrum thoroughly, and after two weeks we can say, without a doubt : nobody knows. It's a question that has baffled historians and archaeologists alike. Professor Herbert Halprin explains: "Ropes have been a mystery to scholars throughout the ages. The first ropes were thought to appear as far back as 17,000 BC and made of vines. Unfortunately, being made of vines, none of those early examples survived. Later, da Vinci drew sketches for a rope-making machine, but it was never built. In medieval times, there were secret societies, called Rope Guilds, whose rope-twisting practices were protected via a complicated series of handshakes and passwords -" Okay. Your narrators are interrupting the dear professor, for reasons of boredom. Plus, his English accent sounded sketchy and forced. We asked him where Jane could've gotten the rope, but maybe he thought we asked him where anyone could've gotten any rope at any given point in history. Trust us, we are as frustrated as you must be about the lack of a definitive answer. ~ Cynthia Hand
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Cynthia Hand
When you're making the record, you're not thinking about an audience, but you still need them and you want them. ~ Alexis Taylor
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Alexis Taylor
Your life matters. You can't live through a day without making an impact on the world. And what's most important is to think about the impact of your actions on the world around you. ~ Jane Goodall
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Jane Goodall
I think that it's high time that the Prime Minister stopped making excuses for bad policy and started listening to the forgotten families of Australia. ~ Tony Abbott
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Tony Abbott
I'm tempted to tell you that you think too much, but I'm not really one to talk,' Jacob said. 'Henry Miller wrote something about fear making you fearless. It's a very powerful emotion. Use it to get what you want. I mean if it's going to rule our life, it might as well rule you to freedom, right? ~ Tiffanie DeBartolo
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Tiffanie DeBartolo
In these gaudy times, we think we will shortly reach the point where everything is known, but the fact is we are ignoring the essential, which is love of all living things, of all beauty both visible and hidden. ~ Georges Rouault
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Georges Rouault
I think a show is for fun, and the thing about playing live is that you make mistakes, and that's what's sort of exciting about it. ~ Inara George
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Inara George
I think it's important to have a greater purpose behind modeling. Don't model just because you're pretty and you want to make money. Every girl wants that. You have to stand out from everyone else and on those really hard days, that is really the only thing that will keep you going. ~ Whitney Thompson
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Whitney Thompson
I think it's a disgrace for the international community that we have allowed so many conflicts to become frozen, and we are not making a serious effort to solve them. ~ Martti Ahtisaari
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Martti Ahtisaari
If you're making music, you must want to turn other people on to it, whether you're number one in the charts or number 60. I don't know, that's a commercial thing, but just the fact that other people like you ... there's no point in making music, otherwise. Otherwise, you might as well make it in your bedroom and leave it there. ~ Paul Weller
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Paul Weller
I wasn't thinking about history. I was thinking about how we were going to end segregation at lunch counters in Atlanta, Georgia.We would have never thought about making history, we just thought: Here is our chance to get out our sense of rejection at this kind of racial discrimination. I don't know that there was a time that anybody growing up in the South wasn't enraged about being segregated and being discriminated against. ~ Marian Wright Edelman
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Marian Wright Edelman
I think making movies and being in theater and TV, there's this beautiful little family. It's so intense that you form these little families, and that's what I loved. ~ Mickey Sumner
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Mickey Sumner
A thought-form held in thinking substance is a reality; it is a real thing, whether it has yet become visible to mortal eye or not. ~ Wallace D. Wattles
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Wallace D. Wattles
Any human being who does not wish to be part of the masses need only stop making things easy for himself. Let him follow his conscience, which calls out to him: Be yourself! All that you are now doing, thinking, desiring, all that is not you. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
I am always interested in affecting people in some way, making them think about particular areas of history that they have never thought about or that they may have thought about in one way and then changing their view. ~ Naomie Harris
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Naomie Harris
Knowledge isn't truth. It's just mindless agreement. You agree with me, I agree with someone else - we all have knowledge. We haven't come any closer to the truth. You can never understand anything by agreeing, by making definitions. Only by turning over the possibilities. That's called thinking. If I say "I know", I stop thinking. As long as I keep thinking, I come to understand. That way, I might approach some truth. ~ Terry Johnson
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Terry Johnson
Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does. ~ Allen Ginsberg
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Allen Ginsberg
The factors that laid low so whooping and puissant an empire as the old Hollywood are many. I can think of a score, including the barbarian hordes of Television. But there is one that stands out for me in the post-mortem ... The factor had to do with the basis of movie-making: 'Who shall be in charge of telling the story.' ~ Ben Hecht
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Ben Hecht
I think 'Comic Book: The Movie' is the apex of my career in terms of making a personal statement that has significance to me and resonates with biographical detail about not only my career, but all the people that I've worked with in my career. All of it's riddled, on- and off-camera, with people I've known and worked with for decades. ~ Mark Hamill
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Mark Hamill
I grew up as a fan of the original Star Trek series. When I was in middle school, I think in the 6th grade, I remember going to a book fair and finding a book called The Making of Star Trek, by Stephen Whitfield, and I grabbed it and took and home and just devoured it, over and over again. It was a really influential book. It was very nuts and bolts. ~ Ronald D. Moore
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Ronald D. Moore
One time, the homie Venus[-X] read me; we were on the phone and she was like, "Girl, you keep wearing jeans and t-shirts at your shows, but the music doesn't give that." I was like, "You're right, I need to be the person that I am at school, making dance and choreography. I should think about the whole performance." That's when I put the 1 in my name and started dressing for the occasion. ~ Le1f
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Le1f
I am aware that many divines are far more marvelous than I am, and that I cannot wholly appreciate merits so far transcending my own. Nevertheless, even after making allowances under this head, I cannot but think that Omnipotence operating through all eternity might have produced something better. ~ Bertrand Russell
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Bertrand Russell
To paraphrase Hannah Arendt - as portrayed in the recently released movie of the same name - the Nazi war criminal's actions stemmed from her well-known phrase "banality of evil," not as a result of mental illness but as a result of a lack of thinking. Their greatest error was delegating the process of thinking and decision-making to their higher ups. In Rudolf Höss's case, this would have been his superiors, particularly Heinrich Himmler.

To many this conclusion is troubling, for it suggests that if everyday, "normal," sane men and women are capable of evil, then the atrocities perpetrated during the Holocaust and other genocides could be repeated today and into the future.

Yet, this is exactly the lesson we must learn from the war criminals at Nuremberg. We must be ever wary of those who do not take responsibility for their actions. And we ourselves must be extra vigilant, particularly in this day of accelerated technological power, heightened state surveillance, and global corporate reach, that we do not delegate our thinking to others. ~ Thomas Harding
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Thomas Harding
Historically, WordPress has been purely focused on the writing side. However, we're thinking about mobile completely differently, and I think there's a big opportunity to take the community of creators that loves WordPress and deliver an audience to the amazing things they're making. ~ Matt Mullenweg
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Matt Mullenweg
i will learn how to love a person and then i will teach you and then we will know"

seen from a great enough distance i cannot be seen
i feel this as an extremely distinct sensation
of feeling like shit; the effect of small children
is that they use declarative sentences and then look at your face
with an expression that says, 'you will never do enough
for the people you love'; i can feel the universe expanding
and it feels like no one is trying hard enough
the effect of this is an extremely shitty sensation
of being the only person alive; i have been alone for a very long time
it will take an extreme person to make me feel less alone
the effect of being alone for a very long time
is that i have been thinking very hard and learning
about mortality, loneliness, people, society, and love; i am afraid
that i am not learning fast enough; i can feel the universe expanding
and it feels like no one has ever tried hard enough; when i cried in your room
it was the effect of an extremely distinct sensation that 'i am the only person
alive,' 'i have not learned enough,' and 'i can feel the universe expanding
and making things be further apart
and it feels like a declarative sentence
whose message is that we must try harder ~ Tao Lin
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Tao Lin
There are many things in life that you feel you need such as television, magazines, teachers telling that you have to make money and be successful, but if you have some kind of hope, something to hold onto, then all this will no longer be important. If you can make your next day better than the previous one, then you will see what it really means something to you and not everything that people think you need for your life. ~ Billie Joe Armstrong
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Billie Joe Armstrong
We are used to thinking of doctoring as a solitary, intellectual task. But making medicine go right is less often like making a difficult diagnosis than like making sure everyone washes their hands. ~ Atul Gawande
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Atul Gawande
I used to love jungle. I still think it's the ultimate genre, really, because the people making it weren't musicians. ~ Aphex Twin
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Aphex Twin
To make money in the markets, you have to think independently and be humble. ~ Ray Dalio
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Ray Dalio
People expect it to be easy because there you are, out there, doing the thing that you want and making lots of money out of it. But, you know, I'm not that smooth. I can get clumsy around certain people. Like if I were to sit down and think, 'OK, I'm really famous, how am I going to conduct myself in public?' I wouldn't know who that person would be! It would be a lot easier if I could, but I can't. ~ Kristen Stewart
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Kristen Stewart
I had a really good time with Martha Stewart, who also is somebody I really admire a lot. I've learned a lot from her and I think all of America has, about attention to detail and using fresh ingredients and making things beautiful and special. ~ Ted Allen
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Ted Allen
I'm not supposed to date you, Jenny."
"That's what you said before."
He leaned forward, his elbows on his knees. "I didn't think this was going to be a problem. I mean, I'm pretty good at not letting someone become important to me. I have to be if I want to make it to L.A."
"I understand."
He laughed. "How nice of you to understand, since you're the one making it a struggle for me! It would be so easy to make you important. ~ Elizabeth Chandler
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Elizabeth Chandler
With all due respect for the wondrous ways people have invented to amuse themselves and one another on paved surfaces, I find that this exodus from the land makes me unspeakably sad. I think of the children who will never know, intuitively, that a flower is a plant's way of making love, or what silence sounds like, or that trees breathe out what we breathe in. ~ Barbara Kingsolver
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
I think women are really good at making friends and not good at networking. Men are good at networking and not necessarily making friends. That's a gross generalization, but I think it holds in many ways. ~ Madeleine Albright
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Madeleine Albright
Animation, for me, is a wonderful art form. I never understood why the studios wanted to stop making animation. Maybe they felt that the audiences around the world only wanted to watch computer animation. I didn't understand that, because I don't think ever in the history of cinema did the medium of a film make that film entertaining or not. What I've always felt is, what audiences like to watch are really good movies. ~ John Lasseter
Making Thinking Visible quotes by John Lasseter
I think my deepest criticism of the educational system ... is that it's all based upon a distrust of the student. Don't trust him to follow his own leads; guide him; tell him what to do; tell him what he should think; tell him what he should learn. Consequently at the very age when he should be developing adult characteristics of choice and decision making, when he should be trusted on some of those things, trusted to make mistakes and to learn from those mistakes, he is, instead, regimented and shoved into a curriculum, whether it fits him or not. ~ Carl Rogers
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Carl Rogers
In order to make most good, least harm choices, and create a humane and sustainable world, we are going to have to become adept at making connections. Single-issue thinking and taking sides when issues are presented to us in simplistic terms will have to give way to far more nuanced research, consideration, and decision making. ~ Zoe Weil
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Zoe Weil
I grew up as an artist. Science fiction allows for design and creatures and guns and all the stuff that I like as well. So I think most of the films I make, I'm sure, will be in that category. But I can also see myself making a film like 'Black Hawk Down,' and I could also totally do horror. ~ Neill Blomkamp
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Neill Blomkamp
In ways that we have barely begun to understand, trillions upon trillions of reflexive chemical reactions add up to a mobile, thinking, decision-making you - or, come to that, a rather less reflective but still incredibly organized dung beetle. Every living thing, never forget, is a wonder of atomic engineering. ~ Bill Bryson
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Bill Bryson
You need to be so careful when there is one simple diagnosis that instantly pops into your mind that beautifully explains everything all at once. That's when you need to stop and check your thinking...Beware of the delirious guy in the emergency unit with the long history of alcoholism, because you will say, 'He's just drunk,' and you'll miss the subdural hematoma. ~ Michael Lewis
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Michael Lewis
I think a lot of making art is listening to yourself. ~ Kiki Smith
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Kiki Smith
Bob Dole revealed he is one of the test subjects for Viagra. He said on Larry King, 'I wish I had bought stock in it.' Only a Republican would think the best part of Viagra is the fact that you could make money off of it. ~ Jay Leno
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Jay Leno
I don't think talking about myself making songs is a very interesting topic, there are so many other more engaging things to think about and write about. ~ Jeffrey Lewis
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Jeffrey Lewis
I don't work from drawings and colour sketches into a final painting. Painting, I think, today - the more immediate, the more direct - the greater the possibilities of making a direct - of making a statement. ~ Jackson Pollock
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Jackson Pollock
I didn't invent satire. I didn't come up with it. And it will continue to be a very powerful tool to disrupt political taboos and social taboos and religious taboos, because those taboos are always used to control and to curb people's way of creativity and thinking, by making them feel guilty because they want to make a change. ~ Bassem Youssef
Making Thinking Visible quotes by Bassem Youssef
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