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Don't be a pleaser of people just because of the fear of the losing your position. You cease to be a true leader when you do so! ~ Israelmore Ayivor
Lose Your Position quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
Heart of my heart, you need no man to give you away. Just come to me of your own free will. Love me for who I am ... just as I love you for who you are ... and our bond will last until the stars lose their shining. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Lose Your Position quotes by Lisa Kleypas
Guurl. Tell me. Do you keep your hair this long for religious reasons? Like, will you lose your strength if you cut it?--Terry, a member of the glam squad, to Khloe Richardson ~ Naima Simone
Lose Your Position quotes by Naima Simone
To allow Christ to live in you is to lose your ego-centric motivation ~ Sunday Adelaja
Lose Your Position quotes by Sunday Adelaja
Why do many believers insist on repeatedly pointing to the crimes of 20th century dictators who led officially atheistic societies as some sort of evidence of their god's existence? It makes no sense.
If the rivers of blood on Stalin's hands and Mao's hands, for example, are supposed to prove there is a god, then what do the oceans of blood on the hands of several thousand years' worth of religious kings, queens, presidents, popes, priests, generals, Crusadersm jihadists and tribal chiefs prove? It's not, of course, but if bodycount is somehow the measure of a god's likelihood of existence, then believers lose.
It is clear that humans are quite capable of killing with or without images of gods bouncing around in their heads. If anything, however, history suggests that the concept of gods makes the idea of massacring your fellow man (and women and children, too, of course) a lot easier to act upon. ~ Guy P. Harrison
Lose Your Position quotes by Guy P. Harrison
Find the Bad Guy means how, when you're arguing with your spouse, both people are trying to win the argument. Who didn't close the garage door? Who left the Bigfoot hair clump in the shower drain? What you have to realize, as a couple, is that there is no bad guy. You can't win an argument when you're married. Because if you win, your spouse loses, and resents losing, and then you lose, too, pretty much. ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
Lose Your Position quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
People say to me 'You're a big Hollywood star', and I find it so funny. I still feel as though I'm the girl from Golders Green. I lead such a boring, normal life. I still go shopping in Sainsbury's. If the ability to do that was taken away from me, I'd go barmy. You lose your freedom. Be careful what you wish for. ~ Amanda Donohoe
Lose Your Position quotes by Amanda Donohoe
There's no real road map to L.A. Everyone's journey is different. You have to persevere and be willing to put everything in it. You have to stick it out. I don't really have a safety net, but what I do is put myself in the best possible position to succeed by working hard. Also, be careful who you let into your life. ~ Christopher Egan
Lose Your Position quotes by Christopher Egan
What if I lose you?" "You can't lose your mother, Charley. ~ Mitch Albom
Lose Your Position quotes by Mitch Albom
I've always maintained that if I wasn't studying psychopaths in prison, I'd do so at the stock exchange," he enthused. "Without doubt, there's a greater proportion of psychopathic big hitters in the corporate world than there is in the general population. You'll find them in any organization where your position and status afford you power and control over others, and the chance of material gain. ~ Kevin Dutton
Lose Your Position quotes by Kevin Dutton
Lose what? A man only has a soul to be won or lost; apart from his life, he has nothing. Past or future lives do not matter - at the moment you are living this one, and you should do so with silent comprehension, joy and enthusiasm. What you must not lose is your enthusiasm. ~ Paulo Coelho
Lose Your Position quotes by Paulo Coelho
what is more worst that could happen .... lose yourself ....
when you try find the right path to your destination.
I think you lost more than that… you ~ Ahmed El-fanagely
Lose Your Position quotes by Ahmed El-fanagely
Happiness increases and decreases depending on the level of power one has. When you have more power, more control on your life, you feel more happy and self-confident, as your power decreases and the control of your life slips away, you get less and less happy and when you no longer have any power to rely on you reach depression and despair. This is the point where your power meter has hit 0. You now need to rely on the good favors of others to live. For those who believe in the power of god, it sustains them through this dark hour. For those who do not believe, they think they have reached the end and may take their lives. That's why all conflict in life is about power and many lose life in its pursuit. Power is life itself. ~ Bangambiki Habyarimana
Lose Your Position quotes by Bangambiki Habyarimana
How do you study something that cannot possibly get your clothes dirty? How do astrophysicists know anything about either the universe or its contents if all the objects to be studied are light-years away? Fortunately, the light emanating from a star reveals much more to us than its position in the sky or how bright it is. ~ Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Lose Your Position quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
If you ever find yourself tempted to seek out someone else's opinion on a trade, that's usually a sure sign that you should get out of your position. ~ Linda Bradford Raschke
Lose Your Position quotes by Linda Bradford Raschke
Power: The ability to force or coerce someone to do your will, even if they would choose not to, because of your position or your might. ~ James Hunter
Lose Your Position quotes by James Hunter
Osteoporosis is a disease that attacks the bones in your body. It happens to really almost everyone when they get really old. But for women, after menopause, they can lose up to 30 percent of their bone mass. ~ Ann Richards
Lose Your Position quotes by Ann Richards
If love is your only weapon, you may lose many times but in the end you win. ~ Debasish Mridha
Lose Your Position quotes by Debasish Mridha
Look you," Pandora told him in a businesslike tone, "marriage is not on the table."
Look you? Look you? Gabriel was simultaneously amused and outraged. Was she really speaking to him as if he were an errand boy?
"I've never wanted to marry," Pandora continued. "Anyone who knows me will tell you that. When I was little, I never liked the stories about princesses waiting to be rescued. I never wished on falling stars, or pulled the petals off daisies while reciting 'he loves me, he loves me not.' At my brother's wedding, they handed out slivers of wedding cake to all the unmarried girls and said if we put it under our pillows, we would dream of our future husbands. I ate my cake instead. Every crumb. I've made plans for my life that don't involve becoming anyone's wife."
"What plans?" Gabriel asked. How could a girl of her position, with her looks, make plans that didn't include the possibility of marriage?
"That's none of your business," she told him smartly.
"Understood," Gabriel assured her. "There's just one thing I'd like to ask: What the bloody hell were you doing at the ball in the first place, if you don't want to marry?"
"Because I thought it would be only slightly less boring than staying at home."
"Anyone as opposed to marriage as you claim to be has no business taking part in the Season."
"Not every girl who attends a ball wants to be Cinderella."
"If it's grouse season," Gabriel pointed out acidly, "and you're keeping co ~ Lisa Kleypas
Lose Your Position quotes by Lisa Kleypas
Being a businessman, you want to invest your time and your heart into growth and a legacy, and sometimes it's about going over there and getting it. But you don't have to lose yourself. ~ Anthony Hamilton
Lose Your Position quotes by Anthony Hamilton
Simple remedies for dire situations, that's the lesson. In a falling elevator, try to climb up on the person nearby so their body will cushion your landing. Or in a crowded theater when everybody's hightailing it for the fire exit, stick your elbows hard into the ribs of your neighbors to wedge yourself in, then pick up your feet so you won't get trampled. That is how people frequently lose their lives in a riot: somebody steps on your heel, then walks right up till you're flat and they're standing on you. That's what you get for trying to stand on your own two feet - you end up getting crushed!

So that's my advice. Let others do the pushing and shoving, and you just ride along. In the end, the neck you save will be your own. Perhaps I sound un-Christian, but let's face it, when I step outside

my own little world at night and listen to the sounds out there in the dark, what I feel down in my bones is that this is not a Christian kind of place. This is darkest Africa, where life roars by you like a flood and you grab whatever looks like it will hold you up.

If you ask me, that's how it is and ever shall be. You stick out your elbows, and hold yourself up. ~ Barbara Kingsolver
Lose Your Position quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
Always make it a practice to stir your own mind thoroughly to think through what you have easily believed. Your position is not really yours until you make it yours through suffering and study. The author or speaker from whom you learn the most is not the one who teaches you something you didn't know before, but the one who helps you take a truth with which you have quietly struggled, give it expression, and speak it clearly and boldly. ~ Oswald Chambers
Lose Your Position quotes by Oswald Chambers
Lose your temper and you lose the fight. ~ Margaret Atwood
Lose Your Position quotes by Margaret Atwood
True sportsmanship is ...
Knowing that you need your opponent because without him or her, there is no game.
Acknowledging that your opponent holds the same deep-rooted aspirations and expectations as you.
Knowing that, win or lose, you will walk off the course with pride.
Always taking the high road.
And always, always, always being a good sport. ~ Lorii Myers
Lose Your Position quotes by Lorii Myers
Respect your captor, Caecelia. Learn to love your position, Caecelia. Pledge loyalty to Sparta, Caecelia. All hail Queen Caecelia of Sparta! ~ Sai Marie Johnson
Lose Your Position quotes by Sai Marie Johnson
I know your breed; all your fine officials debauch the younger girls who are afraid to lose their jobs: that's as old as Washington. ~ Christina Stead
Lose Your Position quotes by Christina Stead
If you identify with a mental position, then if you are wrong, your mind-based sense of self is seriously threatened with annihilation. So you as the ego cannot afford to be wrong. To be wrong is to die. Wars have been fought over this, and countless relationships have broken down. ~ Eckhart Tolle
Lose Your Position quotes by Eckhart Tolle
When you lose something in your life, stop thinking it's a loss for you ... it is a gift you have been given so you can get on the right path to where you are meant to go, not to where you think you should have gone. ~ Suze Orman
Lose Your Position quotes by Suze Orman
You have to live spherically - in many directions. Never lose your childish enthusiasm - and things will come your way. ~ Federico Fellini
Lose Your Position quotes by Federico Fellini
Let your dream scream at you when you lose focus. ~ Debasish Mridha
Lose Your Position quotes by Debasish Mridha
If you are born of God, your civil position will be proactive because only active people can be winners ~ Sunday Adelaja
Lose Your Position quotes by Sunday Adelaja
The reality is, no matter what you were told, whatever happened to you as a child was not legally or morally your fault. Abused children are instilled with guilt regarding their "participation." It's an especially complex issue if the abuser is a family member. The child is told and believes that by his word his family will disintegrate, or harm may descend upon other loved ones. He fears he will lose more by telling than not. ~ Sarah E. Olson
Lose Your Position quotes by Sarah E. Olson
One thing you must never lose is courage. If you believe in the goal you are striving for, you will be courageous. There are many difficult times ahead, but you must keep your sense of humor, work through the tough situations, and enjoy yourself! ~ Shigesato Itoi
Lose Your Position quotes by Shigesato Itoi
Not Every Battle You Lose is considered as a loss sometimes this loss leads to the best victory, You just have to be Patient and to take advantage Of every unexpected event that happened during your struggle your own war . ~ Ahmed
Lose Your Position quotes by Ahmed
But when you're a kid, it's different. You lose something and then there's this hole inside of you and you want to fill that hole, but you don't have the experience or wisdom to do it. So you ask for answers. From the air, from the clouds, from the stars, from anyone who might listen. And when voices finally respond and promise that there's a place where you can get what you want, where your wishes can come true, then you go. You go to that magical place and you stay and you create and you try to heal. You fill that hole. Which can be brave. Which is important. But while you're there, you realize that what you want and what you need are two different things. And that's when you're done with the place, and you leave for good. But leaving for good means you forget the place even existed at all. ~ Aaron Starmer
Lose Your Position quotes by Aaron Starmer
It is simply this: do not tire, never lose interest, never grow indifferent - lose your invaluable curiosity and you let yourself die. It's as simple as that. ~ Tove Jansson
Lose Your Position quotes by Tove Jansson
Emotion can be the enemy, if you give into your emotion, you lose yourself. You must be at one with your emotions, because the body always follows the mind. ~ Bruce Lee
Lose Your Position quotes by Bruce Lee
Believer, your life is too essential to waste on pettiness or word wars, greed or ladder climbing, anger or bitterness, fear or anxiety, regret or disappointment. Life is too short. We must run, not walk, the way of Isaiah 58, embracing authentic faith manifested through mercy and community. Living on mission requires nothing less. It is a grand adventure, a true voyage into the kingdom of God. Would you lose days, months, years pointing fingers and quarreling, or would you rather break yokes of oppression? Imagine what would happen if we all chose the latter. ~ Jen Hatmaker
Lose Your Position quotes by Jen Hatmaker
Under no circumstances should you play fast if you have a winning position. Forget the clock, use all your time and make good moves. ~ Pal Benko
Lose Your Position quotes by Pal Benko
Exercise, lose weight, test your blood sugar, or whatever. Do it without motivation and then guess what. After you start doing the thing, that's when the motivation comes and makes it easy for you to keep on doing ~ John C. Maxwell
Lose Your Position quotes by John C. Maxwell
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