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I've only been in unrequited relationships where people haven't loved me back. I guess I'm a little bit attracted to that in a bad way. ~ Sam Smith
Little Cub quotes by Sam Smith
Never before, I suspect, have so many people been so rich to so little purpose. ~ Mark Kingwell
Little Cub quotes by Mark Kingwell
Next you just relax and hold really still and concentrate on your breathing. You don't have to make a big deal about it. It's not like you're thinking about breathing, but you're not not thinking about it either. It's kind of like when you're sitting on the beach and watching the waves lapping up on the sand or some little kids you don't know playing in the distance. You're just noticing everything that's going on, both inside you and outside you, including your breathing and the kids and the waves and the sand. And that's basically it. ~ Ruth Ozeki
Little Cub quotes by Ruth Ozeki
People have little importance to me because they are unconscious to their real self. And that self that I see in them, they can't see in themselves. They're only manifesting a very small portion of what they could be. Honesty and kindness could unlock many things in their spirit but most people are too afraid and trapped within themselves, their mind, their fake beliefs. And so, I observe everything in them that they may spend an entire lifetime never seeing. I know their wants, their qualities, their dreams, their needs, their spiritual lessons, their karma, their past lives. They only know what their friends, trapped by the same ignorance, believe that they are. ~ Robin Sacredfire
Little Cub quotes by Robin Sacredfire
A little birdie wandered into the fire and a phoenix came out. ~ Derek Ryans
Little Cub quotes by Derek Ryans
Yeah, well, what are you going to teach me next ... how to take over the world?" I asked sarcastically.
"Good idea!" Sampson exclaimed a little too enthusiastically.
"No, bad idea!" I stressed.
"See? You are learning," Sampson said. ~ Jennifer Priester
Little Cub quotes by Jennifer Priester
He realized that he agonized over everything all the time, and he admitted that part of the problem in the Carter game had been his own lack of belief in his abilities. He knew the reason why he was like this, that it was the price he paid for carefully watching out for himself ever since he had been a little boy. 'I've never taken a chance in life,' he said. 'I need to run in front of traffic bucknacked and get arrested. ~ H. G. Bissinger
Little Cub quotes by H. G. Bissinger
Many people know so little about what is beyond their short range of experience. They look within themselves - and find nothing! Therefore they conclude that there is nothing outside themselves either. ~ Helen Keller
Little Cub quotes by Helen Keller
While the others stare at the fungal glade in sick fascination, Caldwell kneels and picks up one of the fallen sporangia. It looks and feels solid enough, but weighs very little. There's a pleasing smoothness to its integument. Nobody sees as she slips it, very carefully, into the pocket of her lab coat. The next time Sergeant Parks glances around at her, she's fidgeting with her bandages again and looks as though she's been doing it the whole time. They ~ M.R. Carey
Little Cub quotes by M.R. Carey
Absent-mindedly she stroked her belly, trying not to imagine that it already felt a little rounder. ~ Michelle Duffy
Little Cub quotes by Michelle Duffy
I think the preseason helps a lot, just to feel a little bit about the speed of the game. ~ Andrew Luck
Little Cub quotes by Andrew Luck
We're going away. Pack your shit, folks. We're going away. And we won't leave much of a trace, either. Thank God for that. Maybe a little Styrofoam. Maybe. A little Styrofoam. The planet'll be here and we'll be long gone. Just another failed mutation. Just another closed-end biological mistake. An evolutionary cul-de-sac. The planet'll shake us off like a bad case of fleas. A surface nuisance. ~ George Carlin
Little Cub quotes by George Carlin
When you read,' the man whispered, 'you discover who you really are. You find traces of yourself, little pieces you didn't know were there. ~ Malcolm McNeill
Little Cub quotes by Malcolm McNeill
Feeling a little bit alive is a lot better than just waiting to die. ~ Robert De Niro
Little Cub quotes by Robert De Niro
I am wild, if you like; but I stayed in my burrow a long, long time, - nibbling your straws and snapping at your fingers, but always just a little out of reach. Until at last I got to trust you so much that one day I ventured out for a minute, - and you threw rocks at me. And I will never come out again. ~ Nancy Milford
Little Cub quotes by Nancy Milford
… she stepped into him, tipping her face upward until their mouths brushed. Her soft lips heated under his, encouraging him to press his tongue against their parted seam. She made a sound of acquiescence, of excitement. The deeper he slid, the more she made the noise. Almost a purr. Carefully, he reached up to hold her head in his palms, tilting her so he could explore. She tasted like grape bubblegum. Sweet, a little wicked. A lot sexy. ~ Cari Quinn
Little Cub quotes by Cari Quinn
Will laughed. 'You're quite a dreamer, Abbie-girl.'
Abbie did not laugh. She was suddenly very sober. 'You have to, Will.' She said it a little vehemently. 'You have to dream things out. It keeps a kind of ideal before you. ~ Bess Streeter Aldrich
Little Cub quotes by Bess Streeter Aldrich
A popular anecdote described a dog praising perestroika, saying, "My chain is a little longer, the dish is further away, but I can now bark all I want. ~ Conor O'Clery
Little Cub quotes by Conor O'Clery
The weak mind is irritated at a little: the strong mind bears it like a rock which moveth not, though a thousand breakers dash upon it, and cast their pitiful malice in spray upon its summit. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Little Cub quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Ah! my poor Bahorel, she is a superb girl, very literary, with tiny feet, little hands, she dresses well, and is white and dimpled, with the eyes of a fortune-teller. I am wild over her. ~ Victor Hugo
Little Cub quotes by Victor Hugo
The knife point dug into Akos's skin, right over the scar Ryzek had given him.
"Vas," Eijeh said, and he sounded a little terse. Nervous? Akos thought. But it was a foolish hope. "You can't kill him, Ryzek won't allow it. So stop playing at it."
Vas grunted, and took the knife away.
Akos's body ached as it relaxed. "Is there some kind of Shotet holiday today where you visit the people you hate to make them miserable?" He wiped at the cold sweat on the back of his neck. "Well, I'm not celebrating. Leave me alone."
"No, but your presence has been requested to witness the interrogation of a confessed renegade," Vas said. "Along with Cyra's."
"What use would I be at an interrogation?" Akos said.
Vas tilted his head, a smile creeping across his face. "You were initially brought here to bring relief to Cyra on a regular basis. I assume that is the use you will be put to."
"Right," Akos said. "I'm sure that's the reason."
Vas sheathed his knife--he probably knew as well as Akos did that he wouldn't need it to get Akos to do what he said. After all, they were on a ship. In space. ~ Veronica Roth
Little Cub quotes by Veronica Roth
A number of porcupines huddled together for warmth on a cold day in winter; but, as they began to prick one another with their quills, they were obliged to disperse. However the cold drove them together again, when just the same thing happened. At last, after many turns of huddling and dispersing, they discovered that they would be best off by remaining at a little distance from one another. In the same way the need of society drives the human porcupines together, only to be mutually repelled by the many prickly and disagreeable qualities of their nature. The moderate distance which they at last discover to be the only tolerable condition of intercourse, is the code of politeness and fine manners; and those who transgress it are roughly told - in the English phrase - to keep their distance. By this arrangement the mutual need of warmth is only very moderately satisfied; but then people do not get pricked. A man who has some heat in himself prefers to remain outside, where he will neither prick other people nor get pricked himself. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
Little Cub quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
The mist was very dark in here, white and wet, and the cobwebs festooning the gaunt tree trunks were weighed down with thousands of shimmering, pear-shaped crystals. But it was not cold. Only still and secret and private, a hushed world within a world… They followed the sound, and after a while found a clearing, not open to the sky but clear on the ground. Long, wet grass stood there, and pine needles lay dark around the feet of the surrounding trees. In the centre, a well of water bubbled up and trickled away through the grass in two little channels already grooved in the spongy turf… Together they approached the spring, laying Aricia's bronze coin and his own gold ring in the ice-cold, pure water, and for a moment they stayed there, hypnotised by the quiet tinkle of the gushing water. ~ Pauline Gedge
Little Cub quotes by Pauline Gedge
As when my little son John offendeth: if then I should not whip him, but call him to the table unto me, and give him sugar and plums, thereby, I should make him worse, yea should quite spoil him. ~ Martin Luther
Little Cub quotes by Martin Luther
A hidden mussel was blowing bubbles like a spring through the sand where his boot was teasing the water. It was the little pulse of bubbles and not himself or herself that was the moment for her then; and he could have already departed and she could have already wept, and it would have been the same, as she stared at the little fountain rising so gently out of the shimmering sand. A clear love is in the world - this came to her as insistently as the mussel's bubbles through the water. There it was, existing there where they came and were beside it now. It is in the bubble in the water in the river, and it has its own changing and its mysteries of days and nights, and it does not care how we come and go. ~ Eudora Welty
Little Cub quotes by Eudora Welty
Marriage is something that needs to be worked on every day. I don't know if I'm the one to give marital advice since I've only been married for a little over a year, but marriage is certainly easier if you are open, trusting and loving. ~ Emily Blunt
Little Cub quotes by Emily Blunt
It's good to see you relax." He leaned in closer. "Between you and me, you can be a little high strung sometimes." "Which is completely cool and super-desirable, thank you very much." "Abso-fucking-lutely." The laughter in his eyes was beatific. ~ Kylie Scott
Little Cub quotes by Kylie Scott
Technology has been defined, perhaps a little ungenerously, as "a long Greek name for a bag of tools". ~ Vincent Massey
Little Cub quotes by Vincent Massey
[John Cassavetes] came backstage afterwards and introduced himself and we talked a bit, and then went for a little coffee at the Russian Tea Room next door. It just ... started. ~ Gena Rowlands
Little Cub quotes by Gena Rowlands
Not much. I've very little imagination. It's the imaginative chaps who suffer." "'The coward dies a thousand deaths ~ K.J. Charles
Little Cub quotes by K.J. Charles
The baby woke up before you did. I took him to the other room to let you get a little more sleep. We've been watching a game."
"Did he cry?"
"Only when he realized the Astros were having another first-round play-off flame out. But I told him there's no shame in crying over the Astros. It's how we Houston guys bond. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Little Cub quotes by Lisa Kleypas
It costs me never a stab nor squirm / To tread by chance upon a worm. / Aha, my little dear, / I say, Your clan will pay me back one day. ~ Dorothy Parker
Little Cub quotes by Dorothy Parker
Surely there is something in the unruffled calm of nature that overawes our little anxieties and doubts; the sight of the deep-blue sky and the clustering stars above seems to impart a quiet to the mind. ~ Jonathan Edwards
Little Cub quotes by Jonathan Edwards
My focus is to stay up the middle. If I'm a little early I'll hit it to left, if I'm a little late, I'll hit it to right. ~ Andruw Jones
Little Cub quotes by Andruw Jones
Kate smirked.
"Your horse looks pink."
"If you paste some stars on her butt you'll be riding My Little Pony."
"Bugger off." I patted the mare's neck. "Don't listen to her, Sugar. You are the cutest horsey ever. The correct name for her color is strawberry roan, by the way."
"Strawberry Shortcake, more like it. Does Strawberry Shortcake know you stole her horse? She will be berry, berry angry with you."
I looked at her from under half-lowered eyelids. "I can shoot you right here, on this road, and nobody will ever find your body. ~ Ilona Andrews
Little Cub quotes by Ilona Andrews
The canons of literary taste as they have hardened in the twentieth century leave little place for Rabelais. ~ Roger Shattuck
Little Cub quotes by Roger Shattuck
Somewhere, the imaginary little shoulder angel and devil were having a conversation on their respective sides, the angel offering a gentle warning that this might not be a good idea, given all the drama, the complications. But the little devil, with its pudgy belly and pointy ears, was so comical that Holly almost laughed when he rolled his eyes at the angel and whispered, "Oh, whatever". ~ Melissa Senate
Little Cub quotes by Melissa Senate
Man may live long, yet live very little. Satisfaction in life depends not on the number of your years, but on your will. ~ Michel De Montaigne
Little Cub quotes by Michel De Montaigne
The mind leans on [innate] principles every moment, but it does not come so easily to distinguish them and to represent them distinctly and separately, because that demands great attention to its acts, and the majority of people, little accustomed to think, has little of it. ~ Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Little Cub quotes by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
I have great respect for actors like Jodie Foster and Natalie Portman who went to school the entire time they were acting. All I did was one small little independent film, and I realised I couldn't balance both lives. ~ Nikki Reed
Little Cub quotes by Nikki Reed
I grabed one of his hands that was hanging loosely at his side.I took a little bit of work to pry the fat silver ring off his finger, but when I had it free I held it up between the two of us and looked him dead in the eye. He was watching me caustiously, but didn't ask me what I was doing. Do you love me Jet? Dispite it all. Do you love me? Aden I'm here of course I love you. I love you before, I love you after, and I'll love you for everything in between. Had we not been in a grungy motel room in Kentucky,there was a good chance I would have gotten down on one kneeto make the moment more dramatic, to prove to him just how serious I was about not running away anymore but a girl had to have standards. I grad his left hand and put a kiss in his left palm. Jet Keller I love you and there is no future for me without you in it. I'm never going to bed with a man that isn't you again. I don't care if you're a rock star or a a car salesman.I just want there to be a you and me forever. Will you marry me? ~ Jay Crownover
Little Cub quotes by Jay Crownover
We're probably a couple of freaks who've created their own little universe, are living in our own little world and that's the only place where we can survive. ~ Stephen Malkmus
Little Cub quotes by Stephen Malkmus
I look for a sense of reality with everything I did. I didn't work in a studio, I didn't light anything. I found a way of working which pleased me because I didn't have to frighten people with heavy equipment. It was that little black box and me and £5 worth of film in my pocket or maybe it was only £2 in those days. ~ Eve Arnold
Little Cub quotes by Eve Arnold
[M]any people believe that memory works like a recording device. You just record the information, then you call it up and play it back when you want to answer questions or identify images. But decades of work in psychology has shown that this just isn't true. Our memories are constructive. They're reconstructive. Memory works a little bit more like a Wikipedia page: You can go in there and change it, but so can other people. ~ Elizabeth F. Loftus
Little Cub quotes by Elizabeth F. Loftus
I have a bet with my mom that involves a little money, and if I have too many turnovers, she gets in my pocket. I'm afraid of that for sure. ~ Stephen Curry
Little Cub quotes by Stephen Curry
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