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Some level of truthfulness has always been seen as essential to human society, no matter how deficient the observance of other moral principles. ~ Sissela Bok
Levels Solicitors quotes by Sissela Bok
Well, let's just suppose for the sake of argument that I decided to take Holly travelling to some ancient Indian burial ground in the middle of the desert. I've considered it, from time to time… anyway, he would be using the Black Arts to invoke fallen spirits, spirits that would generally be unwilling, uncooperative… so, there would be an explicit contest of wills. Holly would have to heap conjuration upon conjuration, precisely because spirits and demons are often reluctant to be summoned, and if they were summoned, they would do everything in their power to escape Holly's control, threaten him and deceive him. To gain the upper hand in the game, Holly would have to wield a horrible amount of power… which he does indeed have, and it would be quite spectacular to watch, no doubt. Thousands of ghouls and skeletons rising up from the ground, rushing forth against the wind on deceased white horses towards the crashing waves of the sea, and considering that Holly has more in common with demons himself than he will ever care to admit, he probably wouldn't be able to stop once he started. We would have radical weather patterns and rising sea levels on our hands for days, perhaps even weeks… if he ever tried it, it would probably kill him, but hell's bells, it would be a really captivating show to see! ~ Rebecca McNutt
Levels Solicitors quotes by Rebecca McNutt
Remember when we had trouble beating the last few levels of Zelda? We pooled our allowances and bought the walk-through guide to help us out.' He softly adds, 'You should've asked for help before cheating. ~ Adam Silvera
Levels Solicitors quotes by Adam Silvera
While in Bombay, I began, on one hand, my study of Indian law and, on the other, my experiments in dietetics in which Virchand Gandhi, a friend, joined me. My brother, for his part was trying his best to get me briefs. The study of India law was a tedious business. The Civil Procedure Code I could in no way get on with. Not so however, with the Evidence Act. Virchand Gandhi was reading for the Solicitor's Examination and would tell me all sorts of stories about Barristers and Vakils. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Levels Solicitors quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
Life expectancy continues to rise in most of the rest of the industrialized world, but in the United States it has dropped for three years in a row - for the first time in a century. As we'll see, American kids today are 55 percent more likely to die by the age of nineteen than children in the other rich countries that are members of the OECD, the club of industrialized nations. America now lags behind its peer countries in health care and high-school graduation rates while suffering greater violence, poverty and addiction. This dysfunction damages all Americans: it undermines our nation's competitiveness, especially as growing economies like China's are fueled by much larger populations and by rising education levels, and may erode the well-being of our society for decades to come. The losers are not just those at the bottom of society, but all of us. For America to be strong, we must strengthen all Americans. ~ Nicholas D. Kristof
Levels Solicitors quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
People weep at music all the time, because music gives form to some abstract level of integration. ~ Joe Bradley
Levels Solicitors quotes by Joe Bradley
The creation of rule is more creative than the destruction of them. Creation demands a higher level of reasoning and draws connections between cause and effect. The best rules are never stable or permanent, but evolve naturally according to context or need. ~ Andrea Zittel
Levels Solicitors quotes by Andrea Zittel
I still get butterflies. It's because there's a certain level of responsibility you carry when doing a concert. You've got to sound at least as good as the record. ~ Michael Bolton
Levels Solicitors quotes by Michael Bolton
Psychopathy is like sunlight. Overexposure can hasten one's demise in grotesque, carcinogenic fashion. But regulated exposure at controlled and optimal levels can have a significant positive impact on well-being and quality of life. ~ Kevin Dutton
Levels Solicitors quotes by Kevin Dutton
As a woman, I have an inherent need to be all things to all people, to make certain everybody's taken care of. I know I can't sustain that level all the time, so I'm finding the proper balance and it's made me infinitely happier. ~ Sarah Jessica Parker
Levels Solicitors quotes by Sarah Jessica Parker
When people connect to my work, it makes me feel great. A lot of that stuff is really deep, and when I play something and people feel what I feel, and use it in important situations in their lives, like at weddings or funerals, that's so powerful. It means I can connect with them on an important level. ~ Xavier Rudd
Levels Solicitors quotes by Xavier Rudd
In some ways, TV is more regimented, but there is a level of professionalism that's very high, among the people that work in television. ~ Zak Penn
Levels Solicitors quotes by Zak Penn
Our children remind us, if we let them, that there are not only many types of dreams but many levels of dreaming, that we do not have to go to sleep in order to dream and that when we imagine something vividly we are doing far more than 'making things up': we may be punching a hole in the world, opening a path into a larger reality. ~ Robert Moss
Levels Solicitors quotes by Robert Moss
But it was no good trying to tell about the beauty. It was just that life was beautiful beyond belief, and that is a kind of joy which has to be lived.

Sometimes, when they came down from the cirrus levels to catch a better wind, they would find themselves among the flocks of cumulus: huge towers of modeled vapor, looking as white as Monday's washing d as solid as meringues. Perhaps one of these piled-up blossoms of the sky, these snow-white droppings of a gigantic Pegasus, would lie before them several miles away. They would set their course toward it, seeing it grow bigger silently and imperceptibly, a motionless growth; and then, when they were at it, when they were about to bang their noses with a shock against its seeming solid mass, the sun would dim. Wraiths of mist suddenly moving like serpents of the air would coil about them for a second. Grey damp would be around them, and the sun, a copper penny, would fade away. The wings next to their own wings would shade into vacancy, until each bird was a lonely sound in cold annihilation, a presence after uncreation. And there they would hang in chartless nothing, seemingly without speed or left or right or top or bottom, until as suddenly as ever the copper penny glowed and the serpents writhed. Then, in a moment of time, they would be in the jeweled world once more: a sea under them like turquoise and all the gorgeous palaces of heaven new created, with the dew of Eden not yet dry. ~ T.H. White
Levels Solicitors quotes by T.H. White
Are you willing to take the Big Leap to your ultimate level of success in love, money, and creative contribution? ~ Gay Hendricks
Levels Solicitors quotes by Gay Hendricks
The process of achievement comes through repeated failures and the constant struggle to climb to a higher level. ~ John C. Maxwell
Levels Solicitors quotes by John C. Maxwell
If I'm in the business of making artwork that is designed on some level to sell a product, then I have to be very comfortable with the people I'm working with and I'd like to be proud of the end result regardless of its sale-ability. ~ John Dyer Baizley
Levels Solicitors quotes by John Dyer Baizley
There's nothing in computing that can't be broken by another level of indirection. ~ Rob Pike
Levels Solicitors quotes by Rob Pike
I'd say most of my work is just trying to make sense of the disorienting and overloaded world that we inhabit. We're bombarded with sound at every level. ~ DJ Spooky
Levels Solicitors quotes by DJ Spooky
Whereas religions may serve a benign purpose by letting many people feel comfortable with the level of morality they themselves can attain, no religion holds its member to the high standards of moral responsibility that the secular world of science and medicine does! ~ Daniel Dennett
Levels Solicitors quotes by Daniel Dennett
That level of trust was what being in command was truly about
being able to lead someone not only down an unknown path, but also a seemingly wrong path, if the need called for doing so. ~ Dave Galanter
Levels Solicitors quotes by Dave Galanter
You tried to kidnap me, Luc.
Hmm, he murmured. That means I like you.
I arched a brow. Okay. That's messed up on about a thousand different levels.
Probably, I don't people well. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Levels Solicitors quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
In no way have we contemplated the intervention of the army in tasks that belong to police at the different levels of government. What is contemplated .. is support from the army in these tasks but not in direct actions that correspond to municipal, state and federal police. ~ Ruben Aguilar
Levels Solicitors quotes by Ruben Aguilar
On the levels of politics and theology, beauty is perfectly compatible with nonsense and tyranny. Which is very fortunate; for if beauty were incompatible with non­sense and tyranny, there would be precious little art in the world. The masterpieces of painting, sculpture and architecture were produced as religious or political propaganda, for the greater glory of a god, a govern­ment or a priesthood. But most kings and priests have been despotic and all religions have been riddled with superstition. Genius has been the servant of tyranny and art has advertised the merits of the local cult. Time, as it passes, separates the good art from the bad meta­physics. Can we learn to make this separation, not after the event, but while it is actually taking place? That is the question. ~ Aldous Huxley
Levels Solicitors quotes by Aldous Huxley
What are the diverse Access Levels in quick? ~ Jason Beckham
Levels Solicitors quotes by Jason Beckham
That was like watching my dad French-kiss a raccoon-I feel violated on so many levels. ~ Sarah Cross
Levels Solicitors quotes by Sarah Cross
Obesity now contributes to the death of more than 360,000 Americans a year. The incidence of childhood obesity is now at epidemic levels. Alarm bells are going off all over the place. But our government has done virtually nothing. ~ Tom Harkin
Levels Solicitors quotes by Tom Harkin
A student well versed in even one technique will naturally see corresponding points in other techniques. A upper level punch, a lower punch, a front punch and a reverse punch are all essentially the same. Looking over thirty-odd kata, he should be able to see that they are essentially variations on just a handful. ~ Gichin Funakoshi
Levels Solicitors quotes by Gichin Funakoshi
What is at stake is civilization and humanity, nothing less. The idea that everything is permitted, as Nietzsche put it, rests on the premise of nihilism and has nihilistic implications. I will not pretend that the case against nihilism and for civilization is an easy one to make. We are here confronting the most fundamental of philosophical questions, on the deepest levels. In short, the matter of pornography and obscenity is not a trivial one, and only superficial minds can take a bland and untroubled view of it. ~ Irving Kristol
Levels Solicitors quotes by Irving Kristol
Where'er a noble deed is wrought, Where'er is spoken a noble thought, Our hearts in glad surprise To higher levels rise. ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Levels Solicitors quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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