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Exaggeration is the kissing cousin of both truth and lie. ~ Khang Kijarro Nguyen
Kissing Cousin quotes by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
It's just that this outfit is much easier to deal with than that chastity contraption you had on the last time we were kissing. ~ Andrea Cremer
Kissing Cousin quotes by Andrea Cremer
Smooth white skin invites something that will leave a trace, a kiss or a slap. ~ Mason Cooley
Kissing Cousin quotes by Mason Cooley
I have never been sexually aroused by a man. But I have yet to kiss Johnny Depp, so you never know. ~ Dave Navarro
Kissing Cousin quotes by Dave Navarro
Adrian might be brash and impertinent, but he knew how to move. Maybe dance lessons had been part of growing up in an elite tier of Moroi society. Or maybe he was just naturally skilled at using his body. That kiss has certainly show a fair amount of talent ... ~ Richelle Mead
Kissing Cousin quotes by Richelle Mead
No one can help but stare at the monster, because horror is a cousin to awe. ~ Ilsa J. Bick
Kissing Cousin quotes by Ilsa J. Bick
I'm really big on family. I'll love catching up with my cousins. Everyone's in their twenties, so they're all on their grind at the moment, but when we get the time, I'll fly everybody to Amsterdam or Ibiza, and we can just hang for a week, chill, do nothing. ~ Tinie Tempah
Kissing Cousin quotes by Tinie Tempah
Hard work, studying and perseverance will get you no where in life ... it's all about kissing ass ~ Mark Hoppus
Kissing Cousin quotes by Mark Hoppus
She sat up, cheeks flushed and golden hair tousled. She was so beautiful that it made my soul ache. I always wished desperately that I could paint her in these moments and immortalize that look in her eyes. There was a softness in them that I rarely saw at other times, a total and complete vulnerability in someone who was normally so guarded and analytical in the rest of her life. But although I was a decent painter, capturing her on canvas was beyond my skill.
She collected her brown blouse and buttoned it up, hiding the brightness of turquoise lace with the conservative attire she liked to armor herself in. She'd done an overhaul of her bras in the last month, and though I was always sad to see them disappear, it made me happy to know they were there, those secret spots of color in her life. ~ Richelle Mead
Kissing Cousin quotes by Richelle Mead
How can you be kissing at a time like this? Have you no respect for the dead? ~ Mark Zero
Kissing Cousin quotes by Mark Zero
Conspirators in pajamas who exchange deep kisses for passwords. ~ Pablo Neruda
Kissing Cousin quotes by Pablo Neruda
Wordlessly I looked back at him, astonished that a kiss on the palm could be so intimate. ~ Deborah Harkness
Kissing Cousin quotes by Deborah Harkness
And," I continued, "I'm probably going to be a bitch most of the time. I guarantee I'll find a reason to yell at you almost every day, and don't be surprised if a few drinks get dumped on you from time to time. That's just me, and you're going to have to deal with it. Because I'm not changing for you or anyone else. And I-"
Wesley slid off his bar stool and pressed his lips against mine before the words could get out. My heart pounded as every thought vacated my mind. One of his arms encircled my waist, pulling me as close to him as possible, and his free hand cupped my face, his thumb tracing my cheekbone. He kissed me so passionately I thought we would catch on fire.
It wasn't until after he pulled away, both of us in need of some air, that I could think straight again.
"You jerk!" I yelled, pushing him away from me. "Kissing me to make me shut up? God, you're so obnoxious. I could just throw something at you right now."
Wesley hopped onto his bar stool with a big grin, and I suddenly remembered him telling me that I was sexy when I was mad at him. Go figure. "Excuse me, Joe," he called to the bartender. "I think Bianca wants a Cherry Coke."
Despite my best efforts, I smiled. He wasn't perfect, or even remotely close, for that matter, but, hey, neither was I. We were both pretty fucked up. Somehow, though, that made everything more exciting. Yeah, it was sick and twisted, but that's reality, right? Escape is impossible, so why not embrace it?
W ~ Kody Keplinger
Kissing Cousin quotes by Kody Keplinger
It was raining that night, when we kissed for the first time. ~ Avijeet Das
Kissing Cousin quotes by Avijeet Das
We burned the midnight oil making love, even if it was just kissing and touching, for hours. It could be a single candle, Fourth of July fireworks, or anything in between. ~ L.A. Witt
Kissing Cousin quotes by L.A. Witt
I'm saying that I can't live without the sun shining down on my face, and I can't dream without the stars kissing me goodnight. I can't be without you ~ S.L. Jennings
Kissing Cousin quotes by S.L. Jennings
I never thought Greek philosophy could make a damn bit of sense to me. And most of it didn't, but those words just seemed right. 'Love is composed of a single soul, inhabiting two bodies.'" He took her by the shoulders drawing her close. "It rang true for me, in a way nothing else did. Whatever soul I had, Katie, I think I placed it in your keeping twenty years ago. And now, it's as if ... every time we kiss, you give a little piece of it back. ~ Tessa Dare
Kissing Cousin quotes by Tessa Dare
On Translating Eugene Onegin

What is translation? On a platter
A poet's pale and glaring head,
A parrot's screech, a monkey's chatter,
And profanation of the dead.
The parasites you were so hard on
Are pardoned if I have your pardon,
O, Pushkin, for my stratagem:
I traveled down your secret stem,
And reached the root, and fed upon it;
Then, in a language newly learned,
I grew another stalk and turned
Your stanza patterned on a sonnet,
Into my honest roadside prose--
All thorn, but cousin to your rose.

Reflected words can only shiver
Like elongated lights that twist
In the black mirror of a river
Between the city and the mist.
Elusive Pushkin! Persevering,
I still pick up Tatiana's earring,
Still travel with your sullen rake.
I find another man's mistake,
I analyze alliterations
That grace your feasts and haunt the great
Fourth stanza of your Canto Eight.
This is my task--a poet's patience
And scholastic passion blent:
Dove-droppings on your monument. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Kissing Cousin quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
You seem to forget that you wished to purchase the moon for me!'
'Nay, I don't forget that! The thing is I can't purchase it, so there was no harm in saying it. Now, if I'd said I'd like to give you a diamond necklace, or some such thing, you might have taken me up on it. I remembered that just in time to stop myself,' he explained, apparently priding himself on his forethought.
'I should like very much to have a diamond necklace,' said Anthea pensively.
'Wouldn't a paste one do as well?' he asked, in a voice of great uneasiness. She had been so sure that he would fall into the trap that she was taken, for an instant, off her guard, and looked up at him with such a startled expression on her face that his deep chuckle escaped him, and he lifted her quite off her feet, and kissed her. ~ Georgette Heyer
Kissing Cousin quotes by Georgette Heyer
Shall we go learn to kiss, to kiss?
Never heart could ever miss
Comfort, where true meaning is. ~ Nicholas Breton
Kissing Cousin quotes by Nicholas Breton
My cousin Jerry Lucey and five other firefighters died in a warehouse fire in Worcester, Mass. - my hometown - right in the middle of our old neighborhood downtown when a homeless couple started a fire to keep warm and the entire building went up. My cousin died trying to save homeless people who had already left the building. ~ Denis Leary
Kissing Cousin quotes by Denis Leary
Silly thing, kissing. Licking better. ~ Faith Hunter
Kissing Cousin quotes by Faith Hunter
Whereas economic man maximises, selects the best alternative from among all those available to him, his cousin, administrative man, satisfices, looks for a course of action that is satisfactory or 'good enough'. ~ Herbert A. Simon
Kissing Cousin quotes by Herbert A. Simon
I turn around from the window and for the first time I see him ... It is Richard, smiling at my surprise.
I run to him, without thinking what I am doing. I run to the first friendly face that I have seen since Christmas, and in a moment I am in his arms and he is holding me tightly and kissing my face, my closed eyes, my smiling mouth, kissing me till I am breathless and have to pull away from him. ~ Philippa Gregory
Kissing Cousin quotes by Philippa Gregory
One of the reasons for his drinking, Henry said, was John's mama used to make the whole family get down on their knees and pray like fury everytime John's daddy
Henry's first cousin, I believe
would come home boozed, and John never quite got it straight that they weren't thanking the good Lord for his blessing same as they did at the supper table. So according to Henry booze come to be sort of holy to him and with faith like that John grew up religious as a deacon. ~ Ken Kesey
Kissing Cousin quotes by Ken Kesey
We were kissing.
I thought: This is good.
I thought: I am not bad at this kissing. Not bad at all.
I thought: I am clearly the greatest kisser in the history of the universe.
Suddenly she laughed and pulled away from me. She wiggled a hand out of her sleeping bag and wiped her face. "You slobbered on my nose," she said, and laughed ~ John Green
Kissing Cousin quotes by John Green
Tell me what to do."
His warm breath tickled my ear. "Relax."
"Please, Noah, I don't want to do this wrong. Tell me how to make you feel good."
He shifted so that his body rested beside mine, his leg and arm still draped over me. I felt small under his warmth and strength. His chocolate-brown eyes softened. "Being with you feels good. Touching you-"he tucked a curl behind my ear"-feels good. I have never wanted anyone like I want you. There's nothing you can do wrong when just breathing makes everything right."
His hand framed my face and his tone was edget with husky authority. "I want you, but only if you want me."
I kissed him back, allowing my arms to wrap around him. His fingers gently massaged my neck, releasing the tension, erasing my unease. The kiss became a drug and i craved more with every touch. Our bodies twined so tightly to one another, i had no idea where i began and he ended.
Noah felt strong and warm and muscular and safe and he smelled, oh, God, delicious. I couldn't stop kissing him if my life depend it upon it: his lips, his neck, his chest, and Noah seemed as hungry as me. We rolled and we touched and we shed unwanted clothes. I moaned and he moaned and my mind and soul and body stood on the edge of pure ecstasy.
And i waited. I waited for that moment of pausing for protection and the burning pain my friends described, but Noah never stopped and the pain never came, not even when i whispered his name and praise God ~ Katie McGarry
Kissing Cousin quotes by Katie McGarry
But his kiss was so sweet, and so closely he pressed, that I languished and pined till I granted the rest. ~ John Gay
Kissing Cousin quotes by John Gay
Delicately, she parted her lips, swept them against his, and kissed first his top, then the bottom. Letting her lead, he pinched his brows together and held still. She didn't come at him with fire. She told him a story. And he'd be damned if it didn't start with once upon a time like she were proving he was some kind of hero. Specifically, hers. ~ Kelly Moran
Kissing Cousin quotes by Kelly Moran
Marry me, Thena, please.

I tried to sigh and would have managed it, had he left me enough air space. If he intended on kissing me like this a lot, I was going to need a nose-mask and oxygen tanks in the future.
Yes, I said reluctantly, I think I must.
It was perfectly clear to me that the poor man had become disturbed in his reason, and in those conditions it would be cruel and unfair to send him to space alone, much less when space had become so dangerous. I must marry him, just to make sure he stayed safe. It was the least I could do, since I was fairly sure I'd started him on this road by trying to garrotte him and reducing his supply of oxygen to the
Yes, yes, you must, he said. It gets very boring in the Cathouse, without anyone to kick me.
Poor man. Madder than a broomer hopped up on oblivium. ~ Sarah A. Hoyt
Kissing Cousin quotes by Sarah A. Hoyt
I think it's vital that we do not sleep together. You know, for the safety of the world." His eyes sparkled and there was just a hint of a smile at the corners of his mouth.
"Okay," I said, and smiled back at him. "But kissing is allowed, right?"
"Oh, definitely," he said, pulling me close. "After all, the warrior always wins the heart of the fair young ... man. ~ Diana Peterfreund
Kissing Cousin quotes by Diana Peterfreund
With a grunt of frustration, he grabbed the back of my head and pulled my lips to his, kissing me hard. "You drive me crazy. Tell me you'll do it forever. ~ Melanie Harlow
Kissing Cousin quotes by Melanie Harlow
Then he kissed her so deeply and so completely that she felt like she was falling, floating, spiraling down, down, down, like Alice in Wonderland. ~ Liane Moriarty
Kissing Cousin quotes by Liane Moriarty
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