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When I was 13, I told my dad I wanted to move to Florida to attend the IMG Academy. I wanted to be a golfer, and that's hard to do in New England where I could only practice half the year. ~ Peter Uihlein
Kianti Florida quotes by Peter Uihlein
Why should Dickie want to come back to subways and taxis and starched collars and a nine-to- five job? Or even a chauffeured car and vacations in Florida and Maine? It wasn't as much fun as sailing a boat in old clothes and being answerable to nobody for the way ~ Patricia Highsmith
Kianti Florida quotes by Patricia Highsmith
I nod"Maybe.But I'm pretty sure mom won't consent to a field trip across the country with my hot boyfriend.Especially not back to Florida."I clamp my mouth shut so fast my teeth should be chipped. He grins."You think I'm hot?"
"my mom thinks you are." Except, mom's not the one blushing right now. ~ Anna Banks
Kianti Florida quotes by Anna Banks
When it comes to wildlife, no state is deadlier than Florida. Let me count the ways: fire ants, mosquitoes, alligators, eastern diamondback rattlers, black bears, panthers, coral snakes, bull sharks, jellyfish, black widow spiders, water moccasins, wasps, crocodiles, pygmy rattlers, brown recluse spiders, wild boar, copperheads, scorpions, Burmese pythons. And ticks. No state has more attacks from fire ants, sharks, or snakes. Let's not forget Mother Nature, who is equally aggressive. Florida is the lightning capital of the United States, attracting by far the most strikes to ground, injuries (more than two thousand since 1959) and fatalities (nearly five hundred since 1959). About seven people die each year from lightning in the Sunshine State, accounting for about 15 percent of the total number of U.S. fatalities each year. ~ Joe Gisondi
Kianti Florida quotes by Joe Gisondi
That's one of the reasons I moved to Florida. Of course, the main reason is the weather and the training. But there's more jealousy in Switzerland because it's so little and they don't have so many athletes. ~ Martina Hingis
Kianti Florida quotes by Martina Hingis
Voters have soaked up a noggin full of negativity over the last twenty years, with an economy we had to bring back from collapse, plus terrorist attacks and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't want to belabor these points, but your listeners know what I'm talking about. I think the antidote is to appreciate what we have, enjoy where we live, and make a positive contribution to our communities. My Cracker Pride campaign is balanced by the spirit of Cincinnatus. He was a farmer and Roman general who was twice made dictator. And he had the forbearance to resign as dictator as soon as he had vanquished Rome's enemies. He became a civic ideal for good leadership. That's the spirit I want in my district and in my campaign. - Veda Rabadel, The Tea & Crackers Campaign. ~ Peter Prasad
Kianti Florida quotes by Peter Prasad
Senator Graham would have been very difficult to beat. He'd been governor for two terms. He's a U.S. Senator. He has a lot of friends; he's done a lot of favors to help a lot of people in Florida. So the fact that he's not running really does change the whole landscape in Florida. ~ Allen Boyd
Kianti Florida quotes by Allen Boyd
When observers look back 50 years from now, the arguments supporting Florida's ban on same-sex marriage, though just as sincerely held [as views of those who were opposed to interracial marriage], will again seem an obvious pretext for discrimination. ~ Robert Lewis Hinkle
Kianti Florida quotes by Robert Lewis Hinkle
It's the big new bridge," said Serge. "Takes you right across Lake What-the-Fuck." "Is that another real name?" "No," said Serge. "That's what I call it. It's really named Lake Surprise. But surprise is usually something good that provides delight, like winning the lottery or reaching in the back of the fridge and finding an unexpected jar of olives. But this lake got its name because it pissed people off." "How'd it do that?" "Another funny story. When Henry Flagler started the Overseas Railroad down the Keys, he looked for the route with the most land, because bridges over water cost more. So he sent out surveyors, and they began laying tracks south from the mainland of Florida, across some little islands and an isthmus to Key Largo. And I can't believe they built that far before realizing that right in the middle of a big chunk of land was this giant lake, and now they have to build an extra bridge that wasn't in the budget. ~ Tim Dorsey
Kianti Florida quotes by Tim Dorsey
Inspired by John Muir's A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf, John Davis walks, bikes, and kayaks on a 'voyage of recovery' from the Florida Keys to southeastern Canada. He bears witness not only to wilderness that still sustains bears, panthers, and bobcats but also to the possibilities for connecting further wildways in the eastern United States. His inspiring journey reminds us all that we must rediscover the wildness we still have before we lose it forever. ~ Michael Brune
Kianti Florida quotes by Michael Brune
Almost everything strange washes up near Miami. ~ Rick Riordan
Kianti Florida quotes by Rick Riordan
We'll never know. In the summer of 1971, against the advice of his mother, Howard Myers took a vacation to Florida. The combination of the heat and his medical condition combined to give him a massive heart attack which killed him. He was forty-one years old. There ~ Howard L. Myers
Kianti Florida quotes by Howard L. Myers
Sometimes when you're in different countries, everything has become so homogenised and there's a Starbucks and McDonald's everywhere, and you could feel like you're in Florida. But in Japan, you know you're there. ~ Will Yun Lee
Kianti Florida quotes by Will Yun Lee
She leaned her uninjured shoulder against his plump, furry behind and shoved while she bitched to herself, "Four years at the military academy, two years at Kansas State University, survival camp in the swamps of Alabama, more schooling in Florida, and then torture endurance training with the Mossad and all so I could heave a bear's ass into a helicopter. Unfreaking real. ~ Vonnie Davis
Kianti Florida quotes by Vonnie Davis
It turned out to be just his sort of life in Melbourne [Florida]
a little three-room mini apartment to himself, and down on the strip, five different bars where you had women going around in bathing suits. In the backyard, his mother's new husband had grown a miraculous tree, a lemon trunk grafted with orange, tangerine, satsuma, kumquat, and grapefruit limbs, each bearing its own vivid fruit. Every morning, Jeff would go out and fill his arms, and squeeze himself a pitcher of juice, thick and sun-hot. That house was good for his mother, too. The swimming pool trimmed fifteen pounds off of her. She didn't seem to have moods anymore, and she didn't fly off the handle when Jeff beat her in the cribbage games they played most afternoons. ~ Wells Tower
Kianti Florida quotes by Wells Tower
Florida has its own rhythm, too. People go to work, they watch their children learn and grow and start families of their own. They play in the sun and pass their lives enjoying the outsized blessings that make our state unique. ~ Jeb Bush
Kianti Florida quotes by Jeb Bush
Far below, making their way through the swinging glass doors, a retinue of Buddhist monks entered the Shopping Center. They approached in single file, heads shaven, their robes flowing behind them like a flood of freshly squeezed Florida orange juice.

The crowd melted, parting like a biblical sea to allow them through. The guard abashedly lowered his nightstick and stepped hastily aside. And the monks, without pause or ceremony, simply mounted the escalator and rode it to the next level.
~ Jeff Greenwald
Kianti Florida quotes by Jeff Greenwald
I took in a foster kid that I wanted to adopt in the state where I live, and I pay taxes, said to me, based on not your morality, not on how good you are as a mother, not on how much you've given to foster kids in Florida, based on the facts that you're in love with a woman, you can't keep her. ~ Rosie O'Donnell
Kianti Florida quotes by Rosie O'Donnell
In Sarasota, Florida, Stephen King reminded me of the joy of just writing every day. ~ Neil Gaiman
Kianti Florida quotes by Neil Gaiman
My dad worked for Del Monte and then for Monsanto as one of the chief scientists on the Calgene Flavr Savr Tomato. But it was a huge disaster because the tomato didn't taste good. And then my dad started his own genetics company and I began doing that with him. He and I ran a genetics company for 10 years. And so I sold seeds to Florida. ~ Sanjay Rawal
Kianti Florida quotes by Sanjay Rawal
I am an American, proud to be an American, proud to be a black American. I'm not African-American. I've never been to Africa. I'm an American that is black and my – and I'm proud to be a black that submits to my Christianity. I am proud to be just a man. I mean a man's man, not a metro sexual, not one that gets his nails done. I mean a man that used to get out there and knock heads and get his fingernails dirty. I'm proud of being a man, but my manhood submits to my Christianity, but I don't see that in Al Sharpton. Any time anything happens that attacks his blackness, he fears it and – because he has nothing else to stand on. Thus, when the real civil rights movement of everyone steps up, when we're saying the Tea Party, don't take being discriminated against. If a black person was kicked out of a hotel for being black down in Florida, it would be an uproar, but since the Tea Party was kicked out because of their political views, that's going against America. That's why we're here going against the Constitution, with certain unalienable rights. That is the true fight we must start and we must fight today like never before. ~ Ken Hutcherson
Kianti Florida quotes by Ken Hutcherson
This is Florida, where they're cool about putting people to death ~ Patricia Engel
Kianti Florida quotes by Patricia Engel
I split time between Nebraska and Florida. I'll come to Nebraska in the summertime and stay through Thanksgiving and then I go back to Florida because I have family in both places. One of the reasons I got the place in Nebraska is I've always wanted to live back in Nebraska. ~ Larry The Cable Guy
Kianti Florida quotes by Larry The Cable Guy
It is disingenuous to imply that my father was a Republican. He never endorsed any presidential candidate, and there is certainly no evidence that he ever even voted for a Republican. It is even more outrageous to suggest that he would support the Republican Party of today, which has spent so much time and effort trying to suppress African American votes in Florida and many other states. ~ Martin Luther King III
Kianti Florida quotes by Martin Luther King III
Under Florida's "stand your ground" law, it is legal to shoot anybody for any reason as long as you are standing on the ground. ~ Dave Barry
Kianti Florida quotes by Dave Barry
I am absolutely convinced that Florida will become the most exciting place in the world to live and work. ~ Rick Scott
Kianti Florida quotes by Rick Scott
Whoever said progress was a positive thing has never been to Florida or California. ~ Rita Mae Brown
Kianti Florida quotes by Rita Mae Brown
graduated from Parsons The New School for Design and illustrates a wide range of projects. She grew up in New York City and lives in Florida. Learn more ~ Sarah O'Leary Burningham
Kianti Florida quotes by Sarah O'Leary Burningham
It's ironic that the Bible belt is the killing belt - Texas, Florida, Alabama, Virginia, and so forth, Georgia. Chief executioners. ~ Joseph Lowery
Kianti Florida quotes by Joseph Lowery
Anger must be the energy that has not yet found its fight channel. ~ Florida Scott-Maxwell
Kianti Florida quotes by Florida Scott-Maxwell
Growing up in Florida and having naturally curly hair was a bit tough. I had to learn to do treatments and masks to keep the frizz under control. ~ Brittany Snow
Kianti Florida quotes by Brittany Snow
Five days later, I'm on the same journey, edging down the turnpike with the scrim of sunset lowering in the west, passing through Florida City, strip malls and car dealerships, melting into swampland and fishing tackle shops, past Manatee Bay onto the Overseas Highway. It's drifter territory, where people go to forget and to be forgotten. I've come to think of this land as a second home. The prison motel; the familiar faces though few of us have exchanged names. Each of us serving our sentence, waiting, waiting, because prison has made us more patient than we ever knew we could be, until we get the call that it's time; the end of the sentence, or just the end. ~ Patricia Engel
Kianti Florida quotes by Patricia Engel
I've got a record in Florida. I'm proud of my dad, and I'm certainly proud of my brother. In Florida, they called me Jeb, because I earned it. ~ Marco Rubio
Kianti Florida quotes by Marco Rubio
According to a new survey, almost half of the voters in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania say that they do not trust Hillary Clinton. Republicans immediately got together and said, 'OK, this is a huge opportunity for us. How are we going to screw it up?' ~ Jimmy Fallon
Kianti Florida quotes by Jimmy Fallon
A young city, Miami lacks the history, the roots, and the traditions of other major metropolitan areas. Everybody here is from someplace else. ~ Edna Buchanan
Kianti Florida quotes by Edna Buchanan
All sorts of efforts were made to populate the Floridas - with anyone: Huguenots, Bermudians, Irish, Germans, Swiss, Scottish Highlanders, even some of the prostitutes being rehabilitated in London's Magdalen House. Sir Alexander Grant, who dreamed up the idea of transporting the prostitutes to Florida, confessed, with not exactly stunning insight, "Tis true they are not virgins"; nevertheless, he said, they would surely make splendid wives and mothers for such as were likely to live in a place like Florida.5 ~ Bernard Bailyn
Kianti Florida quotes by Bernard Bailyn
I took my dog for a walk ... all the way from New York to Florida ... I said to him "There now you're done." ~ Steven Wright
Kianti Florida quotes by Steven Wright
While travelling near Tampa, Florida I passed the "Jehovah's Witness Assembly Hall" and was struck by the fact that that must be where they make them. ~ Gene Spafford
Kianti Florida quotes by Gene Spafford
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