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He confessed himself to be a bit of a geek. He was studying computer engineering and loved to play World of Warcraft. ~ Stephanie Hudson
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Stephanie Hudson
Judgement is always based on experience and sometimes you will battle a person's history first, before commonsense will ever win the war. ~ Shannon L. Alder
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Shannon L. Alder
Hopefully, if I have done my job right, people will want to know and see more! There is certainly plenty more to tell. I would love to be part of that process of expanding on the lore that makes up Warcraft, but it will all depend on what you, the audience, think of our first film! ~ Duncan Jones
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Duncan Jones
Never angrily rant into your web cam. While smashing a keyboard in half over a game of 'World of Warcraft' may seem totally justified in your head, to the rest of the known universe you look like a raging psychopath. ~ Ray William Johnson
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Ray William Johnson
has become the leading scripting engine in computer games - and not just lightweights: We're looking at World of Warcraft, Lego MindStorms, ~ Stephen O'Brien
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Stephen O'Brien
I certainly knew of 'World of Warcraft'; I had never actually played because I knew that if I started playing, I would never get any work done - because it would just totally absorb me. ~ Michael A. Stackpole
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Michael A. Stackpole
My guild decided to advance to a more complicated part of the game, which moved me from gaming hobbyist to full-time addicted employee of World of Warcraft. ~ Felicia Day
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Felicia Day
I have no fear of killing those who deserve to die. I do not choose to kill those who do not. ~ Christie Golden
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Christie Golden
I don't play online games. 'Warcraft,' I've played that, but I mainly play action games. ~ Steven Spielberg
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Steven Spielberg
I'm a geek - I read fantasy novels, I play 'World of Warcraft,' I'm a massive gamer, I have 'Star Trek' outfits. ~ Robert Kazinsky
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Robert Kazinsky
Along with Batman v. Superman and Godzilla vs. Kong, I suppose we'll get Frankenstein vs. Dracula, and perhaps Transformers vs. G.I. Joe in the HasbroVerse, and Warcraft vs. Angry Birds in the GameVerse - not to be confused with the BoardgameVerse of Battleship vs. Risk and Chutes and Ladders vs. Candy Land.

And eventually all of these shared universes will collide with all of the others, including Alien vs. Predator and Freddy vs. Jason, in a Brobdingnagian rumble pitting Jedi against Pirates of the Caribbean, Terminators against Borg, and Muppets against Smurfs, world without end. Even if for some inexplicable reason that doesn't happen, the LegoVerse will make it happen ~ Steven D. Greydanus
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Steven D. Greydanus
I play 'World of Warcraft,' which means I end up hanging out with teenage boys a lot. ~ Jane Goldman
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Jane Goldman
I'm really good at World of Warcraft. Like, crazy good. Put me in front of a computer and it's like I enter some other universe. ~ Frida Gustavsson
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Frida Gustavsson
The analogy I use is that 'World of Warcraft' is like going to the mall: you see a ton of people there, but you don't really want to interact with them; you just want to know you're part of the human race. And if you get in trouble, you'll know someone else is there. ~ John Romero
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by John Romero
As far as depths of geekiness ... I have more friends in World of Warcraft than I do in real life! ~ Lights
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Lights
When I'm telling stories of my video game days, when I was a really hardcore MMO player, I played 'EverQuest' for two years and played 'World of Warcraft' and several other games for the last ten years or so ... 95% of the stories I'll tell you are 'EverQuest.' ~ R.A. Salvatore
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by R.A. Salvatore
It may seem like sort of a waste of time to play 'World of Warcraft' with your son. But you're actually interacting with each other. You're solving problems. They may seem like simple problems, but you're solving them. You're posed with challenges that you have to overcome. You're on a quest to gain certain capabilities. ~ Vint Cerf
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Vint Cerf
Everyone is saying how we had sex in the hot tub and I'm a slut and you don't even care!"
"I told the guys we didn't!"
"Did you? Did you tell them that all we did was kiss and that's all we've ever done?" Peter hesitates, and I go on. "Or did you say, 'Guys, we didn't have sex in the hot tub,' wink wink, nudge nudge."
Peter glares at me. "Give me a little more credit than that, Covey."
"You're such a scumbag, Kavinsky."
I spin around. There is Josh, in the doorway, glaring at Peter.
"It's your fault people are saying that crap about Lara Jean." Josh shakes his head in disgust. "She'd never do that."
"Keep your voice down," I whisper, my eyes darting around. This is not happening right now. At recital party, with everyone I've ever known my whole entire life in the next room.
Peter's jaw twitches. "This is a private conversation, Josh, between me and my girlfriend. Why don't you go play World of Warcraft or something. Or maybe there's a Lord of the Rings marathon on TV."
"Fuck you, Kavinsky," Josh says. I gasp. To me Josh says, "Lara Jean, this is exactly what I've been trying to protect you from. He's not good enough for you. He's only bringing you down."
Beside me Peter stiffens. "Get over it! She doesn't like you anymore. It's over. Move on."
"You have no idea what you're talking about," Josh says.
"Whatever, dude. She told me you tried to kiss her. You try that again, and I'm kicking your ass. ~ Jenny Han
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Jenny Han
One last question," Sprite said. "Who are you? Special Forces? CIA? Xenobiologist?" "I used to play a lot of World of Warcraft. ~ Edward W. Robertson
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Edward W. Robertson
I would never do a commercial for something that is embarrassing, and I think that people maybe have a different perspective on what is embarrassing or not. Some people think doing a Revlon hair commercial is really cool. To me, that's embarrassing, but World of Warcraft - not embarrassing, very cool. ~ Aubrey Plaza
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Aubrey Plaza
When it was time to talk about Warcraft we took our time, we knew what the story was going to be, we had a field general in Duncan Jones. Same thing with Godzilla, we kind of measured twice, cut once. ~ Thomas Tull
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Thomas Tull
The thing is that Warcraft has so much story available to it. For the fans, there are some key stories they really want to see on screen. I won't be doing those. ~ Duncan Jones
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Duncan Jones
Lok'tar ogar!" The daemon holding me pulled my head back, exposing my throat.
"Victory or death," I retorted at my captor hoarsely. "For the Horde. And for the record, shouting World of Warcraft battle
cries kind of kills the whole 'imminent death' expectation."

The daemon paused. "What server are you on?" he demanded.
"Righteous. Guild?"

I couldn't imagine what the hell that mattered at this point, but it was keeping me alive so that was a bonus. I'd gladly spit out
the rest of my Warcraft stats if it bought me a few more minutes.

"Yeah," I coughed. "ElfhunterBitches."

He blinked and then grinned, tapping himself on the chest. "No shit. I'm TartBarbie. Undead DeathKnight."
I stared at him. "TB? Seriously? I'm Baconator. Blelf Warlock. You did a hell of a job tanking on that raid the other night."

"Yeah, I am pretty awesome." He glanced over his shoulder, releasing me. "Look, if I'd known it was you, I'd never have
agreed to this. Go on." He nudged me with a leather boot. "I'll tell them you got away."

I didn't have to be told twice. "Thanks," I said softly. "I'll make it up to you, somehow."
"No worries." He winked. "See you next Thursday. ~ Allison Pang
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Allison Pang
Every morning before I left the house (IF I left, which I frequently didn't), I would log online and fly around the game world, harvesting herbs across the virtual globe to make potions. This hunter/gatherer trip would take about an hour or two each day, minimum. (Yes, I spent a large portion of my time inside World of Warcraft commuting.) ~ Felicia Day
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Felicia Day
I'm Level Eighty on Warcraft."
The clerk was stunned. "You're Level Eighty?! Are you Horde, or Alliance?"
"What, are you kidding me? I'm Horde, of course! I'm a Level Eighty Undead Priestess. What Guild are you in?"
"I'm a Horde Blood Elf Paladin. Level 30. I'm in the Blood Roses Guild."
"Have you ever seen a 'Spectral Tiger' loot card? I bet you never have."
The museum clerk thought about her situation. The psychic pressure was mounting on her. She was in a state of moral anguish. "Look, Signora, I'd love to help your American clients there ... But if my director knew I was Warcrafting here at work, she'd kill me! Besides, you don't have any 'Spectral Tiger' in your purse, I bet. ~ Bruce Sterling
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Bruce Sterling
You're doing just fine. You've done everything exactly as I would have done. Have you studied battle strategy?" he asked. "No, but I do play World of Warcraft." "Sounds useful, you'll have to show me later. ~ Alanea Alder
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Alanea Alder
Mia,' she whispered. I turned around. 'What?' I whispered back.
She smiled at me a little. 'LEEERRROOOY JEEENNKKIINNNSS!' she shouted, then spun around and ran toward the Z's in the lighting section. ~ John Green
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by John Green
The humanitarian developers behind World of Warcraft have also discovered a way to bribe gamers into turning off their computers and going outside. If you log off for a few days, your character will be more 'rested' when you resume playing, a mode that temporarily speeds up your leveling. ~ Clive Thompson
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Clive Thompson
One of the things I think is unique and signature about Blizzard is that whenever they do their games, and with Warcraft in particular, they take the things they love and put a twist on it. They showed that heroes can come from the most unexpected places, and as a player, you can play as a hero, on all sides. ~ Duncan Jones
Kaelthas Sunstrider Warcraft 3 quotes by Duncan Jones
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