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Her grandfather's books [ ... ] opened before Ada, a world whose colours were so dazzling that reality paled in comparison and faded away. Boris Godunov, Satan, Athalia, King Lear: they all spoke words charged with meaning; every syllable was inexpressively precious ~ Irene Nemirovsky
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Irene Nemirovsky
The claim to a national culture in the past does not only rehabilitate that nation and serve as a justification for the hope of a future national culture. In the sphere of psycho-affective equilibrium it is responsible for an important change in the native. Perhaps we haven't sufficiently demonstrated that colonialism is not satisfied merely with holding a people in its grip and emptying the native's brain of all form and content. By a kind of perverted logic, it turns to the past of the oppressed people, and distorts, disfigures, and destroys it. This work of devaluing pre-colonial history takes on a dialectical significance today. ~ Frantz Fanon
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Frantz Fanon
This mountain of a man was learning that his considerable might- which he'd clearly relied on for everything- was futile with her. ~ Kresley Cole
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Kresley Cole
She could read the phone book and make it sound erotic. ~ Kresley Cole
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Kresley Cole
An cinniúnt, is dócha: féach an féileacán úd thall atá ag foluain os cionn mo choinnle. Ní fada go loiscfear a sciatháin mhaiseacha: cá bhfios dúinne nach bhfuil a fhios sin aige, freisin? ~ Pádraic Ó Conaire
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Pádraic Ó Conaire

Tabhair dom casúr
nó tua
go mbrisfead is
go millfead
an teach seo,
go ndéanfad tairseach
den fhardoras
'gus urláir de na ballaí,
go dtiocfaidh scraith
agus díon agus
simléir anuas
le neart mo chuid

Sín chugam anois
na cláir is na tairnní
go dtógfad
an teach eile seo...

Ach, a Dhia, táim tuirseach! ~ Caitlín Maude
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Caitlín Maude
TZ harmonie provide speech therapy and occupational therapy for both child and adults at Nuremberg. Contact us at +49911120 64 28 ~ Parveen Kumar
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Parveen Kumar
And it is characteristic of the devil to be recognized too late. ~ Helene Cixous
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Helene Cixous
- do Mháire Mhic Amhlaoibh,
An Fál Mór, Co. Mhaigh Eo.

- Níor airigh tú caint ar an slabhcán? -
arsa Mary Nell le hiontas,
an slabhcán a bhailíodh sí ina gearrchaile di
ar charraigreacha an Fháil Mhóir,
a thugadh sí abhaile
is a ghearradh go mion, é a bhruith ainsin le deoirín uisce.
Nuair a d'fhuaraíodh sé dhéanadh sí leac -
an blas a bhíodh air leis an ngráinne salainn!

Níor bhlais Mary Nell an slabhcán le dhá scór bliain:
- Ní bhadrálann éinne thart anseo a thuilleadh leis,
Róleitheadhach atá siad.
Ach an stuif sin a bhíonns ag fear an tsiopa
I bpotaí beaga a thigeann sé, dath pinc air -
- Yoghurt. Yoghurt!
M'anam go liveálfainn ar an stuif sin.
M'anam go liveálfainn air. - ~ Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin
Half of this story is true and the other half might very well have happened. ~ William Pene Du Bois
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by William Pene Du Bois
It was in the attempt to ascertain the interrelationships between species that experiments n genetics were first made. The words "evolution" and "origin of species" are now so intimately associated with the name of Darwin that we are apt to forger that the idea of common descent had been prominent in the mnds of naturalists before he wrote, and that, for more than half a century, zealous investigators had been devoting themselves to the experimental study of that possibility. Prominent among this group of experimenters may be mentioned Koelreauter, John Hunter, Herbert Knight, Gartner, Jordan. Naudin, Godron, Lecoq, Wichura
men whose names are familiar to every reader of Animals and Plants unders Domestication. ~ William Bateson
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by William Bateson
I loved her; I didn't know how to say it without breaking down the autobot façade she saw before her and revealing the ugly and scarred wreck that lived within my skin. So I played with the radio instead. ~ David Louden
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by David Louden
He was the one who'd come back to life not fifteen minutes ago. Whenever he got sick at home, Aunt Elizabeth and Tabitha made a tremendous fuss with hot water bottles and tinctures and sweets and kisses. It only stood to reason that they should all make an extra-tremendous fuss now. After all, when you rose from the grave in England, people tended to make whole religions out of you. ~ Catherynne M. Valente
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Catherynne M. Valente
As long as she thinks of a man, nobody objects to a woman thinking. ~ Virginia Woolf
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Virginia Woolf
He was troubled; this brain, so limpid in its blindness, had lost its transparency; there was a cloud in this crystal. ~ Victor Hugo
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Victor Hugo
Writing is a kind of revenge against circumstance too: bad luck, loss, pain. If you make something out of it, then you've no longer been bested by these events. ~ Louise Gluck
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Louise Gluck
People say she's gone mad, because that's what people who know nothing about loneliness call it. ~ Fredrik Backman
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Fredrik Backman
The secret o' health, happiness and success is deep breathing, buttermilk instead o' beer, your bedroom window open, a penny a week and a mind weel disciplined. ~ Neil Munro
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Neil Munro
When we come under the spell of the deeper domain of technology, its economic character and even its power aspect fascinate us less than its playful side. Then we realize we that we are involved in a play, a dance of the spirit, which cannot be grasped by calculation. What is ultimately left for science is intuition alone - a call of destiny.
This playful feature manifests itself more clearly in small things than in the gigantic works of our world. The crude observer can only be impressed by large quantities - chiefly when they are in motion - and yet there are as many organs in a fly as in a leviathan. ~ Ernst Junger
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Ernst Junger
You ask me if I do not think that men are strange beings - I do indeed, I have often thought so - and I think too that the mode of bringing them up is strange, they are not half sufficiently guarded from temptation - Girls are protected as if they were something very frail and silly indeed while boys are turned loose on the world as if they - of all beings in existence, were the wisest and the least liable to be led astray. ~ Charlotte Bronte
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Charlotte Bronte
The woman with hair of flames knelt over me. She might have been pretty if not for the anger in every corner of her face. Emerald eyes glowed with almost seeping venom as her nostrils flared.
- Lord Tristan Dracanburh, Ethandun ~ Alexandra May
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Alexandra May
What a ruler has to rely upon is only the human heart. Human hearts are to the ruler what roots are to a tree, what oil is to a lamp, water to fish, fields to a farmer, or money to a merchant. ~ Su Shi
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Su Shi
When the proletariat declares the dissolution of the hitherto existing world order, it merely declares the secret of its own existence, since it is in fact the dissolution of this order. When it demands the negation of private property, it is only laying down as a principle for society what society has laid down as a principle for the proletariat, what has already been incorporated in itself without its consent as the negative result of society. ~ Karl Marx
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Karl Marx
Do you really believe ... that everything historians tell us about men – or about women – is actually true? You ought to consider the fact that these histories have been written by men, who never tell the truth except by accident. ~ Moderata Fonte
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Moderata Fonte
It was as if, before she`d met him, her blood had circulated grayly around her body, and now ir was all oxygenated and red. She was petrified of becoming the half-alive person she`d been before. ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
I´ve read that it´s the smell some carnivores use to find their prey. Imagine the trembling victim trying to hide, but knowing that the smell of its own fear will kill it. ~ Jo Nesbø
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Jo Nesbø
Poincaré [was] the last man to take practically all mathematics, pure and applied, as his province. ... Few mathematicians have had the breadth of philosophic vision that Poincaré had, and none in his superior in the gift of clear exposition. ~ Eric Temple Bell
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Eric Temple Bell
The struggle for power had reached a new stage; it was fought with scientific formulas. The weapons vanished in the abyss like fleeting images, like pictures one throws into the fire ...
When new models were displayed to the masses at the great parades on Red Square in Moscow or elsewhere, the crowds stood in reverent silence and then broke into jubilant shouts of triumph ...
Though the display was continual, in this silence and these shouts something evil, old as time, manifested itself in man, who is an outsmarter and setter of traps. Invisible, Cain and Tubalcain marched past in the parade of phantoms. ~ Ernst Junger
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Ernst Junger
She wrote to him fairly regularly, from a paradise of triple exclamation points and inaccurate observations. ~ J.D. Salinger
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by J.D. Salinger
There are some men who are counted great because they represent the actuality of their own age, and mirror it as it is. Such an one was Voltaire, of whom it was epigrammatically said: 'he expressed everybody's thoughts better than anyone.' But there are other men who attain greatness because they embody the potentiality of their own day and magically reflect the future. They express the thoughts which will be everybody's two or three centuries after them. Such as one was Descartes. ~ Thomas Henry Huxley
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Thomas Henry Huxley
about clichés. Avoid them like the plague. ~ Khaled Hosseini
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Khaled Hosseini
He claimed to be an atheist, but he always used religious symbolism ... ~ Walter J. Moore
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Walter J. Moore
Do you know what the foundation of mathematics is?" I ask. "The foundation of
mathematics is numbers. If anyone asked me what makes me truly happy, I would
say: numbers. Snow and ice and numbers. And do you know why?"
He splits the claws with a nutcracker and pulls out the meat with curved tweezers.
"Because the number system is like human life. First you have the natural numbers.
The ones that are whole and positive. The numbers of a small child. But human
consciousness expands. The child discovers a sense of longing, and do you know
what the mathematical expression is for longing?"
He adds cream and several drops of orange juice to the soup.
"The negative numbers. The formalization of the feeling that you are missing
something. And human consciousness expands and grows even more, and the child
discovers the in between spaces. Between stones, between pieces of moss on the
stones, between people. And between numbers. And do you know what that leads
to? It leads to fractions. Whole numbers plus fractions produce rational numbers.
And human consciousness doesn't stop there. It wants to go beyond reason. It adds
an operation as absurd as the extraction of roots. And produces irrational numbers."
He warms French bread in the oven and fills the pepper mill.
"It's a form of madness.' Because the irrational numbers are infinite. They can't be
written down. They force human consciousness out bey ~ Peter Høeg
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Peter Høeg
Parnet: I want you to talk about desire. What is desire, exactly? Let's consider the question as simply as possible. When Anti-Oedipus...

Deleuze: It's not what they thought it was, in any case, not what they thought it was, even back then. Even, I mean, the most charming people who were... It was a big ambiguity, it was a big misunderstanding, or rather a little one, a little misunderstanding. I believe that we wanted to say something very simple. In fact, we had an enormous ambition, notably when one writes a book, we thought that we would say something new, specifically that one way or another, people who wrote before us didn't understand what desire meant. That is, in undertaking our task as philosophers, we were hoping to propose a new concept of desire. But, regarding concepts, people who don't do philosophy mustn't think that they are so abstract... On the contrary, they refer to things that are extremely simple, extremely concrete, we'll see this later... There are no philosophical concepts that do not refer to non-philosophical coordinates. It's very simple, very concrete. What we wanted to express was the simplest thing in the world. We wanted to say: up until now, you speak abstractly about desire because you extract an object that's presumed to be the object of your desire. So, one could say, I desire a woman, I desire to leave on a trip, I desire this, that. And we were saying something really very simple, simple, simple: You never desire someone or so ~ Gilles Deleuze
Ir C3 A8ne N C3 A9mirovsky quotes by Gilles Deleuze
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