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Equal pay for equal work continues to be seen as applying to equal pay for men and women in the same occupation, while the larger point of continuing relevance in our day is that some occupations have depressed wages because women are the chief employee. The former is a pattern of sex discrimination, the latter of institutionalized sexism. ~ Alice S. Rossi
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Alice S. Rossi
In 1995, each cast at The Second City was made up of four men and two women. When it was suggested that they switch one of the companies to three men and three women, the producers and directors had the same panicked reaction. 'You can't do that. There won't be enough parts to go around. There won't be enough for the girls.' This made no sense to me, probably because I speak English and have never had a head injury. We weren't doing _Death of a Salesman._ _We were making up the show ourselves. How could there not be enough parts?_ If everyone had something to contribute, there would be enough. The insulting implication, of course, was that the women wouldn't have any ideas. ~ Tina Fey
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Tina Fey
But in every way, the shared metaphors we use of female access to power - 'knocking on the door', 'storming the citadel', 'smashing the glass ceiling', or just giving them a 'leg up' - underline female exteriority. Women in power are seen as breaking down barriers, or alternatively as taking something to which they are not quite entitled. ~ Mary Beard
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Mary Beard
The pursuit of otherness, the sense that we are somehow different than our brothers and sisters, no matter where we find them, allows for all the other great evils: racism, sexism, homophobia, violence against gay people and against women. ~ Anna Quindlen
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Anna Quindlen
You don't realize it until you go out and take a look, but there are so many ways in which sexism is just allowed in our culture, not just in the entertainment industry. It's just allowed to be there, and that's not acceptable anymore. And I think it's really important to be very vocal. ~ Jenny Slate
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Jenny Slate
Simply being born female in our society is to grow up being told your worth as a person is tied to how slim and attractive you are. Even for those of us lucky enough to have evolved parents, the message is still driven home by the world at large. ~ Padma Lakshmi
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Padma Lakshmi
If telling men "don't rape" instead of telling women "don't get raped", is like telling thieves "don't steal" instead of home owners to "lock your houses", why don't we hear more victims of home invasion being told "you got what you deserved for having such a beautiful house on display for everyone to see" ??? ~ Miya Yamanouchi
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Miya Yamanouchi
Unlike wealth, poverty of intellect is equally distributed between the sexes and among the races. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
There, little girl, don't read,
You're fond of your books, I know,
But Brother might mope
If he had no hope
Of getting ahead of you.
It's dull for a boy who cannot lead.
There, little girl, don't read. ~ Alice Duer Miller
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Alice Duer Miller
Looking back on a 30-year teaching career full of rewards and prizes, somehow I can't completely believe that I spent my time on earth institutionalized; I can't believe that centralized schooling is allowed to exist at all as a gigantic indoctrination and sorting machine, robbing people of their children. Did it really happen? Was this my life? God help me. ~ John Taylor Gatto
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by John Taylor Gatto
Dear me no Dears, Sir ... ~ Aphra Behn
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Aphra Behn
The Ideal age for marriage in men is 35. The Ideal age for marriage in women is 18 ~ Aristotle.
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Aristotle.
Is this what growing into an adult woman is - having to predict and accordingly arrange for the avoidance of sexual harassment? ~ Candice Carty-Williams
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Candice Carty-Williams
When it comes to determining child custody, however, sexism is the rule. ~ Phyllis Schlafly
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Phyllis Schlafly
Testimony in new age writing affirms the way in which embracing a love ethic transforms life for the good. Yet a lot of this information only reaches those of us who have class privilege. And often, individuals whose lives are rich in spiritual and material well-being, who have diverse friends from all walks of life who nurture their personal integrity, tell the rest of the world these things are impossible to come by. I am talking here about the many prophets of doom who tell us that racism will never end, sexism is here to stay the rich will never share their resources. We would all be surprised if we could enter their lives for a day. Much of what they are telling us cannot be had, they have. But in keeping with a capitalist-based notion of well-being, they really believe there is not enough to go around, that the good life can only be had by a few. ~ Bell Hooks
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Bell Hooks
Yet despite all these things we know to be true- despite the preponderance of evidence showing the mental and emotional distress people demonstrate in violent and harassing environments- we still have no name for what happens to women living in a culture that hates them. ~ Jessica Valenti
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Jessica Valenti
In that instant I regretted my indiscretion, and I have never really known if it was a form of compensation of because I needed to vomit up my pent-up anger that I did something unusual for me and told him about the ups and downs my family had experienced in the previous two months since my younger brother controversially came out a homosexual. I unleashed all the resentment I felt toward my parents for having punished the kid so cruelly. As I spoke, I noted that I had been so obtuse that until that exact moment, as I confided the details and feelings I hadn't even revealed to my wife to a person I barely knew, I had concentrated my resentment on my parents' attitude because in reality I had been ignoring the true origins of what had happened: the persistence of an institutionalized homophobia, of an extended ideological fundamentalism that rejected and repressed anything different and preyed on the most vulnerable ones, on those who don't adjust to the canons of orthodoxy. Then I understood that not just my parents but I myself had been the pawn of ancestral prejudices, of the surrounding pressures of the time, and, above all, the victim of fear, as much as or more (without a doubt, more) than William. I felt a certain rancor toward my brother, precisely because it was my brother who had been declared a faggot: I could understand and even accept that two professors may have gone the other way, but this wasn't the same as knowing - and having others know - that the one who we ~ Leonardo Padura
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Leonardo Padura
Did you hear charming Karren Brady this morning complaining about sexism? Do me a favour, love. ~ Richard Keys
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Richard Keys
I grew up in the Deep South, where sexism, racism, and homophobia were and still are alive and well. I have early, early memories of words and actions of this type being very painful. ~ Pauley Perrette
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Pauley Perrette
Surely, of all creatures that have life and will, we women are the most wretched. When, for an extravagant sum, we have bought a husband, we must then accept him as possessor of our body. ~ Euripides
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Euripides
It may be a man's world, but men are easily controlled by women. ~ Ashly Lorenzana
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Ashly Lorenzana
Over the centuries, religion has become institutionalized, and in the process encrusted with elaborate hierarchies, top-heavy bureaucracies, highly specialized roles and reflexive routines. ~ Gary Hamel
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Gary Hamel
Evil is the shadow of angel. Just as there are angels of light, support, guidance, healing and defense, so we have experiences of shadow angels. And we have names for them: racism, sexism, homophobia are all demons - but they're not out there. ~ Matthew Fox
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Matthew Fox
How come when a woman says she wants a baby no one ever asks 'why? ~ Radhika Vaz
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Radhika Vaz
When a woman didn't enjoy it, she leaves early in the morning. Those who had a nice time will wait until the sun comes out, requests breakfast and taxi money. In the morning that lady requested breakfast and taxi money. You don't ask for taxi money from somebody who raped you. ~ Julius Malema
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Julius Malema
Sometimes the sexism in this country amazes me, but then I remembered that society's tendency to underestimate women is a Gallagher Girl's greatest weapon... ~ Ally Carter
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Ally Carter
The attractiveness of a woman to a man is based in limitation and immobilization.

Feeders like women so fat, they can't move, and depend on him for the simplest things.

Men like women who are young, or have low self-esteem, so he can convince her she is lucky someone gave her the privilege of being acknowledged or used for sex.

Men like; high heels, so she can't run. Tight clothes, so she can't move. Youth, so she doesn't know better. Hair, artificial nails, and make-up, to prevent her from doing basic enjoyable things.

And this is what they call, "femininity". The entire concept is rooted in misogyny and control. ~ Sasha Scarr
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Sasha Scarr
Stop mansplaining menstrution, we've got this. ~ Silvia Young
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Silvia Young
I do the movies just for myself like an institutionalized person who basket-weaves. Busy fingers are happy fingers. I don't care about the films. I don't care if they're flushed down the toilet after I die. ~ Woody Allen
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Woody Allen
Peter Singer put it when discussing the use of biotechnology in food, "It is a mistake to place any moral value on what is natural. I mean many things are natural, including racism, sexism, war, and all sorts of diseases that we try to fight all the time. So the argument about [genetically engineered] food being unnatural and therefore wrong oversimplifies this debate."14 ~ Jayson Lusk
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Jayson Lusk
Preaching nonviolence on principle reproduces the existing institutionalized violence. ~ Herbert Marcuse
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Herbert Marcuse
The church doctrines of obedience to authority, repentance, fear of punishment, self-abnegation, acceptance of outer direction rather than inner assurance, elevation of faith over reason, and intolerance make institutionalized religion an ideal instrument of social constraint. ~ Madalyn Murray O'Hair
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Madalyn Murray O'Hair
I especially don't want men coming up to me and asking if sexism still exists. It's like, I'm seriously gonna barf a McDonald's salad on the next person to do that. ~ Kathleen Hanna
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Kathleen Hanna
There's more outrage on Twitter about a One Direction split or about what one band member said to another than there is about institutionalized racism and something huge. ~ Trevor Noah
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Trevor Noah
The fact is, rape is utterly commonplace in all our cultures. It is part of the fabric of everyday life, yet we all act as if it's something shocking and extraordinary whenever it hits the headlines. We remain silent, and so we condone it…Until rape, and the structures – sexism, inequality, tradition – that make it possible, are part of our dinner-table conversation with the next generation, it will continue. Is it polite and comfortable to talk about it? No. Must we anyway? Yes."

'To protect our children, we must talk to them about rape ~ Desmond Tutu
Institutionalized Sexism quotes by Desmond Tutu
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