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#1. I still maintain that it is not love, compassion, humanism, or brotherly sentiments that will save mankind. No, not at all. It is the sheer terror of extinction that can save us, if anything can. - Author: U.G. Krishnamurti
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by U.G. Krishnamurti
#2. My father was a Catholic, a coal miner in the Big Pit. My mother a Jew. A charwoman, when she could find the work. They didn't fit in Wales. Nor in the U.K., either. They didn't fit with each other all that well, for that matter. They fought every day for as long as I can remember and loved each other more than anyone I've ever known. At least they did right up till a night when he looked right and not left at a train crossing in Chepstow and ended up half a mile from where he'd started, dead as the Ghost. Looking for a job, he was. Turned out he didn't need one. - Author: Patrick Reinken
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Patrick Reinken
#3. I said i hate to see u..
and i turned back ...
to hide my tears - Author: Surya Parthi
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Surya Parthi
#4. I love this book. When other U.S. reporters were licking Ken Lay's loafers, Leopold went for Enron's thieving throat. Leopold is a journalist who insists on real investigative reporting–inside documents, inside sources, hard knife-in-the-gut evidence–detective-style reporting that is just about illegal in the U.S.A. Bravo and my personal Pulitzer to Jason Leopold. Every journalist in America should read this, then quit or riot. - Author: Greg Palast
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Greg Palast
#5. I love the energy over here in the U.K., the hospitality is insane. - Author: Flo Rida
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Flo Rida
#6. The shortes word I know is "I" the sweetest word I know is "love" and the only thing that is important is "U - Author: Reina Garcia
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Reina Garcia
#7. I love the Middle East and have been lucky enough to visit a few of the countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Jordon and the U.A.E. - Author: Nadia Ali
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Nadia Ali
#8. ur the one who everyone is afraid of. not us bees. everybody is afraid of u and so u have nobody to give your love to, and i think thats made u feel like life has been unfair to u. but still, even then, uve stayed positive. uve spent ur whole life by urself, with urself, and so u have learned how to know urself and how to love ur life and u are truly happy with both those things. but I think that even in ur happy solitary life, u fear, more than anything else, that nobody will ever get to know the powerful love that you have grown within urself. its like having a secret that u cant share with anybody because nobody is willing to listen. and so while u are not lonely, u still sometimes like to imagine a life with sombody else, yet for the life of u, u cant imagine who that sombody could be. and so u project that fear and anger into others - those who have that one thing that u do not. ur so full of love, but all ur love comes out of u in destructive ways. - Author: Jomny Sun
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Jomny Sun
#9. It is very tough to believe a
But if someone loves U more than
Fish loves
Holds UR hand tight with tears in his eyes &
"The moment I saw U
I fell in love with U
I can't live without U
& wanna spend the rest of my life with U
I LOVE U - Author: Hadiya Saeed
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Hadiya Saeed
#10. A day will come when everything in my life will be changed, when I shall do good to others, when some one will love me, when I shall give my whole heart to the man whi gives ne his; neanwhile, U will suffer in silence and keep my love as a reward for him who shall set me free. - Author: George Sand
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by George Sand
#11. My love for you is indescribable, it means more than words can ever say, and I just wanted to tell you I LOVE U and will FOREVER... - Author: Bernard Dsa
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Bernard Dsa
#12. I used to think love was two people sucking
on the same straw to see whose thirst was stronger,

but then I whiffed the crushed walnuts of your nape,
traced jackals in the snow-covered tombstones of your teeth.

I used to think love was a non-stop saxophone solo
in the lungs, till I hung with you like a pair of sneakers

from a phone line, and you promised to always smell
the rose in my kerosene. I used to think love was terminal

pelvic ballet, till you let me jog beside while you pedaled
all over hell on the menstrual bicycle, your tongue

ripping through my prairie like a tornado of paper cuts.
I used to think love was an old man smashing a mirror

over his knee, till you helped me carry the barbell
of my spirit back up the stairs after my car pirouetted

in the desert. You are my history book. I used to not believe
in fairy tales till I played the dunce in sheep's clothing

and felt how perfectly your foot fit in the glass slipper
of my ass. But then duty wrapped its phone cord

around my ankle and yanked me across the continent.
And now there are three thousand miles between the u

and s in esophagus. And being without you is like standing
at a cement-filled wall with a roll of Yugoslavian nickels

and making a wish. Some days I miss you so much
I'd jump off the roof of your office building

ju - Author: Jeffrey McDaniel
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Jeffrey McDaniel
#13. Every movie goes through that U-shape where you start with 'Oh that's a great idea. I love it.' Everything's possible and then you face 'Oh, we can't do that, and that's impossible, and that's a bad choice.' You go the practicality of it. And then you come up to 'Great.' But that middle part is when you don't have results yet. - Author: Jennifer Yuh Nelson
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Jennifer Yuh Nelson
#14. What about you, Mr. Shaw?" she asked. "Are your affections engaged by someone back home?"
He shook his head at once. "I'm afraid that I share McKenna's rather skeptical view of the benefits of marriage."
"I think you will fall in love someday."
"Doubtful. I'm afraid that particular emotion is unknown to me..." Suddenly his voice faded into silence. He set his cup down as he stared off into the distance with sudden alertness.
"Mr. Shaw?" As Aline followed his gaze, she realized what he had seen- Livia, wearing a pastel flower-printed walking dress as she headed to one of the forest trails leading away from the manor. A straw bonnet adorned with a sprig of fresh daisies swung from her fingers as she held it by the ribbons.
Gideon Shaw stood so quickly that his chair threatened to topple backward. "Pardon," he said to Aline, tossing his napkin to the table. "The figment of my imagination has reappeared- and I'm going to catch her."
"Of course," Aline said, struggling not to laugh. "Good luck, Mr. Shaw."
"Thanks." He was gone in a flash, descending one side of the U-shaped stone staircase with the ease of a cat. Once he reached the terraced gardens, he cut across the lawn with long, ground-eating strides, just short of breaking into a run.
Standing to better her view of his progress, Aline couldn't suppress a mocking grin. "Why, Mr. Shaw... I thought there was nothing in life you wanted badly enough to chase after it. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#15. I still listen to a lot of the classics from Bob Dylan and John Martin, but I love electronic music as well. I'm a big fan of an Australian DJ and producer called Flume, who I think is incredible. He should be more successful in the U.K.! - Author: Gabrielle Aplin
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Gabrielle Aplin
#16. I love performing in the U.K. Everyone is always up for it and brings all their energy to the dance floor. - Author: Tiesto
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Tiesto
#17. When i smile while looking at you it seems i like you,When i talk to you it means i want to make you friend,when i give you a gift it really means that i love u. - Author: Rida Noor
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Rida Noor
#18. I dont wanna see you again.
B'coz U'r the one left me here ...
but, what to do ...
You are always just crossing ...
I cant love you, as u left me..
same time I cant hate you ... b'coz.. one day you have to take me out from here..!! - Author: Arafath Shanas
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Arafath Shanas
#19. Hey you just caught my eye and I wanted to tell you that you are extremely beautiful your always beautiful that's why I love u - Author: Allie Roberts
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Allie Roberts
#20. It's About love Someone

when u love someone so much. And when we have a argument. I felt like leaving him for good. And you decided not to leave him because you love him so much. And way later we say sorry to each other and forget the argument we just had. And we could be happy, say I love you and I'm sorry that we have a argument we just had! And it's hard to let him go! And you wish that you could have him back - Author: Danielle Asham
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Danielle Asham
#21. I love going up the West Coast of the U. S. because it's one of my favorite parts of the world to tour. - Author: Colin Hay
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Colin Hay
#22. I jumped into a crowd full of "u"s they turned into underscores. Hit the pavement hard." visualization words - Author: Antonia Perdu
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Antonia Perdu
#23. That is why, as one who values the U.S. - Israel relationship, and loves Israel, I was near tears throughout the Prime Minister's speech - saddened by the insult to the intelligence of the United States as part of the P5 +1 nations, and saddened by the condescension toward our knowledge of the threat posed by Iran and our broader commitment to preventing nuclear proliferation. - Author: Nancy Pelosi
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Nancy Pelosi
#24. but we dont want to die. do u know how hard it is to decide to sting sombody? it will hurt them really bad! and it will make us die! so on one wing, we will die. but on the other wing, the rest of us will not die. in the moment, we get scared and the only thing we can think of is protecting the ones we love. we dont want to die but if it means that it will make the rest of us not die, then we will do it. if i have to die, it will be worth it because i love the ones i love so much that i would do anything to protect them. if i have to die, it will be worth it because it means the ones i love will not. they will get to continue to live. to love. to be happy. to experience sadness. if i am not there, i will be at peace knowing that i was the reason they still are. - Author: Jomny Sun
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Jomny Sun
#25. You love fear. The ending of fear is death, and you don't want that to happen. I am not talking of wiping out the phobias of the body. They are necessary for survival. The death of fear is the only death. - Author: U.G. Krishnamurti
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by U.G. Krishnamurti
#26. NEW YORK! I [love] U! You're OFFICIALLY the coolest place on the planet! - Author: Katy Perry
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Katy Perry
#27. When I was in Japan on tour in 2010, I felt like I was 30 years into the future. I love technology and they are so advanced with their phones, computers, everything. I think they had the iPhone way before we did in the U.S. I love gadgets, games, social media and I try to stay ahead on all that stuff, but they get it all first. - Author: Soulja Boy
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Soulja Boy
#28. Every love is different, I said to myself. Love is love, but the way people experience it is different. One hundred people love in one hundred different ways. So there's no love that isn't special - Author: Lee Seung-u
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Lee Seung-u
#29. It was around the time of the divorce that all traces of decency vanished, and his dream of being the next great Southern writer was replaced by his desire to be the next published writer. So he started writing these novels set in Small Town Georgia about folks with Good American Values who Fall in Love and then contract Life-Threatening Diseases and Die.
I'm serious.
And it totally depresses me, but the ladies eat it up. They love my father's books and they love his cable-knit sweaters and they love his bleachy smile and orangey tan. And they have turned him into a bestseller and a total dick.
Two of his books have been made into movies and three more are in production, which is where his real money comes from. Hollywood. And, somehow, this extra cash and pseudo-prestige have warped his brain into thinking that I should live in France. For a year.Alone.I don't understand why he couldn't send me to Australia or Ireland or anywhere else where English is the native language.The only French word I know is oui, which means "yes," and only recently did I learn it's spelled o-u-i and not w-e-e.
At least the people in my new school speak English.It was founded for pretentious Americans who don't like the company of their own children. I mean, really. Who sends their kid to boarding school? It's so Hogwarts. Only mine doesn't have cute boy wizards or magic candy or flying lessons.
Instead,I'm stuck with ninety-nine other students. There are twenty-five people - Author: Stephanie Perkins
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#30. Passion doesn't rely on fame rather fame rely on your passion, i see people joining a field, hungry for fame, want to become a brand, trying to convert their weaknesses into strengths by ignoring the Brand that God has created by Himself by giving you a face and task and the love for that specific assigned task is in your heart, try to recognize that true power rather than focusing on others, their destinations and paths.

You are here on planet earth to show people either your face becomes the autograph of God if u recognize your own self and brand, or the autograph of the devil by not following your own true nature and trying to become something else, by participating in the destructive aspect of the universe. - Author: Mohsin Ali Shaukat
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Mohsin Ali Shaukat
#31. Purple is the last of the rainbow colors, so it means I will love and trust u for a long time - Author: Kim Taehyung
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Kim Taehyung
#32. I love my country. And I would have to renounce my Spanish citizenship to become a U.S. Citizen. - Author: Antonio Banderas
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Antonio Banderas
#33. I love Tike Alicar, The Anarchist. But I love Edie Sawyer, U-Go Girl, too. I was a little in love with her. - Author: Peter Milligan
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Peter Milligan
#34. mad maddie: I GOT ACCEPTED TO SANTA CRUZ!!!!
SnowAngel: omg!!!
zoegirl: maddie!!!! yay!!!!!
mad maddie: i know! it's incredible!
SnowAngel: *squeals and hugs sweet maddie*
SnowAngel: tell us every single detail!!!
mad maddie: well, i got home from school and saw this big thick envelope on the kitchen counter, with "Santa Cruz Admissions Office" as the return address. i got really fidgety and just started screaming, right there in the house. no one was there but me, so i could be as loud as i wanted.
zoegirl: omg!!!
mad maddie: i took a deep breath and tried to calm down, but my hands were shaking. i opened the envelope and pulled out a folder that said, "Welcome to Santa Cruz!" inside was a letter that said, "Dear Madigan. You're in!"
mad maddie: isn't that cool? i LOVE that, that instead of being all prissy and formal, they're like, "you're in! yahootie!"
SnowAngel: oh maddie, i am sooooo happy for u!
mad maddie: i ran out to my car all jumping and hopping around and drove to ian's, cuz i knew neither of u would be home yet. i showed him my letter and he hugged me really hard and lifted me into the air. it was AWESOME.
zoegirl: i'm so proud of u, maddie!
SnowAngel: me 2! - Author: Lauren Myracle
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Lauren Myracle
#35. I have no fear of losing u, for you aren't an object of my property, or anyone else's. I love you as you are, without attachment, without fears, without conditions, without egoism, trying not to absorb you. I love you freely because I love your freedom, as well as mine. - Author: Anthony De Mello
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Anthony De Mello
BY : ADEWALE OSUNSAKIN - Author: Osunsakin Adewale
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Osunsakin Adewale
#37. Evil is the word that discribes the abscense of God , simply the same as the word darkness discribes the abscense of light , and the word death the abscense of life .Evil and darkness can only be understood in their relations with the good and the light, because in fact they don't exist .I'm the light and I am God . I am love and in Me there's no darkness . The light and good really exist .That's why when U avoid Me , you fall into the darkness .Showing independence leads to evil , cause without Me you can only rely on your self . That's death because you are walking away from Me , The life . - Author: Wm. Paul Young
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Wm. Paul Young
#38. Are we not all of us fanatics? I say only what you of the U.S.A. pretend you do not know. Attachments are of great seriousness. Choose your attachments carefully. Choose your temple of fanaticism with great care. What you wish to sing of as tragic love is an attachment not carefully chosen. Die for one person? This is a craziness. Persons change, leave, die, become ill. They leave, lie, go mad, have sickness, betray you, die. Your nation outlives you. A cause outlives you. - Author: David Foster Wallace
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by David Foster Wallace
#39. One of the many reasons I love living in New York is that we get a front row seat to the innumerable thrills that take place here - from conventions and awards shows, to parades and U.N. assemblies. But my favorite New York tradition is the annual New Year's Eve ball-drop on Times Square. - Author: Marlo Thomas
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Marlo Thomas
#40. I have a simple answer to any American patriot who claims that there is no conflict between his love of country and his desire to hitch our fate to the United Nations: "You're mistaken." And, therefore, I'm thinking of adding this corollary to my General Rule of patriotism: The more intellectually consistent and pro-U.N. you are, the less patriotic you are likely to be. I haven't thought that all the way through, but it seems right to me. - Author: Jonah Goldberg
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Jonah Goldberg
#41. I love London. I love the U.K., but if I was going to live anywhere else on Earth, it would be Australia. - Author: Tom Parker Bowles
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Tom Parker Bowles
#42. I got to go to New York Comic-Con. I've never been and I've heard it's crazy, so I'd love to see it. To be quite honest, I'd like for people to want us to be there, too. I'm hoping. I'm knocking on wood, so we'll see. - Author: Steven Yeun
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Steven Yeun
#43. I will always miss the person I
thought U are. But not the selfish,
unkind, insensitive and heartless
person U turned out to be. - Author: Lily Amis
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Lily Amis
#44. Frankly, the hardest pieces of feedback we got in the U.S. was, 'I would love if more of our friends were on Path. It's hard to get them to join.' - Author: Dave Morin
I Love U Meri Jaan quotes by Dave Morin

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