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The true American patriot is by definition skeptical of the government. ~ Sarah Vowell
American Patriot quotes by Sarah Vowell
Sure I wave the American flag. Do you know a better flag to wave? Sure I love my country with all her faults. I'm not ashamed of that, never have been, never will be. ~ John Wayne
American Patriot quotes by John Wayne
From Gandhi to Mandela, from the American patriot to the Polish shipbuilders, the makers of revolutions have not come from the top. ~ Gary Hamel
American Patriot quotes by Gary Hamel
The original American patriots were those individuals brave enough to resist with force the oppressive power of King George ... Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security. ~ Ron Paul
American Patriot quotes by Ron Paul
When I die, I desire no better winding sheet than the Stars and Stripes, and no softer pillow than the Constitution of my country. ~ Andrew Johnson
American Patriot quotes by Andrew Johnson
We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain. ~ Abraham Lincoln
American Patriot quotes by Abraham Lincoln
If we as a nation don't start to put some of America's old fashoned morals, ethics, honesty, religion,
standards, national leadership, and military backbone back into this great nation, we as a nation,
will fall by the wayside of history..."
---2014, American Patriot, Allen Berberick ~ Allen D. Berberick
American Patriot quotes by Allen D. Berberick
We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately. ~ Benjamin Franklin
American Patriot quotes by Benjamin Franklin
Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave."
Patrick Henry, St. John's Church, Richmond, VA, 1775 ~ Patrick Henry, American Patriot
American Patriot quotes by Patrick Henry, American Patriot
I have a simple answer to any American patriot who claims that there is no conflict between his love of country and his desire to hitch our fate to the United Nations: "You're mistaken." And, therefore, I'm thinking of adding this corollary to my General Rule of patriotism: The more intellectually consistent and pro-U.N. you are, the less patriotic you are likely to be. I haven't thought that all the way through, but it seems right to me. ~ Jonah Goldberg
American Patriot quotes by Jonah Goldberg
Our hearts where they rocked our cradle,
Our love where we spent our toil,
And our faith, and our hope, and our honor,
We pledge to our native soil.
God gave all men all earth to love,
But since our hearts are small,
Ordained for each one spot should prove
Beloved over all. ~ Rudyard Kipling
American Patriot quotes by Rudyard Kipling
We can't all be Washingtons, but we can all be patriots. ~ Charles Farrar Browne
American Patriot quotes by Charles Farrar Browne
Among the languages of American Indians there is no word for 'art,' because for Indians everything is art. ~ Huston Smith
American Patriot quotes by Huston Smith
Do you bake bread at home? Try to make a loaf of Wonder Bread. Just try. Believe me, you can't do it. No home baker can. You'd need a laboratory and millions of dollars of equipment to achieve such a remarkably bland creation. American mass-market beer is exactly the same thing. It's undead. ~ Garrett Oliver
American Patriot quotes by Garrett Oliver
There's some homophobia within black community, but there's some strong homophobia throughout the whole of American society as well, particularly throughout the South to a degree, whether white or black. And since many of us migrated from the South, that could be a strong connection along those lines. ~ Otis Moss III
American Patriot quotes by Otis Moss III
Class is the most taboo subject in America. The American media would rather talk about race or perversion or anything else considered taboo before class. ~ Jim Shepard
American Patriot quotes by Jim Shepard
I didn't have the sensibilities of your ordinary filmmaker, let alone your ordinary African-American filmmaker. My heroes were John Waters, Pedro Almodovar, and actors that were part of that world. ~ Lee Daniels
American Patriot quotes by Lee Daniels
If you look into the face of evil, evil's gonna look right back at you ~ American Horror Story
American Patriot quotes by American Horror Story
Buffalo is one of America's great designed cities. The interweaving of great architecture, landscape architecture and important historic sites makes Buffalo a must see destination for preservationists, designers, history buffs, and anyone wishing to see an inspiring example of American design. ~ Richard Moe
American Patriot quotes by Richard Moe
If we want the freedom to take part in our bit of differentness, then we must allow others their rights to take part in theirs, as long as they do not harm the person or property of a non-consenting other, of course. IT'S JUST common sense. It's also constitutional and it forms the cornerstone of the American ideal: free individual expression, tolerance and compassion. ~ Peter McWilliams
American Patriot quotes by Peter McWilliams
The NSA is forbidden to 'target' American citizens, green-card holders or companies for surveillance without an individual warrant from a judge. ~ Barton Gellman
American Patriot quotes by Barton Gellman
One of the really American things about Hal, probably, is the way he despises what it is he's really lonely for ~ David Foster Wallace
American Patriot quotes by David Foster Wallace
My teenage children watched Senator Clinton on the Today Show, mouths agape. They attended our local caucus with me and saw hundreds of our friends and neighbors gathered in the elementary school gym on that Sunday afternoon, despite an ugly Maine snowstorm. They listened to the thoughtful searching debates and saw us cast our votes. How could anyone suggest we didn't know exactly what we were doing? 'What's the point of electing someone who doesn't believe in the American people?' they asked. 'If she wants to ignore us now when she's only a candidate, what will she do as the President?' ~ Shoshana Zuboff
American Patriot quotes by Shoshana Zuboff
I found Toronto an immensely likeable city, spacious and gentle and slightly dignified, but in a low-key, friendly way. The only people who didn't seem to think much of it were its inhabitants, who could hardly wait for you to ask directions, because that gave them the perfect opportunity to apologise for it. What they were apologising for I never understood. I think they felt uninteresting, compared with America. I took the opposite view; I remember reading about the doctrine of American "Exceptionalism" and thinking that what I liked so much about Canadians was that they consider themselves unexceptional. This modest, unthreatening attitude seems to produce a nation that is stable, safe, decent and well respected. It's just a shame that for seven months of the year it's so cold that only Canadians would put up with it. ~ John Cleese
American Patriot quotes by John Cleese
And we're being attacked because of what we do, not because of who we are. And by refusing to talk about that, I'm afraid the American people, at least, don't have a good idea of just how dangerous the threat is that we face. ~ Michael Scheuer
American Patriot quotes by Michael Scheuer
The deceit and distortion surrounding the American invasion of Vietnam is by now so familiar that it has lost its power to shock. ~ Noam Chomsky
American Patriot quotes by Noam Chomsky
Or consider how we citizens of rich countries obtain our oil and minerals. Teodoro Obiang, the dictator of tiny Equatorial Guinea, sells most of his country's oil to American corporations, among them Exxon Mobil, Marathon, and Hess. Although his official salary is a modest $60,000, this ruler of a country of 550,000 people is richer than Queen Elizabeth II. He owns six private jets and a $35 million house in Malibu, as well as other houses in Maryland and Cape Town and a fleet of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Bentleys. Most of the people over whom he rules live in extreme poverty, with a life expectancy of forty-nine and an infant mortality of eighty-seven per one thousand (this means that more than one child in twelve dies before its first birthday). ~ Peter Singer
American Patriot quotes by Peter Singer
No one told these American soldiers they might be shot down by bullets made by their own brothers here. No one told them that the ships on which they were going to cross might be torpedoed by submarines built with US patents. ~ Smedley Butler
American Patriot quotes by Smedley Butler
The American Constitution declares 'All men are born equal.' The British Socialist Party add: 'All men must be kept equal'. ~ Winston Churchill
American Patriot quotes by Winston Churchill
This, to use an American term in which discovery, retribution, torture, death, eternity appear in the shape of a singularly repulsive nutshell, was it. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
American Patriot quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
It's no longer a question of if the American President is a Traitor, but rather if Republican voters are still Americans. ~ Ed Krassenstein
American Patriot quotes by Ed Krassenstein
The American Cancer Society tried to ruin my research foundation. ~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
American Patriot quotes by Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
I joke to people in the press that I realize I'm not black, I'm actually white. But I've got these roots in black American music. I love it. ~ Glenn Hughes
American Patriot quotes by Glenn Hughes
Of all the problems of conservation, none is more urgent that the polluted air which endangers the American people. We have been fortunate so far. But we have seen that when winds fail to blow, the concentrations of poisonous clouds over our cities can become perilous. ~ Lyndon B. Johnson
American Patriot quotes by Lyndon B. Johnson
The law exists for a reason. There is a dominant American culture that people used to want to preserve. That's going by the wayside, too. But if it's now okay for an illegal alien to practice law in California, then can anybody else who's broken the law get a law license? And if not, why not? ~ Rush Limbaugh
American Patriot quotes by Rush Limbaugh
I quite like American music, like The Fray - I'm a massive fan of them - and The Killers. I also like more acoustic stuff like Ed Sheeran; I like this English songwriter James Morrison and another singer called Ben Howard. ~ Louis Tomlinson
American Patriot quotes by Louis Tomlinson
Earth to Democrats: Displaying contempt for the American people when you are being paid by those people to serve their interests is generally not a good political move. ~ Monica Crowley
American Patriot quotes by Monica Crowley
We were the daughters of the post-World War II American dream, the daughters of those idealized fifties sitcom families in which father knew best and mother knew her place and a kind of disappointment, and tense, unspoken sexuality rattled around like ice cubes in their nightly cocktails. ~ Anne Taylor Fleming
American Patriot quotes by Anne Taylor Fleming
That's not what I want my children to hear. That's not representative of the country that I want my children to grow up in. And so that actually I found far more upsetting as a mom, as a woman, as an American, and even as my mother's daughter than anything they said about my mom. ~ Chelsea Clinton
American Patriot quotes by Chelsea Clinton
President Bush has said that he does not need approval from the UN to wage war, and I'm thinking, well, hell, he didn't need the approval of the American voters to become president, either. ~ David Letterman
American Patriot quotes by David Letterman
I don't think there are any pure Africans of the African Americans, but the African part of our history was pretty much taken away from us during slavery, so the 60s gave us a chance, because of the civil rights movement, to kind of re-examine and make some sort of formal connection to our African-ness. ~ Herbie Hancock
American Patriot quotes by Herbie Hancock
The White House used to belong to the American people. At least that's what I learned from history books and from covering every president starting with John F. Kennedy. ~ Helen Thomas
American Patriot quotes by Helen Thomas
Presently, the Commission for Commemorating 350 Years of American Jewish History has been brought about to encourage and sponsor a variety of historical activities that advance our understanding of the American Jewish experience as it marks this milestone anniversary. ~ Jon Porter
American Patriot quotes by Jon Porter
That year, a middle-aged acquaintance asked me what my favorite book was and I said "On the Road." He smiled, said, "That was my favorite book at sixteen." At the time , I thought he was patronizing me, that it was going to be my favorite book forever and ever, amen. But he was right. As an adult, I'm more of a Gatsby girl-more tragic, more sad, just as interested in what America costs as what it has to offer. ~ Sarah Vowell
American Patriot quotes by Sarah Vowell
People must learn that the accumulation of wealth by the successful
conduct of business is the corollary of the improvement of their own standard of
living and vice versa. They must realize that bigness in business is not an evil, but both the cause and effect of the fact that they themselves enjoy all those amenities
whose enjoyment is called the American way of life. ~ Ludwig Von Mises
American Patriot quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
Rap actually took root in the Negro community, and then in the Hispanic community, long before it impacted on the larger American community as a whole. ~ Archie Shepp
American Patriot quotes by Archie Shepp
Thirty or forty years from now, the American adventures into the bowels of the Middle East will be forgotten details of a bumbling imperialism. But taking place all along the line will profoundly alter the future of the United States. ~ Charles Bowden
American Patriot quotes by Charles Bowden
I couldn't figure out if it was fate or faith that had brought me there. How funny those two words sounded when paired together. One was the inevitable, something I could not change in my life, while the other was the hope and belief that I could. These two words were enemies of each other, and one of them was down right dangerous for a slave to have anywhere near his mind. ~ Jay Grewal
American Patriot quotes by Jay Grewal
My mom was a history teacher, so I couldn't really avoid history when I was growing up. But we're very light on American history. We don't really have great opportunities to study both the Civil War and the Revolution. ~ Owain Yeoman
American Patriot quotes by Owain Yeoman
The American audiences are more vocal and enthusiastic. British audiences tend to sit back a little more. ~ Colin Mochrie
American Patriot quotes by Colin Mochrie
Well, I'm a daughter of the great migration as, really, the majority of African Americans that you meet in the north and west are products of the great migration. It's that massive. Many of us owe our very existence to the fact that people migrated. ~ Isabel Wilkerson
American Patriot quotes by Isabel Wilkerson
If there is a birthrate demographic problem, and there is, it is with the non-White races Israeli Arabs who are American will remain Israeli citizens. ~ Benjamin Netanyahu
American Patriot quotes by Benjamin Netanyahu
The dropout problem touches countless students, parents, and faith leaders, but many of these have only a vague grasp of what, exactly, the dropout phenomenon is. The first step in the discovery process is to understand two simple facts: Teenagers are some of the most religiously active Americans. American twentysomethings are the least religiously active. ~ David Kinnaman
American Patriot quotes by David Kinnaman
Why is it that the best terrorists, the worst enemies, and the most dangerous people in the world always seem to be schooled in the North American Confederation?" Weston asked. ~ Evan Currie
American Patriot quotes by Evan Currie
There never will be anything more interesting than that American Civil War. ~ Gertrude Stein
American Patriot quotes by Gertrude Stein
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